Naughty Teen & Fiances Grandfather Ch. 04


I turned and pleaded,

"Ohhh come on baby keep fucking baby...Don't loose that great big hard on of yours baby... Oh fuck, my pussy needs more of that great big sexy cock...Keep it fucking inside your new hot 18 year old pussy baby...Oh yeah baby show me what that great big tireless cock of yours can really do to a sexy 18 year old pussy baby."

That did it. As my fiancés grandfather came inside my pussy he kept fucking me and didn't loose any of that giant hard on. When he came, my pussy exploded like crazy as I felt his giant cock expand and rapidly shoot burst after burst of scorching hot cum inside me. As his hot cum shot way up into me I was delirious from the feeling of his enormous pulsating cock and from the hot cum that coated my clinching velvet fuck walls of my aching cunt. As his hot cum exploded into me, I wildly fucked back onto his giant cock, moaning every time my ass came back and met his taught body. All I wanted to do was to please every inch of his huge cock and wanted my young 18 year old pussy to bring it off inside of me.

The feeling of his hot cum exploding inside of me caused me to cum instantly. My pussy was exploding all over my fiancés grandfathers' huge cock as we continued to fuck like two sex starved animals in heat. It felt so hot to cum with his great big cock, as it repeatedly pumped off inside of me, splashing buckets of hot cum against the walls of my overstretched tight young pussy mixing his hot load with mine!

Throughout this nasty act we were both moaning from this hot animal like fucking. Amazingly, my fiancés grandfather seemed to keep cumming and cumming, without any signs of stopping. He came for what seemed like five minutes. There was so much cum flowing out of my overstuffed pussy that it kept coating his huge hard on allowing him to fuck faster and faster, until he was pounding me like a jack-hammer!

After a few minutes my overstuffed pussy couldn't hold another drop of his hot cum and the remainder began overflow onto the wooded teak deck in a huge white puddle. I was going crazy as I turned my head to the side and we kissed with just the hot tips of our two sex crazed tongues as my fiancés grandfather continued to fill the depths of my overstuffed pussy with blast after blast of sizzling cum.

The more he came the crazier we kissed. After he finished cumming he began pulling out of me as my over-stretched pussy clung to his cock in a desperate attempt to keep it form exiting my sex starved 18 year old pussy. His cock popped out which made a loud popping sound from my empty pussy. We then turned and began kissing wildly as his hands freely roamed over my nylons then my flat chest and over my tiny bud- like nipples. We kissed obscenely for almost half an hour as my hands continued pumping his surprisingly huge inexhaustible cock. His mouth was also busy sucking my minuscule nipples which had me on the edge of another sinful orgasm. As we kissed I could feel his huge cock throbbing in my out stretched hands and I was going crazy to suck it.

I then held his huge 13 inch shaft and continued pumping it as I lead him to the chaise lounge chair. Even though the chair was a few feet away we stopped four times to hungrily kiss each other.

As we walked my hands were sexily pumping his enormous cock while his hands were running up and down the back of my stockings then over my firm sexy ass which caused me to groan hotly,

"Ummmm, that feels sooooo nice baby...ummmm sooooo sexy."

We stopped and immediately began enjoying our immoral kiss. The naughty way we were kissing was a reminder that we needed more from each other; much, much more! Time seemed to stand still and it seemed to take forever to get to the chaise lounge chair only a few feet away!

My hands kept pumping my fiancés grandfathers' giant cock as we stood moaning, and as the tips of our tongues flicked crazily across each others. We took a few more steps then turned to kiss again. This was a naughty scene between two people that needed to fuck and please each other. This wasn't about feelings or emotions; this was about one thing only; pure animal lust and heat.

This depraved scene came from seeing an innocent looking 18 year old girl who had the skinniest 90 pound body covered in freckles with the flattest almost boyish chest and smallest pair of tits with the tiniest nipples. She was dressed sinfully in a pair of sexy white thigh high stockings attached to a lacy garter belt and a pair of naughty open toed white high heeled pumps. The pigtails and the braces she wore emphasized just how young she was. To make this the most immoral picture to all church going parishioners the innocent 18 year old was kissing a man that was almost 60 years her senior, and while lost in this sinful kiss she was lustfully pumping his enormous cock as if she was making love to it!

