Naughty Teen & Fiances Grandfather Ch. 03


They would be watching a sexy young 18 year old with the fairest freckled skin dressed in white thigh high stockings and garter belt and a pair of classic white high heel pumps. She was also wearing a wedding veil and an expensive white diamond necklace. A white lace bra designed solely for decoration held her tiny 29AA breast. Her tiny eraser-like nipples poked through the sheer white lace of the sexy bra obscenely, showing everyone just how turned on the young 18 year old naughty schoolgirl was.

Everyone would be watching the sexy young 18 year old bride to be on her knees turning on and lustfully playing with an enormous 13 inch cock of a man who was almost 60 years her senior. This combination of the extreme differences made this lust filled scene look even more depraved and immoral. For his age the 76 year old man was in amazing physical shape. The young 18 year old bride to be was on her knees eagerly making love to his huge cock telling him how fucking big his cock was, and how much she loved it. She was moaning and teasingly licking it from the sides of his huge shaft, which was riddled with massive veins, to his giant cock head to as she told him that he had the biggest cock shed ever seen. In her mind the idea of getting married was the furthest thing from her now. Her only concern was that she needed to please this enormous cock of her fiancés 76 year old grandfather in the most urgent way. The difference in their ages only made her more desperate to show the powerful successful older man just how good she was at fucking and turning on his giant cock.

I then took my tongue and ran it up one side of his 13 inch shaft which caused it to swing to the left side. I then ran my hot tongue off the end of his huge cock head and released it causing it to swing back to center. It was so sexy playing with the enormous cock of my fiancés grandfather this way. As I licked his enormous cock up and down and all over the top and underside of his freakish cock I looked up and said in a sexy voice,

"Oh baby I love blowing and teasing your great big cock…. Its so fucking huge baby….I love teasing your cock as much as I'm going to love fucking it."

He was going crazy knowing that someone as young as me could be so skilled at fucking, so skilled at the art of turning on his huge cock and someone who knew how to thoroughly enjoy blowing it. I wanted to send him over the edge with depraved lust in a way that would excite him and drive him crazy to fuck me with that monster cock. Here was a man who fucked all of the time on his because of his power and wealth.

As I was using my darting tongue all over that freakish cock he told me to bite it. He said in a commanding voice,

"Go ahead baby bite that big cock."

At first I was a little bit tentative because I didn't want to hurt him, but he became more demanding and said with a commanding authority,

"I said bite it baby. Use your teeth on my big shaft. This isn't like my grandsons cock or all the average sized cocks you've fucked."

I began opening my mouth and took in the huge head and started biting down gently at first then a little harder. As I bit down along his giant pulsing shaft I began to get so depraved that I wanted to hit the core of this deceitful fuck and looked up with my braces showing and teased,

"Ohhh baby, I see you looking at my young teenage ass and my white garter belt and stockings and high heels while I'm blowing your great big cock." I taunted, "Oh that's not nice baby. Here I am the loyal young fiancé of your own grandson and you're clearly taking advantage of me with this great big cock."

As I kissed it and pumped it slowly marveling at it freakish length and width I hissed,

"You know baby you could get in a lot of trouble with your grandson for making his innocent young bride- to- be blow and jack all over your huge cock."

His moaning was right on the edge and I added brazenly, "I wonder what my pastor would think of me if he saw his sweet innocent young Sunday school teacher all dressed up in a pair of sexy thigh high stockings and high heels on her knees sucking all over the huge cock of her devoted fiancés grandfather?

As I flicked my tongue crazily for a few minutes over the massive cock head I added wantonly,

"Ummmm fuck what my pastor thinks baby, I love your huge cock. I wish he was here right now watching me blowing all over your huge cock baby. Watching his little innocent Sunday school teacher blowing all over your huge cock and worshiping every inch of it. Making love to it right in front of his dirty eyes!"

I then demanded to watch his great big cock shoot. I said deliriously, "Just let all your hot fucking cum fly out of that monster cock all over your naughty new granddaughter. Watch this pastor; watch his huge cock explode because your naughty Sunday school teacher loves making it pop."

Suddenly he said, "Ooooohhhhh fuuuuuck you sexy nasty bitch, come and get my big fucking looooooad baby."

