tagMatureNaughty Teen & Fiances Grandfather Ch. 02

Naughty Teen & Fiances Grandfather Ch. 02


Please read my "Naughty High Class Mom" pt.1 & pt.2 and "Hot Girl Leaves The Trailer Park" series.

We walked into the club with my fiancés grandfathers arm around my tiny waist. When we walked into the club all eyes were immediately on us. Although my fiancés grandfather was dressed in a similar way as all of the men in the club I stood out from the other girls who were dressed very naughtily themselves. I could see the look of instant lust and envy on the face of every man as they took in my young skinny freckled body. My pigtails and braces made me look so young but my almost immoral outfit of the see-through mesh body dress made me look almost nude clearly showing my tan thigh high stockings and sheer thong. My black high heel pumps added to the excitement to my young very naughty teen look. I felt so sexy having the attention of every male in the club and most of the girls too as they all wondered who this new girl was with my fiancés wealthy and powerful grandfather. I laughed to myself thinking how shocked they all would have been if they new that I was the same innocent girl dressed in the long flowing Mary Poppins plain dress and flat shoes that was in the club the night before with my fiancés powerful grandfather

We were escorted to a very private booth where there was an expensive bottle of Champaign waiting for us. As my fiancés distinguished 76 year old grandfather and I were getting into a very sexy kiss a waiter came over and opened the bottle of Champaign and filled our glasses. As he filled our glasses we continued our hot kiss as if he wasn't even there. My fiancés grandfather then raised his glass and made a toast to me. As he looked over my skinny flat chested freckled body lustfully he said,

"This is a special toast to a very, very sexy young girl. My soon to be granddaughter, and to the beginning of a very special arrangement."

We then held our glasses up and kissed sexily darting our tongues out at one another's. We then clicked our glasses to complete the toast. After we put down our glasses we went back to kissing and I began running my fingers up and down the incredibly enormous bulge that billowed way out against the inseam of his pants impatiently waiting to be set free. As my fingers teasingly played with my fiancés grandfathers great big obscene cock he teasingly ran his hands up and down my stocking covered legs then up over my flat chest and my tiny tits while we kissed heatedly.

At one point during our teasing kiss an older man who looked to be in his mid sixties and the same blond girl I met last night with the black Senator then again today in the boutique with the two Arab gentlemen came to our table. Her hair was done up to one side which exposed her neck. She was also dressed for attention wearing a very tight black mini skirt with a pair of black high heel pumps. She had on a pair of black thigh high stockings that I saw her buy at the boutique and she also wore the most sinfully sheer white blouse I ever seen. The blouse was so sheer you could easily read the fine print of a newspaper through it from across the room. To add to her eye catching outfit she wasn't wearing a bra and her skin tight blouse highlighted the fact that her tits were huge! She also had the biggest pair of nipples I've ever seen. Her pendulous tits hung down just above her tiny waist while her huge nipples stuck out begging for attention over an inch and were easily two inches round!

When they arrived at our table it forced my fiancés grandfather and I to break our sexy tongue kiss. As my fiancés grandfather looked at the man with a sense of infuriation he apologized for the interruption. My fiancés grandfather knew the man from a prior business deal and irritatingly shook his hand. The man introduced me to the young girl I had met and said that her name was Ashley. I also learned that he was her uncle; the man she told me who had introduced her to the wealthy club.

As her uncle talked to my fiancés grandfather he couldn't help but leer at my body. I noticed his niece look at me without seeming to recognize me from earlier that afternoon. In fact she seemed stunned to learn that I was the one she met in the boutique when I said that I had met her earlier that day. Suddenly she seemed to become very jealous because she realized that she was the one responsible for telling me about the size of my fiancés grandfathers enormous cock and that he was an amazing fuck.

As she leered at me like a jealous cat she took in the sight of my outfit which did nothing to cover my skinny freckled body. My braless flat chest and tiny tits and eraser–like nipples were poking out of the sheer transparent material and my thong and the tops of my tan thigh high stockings could easily be seen. I could tell that she was furious knowing that she had told me that she had been trying to fuck my fiancés grandfather for months and here I was kissing him in the private booth making it obvious that we were going to fuck. I then added fuel to the fire by smiling slyly at her showing my young naughty braces then lead my fiancés grandfather by the hand and went to the dance floor with him.

