tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNaughty Mummy Ch. 02

Naughty Mummy Ch. 02

bymummys dirty angel©

Elsa ran upstairs after her friend left and entered the small room. She grinned as she took the tape from the machine.

“Mmm, I’ll watch this downstairs… bigger television, bigger picture,” she giggled. She made her way back downstairs, tape in hand. She slotted it in the machine and rested back on the chair that Anna had previously pleasured herself on.

Elsa hit the fast forward button on the remote, wanting to bypass the boring bits as she wasn’t sure when Anna would return home. She let the tape run on a bit then pressed ‘play’.

“Mmm… God that’s hot,” she moaned. Mary was spread out on the sofa looking like a whore. Her top was off her shoulder, her skirt was bunched up at her hips and Elsa’s face was buried deep in her pussy. The squeals from Mary were music to Elsa’s ears.

Elsa sat and moaned at the television until she heard the familiar sound of giggling on the porch. Elsa jumped from the chair, frantically trying to find the ‘stop’ button. As the front door opened she managed to press a button that stopped the tape.

“Hey girls, had a good time?” she said, a little hot and bothered.

“Yeah we had a great time mum," Anna hugged her. “You ok mum, you look a little flustered.”

“I’m ok baby… woke up not feeling too good, think I got some kind of fever.”

“Look, me and Carla are gonna hang out here for most of the day if that’s ok, why don’t you take a lie down and one of us will bring you some tea.”

“Ok darling.” With that Elsa walked slowly up the stairs forgetting about the tape that had ejected itself from the video machine.

Carla took herself off into the living room while Anna put the kettle on and sorted through her clothes to be put in the washing machine. The television was on and flickering black and white lines rolled across the screen. Carla noticed the remote upside down on the seat of the comfy chair. She then saw the half-ejected tape.

Carla gently nudged the tape back in and pressed ‘play’. She was welcomed with the blissful screams of Mary in full orgasmic overthrow on the screen. Elsa was holding up Mary’s legs as she ate her pussy.

Carla grinned, “Naughty, naughty Anna’s mum.” Elsa was shaking her head as her tongue, nose and chin embedded into Mary’s engorged cunt. “Mmm fever eh? Like mother like daughter more like. What a pair of horny bitches, getting themselves off in front of the television!” she whispered.

If that’s the sofa right there, then the camera is over here somewhere, she thought. She stopped the tape and began to rewind it to the beginning. She walked to the mantelpiece and then to the shelving in the alcove. Must be hiding somewhere, she thought.

Anna stepped through the kitchen, “Damn, we are out of milk and sugar. Did you want to come with me or wait here? I don’t know how long I’ll be, I may as well run these books back to the library too… what you gonna do babe?”

Carla sheepishly looked around; she was destined to find the camera. “I’ll stay here; I can keep an eye on your mum then.”

“Ok…I’ll see ya a little later on. I’ll take Mum’s car, probably won’t be more than an hour.”

As soon as Anna was out the door Carla took the tape and placed it in the back of the drawer in the television cabinet. She then began her search for the elusive camera. “Ohh you are a very naughty mum… fucking your friends and taping it, mmm!” Before she started to move pictures and ornaments she thought she’d look upstairs to see if Elsa was still in bed. Carla crept quietly up the stairs. She passed Anna’s bedroom then the bathroom. Over to her right was a separate bedroom with the door shut, and just a little way down the corridor was Elsa’s room.

Carla shuffled along the carpet and heard Elsa moving about. She quickly dived into Anna’s room and left the door ajar, spying on Anna’s mum. Carla’s breathing was ragged as she hid in her friend’s room. She could still hear Elsa in her bedroom, humming a familiar tune.

God I need to get back downstairs, thought Carla. The humming was getting a little louder and she saw Anna’s mum come out of her doorway, looking radiant with no hint of a flush or fever. She giggled within knowing that in two days she had caught mum and daughter in a sexual situation.

Elsa walked towards the room where the door was shut, “Right you horny bitches, what will you two get up to today when I’m supposed to be resting in bed!” She unlocked the door and stepped in, enclosing herself in the room.

As soon as the door closed, Carla crept out of Anna’s bedroom and went to leave to go downstairs. She was halfway down when the most evil of wicked thoughts entered her mind. She smirked and took herself back into Anna’s room knowing exactly what she was looking for.


Elsa sat on her chair and relaxed back knowing she didn’t have to leave this pokey room. She’d left a note on her bed for Anna saying that she had gone for a walk to clear her head and would probably pop into Mary’s on her way back. She looked up at one of her screens to see Carla on the floor in Anna’s room, her arms reaching out under the bed, looking like she was searching for something.

Elsa watched Carla pull a plastic box from under the bed. She opened it and removed a few items. Elsa gasped at the items that Carla was now holding. “God I had no idea,” Elsa muttered in disbelief.


Carla cradled the goodies, rushed downstairs, and hid the items in between the chair and the sofa. She scoured the shelving unit, moving pictures and ornaments until she found a frame that wouldn’t move. As the light reflected on it she saw faint lines in a circle about three inches in diameter.

She looked straight into the lens. “Gotcha, you kinky Mum! Ohh I’m gonna give you something to look at today. I hope you’re ready for it. You and Mary looked like you were having a good time, you voyeuristic bitch. You like watching do you?” Carla backed away from the lens. “Well watch this!”

Carla sat down on the very chair that Anna and Elsa had sat on. She turned the chair round slightly so she was facing the lens straight on. “You watching Mrs. Braeburn, or shall I just call you kinky slut?”

