tagIncest/TabooNaughty Selfies with Sister

Naughty Selfies with Sister


The good news was that the agency was extremely interested in signing Natalie to a modeling deal.

The bad news was Natalie was currently on a family vacation in Spain, and the agency needed a few more risqué shots to help finalize their decision.

It was a real dilemma since there were other gorgeous young women who the agency was looking to sign. If she waited for the vacation to end and the rest of her portfolio came late, all the best contracts would already be taken and she'd be left without a deal.

Currently, she was at an uncle's beach house, where more family members were soon expected to cram the place. Obviously that meant no privacy, and no photoshoots.

She loved her family dearly, but work was work. Modeling was the career she wanted!

Luckily the internet connection was great and she had a new phone with an amazing high resolution camera. She emailed someone from the agency and they were fine with her sending more shots from her phone. And since these were racier shots, she'd have to take them alone, as selfies.

More guests had just arrived to the beach house that morning, coming from places throughout Spain and lesser known parts of Europe. After giving them hugs and kisses, Natalie snuck back to the guest room she shared with her brother.

One of the benefits of staying in a place like this was that the room was classic European and rustic, exuding a unique charm which can't be found in America. With the large window and balcony towards the ocean in the background, she'd have the opportunity to take amazing shots of herself.

Natalie looked herself in the mirror and purposefully messed up her hair, then tossed it back, giving herself a breezy, casual appearance -- perfect for the Spanish ambiance.

The next order of business was her outfit. She was barefoot, with shorts, and she wore a 'Real Madrid' soccer tshirt she had bought at the market the day before. It probably wouldn't be the best look since it represented another country. Plus she had specifically been told that the agency wanted to see some 'racy' shots before they made their final decision.

She pulled her tshirt off, standing in her black bra before looking in her open luggage to see what else she could wear. Then she realized that the black bra was plenty racy. The European style cut was highly erotic in her opinion.

Now for the pose. She had the traditional look of a young model, long and thin. She had always been told that her legs were the best features on her body, so she wanted to show them off. For her first selfie, she decided to stand in front of the full-length mirror. She leaned on her left side. One hand held her phone to the mirror, and her other hand was slyly in the pocket of her shorts. She gave a seductive look to the mirror as her thumb was ready to press the screen and take the selfie shot.

Her impromptu self-photoshoot was interrupted when the doorknob turned. Thankfully she had locked it.

"Open up," her brother complained.

"Hang on. Hang on."

She put her phone down and slipped her tshirt back on.

When she was ready, she went to the door and opened it.

"Yes?" she asked, blocking the entrance.

"What do you mean, yes? Scoot over. I need to get in."

Natalie gave a mock sigh. "What do you need?"

She stepped away from the door and Chris entered the bedroom.

"I was getting sunscreen," he said, digging in his bag. "Almost everyone is outside. Why are you inside here with the door locked?"

"I'm working."

He gave a puzzled expression. "In a guest bedroom?"

"It's a long story," she replied. "I've been emailing with the talent agency and they're closely considering my portfolio. They want a few more shots of me before they can give me a contract, and I'm about to send some selfies."

"Don't they have enough pictures already?"

"They want sexy pictures," she said bluntly. "So I'll send them sexy selfies. Problem solved, but I have to do it now."

"Oh. Can it wait? More people are coming soon. We're having a great time already."

"I'll be down in 20 minutes at the most. I need to take some hot pictures and email them."

"Why now?"

"Competition is fierce," she replied.

"And they're still awake? What time is it in America?"

Natalie roared with laughter. "New Yorkers don't fuck around when it comes to late night parties, or snapping up the hottest new models at any hour. It's a super fast industry and I have to beat my competitors to the punch."

"Got it," he nodded. "Well, see you downstairs soon. Good luck."

"Thanks Chris."

To speed things up, Natalie grabbed her brother firmly by the wrist and pulled him towards the door, where she escorted him out.

In the midst of kicking him out, a thought came to mind: Chris was a current film major in college. His dream was to work behind the camera in the entertainment industry. Surely he'd be of great use.

"I've changed my mind," she said, yanking him back into the room, then closing and locking the door.

"The party is downstairs," he quipped.

"Not about that. I've changed my mind about tossing you out. On second thought, maybe I could use you."

