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Naughty Nieces


Brian's wife wasn't much for the outdoors or anything like that. Her brother had invited them up to the cabin to stay with his family and she had prompted him to go spend a couple of weeks by himself.

The camp was on a remote lake in Vermont about two hundred yards from the lakeshore. There was a thin stand of trees between the camp and the lake. Next to the lake was a boathouse where they kept a couple of canoes and various supplies.

He greeted his brother and sister in law, Donald and Phyllis and hugged his two nieces, Bonnie and Connie. Donald was more than ten years older than him. They didn't have a lot in common, but they both enjoyed fishing. The girls were were both very cute petite red heads, Connie with curly shoulder length hair. Bonnies was straight and long. Connie had graduated high school the spring before last. She was slender and fit. Bonnie was a year younger and turned eighteen in February. Still petite but with a body more soft and a round little butt.

The next day Brian spent fishing with Donald. In the evening, he decided to take a drive into the town about ten miles away from the opposite shore of the lake. He found a little bar and stopped to have two beers before driving back to the camp. It was around midnight when he returned. As he walked towards the camp, he noticed a dim light on in the boathouse through the trees and walked towards it suspecting that Donald had simply left a light on.

A little surprised, Brian opened the door to find Connie standing there and was greeted by the smell of pot smoke.

"You're getting high?" Brian questioned.

Connie just giggled. "uh huh... A little bit." She giggled again. "Want some?" She held a lit joint toward him.

"If we get caught out here it would be really bad." Brian said aprehensively.

"Pft..." Connie roled her eyes. " Me and Bonnie done a lot of 'bad' shit out here. We've never been caught. Mom and Dad are always in bed and sound asleep by nine. C'mon... Smoke with me, M'kay?"

Brian hit the joint and they passed it back and forth a couple of times. He tried not to make it obvious but he kept stealing glances at Connie's body. It was fine, trim and smooth. Her ass was tight and her little titties incredibly sexy like two small peaches. She had no bra under a tight fitting white tank top and was wearing short cut off jeans. She had a devilish grin and her eyes shone with the glaze of her buzz.

"Hey..." Connie paused momentarily. "Wanna fuck?"

"What!?" Brian stepped back in shock. "Are you serious?"

"Oh c'mon. Pot makes me horny as hell... Besides, you been standing there checking out my tits the whole time." She laughed.

"Oh gosh, I didn't think I was being real obvious." He turned and glanced out the window to see if he could see anything toward the camp.

"No sweat... Come on uncle Brian. You want it, right?" Connie pulled off her shorts and laid back on a pile of float cushions in the corner. She had her pussy shaved bare and she started rubbing it. Brian simply couldn't resist and dropped his pants.

His dick was swollen with anticipation. No less than eight inches long, perfectly straight and veiny with a perfectly shaped velvety head. He stepped out of his pants clutching the base and moved toward Connie leading his hardon between her legs. Without breaking stride he steadily loaded his dick into Connie's eager pussy and it traveled all the way up into her.

"Oooofuck!" Connie proclaimed as she threw her head back then brought it up to look at Brian's face. "Aaaw god yes!!" Her voice high.

Brian pumped his cock in and out of her pussy ten times before saying, " No, no, no... Not yet." Already he was about to cum. He held her by her small waist and literally pulled the horny girl from his dick and put her back down on the cushions. He dropped, and planted his mouth down onto her cunt. It was smooth as smooth could be. His mouth and tongue devoured Connie's pussy. The taste was sweet.

Her hips gyrated and pumped at Brian's face, swirling around. Her cunt was wet and wanting. "Aaaahhhyeah! You fucking animal! Do it, do it, do it! Fuck yes!" Connie squealed with a huge grin on her face.

Now he was good and ready. He stood up as Connie reached down to feel his dick. Her hand around his thick member, it was warm and hard. Thick enough that her thumb and middle finger could not quite touch as she graspped it and moaned a slow evil "mmmmm." He turned her over face down and positioned her sweet smooth ass up in the air. He pushed her face down then put his big long cock into Connie's pussy again. "Damn you're fucking hot." He thrust against her butt pumping his meat in her cunt over and over and over, jarring her. Her red curly hair bouncing with each hard pump.

