tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNaughty Mummy Ch. 04

Naughty Mummy Ch. 04

bymummys dirty angel©

Elsa crept downstairs knowing the two girls were snuggled together behind the sofa. As she made her descent into the hallway the smell of sex filled her senses. She inhaled and softly moaned. She then grabbed her jacket and quietly left the house. Seconds later she inserted the key in the lock and walked back into the intoxicating smell of sex. She looked over at the two of them lying so peacefully and so fully satisfied. She purposely slammed the front door and saw them both jump up with a start.

“May I ask what the hell is going on here?” Elsa towered above them in her favourite black heels.

Carla looked up with a knowing grin, her eyebrow rising as her smile broadened. “Yes, Anna, tell your mum what’s going on. I’m sure she’d love to know!” Anna tried hard to get herself together. She tried to get the words out through her obvious embarrassment, but stumbled several times.

“Oh Anna, you lost your voice now? And you, I think you better keep quiet young lady, don’t you?” Elsa’s eyes burrowed into Carla’s.

“Mum, I can explain… things got a little out of hand…”

“I should say!” Elsa retorted, taking on a domineering stance as she stood over the two naked girls. “Carla, get upstairs… NOW!”

Anna just sat there looking, transfixed at the way her mum had spoke to Carla. She then watched Carla head for the stairs following her mum’s command. “Anna darling… on your knees?” Anna frowned at her request. “Now Anna!” She did as she was told and knelt in front of her mum. “Oh baby, you’ve been such a naughty girl, haven’t you?” She ran her fingers through her daughter’s hair and twirled them through the long locks, causing a moan to escape from Anna.

“Mum, what are you doing? Are you feeling ok?” Questioning her mother’s caresses.

“It’s ok darling, I think you need a little discipline, don’t you agree?” Elsa stepped around Anna and stood behind her and straddled her athletic, tanned legs. She pushed herself into the back of Anna’s head then tugged on her hair and lifted her head up. “Stay as you are, don’t move baby!” Anna nodded her compliance and watched her mother walk towards the stairs.

Carla stood outside the pokey room filled with Elsa’s voyeuristic delights. As she heard Elsa’s footsteps she stepped forward a little and their eyes met. A wicked grin appeared on her face as she glided towards Carla. She reached up and grabbed a handful of Carla’s dark hair. “Right you little bitch… in there!” She unlocked the door and pushed Carla in.


Carla’s eyes widened as she stared at the set up in the room. “Smells like you had a good time in here today, Mrs Braeburn… or shall I say kinky slut?” Carla couldn’t resist saying it sarcastically.

Elsa pushed her into the soft, cool material of the black leather chair. “I think you may be a little out of your depth now Carla. You may have dominated my darling daughter into playing your voyeuristic game, but now you’re here… with me!”

Carla looked up at the older woman. She never realised before how gorgeous Anna’s mum actually was. Her body wasn’t perfect, but she carried it well. The curve of her belly showed as she stood in front of her. The two things that Carla did notice that were perfect were her breasts. They were full and firm and the nipples showed through the thin fabric of her blouse.

“Like what you see Carla?” Elsa questioned, noticing Carla take in the curves of her body. Carla silently nodded then looked to the screen. Anna was still kneeling. “Doesn’t she look gorgeous Carla? That’s what you’ve done to my daughter!”

“I didn’t do that, she just went along with the game I was playing. You saw everything you kinky bitch. You saw how your precious daughter just loved what I was doing to her.” Carla began to get a little defensive as Elsa glared at her, swallowing her up with one look. The room was silent apart from the shallow breathing from Carla.

Elsa reached for her phone. “Hi lover…” she began, a slight pause next as ‘the lover’ greeted her. “I suggest you get over here now. I have someone waiting for you. Just let yourself in, you have a key, then come to my bedroom!” Elsa placed the phone down and sat in silence looking at Carla.

Fifteen minutes later Elsa and Carla saw Mary walking through the front door. She paused and turned her head towards the living room. Elsa’s eyes glanced at the other screen. Anna lifted her head and her voice echoed in the room. “Mary what are you doing here?” Their eyes fixated on the other screen as Mary grinned, ignoring Anna’s question and made her way to the stairs.

“Don’t you dare move from this chair Carla, you hear me?” Commanded Elsa. Carla nodded. Elsa shut the door as she left the small room. Carla heard giggling and talking but couldn’t make out what was being said. She tried to edge nearer the door to listen more intently but the voices faded a little. Suddenly the handle moved on the door and Elsa breezed in confidently. “I think you would like to watch this Carla.” She pointed at the living room screen.

