tagLoving WivesNaughty New Orleans Ch. 02

Naughty New Orleans Ch. 02


First, an apology to my readers who let me know that the story with this title had been truncated as published. To them, and the gentleman who asked me to write the story, a sincere 'thank you.' Although it had to be totally re-written, here it is right where the other one of the same title (less the Part 2) left off. Thanks for telling me, folks.

* * * *

Betty was so busy enjoying the hardness of Tom's very satisfying cock that she lost any concern about the holes in the door leading to the adjoining room. He was giving it to her the way she liked it, hard and fast. She knew that he liked hearing her tell him to fuck her and exactly what she was begging him to do to her as he screwed her, so she was telling it like it was, probably triggering what came next.

From here, we're going to take it as Betty told him later.

I could have sworn I saw some more of that paper fall out of the holes in the door, but I couldn't concentrate on that while Tom was pounding his cock into me. Tom likes to keep me on edge because he knows it makes me even hotter. He was hunched over me, sucking on my tits while he screwed me. That made me cum - hard! He will usually let me have a minute of just enjoying that full feeling before he takes me deeper into that orgasmic land I love. But this time, when he rolled off my still quivering body, he latched on to my right nipple and let his fingers do the walking - right to my pussy pelt, through the jungle, and into the cave. He intended to fuck me to death!

I love him finger fucking me, but it's nothing like the sensation of him ramming seven inches of hard dick into my pussy, nor as satisfying for him, so I can see more coming. This time as I slowly came down from heaven, I saw most of the paper we had stuck in the holes was now gone. I could see light from the other room.

I couldn't have cared less right then though. Tom's fingers were stirring my cunt and he was sliding down my body heading for more enjoyment for the both of us. When his mouth closed over my pussy, I gasped. I love that sensation almost as much as the feeling of his lips closing over my clit. He knows he can make me cum that way, but he had other things in mind today. When he had me right on the edge, he pulled my legs over his shoulders and pressed his hard cock into me until I could feel it tickling my cervix. He played with me, pulling it almost out then sliding it in slowly, until I was begging him to fuck me hard. Then he filled me full of his cock and began pounding me hard and fast, which gave me my second orgasm of the day - and we were just getting started! I was howling with delight, begging him to fuck me harder.

The situation was perfect and he must have been as needy as I was because after sliding that lovely thick hard dick of his up and down my juicy pussy, he went down on me again. Tom has a talented tongue, he can make me cum just by tongue fucking my pussy, but it's when he wraps his lips around my clit and starts jacking me off with that lip lock that he knows I'll howl like a banshee. Then he starts fucking me again. He likes to take me from behind, holding and squeezing my tits while he drives his cock into me harder and harder. I feel him start to swell. I knew what was coming and tightened the muscles surrounding that lovely log of his. We reached orgasm together that time. Wow!! That's really lovely. He lay on my belly long enough for the sensations to weaken before he let his shriveled cock slide out of my cunt.

Between the trip and the fantastic sex, we needed another shower. We were both pooped and drifted off to sleep only to awaken after a short nap hungry as bears.

Room service came through for us. Tom saw the paper wads on the floor as he opened the door for the waiter. He said nothing to the waiter but he checked the door and told me that the door in the other room was closed so we just picked up the paper wads and threw them in the trash. As we were eating I saw light again through the holes in the door (I thought Tom told me the door was closed over there?). When we finished our meal and were just relaxing when curiosity got the better of me. I got up and looked more closely only to see a man on the other side looking at the same holes. I felt like a peeping tom when I saw the man was naked. I didn't say anything to Tom about it. When Tom looked at the holes again later, he once more told me the door to the other room was closed. (Later I had to wonder if it had been or whether Tom was setting me up for what followed.)

I was thinking of maybe just one more time before we needed to sleep. It had been a busy (and very fun) day so far. We were both naked once more. Hubby had obviously enjoyed it judging from erection he was sporting. I was all prepared to get some of that when we noticed that the other room was dark, but with the light from a TV playing. Curious, we both went to the door and peeped in. Our neighbor was lying on top of the bed watching a porno tape, slowly stroking his cock. He must have noticed our lights being on and shifting patterns of light from our room. He came over to the door. We realized he could see us, even though we had backed away slightly. I think the fact that he could see us turned hubby on (and me too), so we turned out the lights and got into bed. I was ready! It was a grand fuck and we couldn't have cared less whether someone was watching or not. Another shower was needed after that. Finally we were satisfied and resting, still cuddling each other.

There was a light tapping on that door. We heard him ask very softly to come to the door. We went over and listened. He told us his name was Bob and he had enjoyed watching us making love. (Aha, suspicions confirmed!) He said he was married, but his wife wasn't there and how he missed getting some of the same thing we were instead of just watching. He thought both of us had a nice shape. Then came the real shock, he asked us to open the door.

Tom looked at me, and I looked at him. We aren't what anyone would consider real swingers, but we have swapped with a couple at home and enjoyed it. Because we had known each other for so long, we don't feel it necessary to use condoms, so we always have the joy of filling (or being filled) each other's spouse with hot cum, then enjoying sloppy (but very tasty) seconds. With that in mind, and the realization that this man was also married and only a few years older than us, perhaps curiosity won over caution once more.

