Naughty Teen & Fiances Grandfather Ch. 03


After I came we embraced and began kissing wildly like two animals in heat. We then sipped some champaign and my fiancés grandfather had me lean over the railing once again. I was once again getting delirious thinking about what was to come from this distinguished wealthy and powerful 76 year old man that was used to getting anything and everything he wanted. As I leaned forward sipping my champaign I turned my head and sent my tongue out to meet his. As our sinful kiss was building my fiancés grandfathers hands ran up and down my nylons then over my freckled 18 year old ass which was devilishly exposed to him. I was going crazy and was moaning softly over and over about how hot he was getting me.

He said, "Now I'm going to get a real taste of that sexy ass and hot snatch I've been dreaming about all day baby."

For the next two hours my fiancés grandfather fucked me into oblivion with his skilled mouth and tongue. As his experienced tongue explored my freckled ass his fingers would play with my tight "fuck lips" as he called them. The feeling was so exquisite. His skilled hands worked me into a frenzy again and again. As his mouth would kiss my ass his hands would go up and down my stocking covered legs to my turned on almost non-existent little nipples. My fiancés grandfathers' hands were everywhere. It was as if he couldn't get enough of my skinny freckled body.

At one point his tongue was exploring the depths of my ass while his right hand was toying with my tiny distended clit and his left hand was playing with my little nipples. My body was convulsing form the incredible sensations his mouth and hands were giving me. This was heightened by the thoughts of that great big 13 inch cock I was going to fuck that belonged to my very own fiancés grandfather. I could not hold back and when he demanded that I cum I exploded, causing my ass to press up hard onto his face as I came for over a minute.

He then took the fingers of one hand and inserted two into my asshole and two from the other hand and inserted them into my pussy. He fucked me very slowly while he leaned me the railing and kissed passionately for a half hour. He would then remove his fingers and have me suck each one as he had me taste myself, and then inserted them again. I was in ecstasy and was so turned on by this that I came two more times. I could not believe that I was being controlled by a 76 year old man this way. My fiancés grandfather knew more about fucking than any man I have ever been with including his grandson or the pastor in my church!

As my fiancés grandfather continued to fuck me this way with his amazing tongue I would reach back and stroke his huge cock. As my long fingers would caress and then pump it I was in absolute shock that his huge cock was still so hard and turned on after having just shot such enormous loads of hot cum. As my hands continued to stroke up and down the massive shaft of my fiancés grandfathers giant cock I began to think about the story the girl in the boutique told me about his tireless vitality as he fucked her 3 friends all weekend. When I stood I put one hand behind his neck and began kissing very passionately. I then took his giant cock and stroked it along my stocking covered leg seductively pumping up and down the endless hooked 13 inch shaft while we kissed.

Suddenly while we were standing and kissing he spun me around and flipped me over his shoulders and held me in a wild suspended 69 position. God, I couldn't believe that my fiancés grandfather was actually 76 years old. As he held me upside down this way all I could think about was how physically powerful this man was in addition to being ruthless and powerful in business and having such a giant cock. While I was hanging with my long skinny legs over his shoulder he ate my wet pussy and ass while I greedily pumped and licked all over his great big hard on. The sensation of being upside down and sucking and pumping such a huge cock of an incredibly powerful, wealthy and older man while he tongue fucked and ate my pussy and ass as he held me tightly caused me to explode all over his mouth and face. We both devilishly enjoyed this amazing oral fuck position for almost half an hour.

After this hot oral tongue fucking he spun me off and I walked towards the chase lounge. The naughty sounds of my high heels clicking as my turned on ass rose up and down in a seductive rhythm pattern as my long thin legs walked towards the lounge chair had his rapt attention. As I looked at his freakish cock pulsing angrily from the naughty sight of my just turned 18 year old skinny freckled flat chested body, dressed for fucking in sheer white stockings and garter belt with sinful white high heel pumps I had a desperate to suck my fiancés grandfather again.

As he walked to me with that frighteningly huge cock bouncing proudly from knee to knee I said desperately,

"Oh baby I need to blow your huge cock again so fucking bad. I need to suck it before we get into our fuck."

I then took his great big cock in my palm and lead him to the large chase lounge chair on the other side of the deck. As we walked slowly the sound of my high heels clicking on the wood deck set the atmosphere for the hot sucking I was about to get into with that great big monster cock of my fiancés powerful 76 year old grandfather. Once he was lying back on the chaise lounge chair I turned to the side giving him a great view of my profile then bent at the waist as I took his giant hooked cock in both of my outstretched hands. As his freakish cock jutted from his muscular chest over a foot high hooking menacingly to the left he began running his right hand up and down my stocking covered leg to my size 10 high heel. I then bent at the waist to meet his kiss while I stroked that monstrous cock up and down. I then went down on him for the next hour, kissing and licking along every glorious inch of his amazing cock with a lust that I can't possibly describe.

As I was blowing my fiancés grandfathers giant cock I began to shudder as my tongue flicked wildly up the giant shaft and followed the long wild curved hook along the huge curve in his shaft. I began to think to myself,

'Oh fuck what is this giant cock going to do to my pussy? I've never had such an enormous cock before. Any boyfriend I've ever had or his grandson is tiny compared to this monster. Even the pastor I fucked is miniature compared to this freakish monster!'

As I continued to pump the wide veined shaft vigorously up and down I focused on the 8 inches that curved in a wild hook to the left. I held the base with my right hand and pumped the 8 inch hook with my left like a girl possessed. I was getting delirious as images flashed by me of that 13 inch cock with the 8 inch curved hook fucking relentlessly into my tight 18 year old pussy. I began to think,

'Oh fuck, I've never had more than 6 inches of cock that I could easily wrap hands around and now I'm about to fuck a 13 inch monster that has the most obscene hook in it. And I can't even get my long fingers half way around it!'

