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Naughty Night at Club


The music was loud enough that it was practically unintelligible, though here, with DJ Magnus manning the table, it was always rap and R&B with a harder, more sexual edge. The club was dark but for the strobe lights and the muted glow that came from the bar on the south end. James panted, feeling Sarah grab him through his jeans, making him squeeze her ass more firmly. He ground her against his thigh, still dancing despite how uncomfortable his jeans had gotten in the front. A little sweat trickled down the side of his brow and he kissed her when she licked at his lips. All around them were other dancing bodies though they seemed to be one of the few white bodies speckled throughout the dark crowd.

Neither of them had been to this club before. It was on the southside of town and was predominantly a "black" club. Sarah had all but promised him every dirty deed if James would take her even though he had felt very apprehensive at first. Where James didn't have a problem with black guys he did worry about the effect his 5'7, blonde, pale complexioned girlfriend would have, especially with the thick heart-shaped she had and her 34 DD's that had small pink nipples centering them. She also had Cerulean blue eyes but he doubted anyone ever looked at her eyes long enough to notice. But, he was here, panting a bit as he sucked on his girl's tongue, three shots of tequila and a Jager bomb coursing through his system. He barely registered his surroundings anymore and the nagging memory of his girlfriend telling him that she was very attracted to black men had faded.

Sarah giggled against her boyfriend's lips and wiggled her ass within his hands since his grasp was a little uncomfortable and she felt his fingers relent a bit which disappointed her a little. There was never a time that James didn't just continue doing what he wanted. He always relented, which showed what a sweet caring boyfriend he was, but it also let her know that should she show the slightest resistance that he'd relent. She bit his bottom lip watching him wince and she giggled again before looking around, her demeanor changing somewhat as she gazed over the multitude of black men, some dancing with sexily dressed sisters, others with hot latina women and some with slightly chubby white girls. She was having a blast and she was glad that James' nervousness finally wore off. He had told her his worries back at the apartment and she had drug him out there anyway, all he was apprehensive of was what she wanted. She wanted to be ogled and turn on the men at the club, she always did since that was more than half the fun of being in the club.

Of course, she didn't tell James that since they've been there that her ass had been consistently and constantly smacked and grabbed, which she loved, especially since each smack and grab was rougher and with more purposeful ferocity than she was used to. The denim of her jeans felt amazing as she ground against her boyfriend's leg, her black tank top cut low to show plenty of cleavage, her tits jiggling with her movement as James leaned his head down and lightly nipped the side of her neck sending a spark of pleasure throughout Sarah, making her moan a bit. This only made James bite her a bit harder until he felt her gasp out, letting him smell the sweet scent of her alcohol-laced breath as it washed against his ear. "I want you so bad, baby," cooed Sarah and James smiled against her skin. He only heard "want you" but that was all he needed. His heart began to pound because he was going to attempt to live out a fantasy he'd had for the longest time and he was sure she was drunk enough to try it.

Grabbing Sarah's hand, James pulled at her, moving slowly through the crowd, making sure not to let go of her hand, his eyes intent on the unlit hallway entrance to the bathrooms. Sarah giggled and squealed as she felt hands grab at her ass and at her tits, one hand even grabbing hard at her tank, snapping one of the straps, which made her gasp and call out to James but he didn't hear her and his tight grip on her hand continued to pull her along. So, she pulled her tank back up and held it up over her left breast so as to protect herself, still giggling but with embarrassment now.

Pulling her free of the crowd of sweaty, gyrating bodies, James led his girlfriend down the narrow, dark hallway toward the bathroom doors which he could make out by the lighted slant under each closed door. He grunted in frustration, throwing Sarah's hand away from him when he found both doors locked. He pounded on both. "Come on!," he growled. Sarah wobbled where she stood, blinking a bit. She had drunk the same thing as her boyfriend and dancing in one place had helped regulate her drunkiness but having walked, she felt a new wave of it come over her. See her, James grinned and felt his rock hard cock twitch in his jeans. The hallway was long enough that the view of most of the club was blocked and by the bathrooms like this not very many people would see them and he wanted her badly. His cock ached and he was more than a little peeved at her for enjoying all the times he saw her get her ass smacked and grabbed. So, he came up to her and grabbed her by her hair, being rougher with her than what he was usually comfortable with being. He heard her gasp as she fell forward against the wall, planting her hands but he didn't stop. He Had seen the dazed, sleepy look to her eyes and this gave him courage, even if she remembered this, she wouldn't remember enough to get him in trouble the next day.

