tagLoving WivesNaughty Nicole

Naughty Nicole

byblack saphire©

"What's your secret fantasy?" Nicole asked.

"Well I've got more than one," laughed Peter.

"Hmm..why don't I find that strange?" Nicole laughed back, taking another sip of red wine.

It was a Sunday night and Peter and Nicole were out for dinner. They were playing a game of 'Truth' where each other got to ask questions and the other was supposed to reply honestly. They had often played this game, especially when drunk but it usually served as foreplay. Tonight, the game had started at a restaurant and was the reason it had gotten so sexual.

"So tell me." Nicole said.

"Well...It involves me and two women."

"Yeah, yeah! Every guy's fantasy. Is one of the women me at least?" Nicole chided.

"Of course." Peter replied. "You wanna hear the other fantasy?"

"Go ahead." Nicole said, downing her glass and refilling it. "I'm all ears."

"It involves you and more than one guy." Peter blurted out, taking a swig of his own drink.

"Ooohh...really?" Nicole teased. "And how many guys?"

"As many as you can handle." Peter replied, feeling his cock swelling.

"And will you be one of the guys?" Nicole asked, feeling her own wetness increasing.

"Yes of course. I'd need to be there or else its just cheating on me."

"I see." Nicole replied. "Your question now."

"Ok. Would you" Peter asked, looking straight at Nicole.

"Dunno. Maybe if the timing and situation was right." Nicole replied, licking her lips.

"How do you mean?" Peter asked.

"Ha, that's another question!" Nicole said.

"But you asked clarifying questions!" Peter countered.

"And you didn't object! Your fault. My turn now." Nicole said. "You sure you can handle it? Me fucking other guys?"

"Its my fantasy! So of course I can handle it – just as long as you can." Peter replied. "My turn now. Have you ever cheated on me?"

"How could you even ask me such a question?" Nicole retorted angrily, taking a large swig of her red wine.

"You're not supposed to get mad. We can ask anything remember?"

"Yeah, yeah. Sorry I got mad but the answer is no!" Nicole took another big gulp of her wine. It wasn't entirely true.


It was only last Friday when she had gone out with the girls. One of the girls had brought along some guy friends and they had danced the night away. One guy in particular, Steve, had paid her a lot of attention and kept buying her vodka shots. She had told him straight off that she was married. They even talked a lot about Peter. The night grew late and each time on of the friends offered to take her home, Steve had butted in saying that he would drop her back and she had never objected. Finally it was just her and Steve alone.

The soft touches on her shoulder when they talked had progressed to her thighs. When she hadn't complained, the soft touches became light strokes on her arms and thighs. When she hadn't resisted that either, the touches turned to gropes and they had ended up kissing very passionately in the car. With his hands up her skirt and in her panties, Nicole had unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Steve's cock was long and thick and she stroked it as his fingers probed deep into her pussy.

She proceeded to blow him off in his car as his fingers worked their magic in her pussy, bringing her to orgasm just as he shot into her mouth. She swallowed all his jism down, something she didn't do very often, and continued sucking on his cock until it deflated and slipped out of her mouth. As Steve dropped her home, he asked for her panties and she slipped them off and gave them to him.

She didn't know what it was about Steve that made her behave the way she did but she put it down to too much alcohol. She always became horny when she was drunk. She knew that was no excuse and as soon as she entered her house, she felt guilty and ashamed. More so that she was returning to her husband without any panties. But she was still a little drunk and more than a little horny. She walked into her room to find Peter half asleep.

"What time is it honey?" he had aksed.

"Just after 4." She mumbled, hoping he wouldn't hear how late it was.

"Hmm...had a good night?"

"Yes..a bit too much to drink but yes." She threw her skirt into the laundry hamper and unbuttoned her blouse.

"Sharon drop you home?" he asked sleepily.

"Mmm Hmmm." Nicole replied, figuring that she hadn't really said yes.

Nicole slipped in beside Peter and crawled down the bed. She pulled his cock out of his under shorts and started sucking on it, pleased that it responded even with the owner half asleep. His cock grew long and stiff and Peter moaned softly.

"Ohh...what a great cocksucker." Peter said as he grabbed his wifes hair. "No wonder I married you."

She slurped on his cock a little more and then straddled him. She positioned his cock head against her waiting pussy and slowly slid herself down, feeling the hard dick separate her moist walls.

