tagFetishNaughty Naomi Ch. 08

Naughty Naomi Ch. 08


If you'd have described Naomi Green's current life to her 18 months ago, she'd have disbelieved you. She'd also have been secretly horny. But Naomi's days of secret horniness were behind her. Her lover, Christina Holloway, knew every filthy, perverted fantasy that crossed her secretary's mind. And, as their relationship grew over time, she'd helped her indulge them all and added a few new ones herself. Every twisted, dirty thought the two had, they shared. And both had inventively kinky minds, with specific peccadilloes that they always wanted to enjoy - Christina would never get bored of thrashing Naomi's bottom and Naomi would never tire of using her knickers as a toilet - but they also had new ideas pop into their dirty imaginations from time to time.

So it was on Saturday morning. Christina was still dozing when Naomi woke up. Carefully, so as not to disturb the beautiful redhead in bed with her, Naomi snuggled herself up against Christina, wrapping one leg around her. Christina slept in white, silk pyjamas, while Naomi favoured a simple tank top and the panties that she'd been wearing during the day, even if they'd been soaked with her pee (though she'd change them if she'd filled them with poo). Hugging closer, their curvy bodies pressing together, Naomi gently kissed and nibbled at Christina's ear until the older woman woke up. She smiled and stretched, kissing the brunette on the lips.

"Good morning, you," she whispered. "How are we this morning?"

Naomi bit her lip and smiled and Christina wasn't at all surprise as she felt a warm, wet patch suddenly develop on her thigh as her young lover deliberately pissed in their bed. The beautiful women kissed as they hugged in the increasing puddle, rubbing their voluptuous bodies together, flesh sliding over wet silk and cotton. Christina squeezed Naomi's soft bottom, pulling her lover close as they both ground into the soaked sheets.

"So bad, so dirty," whispered Christina between kisses. "You need a naughty girl spanking." Naomi didn't feign resistance as Christina slipped out from under her and pulled at Naomi's knickers, dragging the sodden garment down her legs. She gazed up at the dominant redhead whose urine-covered pyjamas were clinging to her curves. She opened her mouth to say something but Christina took the opportunity to gag her girlfriend by shoving the pissed-in knickers into her mouth. The wet cotton filled Naomi's mouth and the strong taste of her morning piss was powerful.

Christina then shoved Naomi's face down into the wet bed, rubbing her nose and cheeks in the pool of fresh piss. Pulling her hips so Naomi's bottom was raised, Christina drew back her arm and delivered a stinging smack to the younger girl's round bottom. And another. And another. As spank after spank cracked down onto the rapidly reddening cheeks and Naomi's face was rubbed in her pee, both women could feel the hot, wet passion between their legs.

As she spanked her, Christina spoke. "You know, you dirty slut, I was thinking earlier this week. I keep getting hot when I think about you sucking those boys in the toilets. I want to whore you out to them, and watch them fuck you and use you. I think I'll arrange that." She didn't tell her lover that she'd already arranged that, and quite literally. She'd tracked the guys down and charged them £50 each to come to their house and use Naomi this evening. All the while she spoke she was slapping Naomi's ass, mesmerised as the chubby cheeks flattened and swirled under the impacts. She could hear Naomi's muffled sobbing as the pain suffused her bottom and the tops of her thighs. "Yes, tonight you're going to get some cock, like a dirty bitch like you should from time to time."

Passion over took them, and the next twenty minutes was lost in a frenzied, wet maelstrom of licking and sucking and tongues and fingers and pussy.

As they lay in the soiled bed later, Naomi looked at Christina. She bit her lip and her eyes still sparkled with tears. "I've been thinking about doing some things too," she said. "Do you think that you could get Chloe to come over this afternoon?"


"Hi Miss Holloway; Hi Naomi!" At 19-years old, Chloe Edwards was the youngest of the three women in the room. Her hair was a striking, natural ginger and her clear, blue eyes, pale skin and cheeky smile attracted lots of boys, but in her fantasies what was mainly happening was her bottom being soundly thrashed by her headmistress. Her body was a slim, shapely 32B-24-34, with a full, pert bottom. Only 5'3", she was also the shortest in the room, especially in her stocking feet. Although it was a weekend, as requested she'd come over in her school uniform, but had taken off her shoes on the way in.