"Selfies aren't my thing. And I don't know much about modeling."

"No, but you do know about film and capturing beautiful shots, don't you? Isn't that what you're doing in college every semester?"

"Well, yeah, but..."

"But nothing," she said, cutting him off. "This deal means everything to me and I need my selfies to be perfect."

He shrugged. "Fine, I guess. Can you give me an idea of what they're looking for? Or do you just send them your best shots?"

Natalie grabbed her phone. "Here, let me show you."

She went on the internet to the agency's modeling website, then handed the phone to her brother.

"Jeez," he gasped softly, looking at the phone.

The pictures were of scantily clad, sometimes naked women, posing in the most seductive and irresistible manner possible. All the images were elegant and stunning, with a great deal of class.

"I know," she said. "That's a tough standard to reach with just my phone and this room."

"I meant, do I have to help you take pictures like these?"

She batted her eyelashes. "Please? We'll be super quick. It'll be our family vacation secret."

"Aren't you going to be embarrassed posing like that in front of me?"

"Not really," she replied. "It's part of the job."

"Okay, fine. How should we do this?"

"I'll take a few selfies. You give me pointers. I'll email them and they'll give me feedback right away."

"They're expecting your email and they'll reply right away?"

"They're working and partying all night," she shrugged. "Hey, cocaine is a hell of a drug."

"I'm sure it is. Let's get started on these selfies before people think we're ditching the family party."

"Excellent idea."

Natalie grabbed the hem of her tshirt and she flung it overhead, standing in her black bra and grey shorts. She was completely unabashed wearing her bra in front of her brother.

If Chris was admiring her body, she didn't mind. She was flattered by the brotherly attention.

She took her phone back. "Can you stand to the side? I have an idea for a series of selfie shots in front of the mirror."


Chris stepped away and Natalie struck the same pose as before. She turned her hips and waist to the side and tried giving a seductive facial expression to the mirror.

She put one hand in her pocket, and with her other hand, she snapped a picture. Then another. Then another.

"This is the first batch," she said. "What do you think?"

She showed her brother the phone and they both agreed that the images were sensational. Her fingers tapped the screen and she sent an email to the agency people, who were doing God-knows-what at this hour.

"You seem nervous," he noted, after the email was sent.

"For sure. I mean, I'm at a disadvantage here. Portfolio shots are supposed to be done on film with professionals. Not on a freaking phone. But oh well. They understand that I'm on a family trip. Plus they love the fact that I'm in Spain."

"Well, you have a great body to compensate."

She smiled, "Thanks."

The phone beeped.

"Oh shit," she said.

Natalie had an incoming email from the agency people. She opened it:

Love the pics Natti!!!

Got anything more bare?

Also, try to be sexier. Reach your full potential. Love where this is headed with you. Great potential!

Love, Rammi

Sent from iPhone 6S Plus

"Hmm..." she moaned to herself, while showing the phone to her brother. "Not racy enough."

"How much more do they expect?"

"You know," she said suggestively.

"No, not really."

"Those pics on their website. That's the standard they want."

"Nude?" he asked.

"Yep. That's the modern world of modeling. Nude or partially nude. Wearing a bra is for bitches."

"Should I leave?"

She shook her head. "Now is the critical moment. I need your input on how to increase my selfie game."

"You know what, screw the selfies. I'll just take the pics for you. It'll look so much nicer and classier."

Natalie thought about it, then shook her head again. "I don't think that'll work. They know I'm on a family vacation. Otherwise, what am I going to say? That I let my brother take nude pictures of me? No way."

They both laughed at the absurdity.

"Let's hurry up already," he said. "Should I turn around?"

"No need. I've mastered the breast-covering-technique."

With one arm, Natalie used her forearm to cover the front part of her chest. With her free hand, she reached back to unclasp her bra, tossing it to the bed. She was now topless, revealing her bikini tan lined upper body, with her nipples perfectly covered by her forearm.

"You're good at that," Chris noted, trying not to ogle at her skin.

"Modeling is a skill. Strategically being able to cover naughty parts at all times is one of them. Now I'll strike a few more poses and you give me your thoughts."

"How about by the curtains?" he suggested.

"That could work."

"The scenery is beautiful outside with the bright blue Spanish beach in the background. The wind is blowing. The curtains will wave. It'll look hot."

