tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNaughty Miss Ch. 04

Naughty Miss Ch. 04


Things were getting rapidly out of control for Sarah Price. The pretty young teacher was finding that her predilection for being sexually dominated was fast becoming an addiction that she could not break free from. There was respite for her, if it wasn’t Becky her ex-student who was blackmailling and domianting her into more extreme sexual situations it was Lloyd, a current pupil that Becky forced her to seduce who was now demanding more and more from her.

Case in point the last Friday after the Easter break.

In her pigeon hole in the staff room she found a note from Lloyd, she recognised his poor handwriting as she tore the envelope open, her heart hammering with both excitement and fear. The note was short and not so sweet.

“Bitch, get your ass down to the boys toilets on the third floor, next to the science classes for lunchtime, I’ll be waiting for you!”

Come 12.31 she was outside the toilet door and looking at Lloyd as he walked along the corridor nonchalantly. He nodded his head for her to go in and she tentatively entered the boys’ toilets turning her nose up at the distinct smell as she entered. Thankfully it was empty and Lloyd followed her in and dragged her into the first cubicle. Once he had the bolt closed he took complete command of the situation. He was a big lad, eighteen and packed with muscle like a lot of the black kids in Sarah’s classes. His rough hands were all over her ass groping and squeezing it like she was a piece of meat. He hissed in her ear.

“Clothes off Miss and get me nice and hard and wet for you.”

There was a new found confidence to him and he smiled at the graffiti daubed on the cubicle wall by Sarah’s own hand:


Sarah stripped her light flowery dress off and her white knickers followed suit and then sank obediently to her knees on the wet, tiled floor and reached her hand into Lloyd’s zipper and pulled out hid bulging erection. It was straining in her hand, her delicate, soft touch making him harder with every second that passed. This was her existence now, doing what pupils (or ex-pupils) told her to do, when they told her to do it and how they wanted it. She licked the underside of his cock, recoiling slightly, as always, at the strong musky taste of Lloyd’s dark penis. But swiftly getting over it and nibbling gently on his balls while his penis prodded her forehead.

Lloyd grabbed her hair and pulled Sarah’s head away from his crotch and dribbled saliva from his mouth onto her nose. It was gross and disgusting but his treatment of her only served to turn the sexy teacher on even more. He adjusted her head and made sure her mouth was open and sunk his throbbing penis deep in her waiting mouth, obviously he didn’t want much foreplay this lunchtime. Lloyd was really not gentle in his face fucking of his teacher for the next five minutes or so, pistoning his rock hard black dick in and out of her stretching lips for all he was worth. Sarah tried to not make much noise, the fear of being overheard in there a constant factor even though it was lunchtime and no kids should have been in school. However, that was a difficulty what with Lloyd’s heavy balls slapping noisily against Sarah’s chin and the gargling, slavering noises that involuntarily escaped the gagging teacher. Also trails of saliva and pre-cum were coming out the corners of her mouth and dribbling down her chin and onto her naked breasts.

After Lloyd was satisfied her was ready her popped his cock from his teachers gasping mouth and pulled her to her feet by her hair and without explanation turned her around so that she was facing the graffiti up close and positioned her hips so that he could slide his thick cock into her cunt from behind.

From that position his cock penetrated her pussy so deeply and Sarah could not stop the gasp and low moan she gave as his ridged, hard penis slid up her pussy, pressing against her walls on it’s first entry. He leaned forward so that his sour breath was at her shoulder and hissed as he drew backa nd began to fuck her from behind in ernest.

“Yeah, just like it says, you’re my bitch, ain’tcha?”

“Urgh! Yes…Lloyd, I’m… you’re…bitch.”

Her voice was low and strained and she felt so dirty and nasty saying it as her pupil rammed back into her, but she was aroused too her addiction to this growing stronger by the day. It was a quick, hard fuck in the toilet cubicle and it was not long before Lloyd came inside her, she could feel his cum inside her, filling her pussy as he withdrew and then the sensation of it sliding down her thighs. She slumped to her knees exhausted after as he sorted his trousers. Without being told Sarah sucked the tip of his cock of the remnants of his cum.

“Give me your jewellery bitch!” he demanded.

“W-What?” Sarah was surprised, although Lloyd had used his power over her to fuck her and humiliate her in various ways he had not robbed her before.

“You deaf? I said give me your stuff. Your watch, ring, ear rings and bracelet, give them to me, don’t worry you’ll get them back in a second.”