We stood in front of the chaise lounge chair and continued kissing with our mouths wide open and our tongues flicking wildly across each other. It was so sexy to stand in my stockings garter belt and high heel pumps as we kissed. I was the ultimate young teen fantasy. Skinny, freckled and so innocent looking with the flattest chest and the tinniest pair of almost non-existent tits! As our tongues flicked wildly across each others my freckled hands were sexily stroking his huge hard on until I bent at the waist and began flicking my tongue feverishly over his great big cock head.

After our hot illicit kiss we were both turned on and needed to fuck again. I broke off our kiss and waked away from him seductively knowing that his eyes were all over my skinny freckled body. The naughty sounds of my size 10 high heel pumps clicked loudly as my sexy ass rose up and down as I slowly walked to the chaise lounge chair knowing that I had his complete attention had my fiancés grandfathers complete attention.

As he was moaning about how naughty and sexy I looked I said in a devilish way,

"Oh baby lie back so I can ride the fuck out of your great big sexy cock."

Once he sat back on chase lounge his huge cock thumped menacingly across his muscled chest until it settled and rose up his stomach to his pectoral muscles! His 13 inch cock looked so freakishly huge on his tight defined frame. When his huge cock came to rest against his chest, I moaned out loud saying,

"Ohhhhh fuck!"

The wild maze of thick angry veins stuck out from the sides of his enormous shaft, making it look almost grotesque. The huge hook made it look even more frightening!

His cock was pulsing violently as if to say, 'Come and suck it NOW!' I was so horny to fuck his huge cock again, but I had to play with it first. I needed to make love to his huge cock again and it was my way of showing him how bad I needed to please him.

I kneeled on the chase lounge and began kissing him while I pumped his huge cock, while it towered furiously up his chest. As I pumped it lovingly I moaned with lust and then began spitting all over his huge cock saying,

"Oh baby, your cock is so fucking huge...Sooo fucking huge... I'm gonna get it nice and wet while I jack it in my hands, then I'm gonna put it back into my horny pussy and ride the fuck out of it and drive you go crazy lover!"

I continued to spit all over his giant cock and pumped it lovingly up and down while we kissed for about a half hour. As I pumped his giant shaft I actually came as I watched and felt his massive tower slide between my hands. I so worked up, knowing that I was stroking such a huge powerful cock, especially the cock of my fiancés grandfather.

I then began licking up and down each side of his huge shaft as I groaned over and over saying,

"Ummm..." As I licked up and down his saliva coated shaft I looked up at him with lust in my eyes and moaned like a little school girl saying,

"Oh baby I love blowing your huge cock."

I was consumed with lust and needed to please every inch of that monster cock more then anything in the world.

It was so wild. Here I was a young 18 girl who just a week ago was teaching Sunday school and was helping with the church bizarre. I transformed from dressing ultra conservatively and now here I was dressed in a pair of sexy white thigh high stockings clasped to a white garter belt wearing a elegant pair of open toed white high heel pumps while I was crazily sucking all over the enormous cock of my fiancés 76 year old grandfather!

Nothing in the world mattered to me. I laughed at myself thinking about all of those holier then though people in my little conservative church community. The fact that he was my fiancés powerful and wealthy grandfather only turned me on even more. I was consumed with lust, a lust to thrill and satisfy every inch of his georgeous13 inch cock. All I could think about was pleasuring it and thoroughly worshiping it. I was depraved with lust for my fiancés grandfathers giant cock.

It was the only thing in the world that mattered to me. I needed to excite and thrill every inch of his huge tireless cock. I wanted to please every long vein that protruded from his angry monstrous shaft, from the great big tip to the freakish bending hook to the big powerful balls that always seemed to be loaded with buckets of hot cum. I wanted to please his huge cock as if it was what kept me breathing!

As I crazily licked up one side of his mammoth hooked shaft then down the other the warm ocean air was filed with my moaning, saying,

"Such a big fucking cock...All I want to do is thrill your great big cock baby...Please it for you...Oh God your huge cock is driving me crazy baby...I could suck your huge hard- on all day and night baby."

As I eagerly worshiped his great big cock he sipped his Champaign while he scanned my body and lustfully groaned about how hot and sexy I was and that I was driving his great big cock insane.

Once his giant shaft was thoroughly coated with my hot saliva I said,

"Oh baby now I'm gonna ride the fuck out of this huge horny cock."

