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Naughty New Orleans


This story was written at the request of a friend who was concerned about possible identification. He swears it is true. All I know is I certainly would have loved to have been the lucky guy invited into this room.

* * * * *

We finally had some time to ourselves, and just at the right time - the conference was a year away but there was a great deal to be done before it started. We had the help of some friends, but still expected it to be a lot of work. We liked to use these business trips to relax and this looked like it would be the perfect time to do it. I think Betty was looking forward to this as much or even more so than I. Betty was as anxious to get a week in New Orleans, especially this close to Mardi Gras. We knew that the folks down there started looking for fun about this time of the year and we wanted to be there to enjoy ourselves with them.

Despite the need to work together, we wanted this to be a fun trip too. This time of the year we knew it would be difficult to get rooms in the same hotel. Sure enough, as we began to make our reservations, we were scattered all over, but at least we were all in small hotels in the French Quarter where the action is. Our shuttle from the airport dropped us off right in front of the hotel. We were a little disappointed at its appearance when we arrived, it was much smaller than we had anticipated. Once we were registered though and escorted to our room, things looked a little brighter. It was neat, clean, quiet, and furnished in period furniture that added to the ambiance. Best of all it had a king size bed which we intended to make good use of - these trips are almost like a honeymoon for us.

Betty liked it but she was disturbed by a door leading into the next room that looked like it had been the target of a shotgun firing rifled slugs. It was directly across from the bed. Several holes were all the way through the thin paneling which meant little privacy if anyone was inclined to look through them.. She suggested we change rooms. I gave the desk a call, but learned there were no more rooms to be had. New Orleans fills up fast this close to Fat Tuesday. We found out later from some of our friends that they too had doors leading into the adjacent room with the same problem. So we decided to make the best of it and filled the holes with toilet paper as a sop to Betty's concern for privacy.

I wasn't worried. At six feet, 205, very few things or people bother me. Maybe it's just because I look like the type of working guy you think of when you see pictures of the Marlboro man. Betty is far different. At five feet five and barely 120, she isn't very likely to scare anyone off, especially when they saw how the weight was proportioned. Betty is a natural brunette with brown eyes and curves that make you want to find her in the dark. Even after 12 years of marriage, her 35-25-36, turns heads everywhere we go, and a lovely set of 36C's add just the right topping.

I have one real problem. I can't keep my hands off Betty. What I like best about the problem though is she loves it. Sex is something we both enjoy. Neither of us had failed to explore the possibilities with others before we were married and we hooked up as soon as we found that both of us were equally horny when we find ourselves in a situation like now. We learned a few years ago that we could stretch our fun by playing with others and we had kept our shapes by more of that same kind of exercise with couples we knew. Betty got to the shower before I could catch her and locked the door to keep me out while she enjoyed a refreshing cascade of water at just the right temperature. She scooted by me before I could catch her, promising to 'wait' for me. That really got my motor running. I wanted to fuck her right then and there. But she pushed me away with a laugh and her promise.

When I finished my shower, I went back into the room and found Betty as receptive as ever. I love to work my own brand of magic on her, getting her just at the point where she is ready for an orgasm before I slide my cock into that lovely pussy. It usually starts with long, passionate kisses that bring me to a hard rise. Her tits are absolutely luscious, the hardness of those big, beautiful nipples causes me to make a long detour over both before going any further. I can cover her pussy with my hand, cupping that delightful mound and let my fingers do the walking as I suck her tits greedily. This almost always makes her cum, and I wanted my cock in her before she shot that load of love juice I like to suck out of her. She was already at the squealing stage that she always reaches just before cumming, so I slid my cock into heaven once more.

Betty loves to fuck, and I have the most enviable task in the world, fulfilling her love. Once I got the head of my cock past that tight little muscles guarding her tight pussy, I slid in easily right to the end of her cunt. I could feel the opening to her cervix right at the tip of my cock as I ground my dick into her as deep as I could go, then began slowly backing out.

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