While we were on the dance floor I made certain my fiancés grandfather got to see every inch of my skinny 5' 9" freckled body as I seductively danced. The black high heel pumps made my long legs seen to go on forever. I could also feel the burning eyes from all the men in the club and knew that they would all love the opportunity to fuck me. I also knew that they knew better than to even think of approaching me because of the power my fiancés grandfather had and the devastating harm he could bring to each one of them or their families. When the music slowed my fiancés grandfather took me in his arms and began running his skilled hands up and down the sides of my long stocking covered legs then up to my turned on ass. As he played with my burning ass we began to kiss and I moaned in his ear sexily,

"Oh baby you've got me so turned on. I can't wait to fuck you and that great big cock"

We than began to tongue kiss and then walked back to our private table. As we were walking to our table my fiancés grandfather was congratulated by three Arab men for the skillful takeover that afternoon. I excused myself to use the ladies room as he spoke to the men. As I walked to the ladies room up the staircase I passed a booth and saw two people madly kissing. I nearly fainted when I realized it was the big titted blond and her uncle lost in a deep lusty tongue kiss! I froze for a second and watched this wild display take place before my very own eyes. I watched as her uncle kissed her mouth then began sucking her huge tits and those big brown nipples through her sheer white blouse. As she was leaning back against the booth her eyes were rolled back and she was mumbling about how sexy his mouth felt sucking her big tits and nipples through her blouse. I then heard her say,

"Oh Uncle Bob suck my big tits baby. Ohhhh I love the way you suck my big tits Uncle Bob...Oh yes baby suck those big hard nipples too. Oh fuck your turning me on like crazy."

Suddenly I watched her uncle's hand roughly spread her legs apart which reveled she was wearing a pair of black thigh high stockings. He then run his hand up under her mini skirt and pulled her thong to the side and began to aggressively fuck her pussy with his fingers. She was going out of her mind and was instantly cumming all over his hand as he continued to finger fuck her viciously while sucking all over her huge tits and swollen nipples. As he continued to finger fuck her deliberately he began to say in a forceful way,

"Oh fuck, I missed your sexy pussy and these great big tits of yours baby. I've been going crazy being out of the country and couldn't wait to get back to fuck my favorite sexy nieces 19 year old pussy."

I didn't want to be noticed so I quietly walked to the ladies room then went back to my fiancés grandfather who was now waiting at our booth. We immediately got back into kissing and playing with each other and as soon as I touched his giant cock I instantly forgot about the hot scene I just witnessed with the big titted blond and her Uncle. My fiancés grandfather then told me that he had made arrangements for us to take his helicopter out to his yacht for the weekend. After we sipped our Champaign we exited the club both anxious to start our fuck.

The ride to the heliport was an hour. As soon as we settled into the limo we began heatedly kissing each other and running our hands up and down each others bodies. His grandfather had me lye back and began kissing all over my tiny tits through the see through mesh body dress. He was moaning loudly and saying how much he loved my little tits on my flat chest and my skinny freckled body. He would lick and kiss them and then our hot tongues would meet for that untamed nasty tongue kiss.

While toying with my tiny aching nipples he said,

"Ummm, I love your sexy little girl tits and tiny nipples baby, and this flat freckled chest is so sexy. I cant believe your 18 baby."

As he was busily sucking all over my tiny tits his hands were running up and down my stocking covered legs sending sparks way up into my pussy. When he sat back we sipped our Champaign as I reveled in the sensations that were shooting through my body from my fiancés 76 year old grandfather. As I crossed my long legs my fiancés grandfathers eyes were openly going from my high heel pumps to the tops of my exposed tan thigh high stockings. As he groaned approvingly I looked in terror at the giant bulge that went all the way down the inseam of his left leg to the top of his knee! I knew my fiancés grandfather loved the sight of my long skinny legs in my tan stockings and high heels. He said,

"Oh yes baby you have a very sexy pair of legs. So skinny. I love the way these stockings and high heels look on your naughty young legs baby."