"Aaahhh, ahh, ahh! Fuck me. Fuck me. Aaawww god yes!" His cock felt so good. Hot, hard and thick filling her tight wet pussy.

He held her hips pushing and pulling her along the length of his stiff boner. Briand turned her over and she made it easy for him.

Connie spread her legs and threw them in the air. "Call me a slut Brian. Call me a horny little bitch. I want your cock. Fuck me!"

Brian did as she said. "You want this bitch?" He stuffed his cock deep inside her. Her tight pussy clutching his shaft. "Fuck it slut! Fuck that big dick." He pounded Connies cunt relentlessly with his hot fuck rod.

Connie's titties jiggled delightfully under her tank top and she smiled and laughed with glee. "Oooo, hahahahaaa... Oooooooooooooyyyyeeeeaaaahhh!!" He slowed only slightly stroking his shaft back and forth. Connie's body tingled. An electrifying sensation was overcoming her. She quivered as she started cumming. As if losing control of her body, her hips thrust up to him rhythmically over and over like she couldn't get enough dick inside her as she orgasmed hard on Brians swolled rod. "Aaaaiiiieeeefuckfuckfuckyeah......mmmmmmm." She felt Brian's cock suddenly stiffen in her pussy as his body clenched. She knew full well he was this close to blowing his load. She pulled her top up, so as not to get any tell tale cum stains on it, exposing her jiggling dancing tits. "Cum right here uncle Brian." She pointed at her tummy.

Three more good healthy thrusts and he slid his big beautiful fuck rod out of her and began jerking off. A powerful blast of cum shot harder than she expected as his body convulsed. Sperm shot out glancing off of right tit and splattered against her face and into her curly red hair. She gasped "Oh yes!!" and reached down to help him jack off his cock. Again it spewed and cum scattered out sprinkling down on her titties and tummy. The another stream shot out making a pearly sperm stripe along her lower tummy down to her abused pussy slit. It dripped down around her mound as the last bit of cum rolled from Brians swollen dick.

"Mmmmm. That was one good fucking uncle Brian. Very nice." She smiled a big and naughty grin.

"Yeah it was." He agreed. She looked so fucking sexy with his cum shimmering on her body, face and hair. "Damn your hot."

It got quiet after that. Quiet enough that they could hear a slight thumping sound sound against the wall of the boathouse. They looked at each other a bit concerned then moved to slowly poke their heads out of the open window.

There leaning agianst the wall of the boathouse was bonnie. She did not see them looking from the window as she was a bit involved. Her head was down, her left hand was clutching at her boobs and her right hand was shoved down inside her blue gym shorts feverishly rubbing her pussy. Bonnie had been spying on Connie and her uncle as they fucked like horny animals and got so caught up and turned on that she lost all sense of what was around her. Brian and Connie watched intently and were quite entertained by the sights and sounds of Bonnie masturbating to the the thought of them fucking.

They whispered back and forth. "You gonna fuck her?" Connie inquired.

"Well... That's kinda up to her I guess." Brian wondered, "Think she'll tell on us?"

"Naw she won't. I know too much. She's done some pretty wrong stuff." Connie was confident.

"Hmm." Brian thought. "Maybe I would... But not tonight." He grinned at Connie. "You wanna ask her?"

"Oh hell yeah. I'll ask her... But you have to let me watch." She grinned an evil naughty grin.

"Deal." They shook on it then continued to watch Bonnie until she made herself cum. Before she could regain her composure, they boldly came out the door taking Bonnie by surprise.

"Bonnie!" She was stunned. "C'mon... We gotta sneak back in before you wake up Mom and Dad with your horny squealing." They grabbed her by each arm and headed for the cabin managing to sneak in and get to they're rooms with out incident leaving things wide open for new adventures that Donald, Phylis nor Brians wife would ever have to or even want to experience.

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