Naughty Mummy

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Elsa sat in her dimly lit spare room with five flickering screens on the wall for company. The uncluttered desk was all that separated her from the shelving that the screens were set upon. She had spent weeks in here, setting up this elaborate CCTV system, and now it was finally up and running. She leant back in her chair, her blouse open and her nipples proudly erect through the thin fabric of her black lacy bra. In her hand a glass of sparkling white wine, her finger skimming over the rim as she relaxed after her day at the office.

She was still beautiful for her age, in her early forties. Although she thought she couldn't compete with today's younger, slimmer and downright sexy generation, she still made heads turn when she glided through the building and into her office. Her divorce six years ago had been a godsend to her. Financially she had no worries at all, but she loved her job and giving that up wasn't an option.

She'd been with the company since her early twenties, and stepped up the ladder like only a sexy, determined, intelligent woman would... yep you've guessed it, years of twelve hours a day shifts! But at last all that time and effort had finally paid off and four years ago was promoted to being one of the leading executives for the company and she loved every minute of it.

Ever since the divorce she set herself free from the 'relationship' game. Only settling for 'one night' stands or weekends with a chosen one. In the week, she relaxed with her daughter, and occasionally her friends would come over and they'd watch films all night, which Elsa started to encourage with great delight.


Anna opened the door and walked into the large hallway. "Mum, you home?" With no answer she settled her bag on the floor and did her normal routine; raided the fridge! Mum must be working late again, she thought, she's hardly been home before ten or eleven the last month or two, probably some company reshuffle. Her thoughts filling her mind of how she was starting to miss her mum as the colder, darker evenings began to draw in.

She took the pizza from the fridge and nibbled on it as she made her way to the living room. What's the time, she thought as she glanced over at the grandfather clock in the corner of the minimal furnished room. She leant back in the comfy chair and grabbed the remote as she ravished the last of the pizza.

Flicking through the channels she came across an old episode of Buffy. Her eyes opened wide as Buffy and Faith were taking their stances for an impending fight that always appeared to be sexually charged between the two. "Mmm, Faith you are a hot bitch!" As the words escaped her mouth she looked round to make sure her mum hadn't crept in to hear her beloved daughters naughty words!

The coast was clear, so she settled a little more comfortably on her chair. She popped open her denim shirt revealing a sexy but slutty lace bra. Her mum had always told her not to wear red underwear, "it's too slutty for beautiful girls like us" she would say.

The fight scene was now taking place, and for every slap and punch that was exchanged between the two, Anna's heart rate got a little higher. She looked down to see her full tits breathing with her every breath. "Mmm, you delicious things look so inviting today." She placed her finger on the curve of her lace-covered breast, and softly traced the outlines of the material with the tip of her nail.

The fight scene was outside on the balcony now, and the lust and desire in Faith's eyes was so apparent. Anna bought her other hand up and lightly circled imaginary patterns on her taut stomach. A couple of times one of her fingers caught in the belt loop of her skirt and distracted the motion of her fingers.


Elsa sat up in her chair, a devilish grin appearing at the sight of her daughter, enjoying her tender touches. The wires from the headphones were now in the way, so a quick flick of the button and the room was filled with Anna's breathing and the sounds of Buffy and Faith squealing and moaning. Why do those two always sound like they are giving each other one! Why don't they just stop the fighting and fuck one another. She grinned to herself as the dirty thought ran through her kinky mind.

Elsa couldn't take her eyes off her wanton daughter. God she looks beautiful laying there, her shirt open, that slutty bra making her look more like a whore than my daughter, she thought.

She shifted in her chair as Anna's hand moved under the waistband of her skirt. The knuckles disappeared, and the wrist followed. Ohh baby, play with yourself for mummy. Her thought was rewarded when the skirt lifted and fell above Anna's pussy. Anna's moans filled the dark room. Her other hand hitched her skirt up allowing her legs to spread wider over the arms of the chair.

Elsa listened intently, her daughter's moans and groans surrounding her. She could see and hear how fast she was rubbing her pussy. Anna was close to orgasm, her hips began to buck and her moans were short, sharp gasps. Elsa's breathing was ragged and the moisture seeping out of her soaked pussy had flooded her skirt and she felt the coolness of the leather chair on her arse.

