tagGroup SexNaughty, Not Nice

Naughty, Not Nice


Christmas Eve, they sit on the sofa, watching a classic Christmas Special on the television. As the credits roll, he turns to her, kisses her passionately and tells her to strip for him, by the tree. He grins and rubs his crotch suggestively.

She rises, all feminine curves, soft and undulating and sashays her way to the tree, her full hips swinging seductively. He leans back on the couch, stroking his cock through his jeans, his eyes never leaving her body.

She strips for him, pulling her shirt over her head, then reaching back to unclasp her bra. She shrugs her shoulders forward, the straps sliding down her arms, and lets the bra join the shirt on the floor. Bent over slightly, hands together, draws her breasts tight, they sway slightly, with her quickened breathing, the hardened tips pointed, he can almost see her heartbeat in those rock hard nipples.

She takes a deep breath and wriggles her hips, thumbs hooking the elastic waistband of her sweatpants, slides them down over her thighs and then steps out, one foot at a time. He watches, his own breathing faster, showing his growing excitement. She sighs, pouts her perfect little lips at him and stands there, naked in the glow of the pretty coloured lights.

He rises, smiling his most lustful smile and approaches her. He pulls a handkerchief from his back pocket and rolls it, then ties it around her head, using it as a blindfold. She opens her mouth to protest, but before she can utter a full syllable, he says, "Shhhhhhh, just enjoy."

So she does, obedience not usually one of her most valued personality traits, but she can feel the raw power emanating from him, and she is wildly excited at the prospect of having sex in the living room while blindfolded. He has never been this adventurous before, and she is not going to ruin this. She will just follow his lead, and enjoy. She rubs her thighs together, loving the friction on her swollen labia.

He rummages in his other pocket and comes up with a length of ribbon, and pulling her hands behind her back he quickly ties them tightly together. Damn...he is not sure if he can go through with this, his cock is so hard, he might just have to take her here and now...abandon his plan. He stands caressing her bare ass for a full two minutes, his mind calculating how long it will take to cook the turkey tomorrow and finally, his body back under his control, he knows he can stick to the plan.

"Don't move, I have a few more surprises in store for you this evening, I'll be right back." he caresses that fine quivering ass one last time and makes his way to the basement. He moves the stack of wood piled in front of his hidden cache and then slips quietly back to the living room.

He pulls her to the ottoman and bends her forward over it. He attaches a spreader bar to her ankles, forcing her legs wide. The low ottoman propping her ass up high, her pussy lips glistening, draped wide open, giving him an ample view of her displayed treasures.

He winds a long length of rope around her back, under the footstool and ties a bow in the centre...securing her tightly. He stands back and smiles. She is lovely, all quivery, her cunt wet and wanting, soft moans spilling over those kissable lips. He bends and brushes his lips to hers, sucks in her exhaled growl and gently smooths her hair, lovingly arranging it down her back.

He reaches into his bag of tricks and brings out another item, an o ring mouth gag. He slips it inside her mouth and fastens it behind her head. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, fuck, how will he be able to resist that wide open mouth, already dribbling drool as she struggles to swallow. Her tongue lashing about in her mouth as she explores the cold metal. She grunts, incoherently, begging or complaining, it doesn't really matter at this point.

He watches as she writhes and wriggles, trying to free herself from her helpless position and his cock stirs again as he sees her tiny little pucker seemingly breathe on its own as she clenches and releases her muscles.

He sits down and grabs the pen and paper and starts to write the note:

Dear Santa,

I have been a good man this year. I only want one thing for Christmas and that is an iPad. I want it so much that I have left you a treat. This woman has not been a good girl. You are free to punish and use her in whatever way you see fit so that maybe next year, she will be back on your Nice list.

Sincerely, A Believer

He pins the note to her back, takes a last look and then kisses her on the cheek. "Good night, I will see you in the morning. Try to behave for Santa so that I can get what I want for Christmas this year." He toddles off to bed, falls into a deep dreamless sleep.

She squirms on the footstool, but the bonds holding her in place are secure. She finally decides to just wait it out until morning, until that foolish man unties her and then she is going to give him 'what for.' Imagine, believing in Santa Claus, he is a grown man...and one who may be looking for a new place to live come the New Year. She finally dozes off, a soft inhale and exhale of her breath, her body relaxing, posed so wantonly over the ottoman.

She dreams of Santa, coming down the chimney, she can almost smell the fresh winter air that exudes from his red suit, the white fur trim faintly tinged with soot from climbing down countless chimneys, and with a start she opens her eyes to see the famous man standing in front of her. He is staring and there is not a hint of a smile on his lips, nor a twinkle in his eye, the blindfold dangling in his hand.

"I was expecting milk and cookies, and instead, I find a naughty girl, trussed up like a Christmas goose, bare ass high in the air. I took the liberty of relieving you of your blindfold, so that you may see how disappointed Santa is with you. I have read the note and Santa is not happy with you young lady!" He strokes his beard, then reaches for a clip on his belt. He holds up the red leather paddle, and shows her the letters cut out; NAUGHTY! "I will have to punish you, spank your ass my dear, spank it until the word naughty is etched into your skin, and then, maybe next year, you will leave me milk and cookies like a good girl."

