tagLoving WivesNaughty Nicole Ch. 03

Naughty Nicole Ch. 03

byblack saphire©

"Oh God! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!" Nicole cried out as Steve's cock filled her pussy from behind. She was fully clothed and on her knees and elbows on the bed. Her brown dress was hiked up and bunched around her waist while the thin ribbon of her pink g-string was pulled away from her crotch. Steve's hands were using the belt around her waist as leverage as he rammed hard into her.

** *** ****

After lunch and a bottle of wine, they had spent the afternoon just lazing around, watching some TV, chatting -- and of course having sex. Steve had fucked her again just after lunch and once more about an hour ago. Nicole had showered, dressed and was touching up her makeup when Steve came up behind her. His hand snaked into her bra and cupped her breasts, squeezing lightly.

"It's not even 5pm yet." He said softly. "You don't have to rush off do you?"

"Well, I usually leave office between 5.30 and 6 and I don't want to change my routine." Nicole replied.

"Your husband usually gets back late anyway right?" Steve countered. "So there's time for another fuck."

"Your insatiable!" Nicole laughed. "I'm all dressed Steve, I don't really want to shower and get dressed again. Ohhhhh!"

Steve's other hand had slipped into her bra and tweaked her nipples, causing her to moan. "You do thinks to me Nicole. I want to fuck you again."

Nicole arched her head back and Steve bent down to kiss her mouth. His tongue flicked against the roof of her mouth and her body shuddered at the tingling sensation. Nicole stood up and began to undo her belt.

"No! Leave your clothes on!" Steve interrupted her. "I want to fuck you with your clothes on. As if you've just come here from office."

Nicole felt a flutter of lust course through her. Steve was so inventive and creative. Even after spending the entire day fucking her, he still had some tricks up his sleeve to get her to react.

Nicole slipped on her shoes and fastened the clasps. She stood up and removed the hair clasp from the top of her head, shaking her hair out and letting it frame her face and fall down to her shoulders. She turned to face Steve.

"I Just rushed over from office." She announced, playing the role and looking straight at Steve. "I'm so hot for you. I want you now."

Steve's cock lurched in his pants. Nicole reached down and pulled down his zip. She started to unbuckle his belt but Steve stopped her.

"Get on the bed. Let's not waste time." He said as he pressed the small of her back, moving her toward the bed. "Get on your fours."

Nicole climbed on the bed, positioning herself on her knees and elbows. She lowered the front of her body as she heard some rustling noises behind her. Steve had unbuckled his trousers and let them fall to his ankles. He pulled the garters of his underwear over his cock and let them sit under his balls. They offered a bit of support that made his cock angle upward.

Steve ran his hands lightly over Nicole's clothed ass and then down to her naked thighs. He lifted her dress over her ass and then pulled the thin ribbon of her pink g-string away and to one side, over one arse cheek.

"Careful!" Nicole called out. "Don't stretch my panties, they're expensive."

"Oh just shut the fuck up. I'll get you another pair if these tear." Steve replied.

Steve pressed the head of his cock against her opening, causing the lips to spread open. He pressed his thumb against her ass as he slowly worked his cock into her, enjoying the heat and moistness of her pussy.

Nicole let out a hiss as her pussy was filled with his thick cock meat. Each time his cock had entered her today, she had felt the immense size of it and this time was no different. She winced slightly as the cock stretched her pussy and filled her insides. She wasn't nearly as wet as she could be and that caused a little discomfort. A few strokes of his cock soon eased her discomfort and her pussy started to lubricate nicely. Steve kept up the slow pace, luxuriating in the warm, moist love passage.

"I love fucking your hole." Steve said hornily. "Love fucking your tight Nic Hole."

Nicole giggled a little at his play on words. Her giggle turned to a moan as she felt his cock picking up speed. His hands gripped her around the hips and under her stomach, lifting her slightly and causing her body to arch upward. This caused his cock to hit places inside her pussy that sent tingles shooting all through her body.