Mary had now changed her clothing and resembled nothing like how she walked into the house. She wore a short, tight red skirt that barely covered her arse cheeks. Her crisp white shirt that she wore when she arrived was now sitting on her waist and tied at the front. The buttons were open showing her ample breasts. To top it off she wore patent red knee high boots with a high heel. Carla gasped as Mary swept herself along the deep pile carpet tapping a cane in her hand, staring intently at Anna. Mary’s voice encased the room.

“I understand you’ve been a naughty girl Anna, huh?” Before she could answer Mary had tugged her up on her feet by her hair. Anna cried out at the pain. “ I wouldn’t cry out too much, there’s more pain… or should I say pleasure to come!” Mary pulled her to the comfy chair that sat feet away from the lens on the shelf. Mary positioned her on the chair. Anna’s knees were on the front of the arms on the chair. She was pushed forward so her arse was stuck in the air and her head was hanging over the back of the chair. “I’d hold on if I were you Anna.”

Carla sat open mouthed at the sight on the screen, her naked friend’s arse staring back at her. “You can’t let Mary cane her Mrs Braeburn, it’s gonna hurt!”

“Why ever not Carla? And don’t worry, Mary knows exactly what she’s doing.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“Ohh she may act like a prude but behind closed doors you’d be surprised what Mary does.” Carla looked confused. “Mary is a Mistress… although this is her first girl, she normally goes for men!”

“Well she seemed to enjoy you didn’t she?” Carla raised an eyebrow as a cheeky grin appeared.

“I’d watch that mouth of yours Carla, it will get you in deep trouble.”

They both stared back at the screen and saw Mary take a few steps back then she waved the cane through the air. The ‘Whoosh’ echoed around the box room. Mary then turned and smiled at the lens and blew a kiss to Elsa and Carla. Elsa giggled, “I think she is going to enjoy this…”

As soon as she finished her sentence the room filled with a ‘WHOOSH” closely followed by a loud scream. Mary talked to Anna as her arse recovered. “You know why this has to be done, don’t you?” She didn’t expect an answer as Anna was in no fit state to talk. She just whimpered as her arse was colourfully striped.

Elsa glanced at Carla as the room filled with the cane ‘whooshing’ through the air and the high pitch squeals and cries from Anna. Carla’s breathing was laboured, her eyes fixated on the vision in front of her. She hardly blinked as she saw the red welts appearing one by one on Anna’s gorgeous arse. Elsa spoke but Carla was too captivated to hear her words, so she spoke a little louder.

“Carla, I saw myself in you today! How you like to take control! Carla nodded, not really comprehending what Elsa was saying. Elsa leant back on the desk and spread her legs a little, her tight black skirt rising slightly. “Look at me Carla.” Carla’s eyes left the screen reluctantly and looked at Elsa’s seductive pose in front of her. She lowered her eyes to the bottom of Elsa’s skirt then watched Elsa sit on the top of the desk. As she sat she lifted one leg over the top of the other causing the skirt to rise a few inches more and now uncovering more of the black lace-top stockings. “Feeling warm Carla!” she giggled.

Carla fidgeted in her seat and hesitantly replied, “a little.” Elsa uncrossed her legs and spread them a little. She lifted her right leg and with the front of her four inch black heels she guided her foot up the inside of Carla’s bare leg. Carla responded by spreading her legs a little wider. Carla’s breathing was heavy as she felt the heeled shoe move closer to her pussy. She groaned as she felt the bottom of Elsa’s shoe on top of her mound and the heel moved along her slit, slipping comfortably between her now swollen lips.

She glanced up and moaned at the screen. Mary was lightly stroking Anna’s sore arse in a circular movement, caressing the redness.

Carla groaned at the way Mary dominated Anna. The cane, the way she spoke to her were all heightening her arousal. Carla used her arms to lift herself up to allow her hips to gyrate over the tip of the heel as it caressed her clit. “I think you’re the kinky slut now!” Elsa’s words came with no response from Carla who was now rubbing herself against the shiny heel of Elsa’s sexy shoe. “Look at Anna, her arse striped scarlet. Do you think she’s enjoying that?” Carla looked up at the screen to see her best friend whimpering. Anna’s moans filled the room, the sound of pain emanating from her. “Do it faster Carla, I want you to cum on my heel!”