"Thanks for coming, Chloe," answered Naomi. "Christina...I mean, Miss Holloway, will explain why we asked you over." Chloe was aware of the relationship between the two women, so she smiled and nodded at Naomi, her eyes flicking over the woman she knew as the school secretary. Naomi was slightly taller, standing 5' 4.5", also just in socks as she too was wearing the school's uniform, though the blouse and short skirt were stretched indecently over her 32F-27-38 body. Her eyes were also blue, and her long, brown hair fell in unruly tumbles around her open, pretty face and down over her shoulders.

The final person in the room now became the focus of both girls. Returning their stare with her own blue eyes, Christina Holloway looked imperious. Her copper hair was styled in a glamorous way that accentuated her flawless face. She would have looked down on both girls anyway, standing 5' 8", but the 4" heels she wore with her smart, business suit took her to 6'. The suit itself was expensive and well cut to show her voluptuous 30F-30-39 figure.

"So, Chloe, I think rather than an explanation, I have a question for you. Naomi has asked for something particularly filthy today, and it involves you. You've seen us together so you know the sort of things that involves. Now, I can guarantee you that, if you stay, your bottom will get the exact sort of treatment that you crave. So, would you like to stay and play without knowing the details?"

Chloe considered this. The last time she'd been with both of them, she'd been beaten with a belt whilst licking Naomi's pussy through peed in knickers. Whatever Naomi had in mind was clearly more perverted than that. The teenager felt her pussy getting hotter and wetter and grinned as she nodded. "Count me in, miss."

Nodding, Christina walked behind the desk and opened a drawer. "Well, it'll involve these," she said, and placed a cane, a riding crop, some rope and a large, double-ended dildo on the desktop. "And the basic outline is this - we're going to use and abuse Naomi until we can't think of anything else to do to her. Literally, whatever you want to do with her, you can do it. Nothing is off limits. And I'll make sure your fat, little bottom gets what it needs, too. Now, shall we?"

Before either of the younger girls could act, Christina suddenly slapped Naomi across her face, rocking her head to the side and making her gasp. "You dirty slut!" she hissed at her. "You want me and Chloe to treat you like the dirty whore that you are? Well, we will. Get down on your knees."

Naomi sank to her knees, sitting on her haunches and looking up at her lover and the redhead teenager. Christina reached out and Chloe took her hand, allowing herself to be pulled in close to the teacher she fantasised about. They locked eyes. "Naomi, you remember when you were concerned that there was more between me and Chloe than just dealing with her naughty behaviour? Well, there wasn't. But she is...very...pretty." Lowering her face to Chloe's, the two kissed deeply, while Naomi sat on the floor looking dejected.

Christina pulled the teen against her, crushing her into her huge, soft tits as her hands squeezed Chloe's bottom. They kissed passionately for several moments, but Christina broke the embrace and pushed Chloe face forward across the desk. The teen immediately adopted a familiar pose, arching her lower back to offer her bottom up for expected punishment whilst spreading her legs. Rather than spanking her, Christina stroked Chloe's pussy, feeling how wet with excitement she already was. Pulling the gusset of Chloe's school knickers aside, Christina slipped two fingers straight into her student.

Chloe moaned as Christina finger-fucked her and, feeling sulky and ignored, Naomi also slipped her own hand inside her knickers and started to stroke herself. "One thing that Naomi did ask for," said Christina, still fingering Chloe's wet pussy, "was that we were filthy from the start." So saying, she pulled her fingers out and started to tease Chloe's tight, pink arsehole. Using her pussy juice as a lubricant, she stroked and pressed a finger into Chloe's ass, moving it slowly in and out as Chloe gasped. A second and third finger followed as she got Chloe used to having something in her ass. The teenager moaned and writhed on the desk, but made no attempt to escape. And Naomi watched, rapt.

After a few minutes, Christina reached for the dildo. Slowly, carefully, she started to work it in, stretching Chloe's hole further and making the teenager groan as she felt the unusual experience of a large, fake cock pushing into her anal passage. She felt so full as more of it was shoved in. Once it was in as far as it would go, Christina started to slowly move it in and out, fucking Chloe's arse. At the same time, she used her other hand to start fingering Chloe again, stroking her clit with her thumb as she worked three fingers in and out of the young girl's cunt.

Chloe could not long resist. As the fingers worked her pussy and the dildo was driven into her ass with increasing vigour, she moaned and cried out as she came, sagging forward across the desk. Christina gave her a moment, then pulled the dildo slowly out of Chloe's stretched hole. She looked at the rubber cock, streaked with traces of shit from Chloe's ass and grinned. She looked down at Naomi, who was still playing with herself on her knees. "Open wide," Christina instructed. Naomi did as she was told and opened her mouth wide, realising what was going to happen.

