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Naughty Young Asian Office Girl


"You had me tugging my tan colored pantyhose control top under my desk (discreetly, of course) while reading your latest reply right now... the seam in the middle "nudging" my clit and stirring decadence in my pelvic area. Juices after juices are bursting at my pussy lips... the wanton-ness of your reply had me going to the edge of another volcanic orgasm. My pussy lips are puffy and plump; slipping a couple of fingers inside to spread them apart as I tug higher and harder at the control top; snugly keeping my wet lips spread, separated only by the thin seam nylon that has been intricately sewn at the center of the pantyhose...

My shapely legs are crossing and uncrossing every now and then, trying to savor every moment of that "delicious taste" I am experiencing right now... I stop occasionally whenever colleagues walk by while my mind wanders beyond the office environment; thinking about the aftermath of my encounter with the security guard, left in a compromising position of sorts. Anybody who walks in will have been taken aback and perhaps pleasantly surprise too...

I'm tugging harder at the control top; my juices free-flowing; soaking the tan shiny pantyhose I had worn the other night I had cum in; yes... I wanted to feel the cum and the horniness while eagerly anticipating your reply... and now I have waited but I'm still kept on the edge because there are still so many colleagues in the office even at this time of the evening.

I can only keep oozing more juices while making futile attempts to get on with my work assignments..."


I was just typing the above email response into my computer but I should first tell you something about myself... My name is Fei, and I'm a 20-year-old Chinese-born girl who works as an administrative assistant in an office of a large international company in a big city in East Asia. I'm just over 5 foot tall, slender, have long black hair and dark brown eyes. I like wearing dresses and mini-skirts with hemlines high above my knees, all kinds of pantyhose, and various kinds of high heels, size 5, particularly the ones with straps around my ankles. I like to paint my nails and to wear a little bit of make-up, too, but it's barely noticeable for most and I look very natural that way.

A couple of months ago, I got in touch via email with a guy from the US by the name of Dan, and we've been having some pretty hot exchanges on what's going on in my and his fantasies when we work in our offices, often involving pantyhose, sex, masturbation and all kinds of kinky stuff. He recently asked me to describe to him in a bit more detail what it is that wearing pantyhose "does to me" and out of my response came a pretty wild dialog of sorts that I want to share with you here; the email you just read followed the thread of the back-and-forth between us.


[My reply to Dan's question on how I feel when wearing pantyhose:]

I guess my eager anticipation got the better of me this time... It's rare that I'll check my emails during office hours knowing that you never respond back until a week later (at least); even though I reply back to you within a couple of days. But as I said in my previous email, it's been a rather lull period these few weeks that I was so bored that I thought I check my email account to see if there was a reply from you. You should see the look on my expression...

When you asked me the feeling of putting on pantyhose and how it felt when there is movement of my legs, it struck multiple chords in my pussy and sent tingling sensations; stirring my loins up several notches. It made me so conscious of the smooth tan pantyhose I am wearing that I was literally flooding my pantyhose crotch with slimy juices. I'll be brutally honest with you about wearing pantyhose. It doesn't arouse me some times, it arouses me ALL the time.

The silky smooth gentle fabric caressing the skin; the feel of spandex "hugging and clinging" onto my legs as I pull up the material. My leg muscles feeling taut and firm while the nylon grabs hold of my butt cheeks like two palms cupping over them, giving them a little push-up. If I'm wearing a pair with gusset, my pussy feels comfortably nestled in the cotton fabric like a thin layer covering over a vulnerable area. If I'm not wearing a gusset pair, I feel even more "exposed" with a heightened sense of anxiety. But it's precisely this feeling that makes me aroused, making me feel like I'm in a trance; a constant state of being high. The thought of being discovered by the public through accidental exposure by no deliberate action turns up the heat and makes me feel so wanton.

There is the feeling of a palm gently stroking over the outer lips whenever I walk; the nylon material tugging and nudging into my pussy lips whenever I sit, squat or bend over. The stretched nylon pressing against my pussy, electrifying my inner state of mind. Mmm... it is so difficult to keep up with the description, you're just making me so damn horny and yearning. My mind is running all around, my thoughts are scattered...

