tagIncest/TabooNaughty Siblings Ch. 02

Naughty Siblings Ch. 02


The next morning I woke a little groggy and jumped straight into the shower. I was enjoying my time freshening up as the hot, steamy water cleansed my body when I thought I heard the door open.

"Sorry, but I'm in here! I shouted, but with no reply.

Poking my hand out the side of the shower curtain I grabbed my towel and turned off the shower.

"Matthew, is that you?" I called out to my brother, still no reply.

I quickly dried off and wrapped the towel around my body, hooking it in at my upper back. I then pulled back the curtain and found my brother standing there in the middle of the bathroom, naked and stroking his cock.

"Did you not get enough last night?" I teased.

I stepped out of the shower and stood in front of him. He grinned at me, still stroking his cock.

"Can I put my hand inside your towel?" He asked.

"What if I say no?" I teased as I walked past him and left the bathroom.

He followed me into my bedroom and I could hear him sniggering before he thrust his hands inside the towel and round to the front, squeezing my breasts. His cock was pressed hard against my backside, rubbing all over my cheeks and then down between my legs, turning me on as I clung to the towel.

I let him grope me for a while, building his excitement until he reached boiling point and tore the towel from my body.

"Come on then, brother," I spat, "you want to fuck your little sister again?"

Grabbing me tight he quickly bent me over my dressing table and positioned himself between my legs from behind. I shrieked at first then giggled at his forcefulness as he held me in place and started rocking back and forth, sliding his hard cock along my lips and then onto my clit.

I had no choice but to grab hold of my dressing table and ready myself for what was about to happen, but I was too late as he thrust me onto the table and squashed my breasts on top of it. I squealed out in pain and shock but he didn't care as the second thrust quickly followed and I knocked my make-up onto the floor with my breasts.

I was ready for the third thrust however as I quickly pushed myself up onto my hands and rammed my body back towards him, causing us both to cry out in joy as his cock drove deeper inside me.

We were both naked and I was getting it hard from behind by my brother. Using my hands against the table I kept pushing back into him and shaking my arse to get him deeper inside. I wanted to cum for both us.

He fucked me hard, then harder and harder as he plunged into me and I rocked back against him. I was about to climax when out the corner of my eye I noticed my packet of contraception pills next to the table. I suddenly realised I hadn't taken the pill that morning or the morning before.

Using all of my strength I tried to push him back put it only made his cock go deeper inside me, increasing my pleasure.

"You can't cum inside me," I panicked, "I haven't taken the pill for a couple of days."

"But I came inside you last night." He panted.

"Well ... ohhhhhhhhh fuck, once is better ... ohhh shit yes ... fuck that's deep ... once is better than twice." I managed to say.

"Fuck that, sis, I'm cumming inside you," he told me, "your pussy is so fucking smooth."

I clearly wasn't going to win this battle so excepting my fate I collapsed onto the table and slid a hand between my legs and started frantically rubbing my clit.

"Yes, yes." I panted. "Fuck me harder; shoot your hot spunk inside your fertile sister."

"Uhhhhhhhh fuck, Sophie, you dirty fucking slut."

"Yes, yes, I'm a dirty slut and I need your spunk inside me, fill your tight little sisters hole with cum."

I loved him inside me like this, fucking me hard from behind, his cock penetrating me so deeply. Being taboo it was so intense and erotic. His cock was reaching parts of my womb that had never been reached before and I wondered how much of his spunk I could hold?

My eyes were closed in ecstasy, my body flat on the table, breasts squashed rubbing back and forth on the hard surface, and my hand stroking my clit as my brother fucked me hard from behind, so hot.

His thrusts became more and more forceful with his hands digging into my body as he gripped my hips tighter. He bucked his body into mine one last time and I lifted my head, my own orgasm about to rip through me The force inside me was incredible, and I was so sensitive between my legs that I felt his cock swell and throb inside me before he grunted and started pumping his load into me. I could feel the powerful spasms deep inside me and I suddenly became very, very wet. Knowing I was being filled with my brother's spunk for a second time sent me over the edge of bliss as my own climax quickly engulfed me.

After a few moments he pulled out. "Fuck that was good." He groaned.

"Fuck yeah." I agreed.

We both stood there naked. Full in the knowledge that we had broken so many boundaries together. I was more than just his sister, more than a pretty face, more than a pair of great tits and ass he lusted over.

I was his naughty sibling.

The naughty sibling stories are a collection of short erotics. No real substance to the characters other than they are brother and sister.

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by Familyluv2114u04/22/18


Liked this part even more so than the original...Man,they both have great sexual chemistry haha,well being brother/sister lovers I wouldn't expect nothing better!
Love it AND love you're little avatarmore...

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