Naughty Navy Wives Ch. 2

byTawny T©

There have been times when I've been in this position, and thought briefly that I knew how my husband feels as he moves between my thighs to slip his hard cock deep into my hot pussy. I have tried it with a strap on dildo a couple of times, and wished I could actually feel the penetration, the hot silken tube slowly engulfing my "cock" as I slid it inside my partner, thrust by thrust.

I licked my way down her stomach, slipping my tongue into her navel, then down over her flat stomach. I smelled her perfumed thighs, and the wonderful scent of her aroused pussy. I lapped her pussy from bottom to top, tasting her sweet abundant juices. Her outer lips were pale and small, her vulva deep pink, the center dripping with her nectar. I slid my tongue inside her and sucked. We both moaned, I because she tasted so sweet and her juices almost ran into my mouth, she because my tongue slid into her excited core, my lips covering her exposed pussy.

I slid a finger up inside her, curling it around inside her hot cavity. I licked up and down and on either side, nibbling on her outer lips. As she wiggled her hips, I slid another finger inside her, crossed my fingers and rotated my wrist as I slid in and out of her. She sighed her approval, hips hunching upward.

Libby slid her hands down and placed a finger on either side of her clit and pulled upward exposing her pink clit. I sucked on it, and then ran my tongue slowly across its lower side. She cried out her joy. Over and over, I licked and sucked her sweet clit, as I slid my fingers up inside her, curling them upward at the front to press on her "G" spot. Her moans, and hands on my head pressing my face tighter against her, told me I must be exciting her the way she liked.

I looked up and her face was contorted by her intense feelings. Redoubling my efforts, I drove her over the top, till her body went rigid, her hips thrust upward, back bowed, body trembling with passion. I continued till she had two more intense climaxes. My face was wet with her juices. She lay gasping for breath. I licked her pussy slowly, avoiding her still sensitive clit till she put a hand on either side of my head and pulled me upward. We kissed, and caressed softly.

"Thank you, that was so wonderful. Jan had told me you were a very good lover, and she's certainly right. I think you short circuited all my pleasure centers." Libby said, eyes shining in the bright moonlight.

"I was just returning the favor. Turn about is fair play. I really wanted you to enjoy it, and from my perspective, you did!" I laughed.

"From here it looked like she enjoyed it too!" Jan laughed too, a hand caressing each of us.

I happened to look in the direction of Juanita's house, and though the bushes screened us, I saw two heads peering at us through a low spot in the bushes. It was Juanita and her lady friend. They must have been watching us while we made love. I didn't mention it to the others. We lay together, the three of us cuddling and kissing in the wonderful tropic moonlight.

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