Soaked in pussy juice, the wet nylon feels even sexier when I do any of the above-mentioned actions; be it sitting down, walking, or even crossing my legs, making it even wetter. It has a squishy & slimy sensation, and if my legs are apart, I can feel a cooling effect. Whenever I put on pantyhose I make sure I'll do a few half-squats to ensure the nylon material fits snuggly around my crotch, pressing hard against my pussy lips. Oh god... I can hear myself breathing harder now, my heart beating faster and my decadence shooting up... bringing me to the brink of climaxing without even touching myself yet!!

The best sensation I have experienced so far is having thick globs of male cum soaking my pantyhose crotch (especially the inside part) and the cum-stained nylon material tugging and pressing hard against my pussy lips, rubbing it with the cum-soaked material. It keeps me in a state of horniness and arousal, fantasizing about men and their cocks, how they will subdue me by force. Fantasizing about you and your stiff rod; towering over me, stroking your shaft, milking the length with your pre-cum.

Ooo... I feel so unproductive this afternoon; so regretful checking my email and replying you, and I'm so on the brink of cumming...


[Dan's reply:]

Just as you finished writing the last few lines of your email to me, you had this sixth sense feeling that someone was standing very closely behind you. It irritated you briefly since you hadn't heard anyone's footsteps.

Then you noticed a warm breath at the right side of your neck and a male voice whispered into your ear.

"Interesting project you're working on here, Fei."

You realized immediately that it was your boss. Oh darn! Was that the end...? You felt so uncomfortable like in a shock, almost immobilized like a mouse cornered by a cat with no way out.

Before you could catch your breath again, your boss placed his hands on your shoulders and said he would not bring this incident to anyone's attention as long as you'd be willing to do him a favor. You took a breath of relief, he wasn't as mean as you feared him to be, he wouldn't set all wheels in motion to fire you.

"Please get off your chair and take off your dress," you heard him whisper.

What?? Is he going crazy? No way, it's still in the middle of the afternoon and anyone could enter this cubicle at any point in time. He must surely be kidding, you thought.

"No kidding," he continued in a very soft but determined voice, as if answering to your musings. "I want to see you without your dress, right now..."

You realized there was no point in protesting or walking away; he had caught you in the act and you were now his prey, he owned you, yes, as awful as this sounded and felt.

You got up, unzipped the back of your dress and slowly let it fall on the floor, still not looking your boss into his eyes. You felt a mix of anxiety and nervous apprehension of what was to come next. Your pussy was still wet from writing down your thoughts on wearing pantyhose earlier and you felt the fabric of your pantyhose, soaked with your slimy pussy juices, rubbing softly against your pussy lips...

Your boss had approached you meanwhile and showed no shyness whatsoever touching and caressing you all over. His strong hands massaged your tits through your silky bra and you could not help but getting aroused again when his fingers gently squeezed your nipples as your breasts slowly became firmer and your nipples more erect.

He now was so close that your bodies lined up against each other and you felt his large hard boner pressing against your pelvic area. His hands now slowly slid down your nude back until they reached your firm pantyhose-encased butt cheeks, gently, then more firmly massaging them and making them even firmer. You experienced his palms through the soft and smooth fabric of your pantyhose that tightly encased your butt and nicely squeezed it into a perfect shape. You noticed his boner becoming even larger and harder and your pussy juices started streaming downwards, out onto your pantyhose crotch to meet the juices from earlier that had become drier meanwhile, almost a part of the fabric.

Your boss now unzipped his pants and let his boxer shorts fall down, exposing his enormous manhood to you. You have changed your mindset completely from anxious and apprehensive mode to wanton mode and all you desired now was being a slut for your boss, give him all he wanted and more.