Without preamble, Christina put the dildo into Naomi's mouth. Immediately Naomi's senses were assaulted with the earthy taste of Chloe's ass, and her nipples hardened as her filthy instincts rejoiced. She closed her lips around the fake cock, slurping at it, sucking the taste of Chloe's shit into her mouth. But Christina didn't want a simple, clean sucking, and she pushed the dildo deep into her mouth, right to the back of her throat. Naomi coughed and gagged, doing her best to relax her throat and take the dildo deep. However, she was not as experienced at sucking cock as she was at eating pussy, and as the dildo was shoved almost to her tonsils she gagged again, pulled back frantically and, coughing and choking, was sick all over herself, slimy streams of spit and bile running out of her mouth to stain and soak her schoolgirl blouse.

Grimacing, Christina wiped her hand across Naomi's sick-coated chest and smeared the mess across Naomi's face, before taking a fistful of her hair and dragging her young lover forward, before pushing her face against Chloe's ass. "Now, dirty girl, eat Chloe's arsehole!" she commanded. This wasn't the sort of thing that Naomi needed asking twice to do, and she eagerly pushed her sick-smeared face between Chloe's cheeks and extended her tongue to lick and prod at the recently-fucked hole. Chloe pushed back, pressing her bottom into Naomi's face as the curvy brunette rimmed her.

Naomi slurped hungrily, loving the taste of the redheaded teenager's ass as her tongue burrowed as deep as she could get it. Chloe moaned and then gasped and spoke up. "Wait, no, stop, I think when you fucked me..I mean, I need to go to the toilet."

"That's ok, Chloe," purred Christina. "You can go in her mouth. Naomi is a dirty little toilet."

"Really?" Chloe was shocked but knew that she'd been warned that today would be filthy. "But that's disgusting. I don't think I can do that." Instantly, Christina pulled Naomi away from Chloe's ass and pushed her back onto her haunches. Then, turning back to the girl over the desk, delivered a flurry of stinging slaps to the upturned bottom.

"You don't get to think, you little slut," she yelled, walloping Chloe's rapidly pinkening cheeks. "You were told to come her and be dirty and you'll be as dirty as I tell you to be." Taking a fistful of Chloe's ginger hair, she pulled her to her feet and turned her to look at Naomi. "See, look at that dirty slut. She's on her knees, covered in her own vomit and waiting to eat your shit. That's the sort of slut I want here. Naomi will do anything I want, and if you want to play, you'll do the same!"

Shocked, the teenager looked at Naomi. The curvy brunette was on her knees, gazing up at the two redheads. As Christina said, she was covered in streamers of sick, the gooey mess all over the front of her blouse and coating her deep cleavage.

"And she really wants...wants me to poo in her mouth?"

"Yes," Christina answered. "But that's not relevant. I want you to do it!" She pushed Chloe back, face down across the desk, and hauled Naomi back into her former position, face pressed between Chloe's warm cheeks.

Again Naomi started to probe at Chloe's asshole with her tongue, eagerly licking and slurping, spit dripping off her chin and wetting the teen's thighs. Chloe was freaked out and uptight, but she was also horny and, crucially, she really needed to have a shit. She tried to ignore the fact that a sexy slut was rimmimg her and that she was in an unusual position and tried to concentrate on her physical need. Breathing deeply, she relaxed and started to squeeze. At the same time, Christina stood behind Naomi, straddling her and pulling the gusset of her panties to one side so she could stroke and finger her own pussy as she watched the two younger girls.

A groan from Chloe signalled that the day was about to get filthier. Her body trembled and then a soft, sticky piece of shit squeezed out of her ass and directly into Naomi's open, waiting mouth. The foul substance covered her teeth and filled her cheeks, and as as she tried to swallow she gagged and threw up again, a noxious mix of bile, spit and shit bursting out of her mouth and all over Chloe's bottom. The lump of poo rolled down Naomi's chest and stuck absurdly in her cleavage, oozing between her heavy boobs.

Undeterred by being sick, Naomi quickly fixed her filthy face back to Chloe's bottom as a second chunk of shit started to slip out. This time, the brunette was more accustomed to the intense flavour and controlled herself as she took the shit into her mouth and started to slowly chew, moving the horrid mess all over her mouth with her tongue. As this happened, Christina smiled wickedly and started to piss, her yellow stream gushing all over Naomi's hair and shoulders and back, soaking her clothes and covering the shit-eater in pee. Droplets splashed and ran down Christina's round thighs, wetting her stockings, but most of it soaked her young lover.

