It would seem that DiNozzo should be able to sleep in today since it was his first day off since becoming a probie. His dreams were filled with his pleasant time with a girl on their way to her house and DiNozzo was pulling his movie trivia pick up line.

"You know you remind me of James Bond, always using your persuasive skills." The Brunet stepped up on the stairs with DiNozzo hot on pursuit.

"All I'm missing is my gadgets." They stopped at the door and he leaned in to give her a kiss, but was stopped by her finger.

"Goodbye Mr. Bond." She smiled, leaving the stunned DiNozzo on the stoop. A familiar song filled his ear.

His ring tone filled the room and his eyes popped open. Reaching over, he finally got a hold of his phone after pushing it out of the way at first. Flipping it open, he held it to his ear knowing who it was.

"Yeah boss...ok boss!" He let out a huff as he closed a phone.

Within minutes he was showered and dressed. He ran out the house and hoped in his car.

"You look happy," said Ziva, looking at the enthused DiNozzo who came huffing and puffing out of the stairway.

"Well I got a call from the Boss and I..." He flinched as he was slapped in the back of the head.

"You're late, DiNozzo. I called you twenty minutes ago," said Gibbs.

"Well, you see boss, traffic was jam packed."

"Wanna try me again?"

"OK, sorry, boss, I won't let it happen again."

"I know it won't because you won't have another day off again until I think you're worthy!" Gibbs took a sip of his coffee while DiNozzo showed some remorse and Ziva and McGee exchanged smiles. "Alright guys, we got two homicides. Ziva and Tony you two will work on this case and McGee you're with me," said Gibbs as he handed Tony a folder.

"Coming boss," said McGee as he grabbed his stuff and followed Gibbs.

"I'll drive!" said Ziva grabbing the keys off her desk and DiNozzo did a spin around to follow her.

For his sake, he gripped the arm rest of the Charger as she swerved in and out of the traffic and he avoided looking at the road. With a sudden pump of the brake, he slammed forward and hit the dashboard.

"Tony you ok?" asked Ziva as she unbuckled her seatbelt.

"Yup, remind me to call Dodge on the faulty seat belt!" He peeled himself off the dashboard and shook his head to regain his composure.

Stepping out of the car, they proceeded towards the single story house and flashed the guarding officer their badge. Palmer was already there, checking the temperature of the victim

"Liver temperature is 95.4, so I say he's been dead for about 4 hours. Victims name Staff Sergeant Tyler Jefferson," said Palmer, handing Tony a wallet.

"Thanks Palmer, did you get a picture of the body before you moved it?" Tony wrote down the Sergeants name onto a note pad.

"Yeah, I'll send the photo's to Abby when I get back to the lab." Palmer stood up, placing the thermometer back in his case

"So, what's first guess of death?" asked Ziva as she examined the surrounding area of the body.

"Um, contusion to the back of head indicated possible internal hemorrhaging which could of lead to instant death. Also, there appears to be some kind of marks on his neck here, but I won't know till I get him to autopsy," said Palmer pointing out the jagged marks on the neck.

"Tony, I think we have a partial foot print," said Ziva kneeling next to the head of the victim. DiNozzo stepped over taking a picture of the footprint. "Who found the body?"

"Neighbor heard a disturbance, called in the police, I questioned him, but he didn't have much, though it appears Mr. Jefferson has a wife who's unaccounted for," said Tony reading through his notes.

"Hmm, oh Palmer, body's free to be taken," said Ziva and with a nod, Palmer gave a signal and a body bag and a stretcher was brought over.

Ziva and Tony continued to collect some evidence that lay about; some lamps were knocked over, blood appeared splattered against the wall and clothes were scattered in the master bedroom. As Ziva was looking around the master bedroom, she happened to look down and a pool of blood was coming from around the bed. Carefully walking over to get a view of the other side, she was met by a buxom brunet shot through forehead and blood splattered against the wall.

"Umm, Tony, I think I found Mrs. Jefferson!"

"Where?" asked DiNozzo who was guided by her pointed finger to the other side of the bed and was shocked to see the woman he had been with last night.

"What's wrong Tony?"

"Well, I was with this girl last night and she isn't Mrs. Jefferson. Her names Pam Dawson."

"Well, Tony what time did you and Mrs. Dawson go separate ways?"

"Last night at around ten, I dropped her off at her house at ten and took a cab home." Walking over to the door way, he popped his head out of it. "Palmer!"