He then added hotly as he worked his way down to my high heels and said hotly,

"Ummm...so sexy baby. I can't wait to be kissing all over your sexy thin legs."

For the next half hour my fiancés grandfather made me delirious as he ran his tongue up and down each of my stocking covered legs saying as he moaned about how sexy they were. He would go up one leg then meet me for a hot tongue kiss, then go back down the other leg. The feel of his hot breath and lips kissing and running his flicking tongue all over my stocking covered legs made me moan noisily and say,

"Ohhhh baby that feels sooooo fucking sexy!"

The exquisite feeling was too much and after a while I had a wonderful orgasm as his tongue continued to flick over the lace tops of my tan thigh high stockings then back down to my black high heel pumps.

After cumming we sipped our Champaign and kissed again. It was so wild to be here playing with with my fiancés 76 year old grandfather after just meeting 24 hours ago. It seemed so mind-boggling that a few days before I was just an ordinary plain looking 18 year old proper girl that was active in my church and about to marry a man that was a devote conservative Christian who was committed to the church. And now here I was only a day later sinfully dressed to fuck his powerful and wealthy 76 year old grandfather wearing a pair of sexy tan thigh high stockings and a tiny thong under a see through mesh body dress that easily showed off my braless 29AA tits and my flat chest. The only thing that gave the impression that I was a proper girl was my pigtails and my braces.

I then had a desperate need to see my fiancés grandfathers giant cock. I began by kneeling down in the limo while I seductively ran my finger nails up and down his huge shaft. As I did this I smiled slyly showing him my girlish braces and moaned in a little girlish voice,

"Ohhhh soooo big. Sooo fucking big!"

I then began kissing his monstrous shaft through his pants which caused my fiancés grandfather to moan,

"Ummmmm yesssssss baby."

I then began going wild kissing and licking his huge hard-on through his pants as I was panting myself from the anticipation of seeing the monstrous size of it for the first time. Although something inside told me that a girl would never get used to seeing a cock this big no matter how many times it was uncoiled from the confines of pants.

My hands began rubbing my fiancés grandfathers huge cock through his pants.

"Oh fuck!" I said out loud, disbelieving the enormous bulge I was wildly rubbing. Even with all stories I heard from the big titted blond, I just couldn't believe what I was feeling! I thought to myself,

"Oh god, she wasn't kidding when she said my fiancés grandfather had a massive cock."

As I ran my fingers over the bulging shaft it easily felt ten times bigger then all of the other boys I've fucked including my church pastor.

As I panted with lust, I said in a throaty voice,

"Oh fuck yeah baby let me get that big cock of yours out of those uncomfortable pants and get it really wet with my mouth and let me show you how good I am at blowing you ....I want to suck all over it so bad baby."

I added heatedly, "I've wanted to blow that great big cock of yours ever since I saw you in those pictures with those playmates of yours lover.....Let me show you how good I am at blowing that huge cock of yours ...Let me suck it like all the other sluts you get every night baby."

At that point my fiancés grandfather ripped off his pants and out sprung the biggest cock I have ever seen. I swear I nearly fainted when I saw it as I gasped aloud,

"OH FUCK!!!"

He said it was 13 inches, but compared to all of the boys and the pastor and my fiancé it looked more like 16! As his enormous cock stuck out from his body like a tree trunk I couldn't believe that a cock could actually be so huge! As my fiancés grandfather leaned back while sipping his Champaign I just stared at his giant cock in a trance for over five minutes as it waved from side to side menacingly while I marveled at its enormous size. As it waved in a menacing way in the air I just groaned over and over disbelievingly,

"Ohhhh fuck," as I took in the freakish sight.

As I looked on lustfully at his enormous cock my fiancés grandfather just grinned confidently while sipping his Champaign giving me all the time I needed to get used to him having such a massive cock. I could tell he was thoroughly enjoying this special moment when every women witness the biggest cock she would ever fuck towering wildly and angrily before her for the first time. After this five minute lust filled display I went wild kissing, licking and pumping every beautiful inch of his huge cock.

As I licked it uncontrollably, flicking my tongue over the huge maze of veins that protruded from his gigantic shaft I looked up and said heatedly,

"Sooooooo fucking big baby...... Ohhhh baby your cock is sooooo fucking big."