"Awwww...fuuuck" she cried as she bounced herself up and down her husbands turid flesh, fucking herself hard. She grabbed Peter's hands and placed them on her breasts, feeling him squeeze as his hips started to thrust upwards, fucking her back.

He was almost fully awake now and enjoying the site of his beautiful wife fucking him. She looked great with her make-up still on. Most times when she was horny she would still insist on taking her make-up off first so she could go to sleep straight after sex. Whatever it was, make-up or not, she was still a great fuck.

Peter grabbed her ass to stop her bouncing and instead raised his hips and pulled her down toward him. Holding her close, he started ramming his hips, thrusting his cock rapidly in and out of her. Nicole's hiss of lust as he fucked her hard enticed him further and he pinched her nipples as he fucked her.

"That's it baby....yeah...yeah...make me cum" she cried out as she felt her pussy starting to contract and pulse. She bit into his shoulder as an orgasm shook her body and she convulsed around his throbbing cock.

"I'm gonna lie back now and let you fuck me." Peter announced as he felt his wifes pussy start to relax a little on his cock.

Nicole raised herself back on her feet, using her knees as leverage to fuck her husband. Her ass bounced up and down and made slapping noises it met his thighs. She loved how his cock jabbed so hard into her, taking her to the heights of another orgasm.

"Come with me baby...yesss...cum....cummmmm" she cried out as she felt his cock stiffen and then start spurting into her. The hot blasts of cum flooded her pussy, setting of her own climax.

"Oaaaahhhhhh" she cried as she convulsed again and trembled a few times.

"You should go out more often if that's what I get when you get home!" Peter laughed as he playfully slapped his wifes butt.

Satiated, Nicole washed herself up and then came to bed. Snuggling close to Peter, her pussy felt a little sore but satisfied. As she dropped off to sleep, she could still taste Steve's spunk in her mouth.

The next morning, she tried to rationalise to herself that it was only a blowjob. That wasn't really cheating. It wasn't as if she had fucked anyone else. She felt a little panic though that Steve had her panties. That was evidence and she kicked herself for being so stupid. Still, it was kind of kinky for Steve to have asked for her panties. She wondered what he was doing with them and she got wet between the legs. I did cheat, she thought to herself. But Peter can never know, he Must never know.


Nicole winced as she remembered the details and the fact that she had now actually lied about it made it seem even more real.

"Honey? You okay?" Peter asked, a little concerned. "You're not really mad are you?"

"Uh...No." she replied, realising she must have a far away look in her eyes. "I think I've just had a bit too much to drink."

"Lucky me then!" Peter laughed.

"Get me home first then we'll see how lucky you get. I think you've had a lot to drink too! Hey look, the footballs on the big screen!"

They both laughed and forgot about playing some more. Nicole silently congratulated herself for distracting Peter with the football. He was passionate about football and although Nicole really wasn't that interested, she at least made the effort. Silently they watched the big screen as they finished off their bottle of wine.

She was right about getting lucky. They were both far too wasted by the time they got home and other than a few hot kisses, were soon fast asleep in each others arms.


Nicole's head was fuzzy the next morning at work. She regretted drinking so much the night before – especially on a Sunday when there was work the next day. Still, she wasn't terribly hung over and it was nearing lunch time anyway. Some food in her tummy would help clear her head. Her phone beeped, signifying a text message.

"hey babe. U at work?" It was Steve. Nicole's heart beat a bit faster.

"Yes. You?" she typed back and pressed send

"yeah....what you wearing?"

"black skirt and blue blouse" she responded

"how short is skirt?"

The beeping from her phone was too loud, attractive inquisitive glances from her colleagues. She switched it to silent mode.

"Above the knee" she sent. He was flirting with her over the mobile text messaging system!

"Nice. Whats inside?"

Nicole's heart was thumping so loudly. Should she answer him? This was being really flirtatious. Still, her heart was beating with excitement and she was growing damp between her thighs.

"Maybe you should find out?" she typed, unsure if she should be so brazen. She re-read it twice before finally pressing send.

He took a while to reply but when it finally came, Nicole almost fell of her chair.

"I can get off work. Can you?"

"Oh God, Oh God" Nicole mumbled quietly to herself. She found this flirting so invigorating but she knew it was wrong. She knew she shouldn't even be sending these text messages but somehow she couldn't help herself.