"Yeah Tony!"

"We got another DB in here, female!" Palmer came rushing in while Ziva took three consecutive shots of the body.

"Liver temperature is 95.4, same as Jefferson's; I'm guessing this is the wife?"

"No, she's not, names Pam Dawson."

"Ok, I better go get the extra body bag and stretcher." He noted the odd looks that Ziva and DiNozzo were exchanging and exited.

"So, what happened last night?" Ziva took a few steps towards Tony.

"Nothing! All we had were a few drinks, she wanted to get home and so I offer to get her a cab. Got in cab with her, walked her to her house, said our goodbyes and I took the same cab to my place."

"I must say she's quite hot, very top heavy, though I don't know what her bottom is like," said Ziva looking over at the dead body.

"Not better than yours," said Tony under his breath.

"What was that?"

"I said not the stuff we should be talking about. We need to gather the rest of our evidence and find the wife." Tony exited the room before Ziva could say anything.

"Indeed I have an ass." She rubbed her hand over her firm ass.

Ziva and Tony continued to gather photos of the crime scene and simple evidence such as finger prints in the immediate areas of the body. As he searched through the house, he spotted an answer machine that had new message on it and clicked the play.

"Hey honey, its Anna, just wanted to call to let you know that I got to Las Vegas. Sorry I didn't call, the plane got delayed and by the time I got to my room, it was twelve am, so call me when you get this." As the message beeped off, Ziva walked up behind him.

"So tell me, did you guys ever, you know," said Ziva into his ear.

"No, didn't even kiss." He took the tape out of the answer machine, avoiding eye contact with her.

"Now doesn't that suck, did you want to?" Her lips mere inches from his ear, sending chills through Tony's body.

"Of course, matter of fact, I tried too, but... you know, let's do our jobs!" He placed the tape in an evidence bag, trying to step away from her, but she used her body to stop him.

"Ok, how about dinner at my place, I make some good Italian." She brushed up against his arm with her perky tits.

"Alright then, and by the way didn't we have a little seminar on sexual harassment?" He stepped away from her causing a smirk to appear on her face.

"Yeah, but I've done nothing have I?" She was now at the door looking over her shoulder at him and he couldn't help but stare at her back side in awe.

She looked over at the bedroom and saw Palmer taking the dead body out causing her to smirk. As she walked back into the living room, she pulled the door shut, leaving it partially ajar and proceeded over to the stunned DiNozzo, giving him the signal to be quite.

"Though if you don't mind, were you hoping for some kind of contact or did you not?" She ran her hand up and down his arm, causing him to become a little stiff. "I'll take that as a yes." She looked down at a roll that was forming across his pants and caressed it for a second.

With that, she left him in despair for more attention and a rather embarrassing boner. Taking few breaths, his cock became limp and he walked out of the house. He was about to say something when he spotted someone, peeking out from behind a tree.

Acting casual, Tony slowly made his way over to the tree the boy was next to and when they locked eyes, the man got spooked. Just as he was about to run, Ziva came out from behind the ambulance and locked in a rear naked choke. He struggled to get out of the hold.

"Please save us from having to use another body bag and tell us why you're not behind the yellow tape?" said Tony.

He furiously tapped Zivas arm who snapped her hand back and the boy fell forward gasping for air.

"I don't know," said the boy.

"You don't know do you know trespassing on a crime scene is a federal crime?" said Tony.

"I'm sorry; I just wanted to see the dead bodies."

"If you don't get behind that tape, I'll think about not charging you." the boy nodded and fumbled back behind the police tape.

"Hmm, so do you like that kind of stuff?"

"What do you mean, Ziva?"

"You know roughness from a girl?" She rubbed his arm a little.

"Ziva I sure hope you don't want me to report sexual harassment, do you?"

"I'm pretty sure; they'd believe you or better yet, believe poor old Ziva, who has a heart of gold." She showed off her best puppy eyes look which Tony couldn't resist and was confused as she pulled him with her behind the tree.

"Wow you are good. Israeli training teaches that?" He felt her hands massaging his balls.

"Oh, that's just the tip of the iceberg, there's more that they've taught me, even some close contact stuff." She gave his cock a slight squeeze, causing him to flinch. "You know, let's talk in the ambulance." She waved to one of the paramedics who just gave her a nod.

"So what's on your mind?" asked DiNozzo as they entered the back of the Ambulance and Ziva closed the door.

