Naughty Navy Wives Ch. 1

byTawny T©

She told me she liked to have them pulled and twisted. I was glad to oblige. I squeezed them between my fingers and pulled, rolling them. She kept urging me to do it harder and harder. I was afraid I'd bruise them, but she said she loved a little pain. I sucked them and her breasts tasted wonderful. As she got more excited they swelled, the nipples elongating still more. I nipped them with my teeth. God, she has sexy breasts.

Her hands weren't idle and she was cupping and stroking my breasts, which are full, though not as large as hers. She rolled my nipples between her fingers and I too enjoyed the slight pain. We turned and slid downward into a 69, my favorite woman/ woman position. I love to give pleasure as I'm being given pleasure.

Our fingers and hands stroked, and probed. I slid fingers up inside her, wiggling and exploring. She gasped as I found her G-spot and rubbed it firmly. I slipped two, three, then four fingers inside her, rotating my hand. She gasped her approval. I sucked on her clit, flicking it with my tongue.

Jan's skilled hands and mouth worked their magic on my own secret flesh. As her lips and tongue worked on my clit, her fingers slid up inside me, probing and exploring. She wet one finger in my abundant pussy juices, and carefully slid it up my ass, wiggling it deliciously as she did.

This time our lovemaking was slower and we feasted on each other's bodies, and pussies for a long time. I returned the caress, and put a finger slowly up her perfect, small ass hole. She pushed back against my finger, then forward against my mouth. We licked and finger fucked each other for a long while, slowly building our pleasure till we came together, a very intense and satisfying climax.

After we'd calmed down, we took a shower together, taking turns washing each other, our slippery wet bodies sensuously sliding and moving together. We dried off and moved naked into the den.

We fixed fresh drinks and sat on the couch close together. We kissed, caressed, and cuddled like teenagers. The feel of her soft body was so wonderful against mine.

"Why the hell did we wait so long to make it with each other?" Jan asked kissing me softly.

"Beats me. But we can sure make up for lost time. No one thinks twice about two Navy wives sleeping over when their men are at sea. I wonder how many other girls we know enjoy each other while their men are away." I murmured against her lips.

"Are you going to tell Dan?" She asked.

"Sure. I always have. He'll never talk about it to anyone. He and I both know how Navy gossip is. It's our secret. You plan on telling Jeff?"

Jan thought for a moment. "I think so. But I'll swear him to secrecy too. I don't want it to be common knowledge either. If he swears, he'll take it to his grave."

We continued to kiss and caress slowly, non-sexually. It felt so good to have her soft body against mine, her soft breasts pressing against me. I stroked her soft breasts squeezing them softly.

"That feels so good. I think that's one reason I like making love to a women. She knows all the soft sensuous places another woman loves to have kissed, stroked, and last, but not least, probed. They aren't in a hurry either." She cooed.

We lay kissing and cuddling for a long while, then got up and went to bed. In bed, our passion flamed again and we made slow love. This time she made love to me first, then I brought her to a relaxed sighing kind of climax. We went to sleep nestled together.


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