"Sorry. Cant" she replied. It was actually a very quiet day and she could have left work if she wanted to. Both her bosses were away and she did a lot of customer visits anyway so it was always easy for her to leave.

"Meet me for lunch then?" came the reply.

Nicole saw no harm in lunch. Even if someone saw her, it was only lunch and she could explain Steve away as a customer.

"Ok. Where?"

"Pick you up. 10 mins" came the reply.

Nicole wondered how Steve knew where she worked. One of her friends must have told him. Well hopefully they had also told him how much in love she was with Peter.

She waited the 10 minutes and then walked downstairs. She could feel the dampness in her crotch and she wondered why she was so wet. She recognised Steve's car as it turned the corner and he waved as he drove up.

"hi!" Nicole smiled as she got into his car.

"Hi yourself." Steve replied. "You look really good."

"Thanks" she replied "But its nothing special."

"Is what's inside special, maybe?" Steve teased. Nicole blushed but she only had herself to blame. She was the one that had teased him. She felt herself getting hotter and more bothered.

"Doesn't this car have air-conditioning?" She asked, trying to change the subject and at the same time get some relief from the heat between her legs.

Steve turned on the air conditioning and placed his hand on Nicole's knee. She was about to move it but decided not to. She kind of liked it there. It had been so long since Peter put his hands on her legs when he was driving.

"So where we going?" She asked

"Depends how long you have." Steve replied.

"Oh, I've got the whole afternoon. My bosses are out." She replied and almost immediately kicked herself. She had just messaged Steve earlier that she couldn't get out and here she was saying she had the whole afternoon off!

"I just need to be back at 4 for a call." She said trying to cover her tracks.

"Plenty of time. Even time for a massage." Steve laughed.

"You gonna give me a massage?" Nicole said quietly. One thing she loved was a massage and the way she felt now, she could well do with a massage. And there really was nothing wrong with a massage, after all even Peter gave her money for spa massages.

"Sure, if you want one." Steve smiled

"Don't you have to work?" Nicole countered.

"Time is my own. That's the benefit of being a partner." Steve explained.

"Where will we go for the massage?" She asked, trying to find any excuse to persuade her not to go.

"My house if you like. Or if you prefer a hotel, we can do that too."

"No! Cant risk being seen at a hotel." Nicole said loudly. She then realised that she shouldn't be going to his house either. But that seemed so much safer than a hotel.

And it was only a massage.

Steve's house was rather near her office and they decided to order some take-away and eat at his place rather than waste time finding a place to park and eat at a restaurant.

So it was that she ended up lying on his bed, clad only in her bra and panties. Lying on a towel, on his bed, to be more precise. Steve had changed into a pair of shorts and stood beside the bed. He poured oil onto her back and started rubbing the oil into her skin. She moaned softly as his fingers worked into her back, easing her tight muscles.

His fingers were strong yet gentle and they worked through the tight fibres of her knotted muscles. He concentrated on her upper back and shoulders and then worked his way down to her lower back. He kneaded and loosened her up, getting her all relaxed. From her back, he moved straight to her feet and started massaging them. He teased and caressed each toe and then her sole and heel. He massaged the tops of her feet and then moved slowly upward to her ankles and then her calves.

Nicole moaned softly as he massaged her feet and legs. She was already dripping wet and she hoped it didn't show. His fingers gently teased the area behind her knees and she felt a light spasm in her pussy. Did Steve know she was getting turned on by all this? She sighed again, a little more loudly this time, as his fingers continued to work on her legs.

He moved slowly up to her thighs now, rubbing the back of her thighs in circular motions. He pressed the tight muscles and flicked certain areas, loosening up her thigh muscles. He worked his fingers in tandem, doing the same thing to both legs in unison. His hands were just below her buttocks now, kneading the area just under her ass cheeks. Steve pulled Nicole's panties down, just far enough to expose her ass cheeks. He squeezed some oil onto them and then kneaded the ass cheeks. His fingers dipped surreptitiously into her ass crack and lightly skimmed her anus, causing her to gasp.

Nicole could smell herself and she knew Steve could too. She just had to pretend that it wasn't happening and that she wasn't so juiced up and turned on. He pulled her panties up over her ass again and then his hands cupped her thighs, closer to her groin. He began rubbing her thigh in circular motions and she could feel her pussy lips opening and closing as he rubbed her thighs. She moaned again and tried to do it into the pillow to mask the noise.