"Sit down!" Ziva pushed him down on the fold out chair. "Like I was saying Israeli training consists of drastic measures to get what we want." She straddled his lap.

"So in the drastic measures, what is it that you do?" He started to warm up to her dramatic change.

"Well, lets' say you're an operative and I want some info" She began to push harder down on his lap. "So give me the info."

"Well Agent David, you're going to have to do a little better, if you want something from me."

"Alright, I tried to reason with you." A smile crept across her lips.

Leaning in, she pressed her lips against his and a moan echoed into her mouth from him. As they kissed deeply, his hands began to roam up and down her back copping a feel of her ass each time he got a chance. Breaking the kiss, both gasped for air as she smiled at him. Placing her hands against the wall, she rocked her hips, grinding her crotch into Tony's. Her eyes fluttered as she realized his length and looked down at him in shocked. "Mr. DiNozzo, I see you have a concealed weapon." She slipped off his lap. "I'm gonna have to inspect it." She dropped to her knees as Tony looked down in shock.

Pushing his legs apart, she slowly ran her hand along the shape of his cock through his pants causing it to twitch. She slowly pulled his zipper down and then trailing her fingers up, she unbuttoned his pants. Tony watched as his member became free from its constraints and smacked her face.

"Wow! This is big" She examined the behemoth. "Looks like my fear came true. What kind of weapon is this?" She moved it like a joystick causing DiNozzo to moan.

"A grade A nuclear bomb." His dick pulsed as she twisted her hand around it.

"Hmmm, is it armed?" She grasped it a little harder.

"Yes indeed and there's only one way to deactivate it now." He smiled and she looked at him in question.

"Wouldn't it be easier to just cut these dangling objects, which seem to be the source of it" She rolled his balls in her hand causing him to look at her in shock.

"No! Doing so would cause a major catastrophe!"

"What do you suggest I do, I have to deal with this high priority situation?" She released his balls which he let out a sigh of relief.

"The only way to do so is friction," said Tony, regaining his composure.

"By friction, you mean like this." She slowly began to work his cock with her hand and he let out a groan.

As she began to jack him off, she gazed at it, admiring its entire length and width. It was about nine inches and it was thick. As she continued pumping his cock, he sat there, breathing heavily, watching her jack him off at great speed. Looking up at him and she smiled at him.

"So how long till its deactivated?" Now she was using both hands.

"With you just jacking it won't cause it to come any sooner." He flinched a little.

"What should I do to get it closer to deactivation." said Ziva releasing his cock.

"Well... you can... you know...," he said pointing towards his mouth and she looked shocked.

"You mean insert it into my....mouth?" she asked, leaning towards his cock and Tony nodded.

Looking down at the head, Ziva stared at the pre-cum that was covering it. Grasping his cock, she brought it to her mouth. Sticking her tongue out, she slowly licked the pre-cum and both of them moaned. The pre-cum was so delicious she began to suck the head causing another moan from him.

After playing with it she began to put more into her mouth. As she sucked his cock some more, he was lost in pleasure, not believing the intensity of her blowjob. He watched her slowly deep throated him, causing him to moan once more. Her hand was buried deep in her pants in efforts to fuel her excitement. Toying with his balls she released his cock and looked up at him

"So, is the friction enough yet?" asked Ziva releasing his cock with pop along with a mixture of saliva and pre-cum running down her chin.

"No, it's going to take a lot of more friction with your mouth." He smiled at the mess dripping down her face, but a knock came at the door.

"Hey guys, what's all the commotion?" asked Palmer.

"Oh, Tony cut his arm, I was just bandaging him and pulled a little too tight on it," said Ziva covering his mouth as she cut his arm with her knife. His eye lit up as he screamed into Zivas hand.

"Ok, well if you want I can help tend to it." He opened the door.

"Sure, I rather trust someone who knows how to properly treat such a cut rather than an operative who knows little." She glared at Tony.

"Hmm, the cut doesn't seem too deep and not bad," said Palmer examined the cut. "Like they say; the smaller the cut, the more pain to follow from cleaning it."

As he cleaned the wound, she stood behind him, glaring at DiNozzo. She stuck a hand in her pants and began to finger herself. He winced as her facial expression showed the results of her attack. She bucked against her hand.

"Ziva what are you doing?" came the voice of Gibbs causing her to withdraw her hand from her pants.