Carla took off her t-shirt and showed Elsa her full, firm round tits. “Ohh I’ll call you kinky slut, I know you’re getting hot already, but don’t you dare touch yourself just yet.”

Carla smiled at the lens as she slipped off her knickers and inched her skirt up to her waist. “Can you see this, kinky slut?”

Carla’s spread legs were hanging over the sides of the chair. Her pussy was on full show for Elsa and it was already moist from Carla’s wicked thoughts. She ran her finger over her shaven pussy and it slid easily down to her opening. Her pussy lips were engorged and had taken the colour of deep pink. She rubbed her pussy in a circular movement using two fingers. “Kinky slut, you like this don’t you?”

Carla’s free hand reached over the side of the comfy chair and fumbled in the gap between the sofa and the chair. When her hand surfaced, she was holding a long, purple vibe. “Mmm, look what I got kinky slut!” She bought the vibe to her mouth and started to suck it like a cock.


Elsa sat open mouthed at Carla the whore, spread open for her to see. “Mmm, yes you little bitch, suck it like a real cock. Let me see you take it all in that slutty mouth of yours.” Elsa’s voice had taken on a husky tone. Her throat was dry and her heart rate was already sky high. It seemed Carla read her mind as she took the vibe and slipped it between her full, pouty luscious lips. She took it nearly to the bottom of the vibe and then slowly, teasingly pulled it out, just like a real cock.

Carla sat up and dribbled spit on the vibe, and grasped it in her palm. She gripped the vibe and worked her hand up and down, twisting her wrist as she went. “Mmm, you little slut, you deserve to be punished behaving like that.” Elsa watched Carla attentively. Carla’s eyes never left the lens. Elsa began to wonder who exactly was watching who!

Elsa heard the buzzing of the vibe as Carla traced it down her deep cleavage and around the curve of her breast. Carla moaned into the lens as the vibration teased her nipple. Beads of sweat were now accumulating on Elsa’s forehead. Her silk shirt was now starting to stick to her skin as she leant back on the soft leather chair. The tingling in her pussy was becoming stronger with every slutty action that Carla did.

Elsa began to undo her buttons on her shirt. As she did so she heard Carla’s voice. “Mmm I bet your just dying to touch that kinky pussy of yours aren’t you slut?”

Elsa answered her with a seductive ‘Ohh yes…and whether you want me to or not, I am!” Elsa guided her finger to her thigh and pushed aside her knickers.

Carla was now stroking her pussy with the vibe, and moaning loudly as it slipped over her clit.

“Ohh Carla, fuck your gorgeous pussy with the vibe…fuck yourself!” Elsa’s fingers were now stroking her sopping pussy. Her thumb toyed with her clit that now protruded from her lips.

Elsa noticed Carla’s chest and face had turned a deep pink colour, closely matching that of her puffy pussy lips. The stroking of her pussy with the vibe had now gathered pace, “Come on Carla, show Anna’s mummy how you fuck the vibe!” Elsa’s fingers were now working her clit into a mass of throbbing flesh. “Ohh you little slut, fuck that vibe, make me cum!”

In between her ragged breaths Carla spoke to Elsa again, “Fuck your pussy, you naughty mum…I’m gonna fuck mine…” With that Carla plunged the vibe into her pussy, pushing it all the way in. She screamed as the vibe filled her, the vibration stimulating her clit.

Elsa’s gaze moved up a little to the heaving chest of Carla. Her tits were bouncing and rotating into one another as Carla fucked her pussy.

“Mmm, I want those tits… jiggle them for me. Ohh yeah… that’s it, ohhh Carla, I’m cumming… ohhh god… aghhh… god!”

Carla’s hips bucked off the chair as she violently fucked her pussy and rubbed her clit harder and faster.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum… gonna cum… ohhh… sheesh… fuck, fuck… oh yeah!”

Elsa sat glued to the screen as Carla’s pussy spilled juices down her thighs and over the chair she was sitting on. When she recovered, Elsa saw her look over the front of the chair and run her fingers through the drops of cum. Elsa looked on as Carla brought her sticky fingers to her mouth. She gasped as Carla snaked her tongue round them as she looked intently at the lens and straight into Elsa’s eyes.

“Mmm, I bet you creamed your knickers too eh kinky slut?” Elsa sat looking at the gorgeous beauty, nodding her head in agreement.


Carla leapt up off the chair and tucked the vibe in between the sofa and the chair. She quickly made herself look respectable for when Anna returned home. Remembering the smell when she walked in yesterday, she opened the windows then went to the kitchen for a damp cloth to wipe the now dried pussy juice off the chair. She needed to pee but wasn’t sure if she should venture upstairs.

Oh what the hell, she thought and headed for the bathroom.

The door to the room was still closed so she decided to look in Elsa’s bedroom. She walked in and immediately noticed the beautiful chest of drawers in the corner. Somehow, she was drawn to it and lightly brushed her finger over the intricacy of the flowing patterns that were painted on the top.

Her eyes lowered to the bottom drawer that was slightly open. She knelt down and pulled it open.

“Holy fuck,” she whispered as her eyes took in the delights of handcuffs, ropes, candles and other things. She pushed the drawer back in remembering to leave it open an inch. She crept passed the bed and picked up the scribbled note and took it with her downstairs. As she went back to the kitchen reading the note, she heard the front door open.

“Hi babe, sorry I took a while… did I miss much?”

“No not really, your mum went out… she won’t be back ‘til later on.” Carla said with a devious smile.

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