Naughty Nikki


Nikki heard her heels click on hardwood. She began to wonder where they were; where had he taken her this time?

Her wrists pulsed in tiny spasms from the rubber tie, which bound them together, her blindfold so tight, she worried if her mascara would smudge under her eyes from her sweat; she liked looking pretty for him.

"Get in there." He shoved and she carefully stepped toward the unknown. All too quickly he had her spun around and without any kind of care, he peeled off her latex skirt; leaving her only in a black corseted bustier and thong panties.

He pushed her hard and she fell onto a comforted bed.

"I'm taking your heels off. I don't want any marks on me. Lord knows, you'll be up for a struggle sooner or later; before I'm done with you." His voice cut like glass and pleasantly accented.

Nikki scooted herself further back onto the bed only to be reprimanded and pulled close to the edge, her legs dangling of the bed. He held her legs apart almost too wide, and snapped her thong over her shaved cunt.

"Well, what do we have here?" He ripped the lace of her panties and rubbed a finger up and down her slit. "Is all of this for me?" He asked sucking her juices off his index finger.

She felt herself blushing, and fought against him. She wanted to close her thighs, but he wouldn't allow it.

"No, no, no, Nikki." He played paternal with a soothing, correcting voice. He fingered her roughly and she writhed in guilty pleasure under his touch. "That's it. Fuck me back with those hips, you greedy whore."

One at first, the two, and three was all she could take. His fingers were thick; working man's hands, easily double the size of hers. Nikki bit her lip. She wanted to cry out when she felt her orgasm build, but she knew he wouldn't let her cum so easily, so her mouth stayed shut.

He got off on getting her there, on the verge of orgasm, and he knew her body so well. First she'd raise her hips as if unconsciously welcoming him to fuck her, then she'd hum a kind of guilty cry, lastly he'd feel her cunt tighten on his fingers; her contracting inner walls always betrayed her. It would be then, right there at that moment; he'd withdraw his fingers and move his hand off her hot mound. He'd see the frustration in her face, and if he were lucky, by the end of the night she'd be raging with lust, needing to cum so bad that she'd do anything. If he'd done his job well, he'd have her in tears. He liked it when she cried.

"Please." She begged as his fingers left her empty.

He paced the floor and said nothing. Choosing instead to leave her there on the bed to see what she would do. He took a seat in the not too distant corner.

After some minutes she called out to him. "James?" He watched her gain balance as she threw herself to a sitting position on the edge of the bed. "James, where are you?" She stomped her foot.

Nikki stood and lamely wandered the room till finally tripping over her shoes, which lay, on the floor, where he'd tossed them earlier. She hit the floor with a thud and found herself unable to get up on her own. There she was on her stomach, face down, kissing hardwood.

The rubber sole of his boot was colder than the bedroom floor. He held her down with on booted foot placed on the lower portion of her back.

"Now look what you've gotten yourself into." He scolded her, and then helped her into a kneeling position, at his feet. "I like you like this." She could here the unbuckling of his belt and could feel herself wanting to grind her hips in gratitude.

The tip of his cock rubbed cross her lips, and he didn't like how she so willingly opened her mouth, so he slapped her with his cock, right on the jaw line. "Do you open your mouth that easily for every man's cock?"

"No." Said weekly.

"You seem so bloody anxious for me to fuck your mouth, Nikki. Is that what you want? You want me to fuck your mouth?" Questions asked, but Nikki knew full well he didn't want the truthful answer.

"I only..." Nikki began, but before she could finish her thought his hard nine-inch cock filled her mouth. He pulled himself in and out of her hungry mouth, feeling the tip of his cock hit her throat made him groan in ecstasy. He grabbed the back of her head as she struggled under his huge hands; he was pulling her hair and her eyes watered in pain.

Nikki gave a murmured moan in delight; she looked up to him with her big blue eyes. A wicked smile crossed his lips, "You love it, don't you, dirty slut!" Nikki nodded in reply, then she was asked, "You want me to cum in your mouth? Oh you'd love that, wouldn't you, you fucking bitch?" He could feel the want of release pulsing through him but stopped himself just short of unloading all he had to give on her pretty face.

"Sling yourself over that chair," he made motion to the black leather chair he'd been sitting in earlier when she took her tumble, "I want you right there." He untied the rubber binding her wrists and she made her way quickly to the corner chair. "Perfect," he purred, "I like seeing that cute little bottom up in the air, waiting for me. Tell me what you want Nikki." He held his cock firmly and ran it over her flesh, till finding his way to her hive. She was slick with anticipation.

"I want you." She pleaded and started to grind those childbearing hips that he so loved.

"Not good enough." He spanked her hole with his cock.

"I want you to fuck me, please fuck me." She reached for him, but his hand slapped her searching fingers away from his manhood. She gave out a weak cry.

"Tell me you're my dirty slut." He stroked her back and took hold of her neck, bringing her closer to him. "Look at me." He breathed heavily in her ear. She turned round and met his gaze. "Say it!" He commanded.

"I'm your dirty slut and I need to be fucked soooo bad, please!" She wriggled and writhed.

"Good girl." He moaned as he entered her, "Fuck," he crooned, "you're so fucking wet."

Nikki took her right hand and placed it to her mouth, licking two of her fingers. "I wanna touch it. Can I please?" She asked while taking her fingers closer to her throbbing clit.

"You wanna play with that pussy, baby?" James took long slow thrusts in and out of her tight hole.

"Yessss, please." Her words were a breathy mess.

"As long as I can watch." He flipped her over, her lower half hanging on the edge of the armchair. "Touch it. Make that pussy cum for me."

She rubbed furiously, stopping every now and then for a quick lick of her fingertips; Nikki loved the taste of her own juice. "Ahhhh... it feels so good. Does it look good?" She asked, already knowing the answer.

"Oh fuck yes it does, baby." James fucked her hard; he loved watching her. His gaze moved from her luscious tits, down to that pink pussy he so loved to fuck.

"Ahhhh... I'm gonna to cum...ohhhh...yeah... fuck me." Nikki stroked her clit faster than ever, she could feel herself tightening around his cock and screamed, "Fuck me...fuck me hard!"

James needed no further encouragement, he pumped her hard and fast, fucking her like the whore she so wanted to be. "Ohhhh Fuck." He moaned through gritted teeth. "You ready? You ready, baby?" He withdrew himself from her contracting walls. "Show me those wide eyes... I'm gonna cum right on that pretty face... Uhhhhh."

She was showered with hot and sticky cum. She took her exhausted fingers from her clit and spread his cum all over her lips, trying desperately to lick every drop that had fallen on her. "Open your mouth." He ordered. She gratefully obeyed. "Clean my cock... all of it."

She hummed in satisfaction, being only too happy to service him.

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