She nodded. "You see, I knew you had a good eye for this stuff."

Natalie opened the window and let the breeze in. She could also hear the sounds of their family talking and laughing and catching up. It gave her a sense of urgency. It also made her feel odd that while her family was downstairs socializing, she was upstairs in the bedroom, topless with her brother.

Time was of the essence.

When she dropped her arm to cover herself with the curtain, both tits were momentarily exposed to her brother, showing him those tiny pink nipples of hers.

"Oops," she smiled, with the curtain now wrapped around her chest.

He smiled back, "No big deal."

The phone beeped.

"Hold on a sec," she said.

There was a brief email from the agency:

Nat Nat,

We're looking at ur pics. Face not convincing enough. Can you try the D'Angelo technique?

Love, Rammi

Sent from iPhone 6S Plus

She showed the message to her brother.

"They really really really want me to step up my game," she said.

"What do they mean though?"

"Have you ever heard that rumor about D'Angelo's music video for 'How Does It Feel?' I think it was in the late 90's or something."

"I don't think so."

Natalie explained, "Well, in the video, it's just him shirtless, and he looks naked. He's basically just standing there singing for the entire video. The rumor is that, just below the camera's view, a woman was going down on him. That's supposedly what helped him reach his full range of emotion while singing for the music video-- getting blown."


"Hey, you can't argue with the results. The final product looks amazing and soulful, whether the rumor was true or not."

"So what exactly do they expect you to do?" he asked.

She blushed and smiled, "Do I really have to spell it out?"

"Oh, I think I get it."

"They want me to play with my pussy while I take more selfies."

"Is it even legal for them to ask you to do that?"

"The modeling world has its own rules," Natalie explained. "The industry is built around selling sex. Models who rise to the top are the ones who are the most comfortable in their own skin, and with their own sexuality. Is this a common technique? Not exactly. But it's work. I know of other successful models in this agency who do similar things during a photo shoot."

"Really? I need to dropout of college and become a photographer."

She laughed, "Focus on my selfies first."

"Seriously though, women sometimes masturbate during a shoot?"

Natalie nodded. "It's a highly effective technique if done correctly. Or... nevermind."

"What? Tell me?"

"Sometimes they'll go further. Like if a model is doing close-up shots of her face and upper body, a 'fluffer' on set would be doing stuff to her... you know... down below in a private region."

"Like?" he questioned.

"You know, stuff. Fingers. Tongue. Lips. Sometimes cock, if necessary, if there's a male fluffer on set."

"Oh, wow."

Natalie lifted an eyebrow and nodded. "That's the price to pay for capturing amazing pictures. Trust me, it's super weird at first, but after a while... ummm... actually, let's just get started."

They looked at each other in a moment of silence and supreme awkwardness at the accidental revolution.

"You were fluffed before?" he asked, in a curious, yet brotherly teasing kind of way.

She blushed. "Not with a cock or anything. I've never had sex on a photoshoot, just so we're crystal clear about that."

"Then what happened? A guy used his fingers on you? That's crazy."

"First of all, it's not crazy. Secondly, it wasn't a guy."

"A woman? What did she do?"

"Why do you want to know?" she asked.

Chris regained composure of himself. "Forgot it. Let's move on."

It was mildly amusing to Natalie, knowing that she had gotten her younger brother so flustered for a moment.

"If you're that interested," she said, "a female staff member went down on me. It happened only once."


She nodded. "Yep, oral. My first time feeling another woman's lips on my pussy. It was nice. Really nice. She was pretty, too. I didn't cum, because we got the pictures we wanted and I was too embarrassed to ask her to continue. Plus it's totally unprofessional to ask for more fluffing once the shots are complete. So now you know."

"Did it work?" he gulped.

"I'm super close to nabbing a contract with a big time New York agency. I'd say the fluffing part worked pretty well. That's why they're asking me to fluff myself. To bring my best qualities out."

He gulped harder. "You're actually going to do it? Here? Now? In front of me?"

An epiphany came to mind. Sure, it's totally unorthodox and improper, but it might be crazy enough to work. She glanced down at her brother's shorts and noticed a bulge poking on the front.

Maybe this was the fuel she needed.