Carla sped up her rotations on Elsa’s heel, “ohhh Mrs Braeburn, this feels so good!” The heel of the shoe was now circling her hard throbbing spot. The muscles in her upper body tensing as she held her arse off the chair to get the heel where she wanted it. Elsa sat on the desk, her face glowing with the arousal of the young girl on the end of her shoe and the sight of her daughter with Mary. Elsa never had to move an inch as Carla literally fucked the heel herself.

“Don’t stop Carla, I want you to cum… mmm…you’re far from the dominant bitch now aren’t you?”

“Mrs Brae… ohhhh god I’m cumming. Ohhh god yeah, yeah, ohhhhh god, god aahhhhhhhhhh” Carla’s arms gave way as her body convulsed into a quivering wreck on the leather chair. Her juice flowed freely all over Elsa’s shoe.

“What do you say now?”

Carla frowned, searching for the right thing to say and could only come up with one thing in the state of mind she was in. “Thank you… Mrs Braeburn”

Elsa smiled then raised her leg and pointed her wet heel at Carla’s mouth. Carla looked at Elsa with a look of disgust and shook her head. “Do it… “ Carla knew what she had to do. She leant forward and sucked the heel in. She twisted her tongue around it and sucked it like a small cock. Elsa moaned as she felt her heel getting sucked in and out of Carla’s mouth. Minutes later Elsa pulled the heel away from Carla’s eager lips. Elsa slipped off the desk and held Carla’s chin in her hand and slightly tilted her head up. She leant in and kissed the young woman, parting her lips and edged her tongue in. Carla’s lips moved faster, hungrily kissing the older woman. The sweet, moist noises from both of them as their tongues and lips met were only heightening their pleasure. Suddenly another ‘whoosh’ swept through the room and interrupted their kiss.


“Please stop Mary…” Anna pleaded with Mary to stop. Her arse was well and truly striped, it glowed a crimson colour. The heat and feeling that came from her skin was nothing short of flames dancing wildly in a fire!

Mary stopped and ran her expert hand over Anna’s punishment. “Tell me what you have done to earn this punishment?”

Anna moaned as Mary’s welcome hand soothed her fiery skin. Her words tripped and fell as they slipped out of her sobbing mouth. “M, m, mum, caught… me and Carla…” She openly burst into tears at that point. She tried to regain her composure, “I, didn’t think she would… f, f, find out!”

“You know better than that Anna, you know your mum knows your every move!” Mary giggled at her own statement. “Are you truly sorry for what you have done?”

“Yes Mary…”

“Then we shall carry on, just to make sure that you really are sorry!” Mary then spun the comfy chair around and pointed Anna directly at the shelves. “For every swipe you feel, I want you to look up and say, I’m sorry mummy, do you understand that Anna?” Anna nodded, her voice lost in the moment. “Good girl, you do this and we will make it all better ok?” Unsure of what that statement meant, Anna nodded.

Mary stood firmly behind Anna’s crimson arse. She looked at the lens, glowing in her domination. She smiled at Elsa and Carla.

‘Whoosh’ “Aahhhhh…. I’m sorry mummy!”

‘Whoosh’ “Aahhhh fuckk… I’m sorry mummy!”

‘Whoosh’ “Ohhh godd… Aahhhh… I’m sorry mummy!”

“Good girl, a few more!” Mary stepped back and leant a little forward. Her wicked grin said it all. Anna’s pussy was flowing, in fact, drips was heading south towards her knees. Her swollen lips glistened in the light, her milky wetness thick and abundant. Mary couldn’t help but drag her finger along the succulent folds. Anna jerked forward at Mary’s touch. “Ohh you are on fire aren’t you?” Anna moaned, her words lost in pain and now pleasure as Mary’s fingers slid gently back and forth. Anna started to rock, hoping that Mary wouldn’t stop. Mary chuckled, and withdrew her fingers, eliciting a throaty groan from deep within Anna.

Mary stepped back and waited for the anticipation to build.

‘Whoosh’ “Ohhh fuck… ohhhhh… I’m sorry mummy!”

“This is for your own good, naughty girls need to be punished!”

‘Whoosh’ “Goddd shitt… pleeasseee... I’m sorry mummy!”

“You’re liking this aren’t you?” Mary teased.

“Ohh god, please stop… I’m sorry mummy, I really am… please stop!”