Keeping one hand in her hair, he grabbed her about the waist with his other arm and made her stumble backward before he pushed her over to bend over at the waist. His hand then fumbled with her jeans before pulling them undone. It took only moments for him to shove her jeans and that thong of hers down about her knees, exposing that heart-shaped ass to him, the paleness of her skin glowing out of the darkness to him. "Wait... wait, baby?" Sarah turned her head, looking over her shoulder when she felt her pants and panties yanked down wincing at how it felt to have her jeans tighten against her thighs only to continued to be roughly yanked down. Her left breast was completely uncovered, the broken strand of her top swinging loosely under her. She saw James undo his pants and push them down with his boxers letting out his 5 1/2 inch long over an 1 1/2 inch thick cock. She had gotten used to his size, having had bigger guys before him, but how adventurous James was and how generous in bed he always was made up for what he lacked. Though she wasn't exactly dripping with the desire to feel his cock push into her, the excitement of being taken like this, at a club was making her heart pound and her stomach do flips. She never thought he'd have the balls do this and she moaned out loudly when she felt him push right into her, his pelvis thumping against her, making her tits jiggle in her top under her.

James groaned, barely catching her girl's moan as he pushed as hard as he could into her pussy, feeling its warm wet walls slip over his cock. He immediately began to pound into her, thrusting his hips back and forth, jerking her body back and forth in hard, quick bursts. He sighed when he felt Sarah smack at his hand and after a moment, he relented, letting go of her hair and grabbed at her hips in both hands, using it to pull her back against him. He saw his girlfriend dip her head low between her arms in pleasure and he grinned, panting, already feeling ready to cum.

"Hoooo!" Loud jeering cut through the music and the darkness to the right of him as four black men strolled up near them. The tallest one was closet to him and Sarah and the man was licking his lips as he reached down to grab himself through his baggy, dark blue jeans. An oversized white t-shirt hung out of his back pocket, leaving the man's heavily tattooed chest bare, the thick contours of his muscular body evident even in this poor light. "Goddamn, lookit da white boy go!" All four men laughed and James stopped thrusting his hips, pulling his cock out of her and immediately all four of the black men started to laugh and jeer. "The fuck," called out one. "This nigger here get to fuck her with somethin' dat small, shiiit." James quickly bent down to grab at his jeans and short, yelling out toward them. "Fuck you, fuck off!"

Sarah heard voices through her fugue and she noticed that James had stopped thrusting and that he was no longer inside of her. Her hands were still flat against the wall and without James' grip on her hips, it was the only thing that was keeping her from toppling over. In fact, she was resisting buckling her knees and laying her face against the cool wall to sleep. She heard James' drunk, angry voice yell out "Fuck you" and she thought it was to her and she glared down at the floor under her and yelled back at him "Fuck you!" She didn't see the four black men swarm in on her boyfriend, or see James get punched in the face, knocking his down on the ground, his still hard arousal wagging a bit before three of them began to kick and stomp on him, his yelps and yells lost to the loud music before his body went limp, almost unconscious.

Just when Sarah decided she should be pissed about James talking to her like that and not actually continuing to fuck her like he was supposed to and thinking that his punishing should be that she clam up and make him take her home so she could sleep, she felt fingers dig roughly into the back of her hair before her head was yanked back hard, making her cry out in pain as her neck and back arched painfully, her eyes going wide. "Ow, ow, stoppit!" She heard laughter and she didn't understand so she turned her head as much as she could with that grip in her hair, looking out of the corner of her eyes and she saw one black guy standing off the side a bit watching and she felt both insulted and turned on to be in this position with someone else getting to see. She turned her head a little more before her jaw dropped and she grabbed at the hand that held her hair so roughly. That wasn't James. The man behind her stood much taller than her, at 6'4 and he very muscular compared to James' lanky build and he was very dark chocolate. "What? Hey!"