I then turned my back to my fiancés grandfather and lifted one of my long stocking covered legs over his thigh. With my high heels on I was able to raise my ass up above his towering shaft, just barely higher than his huge cock head. I lifted his huge shaft with both hands and began to insert the head of his cock past the mouth of my sizzling turned on 18 year old pussy. I then began the long slow torturous journey down over the freakish hook which caused me to gasp while holding my breath then finally to the base of his huge shaft. I was so fucking wet and turned on that I began cumming instantly as I dropped my tight as a glove pussy from the head of his cock to the base.

When I bottomed out I turned my head and moaned,

"Oh fuck your sexy cock is soooo fucking big...Soooo fucking big baby... Oh god you've got the biggest fucking cock baby."

We then met for a brief tongue kiss. Both of our tongues instinctually came out of our mouths and the hot points met and flicked against each other for a few naughty seconds. It was a constant reminder of how appalling this was to most people. An 18 year old Sunday school teacher fucking a 76 year old man!

I then stood up until I reached the tip of that huge angry cock. I was so glad I had on a pair of high heel pumps because the extra three inches helped me raise my ass up high enough to get above the big crown of his wide cock head. Once I reached the tip of his towering cock I put my hands on his muscular thighs and began to churn my ass around in a teasing and sexy way, all over that big fat cock head.

My fiancés grandfather was moaning like crazy from the sight of my wild ass churning in slow deliberate spirals as my pussy gripped and sucked on his huge cock head, before it dropped back down his endless shaft again slowly. My fiancés grandfather was moaning as he reached out and rested his hands on the lace tops of my thigh high stockings.

As I began fucking up and down on his giant cock he ran his hands teasingly up and down my nylons and told me how sexy I was and how good I was at fucking his huge cock. At one point he grabbed the backs of my thighs and lifted my long stocking covered legs straight out and told me to cross them.

As I crossed one of high heel over the other he moaned and said,

"Yes baby let me look at those sexy long skinny freckled legs in those hot stockings and those naughty white high heels while I fuck you deep with my big fat cock...Oh yes that looks real sexy baby...Real sexy."

As he was fucking into me I looked across the wall which was mirrored and saw the sly look on his face as he took in the sexy sight of my long stocking covered legs with my white open toed high heel pumps as his giant cock tunneled its way menacingly in and out of my sex starved 18 year old pussy.

I was going crazy from the new feeling I was receiving from his massive cock as my stocking crossed legs tightened even more around his extremely fat cock. It was so sexy fucking his huge cock while I rested against his well defined chest and he held my long stoking covered crossed legs out. It made me look even longer and taller against his frame. The new sensation of having my long stocking covered legs and my high heels crossed was driving me insane as my pussy clung to his monster cock. This tightening of my pussy made my fiancés grandfather even angrier to fuck. I was exploding with every invading thrust as his huge cock continued prying me wide apart. I was cumming so much that I thought I was about to pass out from the sheer pleasure.

He then placed the heels of my white open toed pumps on his thighs and as he held onto each of the three inch heels he began fucking me harder and crazier. As he fucked way up into me my heels dug into his thighs which only fueled his fire and made him fuck me faster, deeper and harder. I was going crazy as I looked across to the mirrored wall and watched our lust filled act.

It looked so wild seeing that enormous 13 inch cock fucking into my teenage pussy and seeing my small tight fuck lips stretch so far apart as they desperately as they clung to his giant cock with each long punishing stroke. One time his giant cock sprang free from my pussy and swung wildly about as it was coated with the juice of my soaked pussy. It was such an amazing sight to see his freakish cock waving angrily from side to side and thinking that it actually could fit into my tight 18 year old pussy. The sight was so wild as I saw my pussy stay stretched apart without closing! It was an enormous gaping holed made by the enormous 10 inch girth of that huge cock! His monster cock spread me so far apart it looked like a tunnel. It was shocking to see my once tight as a glove pussy stretched out as wide as a soda can!

As I watched this freakish scene in terror, I greedily reached out and grabbed that swaying cock and lined it back up between my fuck lips and continued to moan and cry out in dark seeded lust.

"Oh fuck...take that sexy 18 year old pussy with that giant cock...take it all baby...make it yours baby."