She too lifted her skirt and rubbed in rhythm to Anna's actions. Elsa unfastened the clasp at the front of her bra, and her huge firm tits spilled out. She wrestled with the bra in a frenzy to allow herself greater access. She pinched and tugged on her hard nipples as her fingers rubbed hard on her pulsating clit. She gasped as Anna moaned "Ohh god, I'm cumming, yeah, yeah, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh." Anna's hips continued to jerk upwards as every contraction tightened around her fingers.

Elsa's feet gripped onto the floor as her legs went rigid and her arse came fully off the chair, "Mummy's cumming too baby" she moaned, fucking an imaginary being in the air. Back and forth her hips went, higher and higher with every wave off orgasmic bliss that pummelled through her. Her hips slowed and she sunk back into the chair, her legs trembling. "Fuck" she whispered, "I haven't had one like that in months."

She gazed up to the screen on the left, "Mmm this could be interesting," she muttered with another devilish grin on her lips as she saw Anna's friend Carla walking up to the house. She peered over to the middle screen. Anna was still spread out recovering, her shirt off her shoulder, her bra still on, but with a luscious tit showing. "You better get dressed baby, you have company!"


Anna jumped up off the chair at the sound of chimes on the door. "Shit, mum's home..." Again the chimes went. "Hang on a sec," a little louder this time. She quickly fastened her shirt and pulled her now creased skirt back down to its respectable length. Wide eyed she opened the door.

"Bloody hell Anna, what the fuck you been doing?" Carla giggled.

"Um...nothing why?"

"Have you looked in the mirror recently." Still giggling through her words, as she made her way into the hall and then through to the living room. "God Anna, it smells sexy in here. Come on, where are they?"

"Who..." Anna's chest and face now showing signs of an embarrassing flush. She hated having to explain herself at times.

"Anna baby, look at you, you're all dishevelled, who you been fucking?"

"There is no-one here, so you can cut out the questions, and as I can't hide nothing from you, I will tell you. Let me get us a drink first while you open the windows." Anna laughed at the thought of being caught out, but still felt it rather embarrassing. She knew she'd have to tell Carla what happened in the end. Carla just isn't the type to be fobbed off with any excuse.

"Come on then you horny bitch, tell me...I'm ready!"

"Ok, I came in from work, and got comfy on the chair. I was channel hopping and came across an episode of Buffy, you know the episode, the one with her and..."

Carla's eyebrow lifted, "Faith...Say no more sexy girl, I hear you now... so you decided to get jiggy with yourself eh?"

Anna giggled, "Well yeah, that's about it... I'm just so glad it was you at the door and not my mum, how embarrassing would that be?"


"Yes, how embarrassing..." Elsa chuckled as she straightened out her clothes, listening to her daughter attempting to justify her naughty behaviour. She giggled at the moment when her daughter's skin flushed with embarrassment. "Ohh baby, I have never seen you so shy and vulnerable before... very cute Anna darling!"

Elsa finished her wine and contemplated calling Mary over for a bite to eat, and also to see this in all its working glory. She watched the girls move from screen to screen as they entered the kitchen. Anna washed their glasses and left them to dry. "Go get your clothes then if you're staying over mine. Shall we rent some movies?" Carla asked.

"Yeah ok, that would be good. I'll go and freshen up, wont be a minute!"

As Anna skipped passed, Carla grabbed her arm, "No Buffy though, I don't want you cumming all over my chair!!" Both girls laughed and Anna headed for the stairs.

"Mmm, on my own tonight then, I'll definitely call Mary over." Elsa muttered. She stayed in the spare room while Anna ran up the stairs and gathered her clothes and toiletries for her night with Carla. She then saw Anna carrying her bag through to the sitting room where Carla was seated. She picked up a piece of paper from the table and scribbled a few sentences on it. Shortly after that both girls left, still giggling at Anna's embarrassment.


Mary arrived an hour later, laden with wine and nibbles. Elsa greeted her with European kisses in the porch way and welcomed her in. "So what are you so fired up about? I thought you were gonna explode on the phone!" Chuckling as the words came out.

"Lets have some wine first then I'll show you...oh sod it, bring the bottle I'll show you now!"

Mary followed her closely up the stairs then into the dark room. Elsa switched the light on. "Oh my fucking god Elsa, is it working?"

"Uh-huh... Do you want to see something? I only had it up and running for about two hours then this happened." She pressed a couple of buttons on the control unit and the scene from earlier began playing out.

"Ohh Elsa, you dirty, kinky bitch... you didn't watch her did you?"

"Did I... God Mary I haven't cum so hard in ages."