“Have I missed one then, I guess I must have. I don’t remember swiping you, that means I owe you one!” Mary laughed at Anna’s confused state. Mary pulled back and waited. She looked at Anna’s glowing arse and pouty, engorged lips. The longer she waited, the more Anna’s pussy twitched.

Without warning Mary swung her arm right back, and with a massive swipe she ripped into Anna’s arse. “OHHHHHHH FUCKKKKK… SHIT... FUCK ME… FUCK ME!”

Mary threw down the cane and rubbed the enflamed arse before her. Anna quivered and moaned. “What do you want?” she commanded.

“Fuck me please… my pussy is aching… I need to cum, Mary fuck me!”


Elsa and Carla sat opened mouthed watching the caning take place before them. Elsa was turned on to the fullest watching her daughter’s punishment. She saw Carla’s skin coated in a film of sweat, and full breasts were rising and falling with each breath. Elsa grabbed Carla’s hair and pulled her towards the desk. Elsa leant back, her arse on the edge. “Eat my cunt you little bitch!”

Carla didn’t need to be told again. She ripped Elsa’s stockings from her, snapping the clips from her suspenders. With both hands she tugged at the thin material of Elsa’s knickers and tore it in two. Elsa hitched her skirt up to her hips and grabbed again at Carla’s hair. “Eat me good, I’m gonna explode!”

Carla wasted no time in burrowing her face deep into the musky scent of Elsa’s pussy. Her large swollen lips swallowed Carla’s nose, mouth and chin as she ate the older woman’s pussy. “Ohh god yeah you slut, that’s good!” Elsa looked up at the screen. Mary’s fingers were pounding in and out of Anna’s pussy. Anna’s moans filled the room alongside her mother’s groans. Carla shook her head from side to side and up and down. Her whole face rubbing Elsa’s drenched pussy. “Now my clit… yeah, yeah… eat it…”

Elsa tugged on Carla’s head and pulled her higher so her mouth was covering her clit. “That’s it you dirty bitch, make me cum!” Elsa’s arse was humping off the desk, her cunt grinding hard on Carla. Animalistic groans and moans came from Elsa, Carla and Anna. The squelching noises from Elsa’s pussy were just as loud as the erotic groans that filled the room.

Anna’s screams were desperate now, heightening Elsa’s arousal to dizzy heights. As Anna wailed a series of ‘Ohhhs, aahhhs, mmms and yeahs’ Elsa bellowed from within. She gripped Carla’s hair and shouted and screamed as she thrashed herself against Carla. Her desk was lifting off the floor as she rocked hard on the edge. Carla tried to pull away, but Elsa’s two hands now twirled in her hair, holding her close, rubbing herself furiously until the ride of eruptions pummelled through her.

Elsa gradually released her grip on Carla, who was now panting and trying to breathe. She sat back in the chair, her face covered in Elsa’s essence. They stared at each other, not knowing what to do or say. Mary’s voice broke the awkward silence and they immediately turned to the screen.


“Ohhh you are such a good girl, you took your punishment well! Did you like your reward?”

Anna moaned an answer, not sure what it was she actually said. She leant forward and collapsed in the comfy chair. Her legs had given way and all life had been drained from her. She moaned continuously, in pain and pleasure. Mary stood over her and rubbed her burning arse. She bent down and kissed the marks where the cane had landed. Anna tried to wriggle free, her kisses were a welcome touch but the sting that came with them travelled deep inside.

“Come with me…” Mary took her by the arm and assisted her to her feet. Her legs buckled and she fell to the floor. Her strength had gone.


Elsa appeared worried as she got off the desk and took off the remainder of her shredded underwear. “You stay here…” Carla nodded. She was still lost in what had taken place. Seeing her friend collapse on the floor, panting and moaning set off her emotions. She knew she was the instigator in this turn of events. But what she had experienced with mother and daughter far outweighed her conscience. She looked at the screen as Elsa helped Anna to her feet.

Anna looked up at her mum, “I’m sorry mum… it won’t happen again!”

Elsa rubbed Anna’s back affectionately. She grinned at Mary, “Ohh I’m sure it will happen again!” Her and Mary took an arm and assisted her to the bottom of the stairs. Carla watched as they guided Anna into her bedroom and shut the door behind them.

She heard them whispering outside the room, then the door opened. Mary came in first closely followed by Elsa. “Right, you little bitch, what are we gonna do with you?”

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