My fiancés grandfather saw me looking in the mirror and once he watched my young 18 year old pussy being spread four inches across by his giant cock he began thrusting and uttering profanities crazily saying,

"Oh you fucking sexy teenage bitch, these sexy stockings and high heels are driving me crazy baby... Yeah that's it baby; take my big fucking cock that you got so turned on from wearing these sexy stockings and high heels... Yeah that's it watch yourself cum all over my big fat cock you sexy fucking teaser you."

I was howling as I came again and again from watching his huge cock fucking into me from the mirror. I loved knowing that my thigh high stockings and white open toed high heels were making his huge cock mad with lust.

After a while my fiancés grandfather brought his hands under my sexy milky white ass and cupped my ass cheeks, which helped guide me up and down his huge cock, at a speed he wanted to fuck at. I began fucking up and down faster and harder on his huge hard on as his hands cupped my sexy ass. I loved the feeling of his strong hands on my small round ass, as he played with it.

I sneered,

"Oh yes baby, grab that ass while I fuck up and down on your great big 13 inch cock, you big cocked fuck you." We were now in a rage to out fuck one another and we went back to fucking like two sex starved animals.

As I continued to fuck up and down on my fiancés grandfathers huge cock I repeated over and over saying,

"Oh baby your cock is so fucking big...I love the way your huge cocks fucks... Oh god...I can feel it everywhere baby...Oh baby, you're stuffing every inch of my teenage pussy baby...Oh yesssss fuck every inch of it."

At one point he pulled his huge cock out as he moaned saying,

"Ahhhhh fuck that pussy is to fucking good baby."

He then began slapping his enormous towering shaft against my swollen little clit and over onto my stomach. I then shrieked when I saw his giant turned on cock in the mirror as it almost touched the underside of my tiny 29AA flat chested tits. I shuddered in disbelief when I thought about my pussy actually taking such a freakishly huge cock. I then turned my head and groaned as we got into another wild kiss. Once my fiancés grandfather cooled down for a second he grabbed that monster cock again and pushed it back into my stretched out pussy. We picked up or fuck and he began moving to the front edge of the sofa.

As I was enjoying fucking up and down on his huge cock, he moved off the edge of the chase lounge chair and began fucking into me like crazy. I was screaming out of sheer pain and lust from the way his ass was coming up from the floor and striking way up into my pussy as he met my burning ass as it was coming down on his giant shaft.

The excitement from being fucked so hard and deep by such a titanic cock and enjoying the feeling of being so stuffed and stretched apart by it, caused me to shriek over and over,

"Oh fuuuuuuck... fuck yeah,"

As I was screaming like an animal in heat I came all over my fiancés grandfathers huge angry cock five times. After a few minutes of this merciless assault on my pussy and making me cum five times I rose off his cock and bent forward and licked it all over. I was delirious licking his huge cock as I tasted my exploding pussy all over his freakish shaft. As I continued to blow him, my fiancés grandfather grabbed my ass and spread it wide apart.

He said in an almost depraved voice,

"I've got to eat this sexy ass of yours baby... This hot ass has been teasing me to long baby...I'm gonna make it cum real nice sexy... Real nice."

He then began licking around the sensitive rim of my tight asshole, then began inserting the tip of his hot tongue into it.

The feeling was making me crazy and I began moaning softly,

"Oh yessss baby that feels soooo fucking good... Oh yeah baby...fuck my small asshole with that nasty tongue of yours baby."

As I was moaning wantonly he began darting that talented tongue into me deeper and deeper until my asshole was opening and closing on its own from each of his long tongue thrust.

He then took his hands from my ass and began running them up and down the sides of my garter belt while he worked his nasty tongue into my asshole. The feeling of his hands stretching my garters while his tongue was fucking my ass was so hot and so exquisite.

I looked over my shoulder and moaned,

"Ohhhh baby ...that feels so fucking sexy...Sooo fucking sexy."

I then went right back to licking and pleasing his huge cock as he moaned approvingly.

We were both pleasing each other and driving each other wild. This naughty 69 position was making us hotter and hotter by the second. The feeling of licking, kissing and pumping such a tremendous cock while having my asshole fucked by my fiancés grandfathers tongue as he ran his hands up and down the sides of my stockings, caused me to shudder and cum again. Just the sight of his great big cock towering above my face was making me delirious. My fiancés grandfathers tongue was too much excitement for my ass.

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