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We had been drinking for 3 hours straight. She was drunk and horny. She kept touching herself and licking my ear as I drove. It was hard to drive, more importantly I was hard and focusing on the road was difficult at best. We had called him about an hour before and told hi that we needed some where to dry out before we went home. I could hear him over the phone smile to himself, and say come on over.

As we drove, she begged me to let her suck my cock. She would reach in her pants and wet her fingers and then put them in her mouth as we drove. As we got closer to his apartment my excitement grew. The words coming out of her mouth were no help and I sped up to get there faster.

As we pulled into his parking lot she reached under her shirt and did what all girls seem to learn and remove her bra without her shirt. She smiled and said that I need to go get something to drink from up the road and that she would just "wait" for me and talk a bit before I arrived back. I smiled and said sure, go in and make sure the door is unlocked so I could get in. She told me how hot it was and unbuttoned her pants, which already hung low on her, and rolled them down a bit. It was Friday, and Fridays were a good excuse to not where undies. She hopped out of the car and quickly disappeared down the sidewalk.

I quickly drove to fetch the drinks and returned in less than 5 min. As I walked up to his door I realized that the window was open and the blinds were just open so. I thought to myself, that she had set this up for me, maybe it was him. It did not matter; I had a full view of the small living room, and kitchen. I thought that I should watch and see what happened next.

She was on the big couch looking up at him, as he stood with his back to me. She was flirting hard, pushing out her chest, and touching his leg. I could just barely hear the conversation. Ever so naughty she explained that she had sent me on a trip that should have me gone for a while, and that he has to have something better to watch. Never missing a beat, he asked what she preferred. Something naughty she reply's "I'm sure you have something to keep the mood interesting" he left the room, as soon as he was out of sight, I could see her rubbing her self through her jeans. I was excited to the point my heart was beating so fast, and I was to hard so I opened my own jeans to provide some room.

He walked back in, wearing only jeans, his shirt, shoes and socks were left somewhere out of sight. He stood in front of the TV, and put in the DVD, turned it on and walked back to the chair just next to the couch, he reached back and dimmed the standing light, enough to darken the room, but with the TV light I still had a good view. It was an adult movie; even if the sound wouldn't have given it away it was obvious from her reaction. Her eyes were big and her legs moved apart just a bit more.

As they watched she lost her ability to think through her actions, she touched her large chest, first over her shirt then within seconds one hand was under the shirt roughly grabbing her tit, and the other was down the front of her pulled down jeans. The host sat and watched the show, completely ignoring the movie. I could see that this was having a positive effect by the way he shifted and moved him self in the chair.

I was going out of my mind. This was not her first experience since our marriage with another man, certainly not the first without me, but she rarely masturbated in front of me, let alone in front of another man. Slowly she moved her hand from her pants and into her mouth, taking her time to taste herself. She begged him over with her words, and her fingers. He slowly rose from his chair and walked over, moving in front of her, he unzipped his pants to free himself.

I could only see the back of him, but I knew he was in her mouth. I could hear the noises from her, and watch his hips move back and forth. His hands moving her head, while one hand held him, her other was still inside of her. She moved off of the couch and onto her knees on the floor, he twisted a bit to give me the perfect view. Her pants were pulled down just above her knees, her fingers rubbing hard inside of her, sucking him roughly.

Suddenly she stopped and looked up and told him to "fuck me, hard" she wanted to be used, it was obvious. He grabbed her hair and turned her around bending her over the footstool, reaching down pulling his and her pants off in a hurry. She leaned forward sticking her ass into the air. I could see he was hard and instead of moving closer to her, he moved his head down and began to lick her. She moaned loud, and whimpered. She reached back balancing her self on her chest, reached back spreading herself apart open. His fingers working her making, her even wetter, and his tongue moving in and out of both holes, driving her wild. At that point, I touched my self not believing how she reacted to him. Because I have had her many times I recognized that at that point, sexually she was willing to do anything with anyone, just to make it last. This is always when I like her; I moved to the door and quietly let myself in. Because their backs were to the TV and me sound so loud I was able to move in and remove the rest of my close.

I moved around to the front, she looking at the TV a pushing back on his face, I knelt down holding myself and grabbed her hair twisting her head so I could push it into her mouth. She accepted it greedily and sucked hard I moved it in and out, fucking her from the front, gently at first, then harder, knowing that's how she like it. I watched it move in and out. Suddenly she opened her mouth and groaned, I looked back and watch him enter her, I tried to keep moving into her mouth, but she stopped. She looked up at me and could barely speak; "he's in my ass" was all she could say. I was surprised, she was not afraid of anal, but usually she likes it after she has been fucking for a while. Here she was pushing back, grunting moaning, he was focused moving harder, and faster in. She reached back to me and thrust her mouth back on me. I held on at this point, just trying to not lose it. I could hear his breathing quicken, and she began to whimper again, she was having an orgasm. He pulled out as she began to relax.

She sat back on her knees, and turned around as he laid back. She moved up and slid her self over him and rocked back hard, he moaned as he felt her over him. I moved behind her and positioned myself to enter her. As she moved back hard, I moved forward and in one push thrust into her. This time it was too much, even after she had been warmed up. She let out a cry from the pain, I slapped her ass and told her to behave, and she only grunted and pushed back, now with both of us in her, she was wild. We just stayed in position as she moved front and back, and rotated to make it the best for her. I could feel him through her, she was possessed and was not even concerned with the certain pain she would feel the next day.

She came again, and once more before he tried to pull out, as he was close, we moved back and pushed her down on her back, kneeling over her, we rubbed ourselves as she touched herself. Her tongue sticking out trying to lick up as we leaned in and shooting it on her face and chest, she was covered and began to lick her hands and clean herself like a cat. Not letting a drop go untouched, we sat back and watched as she finished, and excused her self to the shower. Her parting words were, "I'll be out in a few minutes, why don't the two of you get things hard again, I'm still horney."

Now that's the next story.

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