As he grabbed your head and pushed it down slightly, you could easily guess his intent and kneeled down on the office floor, your pantyhose-encased butt cheeks resting on your killer heels, allowing the leather of the heels to exert subtle pressure through the pantyhose fabric on your butt. You really would have liked stroking your pussy lips with your fingers now, so aroused, but you knew your boss expected something different at this point. You grabbed his cock that stood erect straight up into the sky with your hands, gently stroked it back and forth a couple of times, then touching it and kissing it with your lustful lips, then slowly letting it slide into your mouth, enjoying its salty taste, mixed with some pre-cum on its head. Your boss uttered a subdued groan as you swallowed his rod all the way and started sucking on it as hard and dedicated as you could, all the while holding onto its base with your hands. You moved to lick and suck his balls several times which seemed to arouse him even more, and then continued your blowjob until you sensed he was almost on the verge of coming.

You knew he was ready then because now his determination and aggression increased substantially, as he first ripped your bra away from your firm breasts, exposing them and your hard nipples right in front of his face. He spent some time licking and caressing them but he clearly was already determined to go all the way.

He asked you to lie down on the floor and spread your legs wide. As you pulled your legs apart, the pantyhose-fabric, wet from your new pussy juices, rubbed gently over your labia and clit, giving you a warm, tingling sensation all over your body. You just wanted him inside of your cunt so bad, your mind was now focused only on this one thing.

He kneeled in front of you, moving your legs high up in the air, then placing your feet, still in the heels, onto his face. You noticed a further swelling of his massive boner, he must have a foot or shoe fetish for sure. Yes, he started licking your heels all over the place and asked you to not be shy and push the stiletto parts firmly into his face.

Then, so suddenly you were surprised, he took off both of your heels, used them to rip a hole in the crotch of your pantyhose and shoved his steel rod all the way inside you, filling you up as you've never been filled up before in your life. You wanted to cry out loud of joy and ecstasy but realized you had to be quiet given where all of this was taking place.

Your boss pumped you hard, almost too hard at times, for many minutes, requiring you to rest your pantyhose-encased feet on his face, walking them up and down, sticking them into his mouth, experiencing his tongue flicking all over them until they were all soaked and wet of his saliva.

Your climax meanwhile was building stronger and stronger, as he gently massaged your breasts and nipples again, still pushing in and out of your lust hole like a well-maintained machine. You felt you were close to coming, your pussy contracted, almost preventing his cock from moving, then you experienced a hot sensation shooting throughout your whole body, countless contractions, visions of all colors of the universe, spacing out almost completely, and finally bouts of juices would gush out from your pussy, bringing him to an orgasm as well.

He exploded inside of you only twice, then pulled his boner out, shooting his many remaining loads of cum all over your face, breasts, pelvis, crotch, and all over your pantyhose. Then he briefly smiled, but said no word, got dressed again and left your cubicle...


[My reply to Dan:]

Just checking your reply at home... Truth be told, I was really soaking at the crotch after I hit the "send" button when writing my last email to you and after reading your reply right now I was right on the brink of cumming on my pantyhose. What stopped me from cumming? The delivery guys who rang the intercom. The buzz startled me that I forgot I was expecting some deliveries of supplements. Have to admit my hair was looking a little disheveled and my face was probably flushed and looking flustered when I quickly composed myself to answer the door. 3 elderly chaps (probably in their fifties) waiting outside were a little shocked seeing how "rushed" I was to open the door for them. Anyway, they came inside and went through the list of supplements I had purchased online.

Of course, I was really feeling uncomfortable when the 3 of them gathered around me as one of them went through each item on the list while I had to bend over every now and then to check if they did deliver. I read your thoughts... I was wearing a cream colored woolen top that just ends around mid-thigh and a pair of barely black pantyhose 15 denier and black heels. I sensed each pair of their lusty eyes were running up and down checking out my outfit and it didn't help that the one reading out the items was slow.

Another observation I made: the rest of the 2 guys were busy meddling with their smartphones; I could be over-reacting and being too sensitive but something was "nudging" me that they were perhaps taking pictures. I was glad it was all over after fifteen minutes (yup, 15 minutes!).

