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Navy Cake


A boat trip was a real treat for Marcus but he hadn't contemplated the outcome. His naivety was such that when fishermen Tom and his twin brother Jacob asked if he'd like to have a bash at some mackerel fishing he jumped at it.

"Well we've seen you down at the harbour often lately looking like you were envious so we thought we'd ask" said Tom wistfully. Even then Marcus didn't notice the twinkle in the fisherman's eyes like he wanted something for the favour.

"Jump aboard then, lad."

"What now?"

"There's no time like the present and Jacob and I have heard there is a good swell out there today - or if there isn't now there soon will be. You take a seat lad and me and Jacob will get the motor going."

"Okay, this is very kind of you Tom, and my name is Marcus by the way"

Tom joined his brother at the helm. "All set to go Jake and I have netted the lad like a fish out of water."

"Nice one Tom, he looks a bit of alright and ripe for some navy cake!"

"I haven't heard that expression for a while Jake - not since I was in the navy, us knowing very well what it means Huh! Like in the days of the past, when the sailors were away from their woman and needed to relieve their urges with the cabin boys."

"Navy cake seems apt enough Tom, and I could sure enjoy some of - what's his name?"


"Nice name and nice lad, how old do you reckon he is Tom, about 18?"

"Old enough" Tom smirked.

"Do you think he'll be for it?"

"Well I have brought something to put in his coffee, that'll do the trick - we should both get a good shag out of him."

"Can't wait Tom"

What's that song Rolf Harris sings, brother?"

"You mean Jake the Peg?"

"That's it Jake and I reckon young Marcus there is gonna get a lot of your peg" he said laughing out loud..

"Anyway lets get out a bit and I will get the coffee going" Jake said openly feeling himself as he made for the lower cabin and in full sight of Marcus."

Later after coffee in the cabin Jake announced he'd look out for a swell and be ready to caste the nets.

In the meantime Tom had developed a swell of his own which he made no efforts to hide from the eyes of the young lad sitting blurry eyes beside him, the effects of the spiced coffee taking effect.

He stood and openly rubbed himself over his jeans right in front of Marcus and asked the lad if he'd like some, grasping the lads hand and guiding it to the swelling.

Marcus looked aghast but was not protesting as Tom showed him what he'd like him to do, unzipping himself and prizing his full erection out on full display.

"Do it like this lad" he instructed starting to squeeze himself there and working it in a jerking motion."

Marcus looked reluctant at first, although the spiked drink was effecting him, all inhibitions had gone and it seemed he was enjoying the experience of touching Tom's stiff cock.

"That's my boy, you like a bit of cock Huh. How'd you like to put it inside your mouth and suck it?"

Still seated Marcus looked up into Tom's eyes which were full of the lust look. He felt good and easy, all seemed normal and jerking Tom off like that seemed quite the natural thing to do so Tom was about to receive the thrill of a very delving and strong's searching cock suck from the lad who was eager to learn the ropes.

Tom surged back and forwards as Marcus sucked him deep and he showed the lad how to ball him as he sucked. The sounds were such that Jacob musts have heard and peeked though the cabin door saying;

"Well there aint no swell out here just yet but a lot down there Huh? Suck him lad, that's what he likes. This is very appealing, can I come in on the action?, I shall haul anchors away and put the fishing on hold."

When Jake came down into the cabin young Marcus was still enjoying Tom's meat and it wasn't long before the sight of all that set Jake off and out came his rod for a feel of Marcus's suck.

"When you are ready, brother!" he urged getting a trifle impatient and badly wanting some of the action.

So it wasn't long before Marcus was learning the art of sucking two cocks one after the other and sometimes together as he struggled to open his mouth wide enough to accommodate at least the heads of both, he discovered the joy of all that, licking around the orifice and delving the tip of his busy tongue into each p-hole enjoying the way they moaned when he did that.

"Enough of that I want ass!" Tom yelled and it only took a couple of minutes to strip Marcus down to his birthday suit and both fishermen started to enjoy the smell and taste of Marcus's tight wonderfully sculpted ass, Tom taking him over his lap, teasing his hole with some butter from the kitchen, ordering Marcus to "steep it up some" so he could get a good access to the lads balls and cock from behind.

Marcus laying there like a rag doll being everything for them. He saw Jake start to gear up, pressing his huge erection against Marcus ass as he bent over, maneuvering the lad's butt with his strong hands to get the right position.

"You gonna fuck it over my lap. Jake?" Tom asked. Lets get it right huh, I know you are keen but I want more of the action too, take him on all fours bare backed so he can suck me off while you fuck him, right?"

"Elder brother's know best!" Jake taunted and soon they had Marcus how they wanted him, his magnificent ass steeped up for some real heavy navy cake Jake style with another tasting of Tom's pungent cock garnished with pre-cum after Marcus's earlier sucking.

Jake was having some problem getting up Marcus's virgin ass, but he said that how he liked it, and was happy to stretch it until he gor full penetration. But Marcus yelling between sucking complained and Tom said for Jake to get some oil from the fridge and plaster his hole with it

Back with the oil dripping in the palm of his hand Jake worked it up into Marcus making a horrible squelching sound and announcing that he surely would be ready for fucking now.

This time Jake got it right into the lad, his legs sprawling, his balls hanging and bouncing like two large grapes as Jake went at it like a piston engine, the lad yelling but was soon drenched in the spurting of Tom's hot cum and being told to swallow it and not to stop, and Jake still thrusting hard nearing his climax.

With one last heavy thrust Jake was spent and then it was Tom's turn to take the plunge and enjoy the lads fuck, but first Tom was a bum sucking man, he liked his navy cake every way but loose, he buried his mouth into Marcus's crack stretching his cheeks so wide and enjoyed the part where his brother had just been, licking and sucking it up he was in his element.

Already brother Jake had got himself organised at the other end, grasping the back of Marcus's head and pushing his new erection still smothered in cum deep into the lad's throat and no messing.

The lad gulped, he felt Tom enter at the same time the other end, and soon he was being fucked stiff and hard, sucking and moving his ass to accommodate the heat and stiffness of Tom's bigger cock inside him.

Marcus was absolutely spent when both men had their satisfaction but there was Jake still sucking his limp cock, groaning that it gave him a great comfort

When at last they caste their nets the fishermen were happy for a big load, and told Marcus he had brought them good luck.

Still exhausted Marcus smiled, he was still feeling the pangs of both men's fucking like they were still up there inside him., and the taste of them in his throat.

They teased him about how did he like Jake's masthead and Tom's big fish and complimented him on a butt like they'd never seen before. Let alone fucked!

His body was still tingling all over, every part of it having been used by the guys. It would take him a time to recover but he had a feeling that soon the guys would like some more navy cake and to be sure, there was Jake feeling himself again and looking around and catching his glance with that certain lustful look back again...

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