tagInterracial LoveNaughty Tory Ch. 01

Naughty Tory Ch. 01


"I suppose you'd better go now" I said to Omar as my head laid on his bare, smooth and manly chest, I was running a finger up and down his ribbed stomach, stopping at his boxer shorts he had pulled back up, the salty taste still in my mouth from the blowjob I had just given him on my bed.

"Why don't you just tell your mum and dad about me?" he asked

"It's not that simple" I replied moving to look at him

"Why not? You're 21 and have a boyfriend, so what?"

"My dad is amazingly strict and ............. Well you know"

"What? Cos I'm black and you're white? You don't need to tell him any details Tory" He said getting up, I watched his strong, dark muscular body as he got dressed.

"I'm sorry........" I started

"Don't be, you're lucky you're fucking sexy!" He said leaning on the bed and kissing me deep "Maybe I'll come back later and you can let me climb through your window?"

"You can't do that" I stammered "People might see you?"

"So?" He said opening my bedroom door. "I'll see you later sexy" and with that he was gone. I watched out my front window as he made his way down the drive, gave a little wave at me turned right and was out of sight.

I got up and headed for the bathroom to have a quick shower before mum and dad got home, plus I had got a bit excited earlier and my knickers where a little sticky. The bathroom was downstairs and I wrapped a towel around me to go upstairs to my bedroom, I opened the door just as mum and dad walked through the front door

"What a fucking wanker though!" My dad said turning to my mum "He should fucking look to see where he's going. The cunt"

"Oh goody dads in his usual good mood" I thought to myself "everything ok" I asked

"Yes, yes everything's fine" my mum said shutting the door and peering around the side of dad "Just someone in a car apparently not looking where they where going"

My dad started up again as he went into the kitchen, opened the fridge and cracked open a beer, I made may way upstairs to get dressed and left them to it although I could still hear my dad in my bedroom but he was already moaning about something else.

Over the last few years his drinking was getting worse and so were his moods, he never seemed to have a good word to say about anything, he'd also put on a lot of weight as well but of course it was just in our imagination, through his own eyes he still looks as trim as he did when he first met mum and we're the idiots. Mum is just totally the opposite and takes everything in her stride although she doesn't smile as much as she used too but I can guess the reason for that! She hasn't changed much since she met dad maybe got a little slimmer but that's it, she has become classier with age where as dad has degraded somewhat. I could never see them apart as neither would be happy without the other, I just wish dad would show mum so more caring and love!

I unwrapped the towel from my smooth lightly tanned 5'5" body, I used it to gently rub and dry my chestnut brown shoulder length hair, letting it fall into its soft natural curl. I turned to look in the mirror at my bum, still looking peachy, I gave it a shake and a squeeze with my hands and giggled to myself, turning back round I looked at the 1 inch strip of short hair I'd left. "Just like you wanted Omar" I said to myself, rubbing my smooth skin either side of it. I brought my hands up my smooth stomach to my 34D tits and squeezed them together. I turned and went to my chest of drawers and pulled out my matching set of white French knickers and bra. I wriggled into my knickers and then slid my bra on, making sure every thing was just perfect, I was starting to get more and more horny just thinking about Omar coming through my window and the thought of his muscular dark body next to mine, his thick cock inside me. I snapped out my daydream as my mum opened the door and walked in without knocking. "my don't you look good dear" She said laying some clothes on my bed.

"Well we know where I get that from don't we" I said giving mum a hug. Her hand giving my bum a squeeze. I finished getting dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and went to join my parents downstairs.

I'd had enough of dad's foul mood and his shouting at the TV and went back upstairs at 9.30 and decided to change into something a bit more revealing for when Omar hopefully turned up. I searched through my cupboard and drawers until I found my short denim skirt that only just about covered my bum and French knickers, I then found a my black backless halter neck top. I hung it up and removed my t-shirt and bra and slid it over my head, it had 2 straps at the bottom that kris-crossed behind my back and that was it, the front was split all the way down to a big silver ring at my naval. I stood in front of my mirror just adjusting myself when my phone vibrated gently on my bed, I hurried over and picked it up. It was a text from Omar saying to open my window he's nearly here. I text back saying be quiet as my parents are still up. I opened my big window which was over the top of the flat roof of the front porch, I started getting really excited and couldn't believe how he made me felt. I sat down on the bed trying to look sexy as he came through my window, "no, no that's not right" I stood up and looked around my room "Ah I know, lean on my elbows over my drawers looking back over my shoulder at him, that should do it" I thought to myself.

I heard a little scrabble outside the window and my heart quickened, then I saw his clean shaven head bob into view as he made it onto the top of the front door porch, he then stood up and our eyes met and his widened as he studied me from the window. He then pulled his 6ft2" toned frame effortlessly up and through my bedroom window, after closing the curtains he turned back to look at me, I rubbed one foot against the calf of my other as he stepped quickly to me! His hands went around my waist and he lent over and kissed my ear, I tipped my head back and whispered "I feel naughty tonight"

"Good, cos you look it! What would your folks say?"

I turned to face him "maybe I should leave them speechless?" I said kissing him deeply and instantly going for his belt on his jeans, unbuckling them I pulled them down and stroked his hardening cock through his tight white boxer shorts. Our tongues still tangling, one off his hands was squeezing my bum cheek as the other slipped inside my top and groped my boob through my bra, I pulled his t-shirt up and as he took it off over his head, I kissed his chest and ran my tongue down his toned stomach until I got to the top of his boxers. I looped my index finger inside the elastic band and ran it round the side and did the same with my other finger and then I eased his boxers down to be greeted by the now familiar sight of his big black cock hanging gently down. I knelt down in front of him and moved my head under his cock and opened my mouth and slowly moved up, my lips gently brushed against his fat helmet, they slid up his warm shaft as my tongue pushed against his helmet deep in my mouth now.