Oh! I forgot. Thanks to your reply I may have been too sensitive, paranoid and over-reactive with the delivery guys... Right now, the feeling is one of decadence and wanton as I meet my boyfriend after this email for our date as my mind will keep playing the scene you have planted in my head while my pantyhose gets wetter and wetter thinking of this...


[Dan's reply:]

Since there was still a little time before your date you decided to take a quick shower and refresh yourself after all those excitements from my email and the unexpected three visitors. You quickly took off your top, placed it on a chair, slipped out of your heels and then took off your black pantyhose with a sizeable wet spot at the crotch area, putting them underneath the chair. You turned on the water, waited until it was the right temperature and then stepped inside the shower. The warm water felt so great on your soft skin, you stood there and turned around a couple of times, just enjoying it all. Then you stepped away from the showerhead, took some lightly scented moisturizing soap and applied it all over your body, starting with your feet, toes and soles, then your calves, knees and thighs, until your hands started to touch your private parts. You knew there was not enough time for a full soap pleasuring experience of your inner thighs, labia and mound, with eventual special focus on your clitoris, but you didn't want to skip this area either, so you just stayed there long enough to get a tingling sensation of sexual desire and wanting more, kind of teasing yourself.

Your hands then applied the soft and pleasant soap onto your butt cheeks, not forgetting to clean your butt crack and rosebud, as well, then climbing higher over your lower back, belly, then reaching your breasts. You were almost surprised at how fast your breasts got excited and firm by your touching them with your soapy hands, and your nipples becoming stiffer almost instantaneously when you barely touched them with the tips of your fingers, without any squeezing or massaging, so not to go beyond the limit you set for yourself. Finally you wrapped up with rubbing your hands, arms, neck and shoulders, and then placed the soap back in its dish.

All soaped in, it felt great, clean, refreshing and you walked two steps back into the still running water from the showerhead, letting it rinse off all of your body until the last spot with soap was cleared and clean. You almost turned off the shower right then, satisfied and refreshed as you had intended it to be, but then, somehow, you couldn't resist playing with the showerhead settings a little bit until the "strong pulse" mode was turned on. At this point, you completely forgot your original intentions and the fact that you were almost running late for your date, and just took off the showerhead from its foundation and slowly swiped it up and down your crotch area, spreading your legs, also massaging your inner and outer lips with the rhythmically pulsing stream of water. You got so horny and aroused that you completely lost the feeling for time and space and completely gave into these water pulses, exciting your pussy, pussy lips, and clit more and more strongly. You felt crossing the edge, pressing the showerhead very close onto your love button, almost touching it, and then you came in a wild rocking stream of hot energy throughout all of your body, sensations of sparkling lights, and contractions, first in your pelvic area, then continuing throughout your body for minutes.

All you wanted now is lying down in bed and have a rest. But just as you stepped out of the shower, the intercom buzzed again.

'Must be my boyfriend,' you thought. 'I totally forgot about the time...'

You quickly wrapped a towel around your torso, barely covering your breasts and crotch, ran to the door and pressed the button. When it knocked at the door a short while later, you still hadn't moved very far, and opened it, expecting your boyfriend on the other side.

Your mouth opened wide and you screamed as you saw the three delivery guys from earlier standing in front of the door. One of them said he was sorry but forgot his briefcase. You looked at them in disbelief and were about to shut the door and ask them to come back later at a more convenient time. But before you could act, they already had entered your apartment and had closed the door behind them. Only now you noticed some kind of mischievous smiles on their faces and were struck by panic. You realized you were almost nude, and those guys probably only had one thing on their mind. You prayed that your boyfriend would buzz or give you a call right now ...

The first guy approached you and said he had found the briefcase. You responded that you were glad he did, still holding on to your towel that was revealing more of your body than it was hiding. Then the second guy said that they had taken a couple of really "nice" pictures of you earlier and whether you'd like to see them, in a teasing tone.

"In fact," remarked the third guy, "we may have to put them online at some point and will make sure your family, friends and co-workers will find out about them."

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