She tried to smack at the man's hand and tried to jerk her head away only to cry out again when she felt her head wrenched back sharply, making her look up, her ass wiggling for the black man behind her. Derek sneered down at the bitch in front of him, seeing her blonde hair spill over his fingers. He quickly undid his belt and let the weight of his jeans pull them down about his ankles, leaving him in his CK briefs which were completely tented with his arousal. He snickered when she fought against him when she saw it was no longer her boyfriend and he loved the squeak from her that he heard when he yanked on her hair again. "Mmm, s'matta bitch, thought ya ass came to a nigger club to get fucked. Gon' teach ya ass not to fuck with lil dick white boys no more." His boys laughed as he smacked her ass hard, making it jiggle before he pushed his briefs down, letting his 10 inch long, about 3 inch cock wag free, the thick meat of it slapping against her ass.

Sarah gasped when she felt the thick weight of the man's cock thump against her ass. She screamed and smacked at his hand as she tried to pull herself away from him. "No! No, get the fuck off!" She couldn't understand this. Where was James? Where had these men come from? Her and James had talked several times throughout their relationship about how hot it would be to fuck in a club. Something like this wasn't supposed to happen. Then, she got the idea that maybe if she dropped to her knees, she'd be able to wrench her hair away and she'd already be low enough she could yank her pants back up and make a run for it. Surely, she'd be safe once she was back out in the crowd again. It was amazing how the adrenaline in her was making her break through her drunken state. But, just as she was about to drop down, she felt the man push his other thickly muscular arm up under her hips, keeping her up in that position as she felt that thick tip press hard against her pussyhole. "Oh my God! No! No! Don't! Please Don't Please Don't fuc...don't RAPE me!"

"Shut da fuck up bitch," sneered Derek as he flexed his fingers in the bitch's hair, his arm hooked under her waist as he began to forcefully push his thick cock up against her pussy. He groaned out at how tight she was even as he watched his thick meat stretch her pink pussylips open wide for him, hearing her scream out, her body jerking and he could feel her trying to pull forward. "Mm, dat right bitch, gon' teach ya ass what a real dick is." He then slammed his hips forward hard and sank in a good 7 inches of his fat cock, his stomach muscles tightening as her tight pussy was almost enough to make him want to cum and he could feel his balls tightening and lifting. He grit his teeth, panting to calm himself and a single spurt of cum shot into her before he calmed. Gripping her hair for leverage he then began to thrust hard into the bitch, watching her ass jiggle each time he slammed his fat cock deep into her, pushing more and more of himself into her, stretching her completely out.

James hacked and coughed, panic seizing through him as he couldn't breathe. His nose stung and burned, bleeding profusely and most likely broken. His ribs and his cock ached and he was struggling and fighting to completely be able to breathe after having been stomped hard on his sternum. Curling into the fetal position, he found he was able to breathe a little better and he heard Sarah squeal out, looking up, he saw the tallest of the black men savagely fucking her from behind, the thick black cock protruding from him slick and glistening with her pussy juices. His stomach roiled and he wanted to call out to her but he suddenly was wracked by the need to vomit, his chest and stomach seizing up as he saw another one of the men come up next to her and grab her top only to tear it completely off of her, letting her 34 DD' jiggle free as they bounce and jiggled vigorously with hard the nigger behind her was fucking her. And that's what he wanted to yell out. "Stop you fuckin' nigger." But, when he opened his mouth, he threw up and the last thing he saw before he passed out was the nigger behind his gf yanking her back, keeping her impaled on his cock only to turn her around to face the man that had ripped off her top and the man grabbed her head to pull her head down and then he saw only darkness.