"I have to go to the bathroom, but I know not to use the house of the victims," said Ziva turning around to face Gibbs. "What are you doing here?"

"False alarm, the case wasn't in our jurisdiction." He peered over at DiNozzo. "What happened to you, DiNozzo?"

"Um, we caught a suspicious man over there and... I cut my self somehow." He hoped Gibbs' bull shit detector didn't call his bluff.

"Alright, when you and Ziva are done, check out the back woods. McGee and I will finish up in the house," said Gibbs as Palmer finished.

"There you go, all fixed, keep it dry and change the bandages every five hours." He patted DiNozzo's bandages causing him to glare at Palmer who backed away apologizing as soon as he left view.

"Tell me, does this taste and smell good?" asked Ziva as she stuffed her hand into his mouth. He groaned at the taste and smell of her sweet nectar.

As they were exiting the ambulance, he slapped her ass, causing her to moan. Walking around the house, they entered the woods. Nothing seemed out of place as they scanned the woods and it would seem every plant was twice its normal size as they tried their best to avoid them.

They split up and canvassed the area for any signs of disturbance. Ziva had found a few substantial foot prints, which could belong to anyone, but still took some photos along with bagging a piece of a broken necklace.

"Hey Ziva, I think I found our murder weapon," came the voice of Tony. She scanned the area for him, but couldn't find him.

"Where are you at?"

"Up here!" came Tony's voice once again and she look up at his head sticking out of a window of a tree house.

Walking over to the tree, she began to scale up the rope swing that was hung from it. As she reached the top, her foot slipped out from beneath her and right away a hand grabbed her forearm before she fell. Looking up she gazed into Tony's eyes, before he pulled her up into the house.

"Sorry forgot to mention the wooden ladder on the tree," said Tony pointing towards wooden blocks that scaled up the tree.

"So what is this suspected murder weapon you found?" She looked around at the old tree house.

"This here carbon baseball bat." He held up a black baseball bat.

"Did you swab it?" She took a picture of it.

"Yes and found trace elements of blood and gunshot residue and a partial finger print at the bottom of the grip."

"Hey, Tony are you know...happy?" She glanced at his crotch.

"Not while we're on the job and especially when Gibbs is here." He bagged the baseball bat. "You didn't answer my question, are you," asked Ziva again, stepping closer.

"Unfortunately, the boss came and I got scared so my nuke decided to lie down below radiation detection." He placed the bat in his book bag, as he descended down the wooden ladder on the tree.

Placing gloves on her hands, she grabbed onto the rope swing and slid down to the bottom bending to the ground as she landed. He finally got the bottom and when he turned to face towards the house, he was met by Ziva who locked into a kiss with him causing both to moan with pleasure. As they continue kissing, she pressed harder against him and just as he was about to grab her, she broke their embrace and walked off towards the house with more sway in her hips.

"Damn she's good." He followed in pursuit towards the house.

After finally catching up with the seductress Ziva, they entered the house to find McGee and Gibbs, gathering up their things.

"What's up McGeek, find anything?" asked DiNozzo as McGee put some sealed bags in his kit.

"Well, I found a small piece of paper next to where Mr. Jefferson was. So I'm going to have Abby run some test's to see what it is or was."

"Alright, if you're down showboating, let's get all the evidence back to the lab, and we need to find Staff Sergeant Tyler Jefferson's wife," said Gibbs coming out of the bedroom Everyone stared at him in shock of being caught. "What the hell are you staring at? Get your asses moving!"

Quickly they scooted out of the house and into their respective vehicles. Once again, DiNozzo found himself covering his eyes with his hands trying his best to avoid seeing Ziva's way of driving, but the sudden swerves made him put his hands on the dashboard to prevent what happened earlier to him. They had arrived at base and he was let out a sigh for relief, dropping his guard.

Ziva had accidentally missed the parking spot in front of NCIS building and put her foot on the brake causing the car to stop abruptly sending the unguarded DiNozzo into the dashboard. Throwing the stick into reverse, she reversed sending him into the window as she spun the car around till it faced the right way in the parking spot.

"How's the face Tony?" asked Ziva smiling.

"It's not the face I'm worried about, it's my brain and once again Dodge is getting a complaint letter from me whether they like it or not." Peeling his face off the window created a suction cup sound as it popped off the window. "I sure hope your dinner will make up for this." He climbed out of the car and in which she smiled.

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