Mary stood with her mouth wide open as Anna began to rub her pussy and moan like crazy. "She looks like a right little slut doesn't she?" Mary brought her legs together feeling a stirring in her own pussy.

"Hey, watch your mouth Mary, that's my daughter you're calling a slut," laughed Elsa. She noticed the temperature in the small room rising and she glanced over at Mary who was now showing signs of arousal. Elsa then pressed another button on the control unit, much to Mary's disappointment. "Look at this...Have you ever seen someone look so submissive and vulnerable?"

The footage was now of Carla questioning Anna on what she had been up to. Elsa didn't notice it earlier but every now and then Anna's eyes would lower and her face would blush because of her embarrassment. "Mmm, she does look so delectable like that Elsa. How old is she now?"

"She's nineteen, and as far as I can make out, still a virgin. And I'm not so sure if she is one for the guys either. Before she started touching herself she mentioned one of those characters from that programme as being a hot bitch!"

"Mmm interesting, how much fun are you planning to have with this system in your home?"

"Ohhh, a little," grinned Elsa as she turned the footage off. The screens then returned to their normal settings, looking into four different rooms and one on the porch wall. "Come on, let's go get something to eat." She ushered Mary out of the door then locked the door behind them.

They both sat on the long sofa and ate the cheesy nibbles and pizza fingers that Mary had made for them. Mary picked up the remote and glanced at Elsa. Elsa nodded and Mary continued to search the channels for something to watch. They both sat there sighing at the crap that flashed before them. "Tell ya what... I'll close my eyes and whatever three numbers I tap out, that is what we'll watch for the next hour and you can have a turn after," Mary felt like a teenager as she sat and ate junk food and drank the sparkling wine.

Elsa agreed with her and they both giggled at the merry state that they had both gotten themselves into. "Ok, here goes," Mary closed her eyes and pressed the three different buttons on the remote. When she opened her eyes a look of shock swept over her face. "Oh Elsa, we can't watch this... its porn... and lesbian porn at that!"

"Oh Mary, you can be such a prude sometimes. It's no worse than you watching my daughter masturbating earlier. There's nothing wrong with women having sex together. I think it's very erotic and turns me on like nothing else. And anyways, you made the rule, so we watch for an hour."

Mary shifted position as her friend sat ogling the sight of two blonde big titted women kissing and caressing each other. She blushed as one of the women groped the others' tits and kissed and sucked her nipples. Again Elsa felt the temperature in the room rise as she noticed Mary fidgeting. "Have you ever been kissed by a woman?" questioned Elsa.

"No... no I haven't. I've heard it's meant to be soft and sensual when a woman kisses you... Have you tried it then?"

"A few times, and you've heard right, it is soft and erotic... Will you let me kiss you? I know you're hot right now, and I've noticed you are not your usual confident self." Elsa shuffled closer to Mary and looked deep into Mary's eyes, preying on her sudden vulnerability.

Before Mary could answer Elsa had straddled her lap and held Mary's face in her palms. "It's ok Mary, part your lips for me," Elsa purred. Mary separated her lips and Elsa brushed her moist tongue over Mary's lips then pressed hers onto Mary's. A soft moan escaped from Elsa as her new lover's mouth opened, inviting Elsa to search deeper with her tongue.

Upstairs in the spare room the tape was rolling. Elsa on top of Mary, their breathing and moaning engulfing the pokey box room. Just as the pair of them recovered from their orgasms and settled on the sofa the tape ejected from the control unit.


Sunlight beamed through the curtains as Mary flickered her eyes a few times trying to focus on her blurry surroundings. She untangled her legs from Elsa's and forced herself up off the sofa. As her feet touched the floor she clipped the empty bottles of wine and they 'clinked' together stirring Elsa from her comatose state. "Shit Elsa, I'm too old to drink this much. My tongue feels like sandpaper and my head is throbbing." She fell back on the sofa giggling like a teenager.

"Well lover, your tongue felt pretty good last night." Mary blushed at Elsa's comment.

They both made there way to the kitchen and drank their coffee in silence. After a few minutes Mary broke the quietness. "I must get on home, I'm a wreck," she said, snickering.

"I'll find you some clothes while you take a shower if you like, there is a spare toothbrush in the cupboard... and while you're up there I'll clean up down here...God what a mess eh?"

"Thanks hun, and I'm not your lover!" Mary coquettishly remarked.

Elsa chuckled, "If you say so... lover... but I do have the proof... don't I?"

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