Nicole had never been fucked with her clothes on and it added another element of excitement and kinkiness to their fucking. She loved the feeling of the fabric covering her skin, giving the impression that her most private of parts were covered up. Yet her cunt was being filled with cock even while her body was clothed. That was so illicit and sexy.

Steve put his hand under her right thigh and lifted it up, she followed his guidance and placed her shoe encased foot on the bed. Her pussy was more open in this position and she could actually look behind her at Steve. This position allowed his cock to slide deeper into her and she could feel his cock banging against her cervix as he thrust deep into her.

He slid his index finger into her ass and pressed downward. He could feel his cock plunging into her pussy as he fucked into her.

"Aawwwww..." Nicole hissed out as she felt his finger press against the thin membrane between her ass and pussy. Slowly Steve eased another finger into her ass and began sawing in and out, in time with his cock.

"Unnnh.. Oh Godd! Oh Godddd!" Nicole cried out as the double penetration filled her with immense pleasure. "Ooohh... unhh...s..so... unnh...this is what it feels...unnhhh... like to be... unnnhh...unnnh... doub...unnnh...double fucked!"

"You like it slut?" Steve hissed as he plunged his fingers into her ass faster.

"Unnnh...I..I wish you had another cock to..to...unnnh...fuck my ass now..!"

As if in reply, Steve squeezed another finger into her heated ass. Nicole gasped loudly and tried to turn further back to look at her ass. Her mouth opened wide and Steve stuck moved his other hand to her mouth.

"Suck on my fingers." He commanded. "Pretend my fingers in your ass and in your mouth are cocks. Suck it!"

She slurped on his fingers greedily and then took them into her mouth, sucking on his fingers as if they were indeed a cock. She closed her eyes and imagined huge big cocks filling every hole she had. Her body was already trembling with pleasure and the mental picture took her over the edge.

Her pussy clenched in time with her asshole and she released Steve's fingers to scream out loudly in orgasm. She gulped for air as her body kept spasming and throbbing in delight. Nicole went back to sucking Steve's fingers as her body shook and trembled with pleasure. She could feel tingles shooting in every pore of her body.

"I'm gonna cum!" Steve cried out. "Gonna cum real soon!"

"Cum in my mouth!" Nicole begged. "Please cum in my mouth. I want you to fill my mouth!"

Steve pulled out and Nicole turned around on her side to swallow his cock. Without missing a beat, Steve pushed his fingers into her ass and pussy, filling up all her holes again. He finger fucked her pussy and ass hard and fast as Nicole blew his cock. Her breath became ragged again as another orgasm built up within her. Steve, worked his fingers faster, knowing he was about to blow his load.

"Suck it baby! Suck it good!" He cried out as he felt his balls beginning to churn out its load. He felt her ass and pussy clamp down on his fingers and her eyes became glassy. Her stomach began to tremble and he knew she was coming again. He kept his fingers working in her as he allowed himself release. The cum shot up his shaft and into her waiting mouth.

"Aaaahhhhhnnnggghhh" Steve cried out. "Suck..suck ...suck! Ohhhhh that's sooo good!"

Nicole kept on sucking even as Steve's cock started shrinking in her mouth. His fingers stayed inside her, still twisting and plunging into her pussy and ass. She swallowed his jism, gave his meat a few more sucks and then finally released his cock. He left his fingers inside her a little while longer and then slowly withdrew them. The fingers that were in her pussy were coated in her fuck cream. He pushed his fingers to her mouth and she devoured them greedily, tasting her own juices. It tasted thick and fruity, almost citrus like. As Steve withdrew his fingers from her mouth, she smacked her lips.

Steve bent down and pulled his pants back on. He glanced at his watch and smiled down at Nicole who was still breathing heavily.

"See? Not even 6pm yet." He said. "You don't have to change your schedule at all."

Nicole smiled up at Steve weakly. "Help me up." She said as she offered him her hand. Steve pulled her up and she lifted up her dress to adjust her panties. She then smoothed her dress down and then strolled over to the mirror.