Cum began shooting everywhere as I marveled at how much shot out of my fiancés grandfathers' giant cock. It flew over my head hitting the wall and as I continued to pump it excitedly as it continued shooting all over the carpeted floor. After twenty amazing blast of cum flew from his giant cock I wantonly licked the end of his cock head and tasted the last few delicious drops of cum that continued to flow out in an almost clear liquid.

After his enormous cock came to rest was when I really went insane kissing it and licking it. It was as if I was under its spell to keep pleasing it. As I licked and kissed all over every inch of it I continued to moan over and over about how much I loved his giant cock. I rubbed his huge rubbery shaft against my mouth and lips with a sex crazed lust. I looked up at him as I kissed his huge shaft and kept uttering,

"Oh baby ….so fucking huge….I love your great big cock baby…ooooh I want to suck this huge cock into next week baby."

For the next half hour I continued to kiss and lick his huge cock as his cum and my saliva dripped onto the floor. My fiancés grandfather was moaning in a low tone saying,

"Oh yes baby you are so nasty…so sexy…Oh yes you know just how to please a huge cock baby…Oh your so fucking good baby….soooo fucking good."

As I continued to worship his giant cock, pumping his 13 inch shaft lovingly through my hands while I worked all over and under it with my flicking tip of my tongue I looked up and saw the lust in his eyes. I knew my fiancés grandfather was loving every second of this sexy depraved head I was giving him after he came. I could tell he was loving the extra attention I was giving his huge cock after he came.

As his grandsons sexy young fiancée devotedly licked away at his huge cock he was thinking similar thoughts. I can not believe how sexy my grandsons' hot young 18 year old fiancé is and how obsessed she is with my great big cock. I've fucked hundreds of sexy young girls, but none of them are as sexy and sinful as this one. She is unquestionably in a class by herself. In all these glorious years of being with women begging for an opportunity to thrill my huge cock I have never met a girl with such a natural instinct to turn it on and to please it.

'Oh yessss that feels soooo nice baby. Keep playing and loving every inch of my huge cock you sexy young pleaser you.'

Just look at the way you are addicted to my huge dick. 'Oh yesssv baby….thats so fucking good…so fucking sexy.'

I think I will keep my pathetic grandson out of the country for months at a time. 'This one loves to fuck and that sexy skinny titless 18 year old body will give my big cock thousands of hours of pleasure.' Look at her sucking away at me like a girl obsessed dressed in those sexy white stockings and garter belt and those nice classic white high heel pumps, making her freckled pale skin look even whiter. 'Those tiny tits on that perfectly flat chest with those braces makes her look so young and naughty.' And that white wedding veil and diamond engagement ring makes her look so pure and innocent while she's moaning and licking all over my huge dick. 'Oh yes Allison you will be in my bed every time I send my grandson out of the country.'

At one point while we were standing and kissing passionately I was slowly jacking his huge cock. His cock was so unbelievably heavy that I slipped his 13 inch shaft through one of my garter belts to help hold it up. I continued to pump it and run my finger tips over the massive ribs of veins that jutted out from the shaft while we continued our sinful hot kiss. We kissed for over an hour like this. It was so sexy, and so wicked. Here I was just turned 18 and in the middle of such a steamy hot kiss with my high powered 76 year old fiancés grandfather. This dramatic difference in age made this almost illegal taboo a hundred times hotter.

It was now into the early morning hours, about three hours before sunrise. By the size of my fiancés grandfathers amazing hard- on I knew that we were just getting started. The hunger to play with each other and to work towards an incredible fuck was the only thing on our minds. It was such a beautiful night that he suggested that we take our sexy play to the upper deck of the yacht. We walked hand in hand as he carried a bottle of champaign and two long stemmed glasses to the horny sounds of his huge 13 inch cock as it bounced angrily from one knee to the next and the seductive sounds of my high heels as they filled the air with a sexy hot lust.