He leant back against my chest of drawers as I sucked him, his cock growing to its full size in my mouth, I gave myself a little rub through my French knickers as I got more and more turned on. I was surprised to find how wet I was, I rubbed some more as I looked up at Omar, his cock filling my mouth, a little bit of spit dribbling down my chin. Omar stepped out of his jeans and trousers, I took his cock back in my hand licking my lips as I leant forward and started sucking eagerly on his cock again, my other hand between my legs rubbing my pussy through my wet knickers, Omar grabbed the back of my head and forced me further down onto his cock and then started thrusting forward as he did, before long his cock was sliding easily down my throat and his balls hitting my chin, I had never deep throated before but it felt so natural to me, I was getting more and more turned on, he pulled away and I caught my breath, a string of spit hanging from his shiny black cock. It's natural upward curve meant I could get to his balls, I licked them and sucked them and then licked up his long shaft and took his cock in my mouth again, sucking it down deep my free hand on the base of his cock. Omar pulled his cock out my grasp and slapped it against my face, and again, he then pushed his balls into my mouth and I licked them. My fingers now had pulled my French knickers tot he side and where rubbing hard against my clit and then disappearing in my sticky pussy.

Omar stood me up and turned me around and undid the two straps and pulled my top off, he snapped my bra off and threw it to the floor he pulled me against his body, my hand still on his cock, his hands went to my tits and squeezed them hard and pinched my already erect nipples, he lifted my skirt up around my waist and pulled my knickers down, his hand slid round the front "Someone's had a shave?"

"Especially for you" I said back. His finger darted between my legs and I lifted one up, his middle two fingers slid effortlessly into my wet pussy, I gasped as he curled them inside me, he did this faster and faster, my breathing getting shallower and shallower, his other arm pinning me against his body as he finger fucked me. he released me and I turned to face him stepping out of my knickers as I did, I put my arms around his neck and jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist, he hooked his arms under my legs and lowered me down onto his cock, I bit my lip and buried my face into his neck as his cock spread me open. He began fucking me hard and fast, I pinched and squeezed my nipple with one arm as I bounced on him "oh fuck, Oh fuck OOH FUUUCK" I began saying as an orgasm grew fast inside of me. I buried my head into his shoulder as I came hard, my nails digging into his back, I groaned low and horny trying not to make any noise, my pussy gripping and trying to milk his cock, my whole body tensing up, my legs gripping his side harder. "Uuuuuumph" is all I could keep saying. Omar lifted me up and off his cock which bounced up and down, my juices covering his cock.

Omar laid me down on the bed, I had my eyes closed still as I writhed a little on the bed, and he pulled my denim skirt off from my midriff and threw it onto the floor. "Roll over" he said "And get on all fours, I've got a little surprise for you"

I did as he said and looked over my shoulder and watched him fumbling in his jeans pocket "What are you doing?" He pulled out a little pot "What's that?"

"Its oil"


"I own your pussy and now I'm gonna own your arse, you said you where feeling naughty"

My eyes widened "but....."

"Don't worry just relax and it'll be fine" he said taking the top off the pot and squirting it on my arse. I felt the liquid run down the crack of my arse and my back, his finger then pushed into my arse "Just relax" he said again leaning forward his cock bouncing as he did. he slid his finger back out then pushed two inside me and squirted more oil over my arse and then some on his cock and rubbed it in, he then knelt on the bed behind me and with cock in hand rested against my virgin bum hole, I felt some pressure from the head of his cock and then it slowly edged into me, it felt tight and that I was splitting "ow wowoowowow"

"shhhh it's ok" he said and he edged his cock out squirted more oil and then edged back in, his hands on my arse spreading it wide as he pushed further in until I felt his balls against me, then slowly he started fucking my arse. I felt so dirty as he did, I'd never thought about having a cock in my arse but I was getting more and more turned on and I was starting to love it, so much so that I started pushing back and getting into a rhythm with him. He grabbed a handful of hair and snapped my head back as he started picking up the pace, my back arched and I pinched a nipple hard "YOu nasty little slut! Look at you enjoying this now!"

"I love it, push it deeper in my arse!" I hissed back at him over my shoulder. That seemed to spur him on and he gritted his teeth and sped up, ramming into my arse. He then stopped and pulled his cock out, pulling me by my hair he turned me round and got me on my knees leaning back against my bed, he had his hand round his cock and stepped forward and pushed his balls into my mouth and wanked his big black cock as I licked them. "Oh fuck here it comes!" He stepped back a little and aimed his cock down and a big load of cum shot out and splattered across my left eyebrow, then another along my nose, and then into my open mouth, he wanked furiously moaning and grunting hard as cum flicked and splattered out of his cock landing all over my face and hair, running down my cheek and neck, I swallowed what had landed in my mouth and sucked his pulsing helmet. He slapped my face with his cock, shaking the last drops of cum out of his cock. "that's the slut I knew was in there" He said to me looking down at my cum covered face as I used a finger to scoop it up.

"I fucking loved that" I said back "and I want more"

"Clean you face first!" he replied walking round me and laying on the bed, his cock twitching as it slowly lay on the side.

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