As she quickly pondered these deviant thoughts, she could feel her small pink nipples hardening against her forearms which covered them. She could also feel a wetness pooling in between her legs. She wondered if her brother could smell it.

The sounds outside grew louder. A car had just parked and more relatives had arrived. Soon, their mother would most definitely come up stairs and drag them down to the family party, or maybe even scold them for hiding in the room while the family gathering was going on.

A decision had to be made. So she made it.

"Look," she said. "I'll make you a deal. If I get the contract, I'll buy you an Xbox One along with five games. In exchange, you'll have to do whatever it takes to allow me to make the ultimate set of selfies."

"Nice! I'm desperate for a new Xbox. I've already said I'll do it though."

"I mean it. You'll have to put in work."

"What else are you expecting?"

She took a deep breath. "Be my fluffer. Just for a few minutes."

"Are you shitting me?" he asked, eyes wide.

"I'd never joke like that. I'm being serious. Fluff me real quick. It'll be over fast."

He looked incredulous. "You want me to... eat your pussy?"


"Isn't that what a fluffer does though?"

She took a deep breath and reset. "Sorry. Let me correct myself. By 'fluffer,' for this current shoot, I want you to use your fingers."

"On your pussy?"


"How much do you need me to fluff? I mean, to what extent?"

"I don't know," she replied. "That's up to you. Rub my clit. Rub my lips. Maybe go inside a little. Things like that."

"You've kind of lost your mind."

"No, but you need an Xbox. Chris, I can see your bulge. You're fucking rock hard."

He adjusted his posture. "Let's just get this over with. Do you still want me to do it?"

"Yes, just don't lick me. Don't try to fuck me either."

"You've officially gone crazy."

She smiled, "We'll compromise; if you do a good job fluffing me, I'll let you lick me five times."

"You wish. I'll try to keep you quiet."


"My ex-girlfriend was a masturbation aficionado," he said. "She taught me everything about pussy. I know how to finger a pussy better than most women do. So I'll keep it down, otherwise our family might hear us."

She grinned so wide. "That sounds like a challenge."

"It's a cautionary note."

"Let's start," she said. "The stakes are higher. You'll be touching me anyway. And in all likelihood, you'll be seeing my pussy when you touch it. Without further ado, here it goes."

Natalie stepped away from the curtain and allowed her bikini tan lined breasts to show freely. She made no attempt to cover them. She allowed her brother to soak in the sight of her small pink nipples.

With one hand, she pulled her shorts and panties down, then kicked them away. She stood completely naked and her crotch also had a bikini tan line from all the sunbathing she had done the past two days. Before the trip started, she had gotten a Brazilian wax, so her cunt was completely clean.

"You be the director," she said, striking a naked pose. "So direct me."

He gulped, staring at her body. "Since I'll be fluffing you, it might be best with you on the bed. Flat on your back. Feet up behind you. Point the camera upward to capture the Spanish-style home, which would look great in a pic."

"What will you be doing?"

"On my knees... ummm... so I can put my hand below without being seen in any of the selfie shots."

She smiled, "I like those ideas. Simple yet effective."

They both tensed, looking each other straight in the eyes.

Natalie made the first move. She turned around, showing her small, up-curved ass which had the same bikini tan lines. She strutted to the bed, enjoying the thrill of teasing her brother. Then she laid on her stomach, keeping her feet up for the background.

"Why do you want me to fluff you?" Chris asked, getting on his knees by the bed. "You could have just fluffed yourself."

"Honestly, it's just so weird, so taboo, having you touch me there and seeing me like this, that it'll get me worked up in a different kind of way. It'll be new feelings for me to digest. Does that make sense at all?"

"Yeah. I'm sure I'll feel that way."

Chris held out his hand, then hesitated before touching.

"Go ahead," she encouraged him. "I know you want to. My pussy is friendly and I've always been told that it's delicious. Go on, touch it while it's hot."

She spread her knees so that her anus and pussy were showing. It glistened with her wetness. She remained still as her brother touched it and slipped two fingers below to find her clitoris.

"You're drenched," he said.

She smiled at him. "Let's wrap this up. Put your fingers in."

Natalie gasped as her brother plunged his fingers inside her pussy, while she pointed the phone at herself. The fingering sensation in her little hole was sensational and hitting all the right places. Chris was right. He had amazing technique.

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