Once we were on the main deck my fiancés grandfather and I sipped champaign and started our sexy open mouth kissing as our tongues were extended all the way as the sizzling tips made contact with each other. After a few wicked minutes of kissing; to remind us of our age differences he expertly unclasped the front of her lacy white strapless bra reveling my ultra flat non-existent tits and my tiny piercing small eraser-like nipples. I watched my fiancés grandfather leer at me for a few moments as he lustfully taking took in the sight of her almost boyish looking body. The sight of my ultra flat boyish chest caused him to groan in an almost lecherous way. As he was groaning he began sucking and biting on my tiny hard pink nipples. He worked on my eraser like nipples like a man possessed, and said hotly,

"Oh yeah baby look at these sexy little girl tits….ummm...I'm gonna bite and suck all over these tiny little tits of yours until your pussy cums baby."

My fiancés grandfather then began sucking on each nipple crazily, which drove me into a wild frenzy. As he bit and sucked on one of my hard pink nipples he was rubbing and pulling the other tiny nipple between his thumb and index finger which got me so heated up. This almost brutal assault on my tiny boyish tits was making my teenage pussy so wet that I began cumming instantly. I loved the way I was being taken by my fiancés powerful grandfather. It was clear that this was a man that demanded to fuck the way he wanted to and deserved to. Even though I was deriving the most incredible pleasure from the size of his huge cock this was not about give and take. It was all about all the pleasure his giant cock needed from a young teen like me. A man of his wealth and power was made to be pleased and I was determined to give that great big cock of my fiancés grandfather everything and anything it needed.

This wasn't about romance. This was about a nasty fuck developing between a young 18 year old innocent schoolgirl and a powerful 76 year old man who commanded authority and the best pleasure from every anxious young teen.

After a few minutes my fiancés grandfather was going crazy sucking and pulling my tiny hard nipples and at one point he snarled and said,

"Oh fuck baby I love sucking on these tiny little tits….Ummmm… I love your sexy little girl tits baby…I'm gonna suck these hard little nipples right off these tiny flat tits of yours, until you cum again real hard baby."

I continued groaning and going wild from the way his mouth was pulling on each of my hard turned on little pink eraser like nipples between his pearl white teeth and after a few minutes more of this hot torture I began to shudder and cum again. As I continued to moan through a sequence of wild, naughty orgasms my fiancés grandfather kept up his unrelenting attack on my overly sensitive tiny tits and hard little nipples.

After almost half an hour of this he decided he wanted something different. He then caused me to groan as he ripped off the sheer white see thru thong like a wild animal. This caused me to shudder with lust at his sexual rage and caused me to moan, "Ohhhhhh."

He then began rubbing my stocking covered legs from the bottom of my high heels up to the top of my sexy lace tops of the stockings and said in a deep throaty dark voice,

"Yeah… these high heels and stockings and garter belt look real sexy on you baby…umm they make you look real grown up baby….. ummmm! They make your sexy school girl legs look nice and hot baby….nice and hot."

Sensing that I wanted what every girl he fucked did, he said arrogantly,

"Don't worry baby you'll get to fuck my big cock real soon, but right now I've got to taste this wild ass and pussy that I've been thinking about from the moment I first met you baby."

I just moaned and said crazily,

"Ummmm….anything you want baby…anything you want….Just as long as I get that huge cock of yours in this hot 18 year old pussy of mine baby."

My fiancés grandfather was so enraged and turned on by the sight of my skinny 90 lb. body that he was going crazy and began shouting sexy obscenities at me. He spanked my ass which caused me to moan, "Ohhhh fuck."

He then began licking my sexy round ass and said in a mad tone, "Fuck this is the sexiest ass I've ever seen baby. I love tall the wild freckles covering your wild ass baby."

The sight of my long stocking covered legs dressed in those sexy white stockings with the six inch lace tops and garter belt while I stood in a pair of white open toed white high heel pumps was driving him both crazy and angry at the same time. I had to admit, I was loving every torturous second of his experienced mouth, kissing and licking every inch of my perfect freckled 18 year old ass.

My fiancés grandfather was going wild and told me to lean forward over the top railing of the yacht. As I leaned forward my high heels arched my legs way up high and highlighted my wild ass as it caused it to stick out in a very sinful way.

He moaned and said madly, "I've been thinking about this hot wild ass all day baby, and while we were riding in my limousine after the take over all I kept thinking about was the fuck you and I were going to get into today once I sent my grandson out of the country."