"Turn over." Steve said. Nicole rolled over, realising that her breasts were exposed to him now. She didn't really care anymore. Her nipples were erect and she was sure he knew that. Steve stayed professional, pouring oil over her stomach and gently massaging it then moving down to her legs. He massaged the front of her calves and feet before again moving up to her thighs. He rubbed her thighs and then concentrated on the vee of her crotch. Again she felt her pussy lips open and close as he administered the circular movements. The room was thick with the smell of her sex and she wondered how Steve could keep so calm.

"You want a breast massage too?" Steve asked, almost mockingly.

Nicole was too far gone and she could only nod her head. She knew she was getting herself into trouble but she couldn't help it. She didn't care anymore, she was too much on fire.

Steve gently kneaded her breasts and then moved his mouth over one nipple and sucked on it softly. Nicole moaned and arched her back as her pussy flooded with juice. His hand cupped the breast he was suckling on and gently squeezed it as he sucked. His other hand flicked across her nipple, causing jolts to course through her pussy.

"Suck me....please..." Nicole pleaded.

"Huh? What's that?" Steve asked, toying with her.

"Suck me! Please suck me!" Nicole cried out. She looked up at Steve who glared back at her triumphantly. He immediately pulled her panties off and pulled her to the edge of the bed. He raised her legs and pulled them apart, exposing her hairy slit.

"Aaaahhhhh oh yesssss" Nicole cried out as Steve's tongue licked across her vulva. He flicked his tongue lightly against her clitoris before delving back into her seething cleft. Nicole moved her hands down to open up her pussy for Steve, pulling the lips aside and the hairy fuzz with it. Steve tongued her clit and then fastened his mouth on it, sucking hard and lightly drumming the clit with his tongue.

"OOhhhh.....God Yess.....Ooohhhhh Fuuuucckkkkk" Nicole cried out as her pussy was overwhelmed with sensation. "Oh....what are you doing? Its fabulous... .Ohhaaahhhh....dont stop....keep doing that...."

Steve dipped a finger into her already seething hole and curled it upward, seeking the ridged fleshy area on the top pussy wall. Nicole jerked as his finger found her sensitive g-spot. He applied pressure to it as he continued to suck and tongue her clit and pussy.

The stimulation of her g-spot caused her pussy to start juicing even more and Nicole could hear a swishing sound inside of her. Her entire pussy tingled and the feeling was so intense.

"Oh god, I'm gonna cummm... take your finger out.... Oh god don't... leave it there. Oh I don't know what I want!" She cried out. "Its so intense, I feel like I'm gonna peee!! Oh god, oh fuckkkk...oooohhhh"

Steve didn't stop his fingering and licking. Nicole arched her back as her pussy violently clamped down on Steve's finger and she felt as if a dam had burst inside her.

"Aaahhh...Aahhh...ahhhhh...AAaarrrggghhhh ohhh Fuuucckkk" Her pussy spasmed and clenched and she felt some liquid shoot out of her in a gush. Her body trembled spasmodically and she felt her thighs soaking wet with fluid. Steve withdrew his fingers and wiped his mouth with the towel.

"Ever come so hard?" he asked her as he looked up at her.

"Awww..God....No...that was amazing..... " She moaned. "did I pee? The towel is so wet..."

"No love, you came hard. You squirted." Steve explained. Nicole had read about female ejaculation but she had never experienced it before this.

"Oh wow! It was so good..." Nicole moaned, still trembling from the super orgasm. She looked at Steve's tented out pants and realised she was going to have to do something for him. She had just come so hard and her pussy was a little sore. She also couldn't bring herself to fuck someone else just yet. That would really be cheating.

"Can I return the favour and suck you off? Please" Nicole asked softly.

"I was kinda hoping for more of this hot pussy." Steve laughed. "But your still the best cocksucker I've ever had.

Nicole lay back on the bed as Steve straddled her face. He fed her his cock and she swallowed it. She used her breasts to massage his balls as she tongued his cock head and sucked hard on the shaft. It wasn't long before she felt his balls tightening and she fastened her mouth hard on to his cock. She put a finger on his ass and slipped it in, seeking out his prostrate. She massaged it and then pressed hard just as she felt t the liquid lava rushing up through his shaft and then erupt into her mouth.

"Unnggghhh!" He cried as she continued to suck him and milk his prostrate. "Suck it baby. Suck it all...ohhhhh"

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