She nervously handed him her jewellery and he undid the bolt and left her in the cubicle to hurriedly get her dress back on, ignoring the cum now on her inner thighs. By the time she was dressed and out of the cubicle she was greeted with the sight of Lloyd at the urinal trough ( a long metal tray) having a piss. She looked at the entrance and wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible lest she be discovered but couldn’t go without her valuables. She waited until he was finished and asked where they were, her heart sunk as Lloyd smirked at her, flashing his gleaming white teeth whilst he pointed to where he had just been pissing.

Mouth open in stunned amazement Sarah peered over the edge of the trough and at the bottom were her, now glisteningly wet, valuables. Before she could reach in Lloyd grabbed her arm and warned her.

“You wear them how they are, I don’t want you cleaning them, I want you smelling of my piss all afternoon. You hear? Don’t disobey me Miss, or else””

And Sarah, poor submissive slut that she was did exactly what he told her, she put her piss covered earnings, ring, bracelet et al back on and with his cum on her thighs taught all afternoon with his smell pervading her.

And that was only half her day.

As she left that day, exhausted and smelling pretty rank only to find Becky, her other teenage tormentor, sitting in the passenger seat of her car and looking like she meant business. A minute after opening the driver’s door and getting in Sarah knew she would be as busy and abused that night too.

“Miss Price, how would you like to be my sister for the evening?” queried the dominant ex-pupil.

Sarah looked at Becky with a bemused expression and the teenager continued.

“Have got a client who want a couple of sisters for tonight, bit of a kinky bastard by the sounds of it, I’m sure you’ll cope fine.”

Sarah wanted to protest. Wanted to tell Becky that she was tired and emotionally drained after the day she had just endured. That she just wanted to go home and changed her clothes and get her soiled jewellery off and cleaned. But she knew it would be pointless, knew that Becky would just threaten her and use her influence over her and eventually Sarah would do as she was told. She had learned that lesson, she did what her young Mistress told her. So instead of voicing her complaint and displeasure she just nodded and agreed to an evenings work as nothing less than a prostitute.

Becky confidently directed them through town towards a fairly good hotel, whereupon they were greeted in the reception bar by a pretty sleazy Asian in a cheap looking suit. He introduced himself as Mr. Asif and was quite the most odious, slimy, oily character that Sarah has ever come across. He leered at the two of them as he sipped a drink and made great play of them being ‘sisters’, mentioning it in nearly every sentence. He was tight too, not even offering to buy them a drink before telling them to follow him upstairs to his room.

It was a a nice enough enough hotel room, no doubt replicated in cities across the UK. Asif took off his jacket and sat on the lone seat in the bedroom and indicated for Sarah and becky to sit on the bed next to each other.

“So what you looking for Mister?” asked Becky.

I want to see you two together, naked, 69 then I get your holes. How much?”

“It’s £200 up front mister and you need a condom for me, don’t need one for my sis though, she likes the personal touch.”

Sarah tried t maintain her composure but being offered up like that to this sleazeball was pretty humiliating and demoralizing. Even though Becky had whored her out before it still humiliated and depressed Sarah as the Asian reached into his wallet and handed over the cash.

“Good. Now you sisters get it on. Get naked?”

Becky just smiled, she was taking the lead.

“You ready big sis?”

The dark haired teenager was out of her clothes in an instant and while looking salaciously at Asif started to peel Sarah’s dress off her body. Before long Sarah was naked too and Becky was kissing her all over her face and breasts.. She pushed Sarah on to her back on the bed and crawled up her body, dragging her tongue along Sarah’s soft skin on the way from her shaven pubic moud right up between her pert breasts before French kissing her passionately/ it was impossible for Sarah not to respond in kind.

A glance to the side found that Asif had his trousers around his ankle and a long thin brown cock held in his hand. Becky eventually broke the kiss, being careful to create a line of saliva from their mouths as they parted. Nimbly she turned herself around and straddled Sarah and expertly backed her teenage pussy right onto Sarah’s mouth.

“Yeah! Lick your little sister!” demanded the punter.

Sarah had tasted Becky plenty times before and got to work with her tongue now, while she did that Becky’s fingers and then her tongue got to work on Sarah’s hairless pussy and started to make her forget about what she was doing. As nasty a bitch as Becky was she was still incredibly talented with her fingers and her mouth and Sarah felt like a novice as Sarah’s strokes and lick brought her to the very edge of orgasm before lettign her down, as the two of them writhed atop the bed the Asian wanked himself while watching on.