Then in a confident tone said, "Now let me start on this wild ass of yours baby….Lets get you all worked up and ready to fuck my great big angry cock you sexy skinny teaser you."

For the next hour my fiancés grandfather went wild with his tongue, licking and kissing all over my hot ass, as he moaned saying how sexy it was. After a while he began prying my ass cheeks apart as he continued kissing all over it. I was getting so worked up and was moaning like crazy from the popping sounds my wet pussy were making each time he pried my ass cheeks apart and exposed my turned on pussy.

The sounds of my throbbing pussy popping filled the warm ocean air each time he spread apart my ass apart then released it. As he deliberately tormented me this way I would raise one of my high heels off the deck and moan from the orgasm that was increasingly building inside of my wet fuck hole. Through this calculating torture I would lift one of my high heels then drop it back on the deck which made a loud clicking sound. I was getting wetter and wetter by the second and moaned in a deep throaty voice heatedly groaning,

"Ohhhh FUUUUCK that's so fucking sexy baby. Your wild tongue has got me all fucked up!"

As he continued this torturous teasing, my long fuck lips voluntarily opened as if they were saying, "I can't wait to fuck your great big cock!" The wild sensation caused by the friction of my ass opening and closing by my fiancés grandfathers hands caused me to cum startlingly. I then moaned blissfully,

"Oh baby your driving me crazy. You've got me so fucked up... sooooo fucked uuuuuuppp…ahhhhhhh."

After I came he began kissing all over my soaking pussy. He didn't touch it or put his tongue to it, he only kissed it saying,

"Fuck baby this is one sexy pussy (kiss-kiss)…Ummm..this sexy young teenage pussy deserves to be kissed all over baby(kiss-kiss)……Ummmm so fucking sexy(kiss-kiss)…….Soooo fucking sexy baby…Ummm I cant wait to have my great big cock way up inside this sexy 18 year old pussy. (Kiss, kiss)."

I was groaning so hard saying,

"Oh yes baby…That feels sooooo fucking sexy baby…. Ohhhh baby, ummmmmmm your getting me soooo fucking worked up…Oh fuck yeah, kiss your new 18 year old pussy baby….Ohhhhh yeah baby get me all worked up to fuck all over that huge 13 inch cock…..Your grandsons fiancés 18 year old pussy cant wait to fuck your great big monster cock …ohhhh let me show you just how bad I want to fuck that great big turned-on cock baby….let me fuck it."

My fiancés grandfather had me in a delirious state and suddenly I began to tremble and felt myself shuddering uncontrollably from all the teasing friction of having my hot ass spread wide open, and having my pussy so wickedly exposed. I couldn't hold back another second from the wild way my fiancés grandfather was playing with my ass and kissing my wet pussy. I looked back and shuddered,

"Ohh fuck baby…I'm cuuuuuummmmming….Ohhhh fuuuuck yeahhhhh."

The pressure in my pussy was so stored up that I came in a quivering orgasm. As I was cumming in this wild explosive orgasm he began fucking his tongue deep into my pussy and then deep into my ass. He would stab my pussy once, then pry apart my ass with his strong hands then stab deep into my wet asshole. He didn't stop and I was climbing the walls.

At one point I looked back and snarled,

"Oh baby my ass is on fire...oh god you've got me so hot ….ummmm that feels so fucking sexy baby….sooooo fucking sexy… oh god that tongue is driving me up the fucking wall baby."

My fiancés grandfather had me so fucked up that I continued cumming like a faucet from my pussy and my hot round ass at the same time. Even though I had fucked a few guys before, including my fiancé and my church pastor, not one of them ever got me this hot. My fiancés grandfather not only had a massive cock, but he also knew how to control a fuck! It was just like the powerful man I saw in the boardroom earlier that day.

Part of this hot naughty turn on was because he was almost 60 years older than me, and that he commanded so much power. I also knew that having so much wealth and power and having such an enormous cock gave him so much experience with girls. Having that great big cock allowed him to fuck just how he liked, and anyone he chose. That great big cock made him arrogant and gave him the confidence to know exactly how to fuck and drive every girl crazy. This was the reason why I was cumming so many times. I never got off this good from fucking before. The small cocks I was used to could never make me explode the way my fiancés grandfathers huge cock would.

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