We opened the door as realized that the three of us were totally naked. Tom motioned him in. He followed us into the room. Tom and I sat on the bed while Bob sat on a chair facing us. I could see he liked what he saw. I have a pretty nice looking set of knockers that stand up well. My nipples usually show my arousal, elongating to almost half an inch long and becoming hard as a rock when I'm being admired, and Bob was definitely doing that. His cock had remained hard from his stroking during the movie. It was a nice one, about the same size as Tom's, maybe a little longer, with a cute curl like a banana to it. It was twitching up and down as his eyes went from my lush but manicured bush to my tits, then back again.

The talk at first was pretty much the same as anyone would expect between strangers, where we were from, what we were doing in New Orleans, and so on. When he began talking about his wife, he told us he wanted to show us a picture of her. He retrieved his wallet from next door and brought it into our room. He opened it and brought it over to the bed, asking Tom if he could sit on the bed with us. Tom nodded, saying of course. I made motions of looking at the picture he was showing us, but I was flabbergasted (and excited) sitting naked on this bed with two naked guys - one on each side of me.

Tom recognized my excitement easily, telling Bob that this had never happened before and asking me if I was enjoying it. The answer was obvious from the condition of my nipples. I almost jumped a foot when I felt Bob's hand on my thigh, but I was delighted he was so adventurous. I loved it when he put one hand beneath my breast on his side and began sucking it. Tom, not to be outdone, began sucking the other nipple. Now I was in heaven that only became more exciting as I felt hands between my thighs. I opened them wide and felt them exploring my pussy. Hubby pushed me back on the bed and both of them continued sucking my tits. Tom would kiss me and then Bob would kiss my neck. I felt fingers sliding into my pussy and looked down to see Bob's hand exploring me with two fingers, then three. I almost had an orgasm, it was so arousing. Tom knew how close I was, so he told Bob to back off, then Tom mounted me while Bob continue to finger my pussy and clit while he sucked my tits. It only took an instant for all this to make me cum so hard that I screamed. Hubby just stayed on top of me, cuddling and loving me, until I calmed down slightly, then he got off and told Bob to get ready to fuck me.

I was shocked, but aroused and wanting to feel Bob's cock sliding into my pussy. Bob rolled over on his back and Tom told me to get on top of Bob. I was straddling Bob when Tom took Bob's cock in one hand, spread my pussy wide with the other and told me to go down on Bob. I almost came from the fire that the curve of Bob's cock generated in me as it slid over my 'g' spot. I lowered myself slowly down to that hard cock my hubby was holding at the lips of my wide open pussy and began slowly sinking, rising only to repeat the delight of the feelings going through my cunt as Bob began meeting me and pushing his dick deeper into my juicy cunt. Each thrust of his and sinking of mine created a mini orgasm. I've never felt anything so erotic in my life. Then Tom capped it off. He knows that I like his finger in my ass when he fucks me in this position and I felt him using Bob's juices (well mixed with my own, of course) to press his finger into my ass until I had it fully seated and matching Bob's thrusts into my cunt. You can't believe how exciting that is until it happens. Here I was a sandwich between two good looking guys and both of them fucking me like I've never been fucked before. You can imagine how many times I came in the hour or so they kept me like this. I sucked those lovely dicks into hardness each time they shot a load into my pussy, and both rewarded me with more fucking than I would have thought possible.

When all of us were pooped out, we called it a night, agreeing to see each other the next afternoon since we all had other things to do in the morning.

That afternoon was more of the same. Bob and Tom fucked me in every position they could think of. I sucked Tom's cock while Bob fucked me from behind, then did the same for Bob as Tom filled my pussy. My tits were swollen from being sucked constantly, my pussy was leaking cum continuously, and my jaws ached from sucking cock for so long. The guys seemed to delight in fucking me through each others cum and I have to admit that feeling of pressure around those swollen cockheads did me a lot of good too. The pressure of cum being forced into my cervix from a pumping cock felt so erotic I hoped it would never end. . Finally, late that night, we had to quit and get some rest because of total exhaustion.

I wasn't too disappointed to hear that I would get a break the next morning; Tom had to go to some meetings. Bob was leaving in the late afternoon of that third day. He came over to visit while Tom was in the meeting, but didn't do a thing. They both made up for it by fucking me half to death that afternoon. When they finished, I had two loads of cum in my pussy from Bob and I don't know how many from Tom. My tits were so sore from being sucked and fondled, I could hardly touch them. I couldn't hold my legs open any longer, the muscles quivered from exhaustion. I think I did my duty though. Both the guys were in pretty sad shape too.

Since that trip, Tom and I have hoped to have more adventures like it. We never heard from Bob again, but I'm sure he's sitting back somewhere thinking about what a fantastic time he had too. It's hard to find situations like that, but if we ever do again, you can bet we'll do it again. (And yes, hubby did admit that he knew Bob could see him fucking me. I think he wants others to have the same view - and perhaps a little of the same joy I got before.)

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