But he did not stay out of the action for long. All too quickly he was stark naked and was using his fingers on both girls pussys. His fingers were rough and calloused and he finger fucked them both with great vigour. And it was not long until something other than his finger inserted itself in Sarah’s cunt.

It made for quite the threeway. Sarah squirmed as the guys long thin cock slide easily inside her while Becky writhed atop her simultaneously rubbing her own pussy on Sarah’s face and dabbing her tongue on Sarah’s clit. Part of her hated having all this unprotected sex with these men like this but another part of her, the dark side of her personality, loved the thrill of it. Becky slid further down Sarah’s body to lick Asif’s cock as it slid in and out of Sarah, giggling as she did so. After that the young ex-pupil slid back and propped herself up and literally sat on Sarah’s face, virtually smothering her under her soft ass cheeks. As Sarah struggled for breathe Becky really ground her ass down onto her former teachers face, her wet pussy rubbing all over Sarah’s face.

They were all close to getting off and it was Becky that came first. She came in a writhing, squealing explosion, covering Sarah’s face with her hot juices. Sarah tried to cough to avoid it but couldn’t and Becky’s juices were quickly in her eyes, mouth and throat. And then Asif came, deep inside Sarah. With Becky still straddling her face she had no chance to complain or remonstrate and the sleazy Asian pumped his full load deep within her. Finally, the man pulled out and Becky got off her but no one seemed in a hurry to relieve Sarah’s ache to cum. Instead Becky got of fthe bed, sunk to her knees and sucked the last vestiges of cum from her clients shrinking cock. She slurped and sucked him dry and then turned round to lick his cum from Sarah’s thighs as it dribbled from her used pussy. With a mouthful of his cum and her juices Becky took great pleasure pooling it there and getting up on Sarah again and letting it all drip from her mouth into Sarah’s in a big, slobbery, messy kiss. The Asian was already getting hard again by the time they had finished.

To get his full money’s worth he had arah lick his arsehole while Becky sucked his balls and then he fucked Sarah up her arse Before sticking his cock, straight from her ass, into her mouth and blowing his second load in there. It was a hard nights work for Sarah and she got none of the cash for it. She got to drive Becky home afterwards and then head home herself and get a fitful five hour sleep. She was burning herself out, her two blackmailers putting too much demand on her and something would eventually have to give. The thing was Becky knew it too and decided that she was going to take full advantage and have the most fun with Miss price as possible!


Becky had a plan but it required her contacting Lloyd and telling him who she was and what she was to Miss Price. It was not and easy introduction but Becky could be most persuasive and before long had sold Lloyd on a plan she had that would test the very limits that Sarah was willing to go to in her role of submissive sex slave.

It started by Becky telling Sarah that she was to report to her flat straight from school on the Friday that school finished for the Easter. When she got there Becky ordered her to strip naked and once she had done so she put an old leather dog collar on her former English teacher and attached a chain leash to it. She then had Sarah put on a long trench coat and drive the pair of them through town to arrive at and address in the country just after nine o’clock at night. It was nice and dark as they parked up so Sarah got the fright of her life when she turned the engine off and suddenly there was a loud hammering on her driver side window. When she recovered enough to look it was with some surprise that she saw it was Lloyd standing there shining a torch in at them. This was disconcerting for the teacher as she had never had to deal with the pair of them at the same time before. She wasn’t even aware they were in contact.

She was ordered from the car an in no time was naked and on her knees while Lloyd took control of the leash and began walking her towards a house. There was apparently a party taking place in the house and the noise of music and voices became louder the closer the three of them got to it.

Sarah was starting to get really nervous about this. Neither of her young dominants told her where they were headed or what they were going to do but from the sounds of it her secret life as a slut was about to be revealed to a larger group than ever before.

She was correct. Well might Sarah be nervous about her destination. The house belonged to one of the rich kids from Schools parents, who just happened to be away on holiday that week. And right at that point there were upwards of fify pupils and ex-pupils (all over eighteen) partying and waiting on Lloyd Woods big surprise. School was out and the liquor was flowing easily that night and the boys outnumbered the girls by about 4 to 1 and the girls there were by and larger of the ‘rougher’ variety. Everybody had been told to keep the softer, weaker ones as far away from the party as possible.