Naomi's fingers were buried in her pussy as she masturbated in a frenzy, delighting to the taste of shit in her mouth and the feel of her lover's piss spraying over her. As she pooed, Chloe also started to pee, her golden flow wetting her knickers and spraying over the desk she was bent over and pooling on the floor, spreading into a puddle between her feet and under Naomi's knees.

Finishing shitting, Chloe stood and turned around. She'd known what was going on behind her, but she was still taken aback by the state of Naomi. The 23-year old was on her knees in a pool of piss, both Chloe's and Christina's. Her clothes were soaked and filthy, covered in sick and piss and shit. She had Chloe's poo smeared on her lips and filling her cheeks, as well as a turd between her big, soft tits. Christina was just finishing pissing, the last drops falling into Naomi's hair. This grotesque tableau made Chloe feel queasy, and then the smell and reality of the situation hit her. She had shit on Naomi. Into her mouth. And the dirty slut was eating it. There was only one outcome.

With a lurch, unable to cover her mouth, the redheaded teenager spewed all over Naomi. A mouthful of slimy, watery sick surged out of her, pouring all over Naomi's face and tits.She sagged back against the desk, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. She was appalled to see that Naomi was still wanking, one hand a blur over her pussy, the other squeezing her tits, tweaking her nipples and smearing shit all over her cleavage.

Chloe was torn. She could feel her mind roiling. She was revolted. But she was horny. She wanted to be a part of this disgusting relationship. She desperately wanted to feel Christina's hand on her bottom, wanted to be bruised and sore. And something about the complete, filthy abandon of Naomi's actions called to her too. Her pussy was soaking into her knickers which were also damp with her pee and slightly stained with poop where they'd moved back across her well-fucked asshole. Her nipples throbbed. This kink was what she wanted. To get regular spankings from Christina, she'd happily degrade herself with any filth that Naomi wanted from her.

Tentatively, Chloe reached down and took hold of Naomi's tits, feeling their heavy weight in the pee-soaked bra and shirt. Then, swallowing down her revulsion, she ran her hands over the soft flesh, smearing and wiping her own shit over Naomi's breasts and clothes. Christina was pleased to see Chloe getting involved. She watched the teen grope her lovers scat-covered boobs for a minute or so until she saw Naomi cum, then intervened.

"Both of you, get up," she commanded. However, she didn't wait, and grabbed a fistful of Naomi's hair, using it to haul her to her feet. She then pushed the messy girl on her back on the desk, head resting there, bum hanging off the edge.

Chloe had regained her feet and looked on, expectantly. Christina seized her arm and manoeuvred her into position, bent at the waist, face pressed against the brunette's panty-covered pussy, back arched to present her bottom.

"Now, Chloe, after shitting right into poor Naomi's mouth, you can make it up to her by licking her pussy through her knickers - and you best not stop licking until I tell you. Meanwhile, you'll get what you want, too."

Reluctantly, Chloe nuzzled her face into Naomi's crotch, running her tongue firmly up the front of the cotton knickers which were soggy from Naomi cumming in them. She could taste the secretary's pussy, and focused on licking and pressing as if the material wasn't in the way.

Her concentration was broken and her face jolted forward to press more firmly into Naomi's pussy when, preceded by a whistling 'swoooosh', Christina whipped a crook-handled cane across Chloe's round bottom. The impact indented the soft cheeks, which sprang back into shape with a white line across both that quickly became an angry red. Chloe grunted at the pain, but immediately felt her pussy react and redoubled her focus on tonguing Naomi. Christina slowly counted to five, then slashed the cane down again, laying a second stripe, neatly just below the first. Another slow count, another vicious cut with the cane, another red tramline on Chloe's inviting bottom.

For her own part, Naomi was still delirious. She was coated in slimy vomit - her own and Chloe's. Her tits and shirt were covered in Chloe's shit, which she'd also taken into her mouth, chewed and swallowed. She was soaked in piss - Chloe's and Christina's. And now Chloe was working at her pussy whilst, from the sound of things, receiving a thorough and unforgiving caning. She had also heard and understood Christina's instruction to the teenage redhead. Pulling her shirt open, Naomi scooped her large boobs out of her bra and squashed and massaged the sticky mess of sick and shit into them, pinching her rock-hard nipples as she enjoyed the feel of Chloe's tongue against her pussy. And she relaxed.

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