"God I look a mess!" She said, with a little laugh.

"You look like you've just been fucked." Steve laughed. "Fucked good and proper."

"That's true." Nicole said as she threw her arms around Steve and whispered in his ear. "and you're such a good fuck!"

She kissed him and was pleased that he wasn't turned off by the fact that her mouth had just swallowed his cum and her own juices. His tongue snaked in and battled with her own and as she pulled away after a long passionate kiss, trails of saliva and cum joined both their mouths.

She gathered her stuff and turned to go. Steve caressed her face softly and said. "Thanks for spending the day with me babe. It was really, really great."

"Pleasure was all mine." Nicole smiled, a little surprised at Steve's display of affection. "I really better go soon. I don't want anyone seeing me."

"See you again babe." Steve smiled as he gave her ass a squeeze before she walked out the door. "See you real soon."

Nicole walked out the door and down the corridor without turning back to look at Steve. She reached the elevator and was glad that there was no one around and even happier when the elevator opened and it was empty. She held her breath as the elevator made its way down, hoping it didn't stop along the way. Luck was on her side and it didn't open till it reached the 2nd level of the basement car park.

There were a lot more cars than there were in the morning but she made it back to her own car without bumping into anyone and hopefully not being seen either. As soon as she got into the car she let out a sigh of relief. She quickly gunned the engine and began her drive home.

There was a bit of a jam on the way home but she got home at her usual time. It was almost dark as she pulled into the driveway and as she stepped into the house and turned on the lights, the first thing her eyes fell on were some pictures of Peter and her together. The feelings of guilt suddenly washed over her.

Although she was a little relieved that he was away, she realized that she missed him and she wished that he was home. She ran upstairs and undressed. Her panties clung to her pussy where her juices had dried up and she had to practically peel them off her. She stepped into the shower and had a quick wash up. She looked down at her bald pussy and realized that it was still swollen and engorged. She aimed the shower at her pussy lips and felt a slight burning sensation. She realized how sore her pussy actually was but it was a delightful kind of sore. She dried up and then feeling a mixture of guilt as well as loneliness, she put on one of Peter's shirts. Nothing else. No panties and no bra.

She could smell his scent on his shirt and suddenly she felt ill. The guilt had set in deep. All she felt was a kind of dread. She was a cheater. Her pussy was sated, her physical needs had been satisfied but her gut felt wrenched out. Almost unsure of what to do, she sat on the bed and looked around, almost aimlessly.

"Oh God, What have I done?" She said aloud. "What have I done?"

She felt like crying but tears wouldn't come. Her mind began to fill with images of her fuck session. It was as if she could see herself from outside her own body and her body stared to tingle again at the mental pictures of how thoroughly she had been fucked. She shook her head to clear it of the wanton mental images and went downstairs to make herself a sandwich that she brought back upstairs and munched on quietly as her mind started to work again.

She knew she had really enjoyed herself and she knew that tomorrow she wouldn't feel as guilty. She rationalized to herself that it was only sex and it wasn't as if she was in love with Steve. Yet she wondered if it was worth it. She realized that pleasure was not the same as happiness. Steve gave her pleasure. Immense pleasure. Peter on the other hand gave her happiness. She knew that whatever shortcomings Peter had, he always had her best interests at heart and he did try his best to make her happy.

Was she going to sacrifice happiness for pleasure? Was she ever going to tell Peter that she had cheated? Could she fulfil Peter's fantasy of seeing her with another man without him knowing that she had cheated on him? Could she do without Steve's cock? Would she see Steve again? Maybe she could fuck Steve and let Peter watch? Or would Peter know that she had fucked Steve before?

Her brain started to hurt with all the questions that she was throwing herself. She realized she had finished the sandwich and she gulped down the glass of milk that she had brought up as well. She suddenly felt very tired.

Nicole curled under the sheets, feeling very lonely. As she drifted off to sleep, the last image in her mind was off Peter. Her dreams however were of Steve fucking her senseless...

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