Lloyd, becky and Sarah finally made it to the gate that led into the house and Becky squatted down and made Sarah look at her.

“Well here we are bitch. The end of the road. We find out exactly how willing you are to do what we tell you. Once you enter this house your life will change forever, all bets are off.

After tonight there is no way back. Your old life will be forever lost to you Miss. And you know what? You can’t even decide if you want it it or not. Me and Lloyd are doing the decision for you. Though I know you’ll protest you really want this, don’t you bitch?”

And with that question Becky reached down and fingered her former teacher’s pussy, playing with it and enjoying the dampness that quickly came to her touch. Sarah knew the drill by now, she could try to stop this but be threatened with exposure and be forced to go along with whatever plot Becky had dreamed up while secretly loving the humiliation and degradation. The only difference this time seemed to be the scale of her audience, Sarah figured that after tonight her life would change dramatically yet she did not have the ability to deny her young blackmailers. She wimpered and allowed Lloyd to lead her like a dog down the path and seconds later she was entering the party….


The transformation from a cacophony of riotous, drunken noise to almost complete silence was almost instantaneous. One minute incomprehensible racket the next nothing and all because Lloyd woods had entered the party with two women. One a goth looking girl who most remembered as a rebellious former senior pupil and more strikingly English teacher miss Sarah Price. Of course this was Miss price how none of them had seen her before (except in their explicit wet dreams) she was butt naked, on her knees and like a pet on a leash at Lloyd’s feet. They had all seen the grafitti – “Miss Price is Lloyd Wood’s Bitch” and put it down to wishful fantasy but here it was before their very eyes.

Lloyd demanded a beer, Becky just helped herself to one and Sarah knelt there and kept her eyes on the floor, unable to bring herself to meet and of the stares from so many of her pupils, both past and present. The silence lasted near a minute before one of the guys came up and high fived Lloyd and another song started playing the grand entrance was seemingly over, the entertainment for the party here.

Sarah knelt there on all fours as guys came up and spoke with Lloyd. All the time she could feel their eyes on her nubile,naked body. Her pert brests hung down, her large nipples on display and her ass, it was so exposed. She tried to keep her ass cheeks squeezed as tight as she could but knew from som angles her pussy had to be visible from behind.

And then she felt their touch. The legs brushing against her side, their fingers touching her bare skin and lingering, she almost didn’t hear Lloyd asking the host where the nearest bedroom was.

“Up the stair man, straight ahead. What’s the story? We getting to watch?”

“Watch? You all can do better than that! You can watch then join in. man, you’re not telling me you don’t want a piece of this ass? C’mon bitch lets get this party started!”

Lloyd demanded and yanked on the leash and headed up th stairs, the rest of the party goers parting to let them ascend the stairs and get a better angle to see their teachers ass and cunt.

In the bedroom and Sarah’s heart was beating a hundred to the dozen. She was aware of people following her and Lloyd into the bedroom and forming a crowded semi cirle around him and the area in front of the bed. He smiled at her then them and then dropped his trousers to reveal his massive manhood. Sarah was mesmerised by his thick black cock and she knew she was finished, her life and career all but over.

“Tell them who you are and what you are.”

Sarah swallowed and decided that with no way back from here she may as well make it as humiliating as possible. Her pussy was soaking as she looked up at Lloyd and said in true teachers voice.

“I am Miss Price and I am your bitch Lloyd.”

He slapped his dick on her face contemptuously and spat on her face.

“Then get sucking bitch, get sucking!”

The crowd of school kids looked on agog as their teacher accepted Lloyd’s large black cock between her lips and began to enthusiastically suck on it. It may well have been a specially selected band of the more discreet and mature pupils that were there but they were still astonished at just how dirty Miss Price was. And she was dirty. Kneeling there naked, her beautiful body on display to them all as she gave Lloyd head she doubted she would every feel quite so energised and aroused again in her life. Lloyd grinned as he saw the envy and awe in the other kids (well the boys anyway) faces. He felt like the man, and gleefully plunged his dick deeper and deeper into Sarah’s mouth and throat until she started gagging on his cock. Coughing and spluttering she eventually had to take her mouth off his dick, unfortunately just at the moment her came and she ended up being sprayed in the eyes, nose and mouth with his warm cum. An act that got a drunken cheer from the assembled audience, who pretty much immediately started firing questions at Lloyd.

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