She can only stare up at him, still shaking her head, still believing that she must be dreaming. This cannot be happening, can it? She blinks rapidly, wriggles in her bonds and stammers out, "But Santa, I have not been a bad girl, he is just offering me up as a bribe for that iPad he wants. It's him who is a bad boy. Please Santa, don't spank me." Her eyes plead with him, and he reaches down to gently cup her chin.

His eyes actually twinkle as he says, "But my dear, I must go by what the note says, and I did check my list and you were not on the nice side. So that means that you must be shown the error of your ways. Now this is going to hurt Santa just as much as it will hurt you." He starts to walk away, and then with a merry chuckle says, "Well maybe it will only hurt you...and that's ok with Santa...HO HO HO!"

She can feel the caress of the cold leather, he rubs it up and down over her ass cheeks, the chill of the paddle making her shiver. Then with a soft whoosh...and a loud smack, it lands on her ass. Her body bucks forward, the heat on the cheek of her bottom blossoming with fire. Stinging, she feels him rubbing over the welts, before bringing it down again, on the other cheek.

Her breath is forced from her lungs, too surprised by the pain to even scream. She writhes on the leather footstool, her pussy contracting in anticipation of the next smack. He doesn't make her wait too long, as he lands blow after blow, marking her ass and thighs with the word NAUGHTY. Screams finally finding their way up and out of her throat, filling the quiet night air with her painful cries of lust.

Each blow bringing more heat to her bum, each strike making her pussy contract, and each stinging slap causing her juices to flow. At last the paddle is silent and she feels the soft white gloves caressing her glowing globes, probing the letters on her thighs and then a bare finger presses into the hot cleft of her cunt lips, scooping up the nectar that pools, dammed behind those swollen lips. She can hear him suck his finger, and then he is in front of her once more.

"I hope this will help to teach you a lesson, but unfortunately for you, the elves have heard your screams, and they have arrived to partake of your bound body. They are only little fellows, they won't cause you too much distress. I will collect them shortly. Merry Christmas!" and with a wink he disappeared.

She heard the soft footsteps and then stared, amazed as three tiny men stood in front of her. Leering at her, all rubbing their crotches. Their voices high pitched, laughing and staring at her. One by one they lower their pants to reveal enormous cocks. So out of proportion to their bodies that she almost laughs at them...and then realizes that they plan to fuck her with those huge penises. She shudders, revulsion and fear gripping her.

Her scream of terror rips open the quiet of Christmas Eve, and she realizes what a mistake she has made. If Pinnochio's nose grew from telling lies, these little bastard's cocks were growing longer and thicker with her screams.

She tried to stop her voice, to quell her panic, and then one of them advanced, thick dripping rod in hand and pushed it into her mouth, forced it down her throat, effectively cutting off her scream at last. She felt little hands prodding at her ass, giggling at the word that repeated itself in pairs on her bottom. Then she felt a tiny hand pushing inside her, fucking her pussy. He hammered away, his gnarled fingers scraping over her gspot as the elf in front of her got into a rhythm, fucking her throat.

She felt the hand pulled out and the pressure of one of those cocks as he forced it into her aching cunt. Stretching her wide, tearing at those tender tissues, inflaming sensitive nerve endings. She was gagging and choking on the thick shaft in her mouth, his pubic hair tickling her nose. She was wanting to scream, but the sounds were muffled as she fought to breathe.

Her body going rigid, the third little bastard elf was trying to mount her from above, pushing at her little rosebud with his huge deformed cock. This was unnatural, her mind was rebelling as the three little men raped all of her holes simultaneously. With a loud giggle, he drove down with his entire body, forcing her ass to split open, to take the hard hot cock inside. Three cocks filling her, ripping at her, not caring that her mind and body were separating. Insane laughter filling the air, as the elves took advantage of the bad girl, bound to the footstool.

Her body trying to accommodate the massive erections that pounded at her. They fucked her in unison, the tempo increasing and despite her resolve to detach herself from her body, the passion flared and her lust filled grunts joined the pealing laughter and groans of elfin design. They kept fucking, making her come, over and over, forcing her body to respond to the ravaging of their turgid members.

From outside on the rooftop, the sound of hooves pawing in the snow, the tintinnabulation or the sleigh bells like a call to cum...three elves screamed out their release, as a flood of cum washed over her body, filling her ass, overflowing from her convulsing cunt and dripping from her lips. The three tiny men all howling with passion, humping harder and faster as their balls emptied, their cock heads flaring as the spunk erupted.

Wee hands slapping at her as they came to stand in front of her, her wide eyes staring at them...the faint taste of peppermint infusing her tongue...and as one they said, "Please, please, please, don't be a nice girl, make the naughty list again next year...we like you bad."

They blew kisses, and she saw stars dancing as the kisses floated to her, landing softly on her lips. With a wink, they disappeared, and on the roof, the sound of hooves, as they ran, then flew to the sky.

Her body spent, sore, well used, she slumped forward, letting sleep take her to await Christmas morning, and to dream about next Christmas Eve.

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