Sarah cried out in pain each time she felt that thick cock spear hard into her, her pussy walls gripping that massive cock hard as if to resist its entry and expel it out of her. But no matter how much her pussy constricted, the man continued to drive it deeper into her until his fat tip began to hammer at her cervix which caused a whole new sensation of pain in her stomach that she had never felt before. Her pussy was full, fuller than she had ever had it, even with previous boyfriends and it was stretched beyond the point that it was comfortable. Tears streamed down her face and she felt like she wanted to throw up. The spark of pleasure mixed with the pain of the thrusts made her sick but she couldn't deny that even as it hurt, it felt good to feel filled and the roughness of how she was being treated was keeping her pussy wet. She felt the man behind her stop and she sobbed, repeating over and over, "Stop, please stop, please please, stop please." But then she yelled out loudly when her head was yanked by again by her hair and she felt her body turned, the cock inside of her shifting around within her but never pulling out. She then saw another thick black cock, this one hovering inches from her face and she squeaked, her eyes wide open as the 9 inch over 2 1/2 inch thick cock was the biggest she'd seen and she felt the fingers in her hair relent only to feel another hand forcefully grab the back of her head and yank it down.

Derek laughed, hearing his boys laugh as well at the pathetic mewlings of this bitch and once he got her turned around, he swiveled his hips a bit, making his cock stretch her pussy side to side before he began to fuck hard into her again, feeling sweat start to trickle down his back, sweat beading on his forehead. He saw his boy, LJ, grab the bitch's head and yank it down to force his fat cock hard into the blonde girl's mouth, pushing her head down hard, making her take in enough of his cock that the fat tip hit hard against her throat making her gag very viciously and audibly. 'Yeh ho goddamn ya gon' suckit bitch or I'ma fuck ya ass da fuck up, shit" LJ's voice snarled down at the bitch and Derek thrust harder into her as he watched his boy force the bitch's head to bob up and down on his cock, making her gag each time, thick rivulets of spit gushing from her mouth, all over his fat black cock, darkening it. He could feel the bitch's pussy milking his cock each time he slammed into her, now stuffing every thick inch of his cock into her, stretching her stomach a bit, the internal resistance from her making him have to thrust hard and fast, making that heart-shaped ass of hers jiggle and bounce each time his pelvis slammed against her, jerking her forward right unto LJ's cock. Derek groaned in pleasure, sneering down at her. "Mmmnngghh..yeh bitch unngghh..can't come to party with no niggas without niggas wantin' to party with ya. Mmm..ruined ya pussy for white boys now bitch, youse a lil nigga slut now!"

Sarah's eyes bulged wide as she choked and fought to be able to breathe, the urge to throw up so strong and stronger still each time she felt rough fingers shove her face down, her jaw cracking with having to open so wide as she felt that thick meat punch hard into her throat each time. Thick spittle and drool coating her chin and dribbled down her neck and down over her bare bouncing tits. She dug her nails hard into the man's thighs trying to push off of him but the hold on her head and the constant, painful thrusts from behind continued to push her mouth down hard on that fat cock. Her throat convulsed and she fought to swallow which she heard made the man in front of her groan in pleasure. Tears streamed from her eyes and she yelped against the man's cock when she felt her ass smacked hard and felt the flat ridge of a thumb press hard against her asshole. She squeezed her eyes shut, gagging and ready to throw up when she heard, 'Unnnggh...yeh fittin' to cum..unngghh." Her eyes snapped open and she began to try to scream against that cock, only gagging as panic filled her.

In the mixture of pain and pleasure and the fear and wretchedness of her position she had forgotten that she hadn't had the money to refill her birth control pills and that James had been forced to use the "pull out method" for the last month. She wanted to yell out, "No, please, don't come in me I'm not on the pill." But then she felt the man slam forward, sinking himself all the way into her making her cry out with how much it hurt to be stretched out like that so forcefully and with the way he stayed in her and convulsed, she knew he was cumming in her and she screamed as best she could against the cock before stopping, the fight going out of her and she simply continued to gag on the man's cock before she felt it pull all the way out of her just as the man behind her pulled out of her pussy, letting go of her. Her body dropped down hard on her knees from exertion and lack of support, feeling a rough hand keep her head up. Her eyes were closed but then she felt that hard cock in front of her smack against her face and she opened her eyes in surprise, seeing the black man in front of her jerking himself off right in front of her face, his pisshole winking at her before a thick stream of cum shot out of it and hit her in the eyes, splashing long-wise against her cheek. She cried out, another spurt of cum splashing right into her open mouth and the rancid saltiness of it made her gag again. The man spurted three more times before rubbing the tip of his cock all over her face.

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