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Navy Bride


My name is Tammy and I am a sailor's young wife. Tommy and I got married when we were nineteen and then Tommy promptly got shipped off to sea. We have only seen each other a few weeks over the past year. I hate to admit it but I get so horny these days. I have a job but few friends and I live in a small apartment. Thankfully Rob lives in the next door to me.

Rob is in his mid-twenties and is so helpful. He told me if I ever need help just to knock on his door. It also helps that Rob is handsome. I sometimes think I should have married him instead. I just like guys with dark hair and men who are in shape and that is Rob to be sure.

I hate to say it but I have gained some weight since my husband has been away. I am a curvy girl to begin with and I added some weight around my tummy and hips. I know I need to work that off as soon as I can. My tits are already large and I don't need anymore weight there for sure.

It was one Friday night and I was feeling so lonely. I got up the urge and I knocked on Rob's door.

"Would you mind if I came in for awhile, it's so lonely and quiet in my apartment," I told him.

Rob invited me in and asked me if I had eaten anything. I told him no and he fixed me a plate of food and opened a bottle of wine as well. Alcohol always gets to me and I was soon opening up myself to Rob about all my troubles. To Rob's credit he just listened to me and didn't criticize.

It was getting late and I asked Rob if I could sleep on his couch. I told him I would be quiet and not bother him. I just didn't want to go back to my tiny place that night. Thankfully Rob said I could stay. I ran next door and changed into my bathrobe. I know I shouldn't show skin to a neighbor but I just needed Rob to look at me as a woman.

When I returned Rob had a pillow and couple of blankets ready for me.

"I will leave my door open if you need me for anything," he said.

Rob shut off the lights and went into his room. I managed to sleep for a few hours then I felt the need to pee. A small night light was on in the hallway and I followed it to the bathroom. I peed and opened the bathroom door. I could see Rob's outline on the bed. The sheets were pulled to the side and I could see Rob's nude body on the bed.

I knew it was wrong to look at him like that but I hadn't been with a man in so long. Rob was on his back and his long cock was lying on his belly. I wanted to walk in and see him. I stood there a long time before I walked into his bedroom. I must have made some noise as Rob woke up.

"What are you doing in here Tammy?"

I sat down on the bed and did something I shouldn't have done. I reached out and took Rob's cock in my hand and started to stroke it.

"I don't think you should be doing that," he told me.

"It has been too long since I saw a man naked," I told him.

My hand kept stroking his long cock. Rob was so much bigger than my husband and thicker too. I thought he was going to make me leave so I lowered my face to his cock. I took Rob's cock into my mouth and sucked on it almost to the root. Yes I was gagging but I needed him. Rob slowly brought his hips up and was feeding me his shaft. I knew I had to have all of Rob that night. I got him rock hard and I pulled my face away.

I climbed up on the bed and I got over Rob's cock and I sunk my pussy lips around his fat cock. I could hear the air going out of Rob's chest as I lowered myself onto his dick. Rob reached out with his hands and found my ass cheeks. He started to pull them apart as I rode his dick up and down.

God, he felt enormous. I never thought I could want a man so much as I did Rob. I had a shiver of guilt going through my body. I was cheating on my Tommy and I knew I was going to pay for it somehow. For now, I just kept bouncing up and down on Rob's cock. Rob eventually took his hands off my ass and reached out for my tits.

I love to feel a man's hands pulling on my nipples like Rob was doing. I was having all these small orgasms right then as he played with my tits. We were going along when Rob did something unexpected. In one motion he flipped me onto my back. I wrapped my legs around him and I could feel Rob stretching his legs out. He started to fuck me like some wild animal would.

He almost pulled out each time and then he rammed me hard with his cock. Our pubic bones were hitting every time he entered me. I think I was starting to scream out.

"Fuck me as hard as you can Rob, please!"

"You are mine now Tammy, no one else can have you," Rob kept saying to me.

I didn't want anyone but Rob. He was sending these chills up and down my spine. My pussy felt like it was on fire from all these small orgasms I was having. Rob reached between us and he started to rub my clit. That was all it took for me. I began to squirt all over Rob's cock. He just wouldn't let up.

"I am getting close," he told me. "I should pull out."

I couldn't bear the thought of Rob pulling out of me.

"Cum in me Rob, please I need your hot seed."

I wouldn't release my legs and Rob finally pour his hot cream into my belly. The heat of it send me over the edge and I had a giant orgasm. My body was shaking as Rob continued to fuck me like crazy. He must have shot his load for a good fifteen minutes until he was empty. After he was finished he slowly pulled out of me. His cock made a plopping noise and I could feel his cum leaking down my ass cheeks.

Reality finally set in once more. I wasn't on the pill and Rob had shot a big load of his cream into my pussy. I just couldn't bear to tell him right then. I wanted to have him fuck me over and over.

I stayed in Rob's bed that night and into the next day. He took him as his lover and we fucked at least five more times that weekend. I lost track how many times he came in my pussy. There was cum all over the sheets when we finished. Every time I thought Rob was spent I would suck on his cock and make him hard one more time.

Rob took me in many positions and I hate to admit it, I hope he made me pregnant. I know how stupid that is but Tommy is never here for me. I need to feel like someone wants me. Rob is that guy at the moment. Someday soon I will need to tell him that I am not on the pill and hope he understands why I did it. Until then I am going to have him as my lover.

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