I was going wild and as if my fiancés grandfather could read my mind he said almost arrogantly,

"Oh yes baby, I can tell you are thinking, 'what's that great big cock of his going to feel like fucking way up into my sexy tight young pussy."

I then moaned from his almost conceited words and looked at him showing my braces and said slyly,

"Oh baby…it's so true...that's exactly what I've been thinking as I've been blowing you all night. Your cocks' just sooooo fucking big baby… I can't wait to fuck it… I've been dreaming about your great big cock fucking in and out of my tight pussy ever since I saw the pictures of you with those two girls dressed in bikinis and high heels. Ummmm all I could think about was how bad I wanted to be them baby. How bad I wanted to be the one who was fucking you"

As I continued stroking up and down and over those wide maze of veins I bent down and kissed his lips causing a lingering popping sound then ran my tongue seductively over my braces and said lustfully,

"Oh baby, I can't wait to fuck this giant pussy pleaser that so many other lucky girls have had before baby."

I felt so incredibly sexy and so turned on as I stood dressed hotly in the white thigh stockings and garter belt and the pair of open toed white high heeled pumps with my hair in pigtails and an expensive diamond necklace. I began to think how incredible and surreal this sight was. Two people whose age differences and lifestyles couldn't be more opposite. Here I was an innocent skinny 90 pound freckled teen from a very conservative church going community about to marry the most devoted and conventional guy who is also very active in the church, bent at the waist stroking and turning on a man who was nearly 60 years my senior, my fiancés wealthy and powerful 76 year old grandfather!

As I continued teasingly jacking my fiancés grandfathers' enormous cock it began to pulse wildly in my freckled hands indicating that he was getting ready to pop again. As I mischievously pumped his endless hooked shaft I watched his eyes taking in the sight of my long skinny freckled legs clad in those naughty white stockings and garter belt and the sexy pair of white open toe high heeled pumps. As his giant cock pulsed furiously it made me even more determined to please him and pump him off. He then added in a deep throaty voice,

"Oh yes baby your hands feel wonderful stroking my big cock. You look so sexy baby, all dressed up for fucking. I love your innocent young girl look baby; those tiny tits on that perfectly flat chest of yours. I absolutely love your skinny body baby and all those sexy freckles and those girlish braces. My big cock is simply going to adore fucking you, as I play with those tiny tits and little nipples of yours."

After awhile my fiancés grandfather began a low groan and I looked up at him and said slyly,

"Ohhhh baby, I can tell you like the way I'm playing with your great big cock. Having your grandsons fiancé kiss it, blow it and pump it and knowing your gonna fuck me with your huge cock is driving you crazy isn't it baby."

As I spit on his enormous shaft and pumped the hot saliva through my long fingers I continued taunting, "Is this too action for your great big hard-on baby? Are you going to drop another big hot load as I spit on your huge shaft then pump you with my long fingers while you think about fucking your grandsons soon to be bride with that great big legendary cock of yours?"

He then said urgently,

"Oh yes baby, that's exactly what I'm thinking about, oh yes- fucking my pathetic grandsons fiancé with my great big cock." He then added almost demandingly,

"Don't stop sucking me until I'm finished blowing my big turned on load baby."

In a few more minutes with my encouragement a strong burst of cum flew up over my head onto the expensive teak wood deck. I wanted to taste my fiancés grandfathers cum so badly that I put the huge head of his giant cock against my wide open mouth and proceeded to taste the most amazing cum I have ever experienced. Blast after blast filled my mouth until I had to swallow repeatedly ten times. When I could not swallow another drop I continued pumping him aggressively watching him shot the few remaining powerful blasts of cum in the air onto his taught muscular stomach.

I then crawled up next to him and lay on my side with my left leg curved. As my fiancés grandfather looked at me I continued to pump his still rock hard shaft. As he looked at me staring at my long stocking covered leg and high heel he said, "Don't stop pumping my big cock Allison, I've got another cum in that big cock for you baby."

This was truly amazing to watch. Not only did my fiancés 76 year old grandfather posses a tremendous sized cock, but one blessed with a tireless appetite to fuck! As my hands eagerly jacked his enormous cock my eyes stayed glued to it, worshiping it, still disbelieving how absolutely gigantic it was. As he watched me with a sadistic lust in his eyes he sipped his champaign.

My fiancés grandfather said in an authoritative tone, "Oh yes baby you know how to work a real big cock."

In a few minutes my fiancés grandfather exploded again, this time covering my flat chest and my tiny nipples in a bucket of hot cum. It was so exquisite feeling his huge load over my skin. When his hot cum hit my tiny nipples I actually came myself! Throughout his amazing orgasm my fiancés grandfather said boldly,

"Oh yes…you are a wonderful naughty little girl Allison."

After the final drop was drained from his huge cock it finally began to soften. Even soft it still remained huge in length, at nearly 11 inches and the same width. I continued lovingly kissing my fiancés grandfathers huge imposing cock saying,

"Oh baby I love your huge cock, it's so fucking beautiful, so fucking big- soooooooo fucking big. I could play with it all night!!"

We kissed passionately for over an hour as his hands ran up and down every inch of my excited body. As he played with me my hands gently stroked his giant shaft. My fiancés grandfather then drove me to the brink of excitement and said,

"Now it's my turn to eat that fucking sexy 18 year old snatch of my grandsons' innocent bride to be."

To Be Continued...

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