I was amazed at how little I was able to take in my hands and mouth. Even with my mouth open spread as wide as I possibly could I could barely get his big cock head and about an inch more into it. I thought to myself about how easy it was for me to swallow every guy I have ever blown whole, but here I was trying desperately to get my mouth over the head of my fiancés grandfathers great big cock!

At one point I looked up and teased,

"Do you like the way your grandsons fiancé is blowing and kissing your huge cock baby? .... do you baby? ... Do you like having this hot 18 year old mouth all over your huge cock, kissing it...ummmmm...licking it....ummmmm making love to it...oh fuck yeah... I could tell you do baby."

He then grabbed me by the hair and we met in a vicious tongue kiss. The taste of Champaign on his breath made this lust filled scene between an 18 year old teen and a 76 year old man so nasty! He then said to me in an almost rage,

"Yes baby you are driving me wild with that young skinny freckled body. In fact I was so skeptical of your age that I had my private investigative staff find out and verify that you had in fact turned 18 last week."

As I knelt on my black high heels blowing my fiancés grandfathers huge hard on all I could think about were all of the hot young teens that had an opportunity to blow and fuck his enormous cock. I began to think about the big titted blond that told me she was trying to fuck my fiancés grandfathers huge cock for months after hearing so many stories about his giant cock and how he could fuck for days straight and pumped out load after load of the most amazing hot cum. I was so caught up in blowing him that I looked up and snarled,

"So, am I blowing you as good as those two girls in the picture baby ... Are you liking the way I suck your great big cock baby. Am I sucking it as good as all of the young sluts you walk out of that club with every night baby?

I then added playfully,

"Ohooooo such a huge cock. No wonder you get all the girls you want, even if they belong to someone else they all want to fuck this great big cock."

As I looked up at him with a devilish smirk on my face, I licked away at his huge shaft waiting for his response.

My fiancés grandfather then pulled me up to him and our tongues flew out to kiss and he said in an authoritative tone,

"Listen baby not only do you have both of them beat with the way you give head, but you also have it over every other teenage slut I've ever fucked world wide!"

That told me exactly what I wanted to know. Suddenly I felt like I had so much power knowing that my skinny freckled body and my tiny tits on my ultra-flat chest could excite a man as powerful and wealthy and as well hung as my fiancés grandfather.

I immediately lifted his shockingly heavy giant cock with my hands and began stroking it sexily up and down so that he didn't loose his huge hard on or his horny edge. I could feel his huge cock pulsing like crazy in my hands.

As I stroked him I began kissing his tongue and said,

"Oh baby, I love blowing your huge cock. I can't wait to have it stretching the limits of my pussy, but right now I've got to suck it off baby or I'll go crazy. I need to suck it until it shoots off all over this fucking limousine... I need to watch it cum baby."

I then added hotly as he was moaning like crazy,

"Oh baby I can feel your huge cock throbbing like crazy baby. I know you need to get off. Let me finish you off and pump you dry lover. Let me pump every last drop of cum out of this great big sexy 13 inch cock baby. Let me pump you off, then I'll blow you again and we'll fuck all night baby. Oh fuuuuck.... you are ready to pop baby."

I then knelt beside him and began licking and blowing his pulsating cock while I jacked it lovingly in the palm of my outstretched hand.

As I eagerly stroked and blew his huge cock I began to think of how any teenage girl could easily become obsessed with his huge cock or a cock this huge.

As I wantonly pumped his giant hard on up and down, twisting my hands all over it and being almost traumatized by its huge size, I began to think to myself, 'God, just having a cock this big could make any girl go wild and act so naughty and so differently then she would with a guy that had an average sized cock. I know, because all the guys I've ever fucked never made me act like this. My fiancés grandfathers huge cock made even the most conservative shy girl so naughty, and so eager to please it. God, this huge cock could even make the most old-fashioned church going girl like me act like a sex starved slut once they got a good look at this gorgeous 13 inch monster cock! It's not having an average or big cock that can turn a girl into sexy slut and make her act so fucking wild, and so naughty. It's having a huge cock that like my fiancés grandfathers that causes every teenager to go insane and beg to please it and fuck him!

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