NCIS Ch. 03


"Hey Ziva, can I ask you a question?" McGee sat straight up in his chair.

"Sure, what do you want to know?" Ziva swung around so she was lying on her stomach and facing him.

"Do you remember that investigation where you and Tony were undercover as the assassin couple?"

"Yes I remember that one."

"Well, when I was alone with the two FBI agents, they noted that you and Tony were actually fucking and not acting." McGee looked at Ziva who shown no signs of begin caught.

"Well, McGee, yes we did, but it was only because it was cover to fool surveillance of us If you were in our position, you would understand." She knew she was caught and there was no way to get out of it. "Why do you ask?" Ziva sat up on the bed.

"I was curious, that was it."

Ziva cocked her eyebrow knowing that the mature witted probie wasn't telling the truth. Getting up from the bed, she walked over to him and looked at him. He showed signs of feeling uncomfortable. She remembered feeling eyes on her ass when she was handling the luggage and evidence of a bulge was visible in the crease of his pants.

"If I wasn't mistaken by your tell tale signs, you were feeling a bit uncomfortable around me." McGee shook his head no. "If you really want know why Tony and my little ordeal led to such drastic measures, and then maybe I should have you feel why." McGee looked up at Ziva seeing a glimmer in her eye, which was of the seat-belt sign that just came on.

Grabbing onto the back of his seat, she straddled his lap having her feet hang over the back of the arms rest. Her pussy pushed up against his bulge.

Reaching over, she buckled her seat belt and then loosening up McGee's seat-belt she wrapped it around her and clicked it in the receiver, being sure it snugly fit and kept her in place. He looked at her and couldn't believe what he had gotten himself into. A light ding echoed over the intercom.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the captain speaking. Welcome aboard flight 106, the next era of flying. I ask that you remain seated until the seat-belt light goes off. There's a storm brewing in the desert, so please remain calm when we go through it and last but not least have a nice a day."

"McGee, there's no need to keep your hands up like that, just rest them on my thighs." Ziva gave him a seductive smile.

Lowering his hands, he lightly placed them on her thighs and both of them felt the energy flow though one another. His eyes locked on hers as they felt the engines begin to come to life. The plane shook a bit, but both of them continue to stare at one another. He was fighting the urge to adjust himself in the seat because his cock had snaked away from their contact and any slight movement would cause Ziva to become aware of his growth.

Zivas body lunged forward as the plane began movement and pushed against McGee's face. His agape mouth became filled with her left breast and seemed to close down on her nipple by mistake. Unaware as to what was in his mouth he slightly sucked on her bullet hard nipple.

"Mhmmm," moaned Ziva from the suction of McGee's mouth.

Her body unpressed itself from McGee and the two looked kind of shocked at what had happened. As the plane sped down the runway, the plane began to pitch up and rumble shuck the plane. Unprepared, Ziva began to slip off McGee's lap and with quick reflex he grabbed onto her ass and pulled her back up onto his lap.

The slight adjustment had forced his cock to form a tent in his pants. Ziva felt his massive cock as she came in contact with it. McGee showed signs of embarrassment as shaking of the plane caused her to jump up and down slightly on his cock.

Ziva smiled as she began to grind up and down his shaft. McGee's head fell back as she worked her magic on his cock. The seat-belt sign turned off and Ziva unhooked the seat-belt. Hoping off his lap she walked over to the bed and pulled out some clothes. McGee's head snapped back and looked over at Ziva who just smiled at him.

"You see McGee, that's what Tony and I went through when trying to "pretend", but in all courses, we ended up doing it since well Tony's cock was protruding up and against my pussy. It was too much to resist since we really were creating friction from our "pretend" sex." Ziva walked over towards the bathroom. "If you don't mind I need to go freshen up, I've been in these clothes all day and they feel quite dirty." She closed the bathroom door as she entered the bathroom.

McGee looked down at his tent in his pants and looked disappointed. His cock wasn't going to be deflating anytime soon. Just as he was about to start finishing it off, he felt a hand on his shoulder. Jumping up from his seat, he faced the direction the hand came from and noticed it was a flight attendant.

The young twenty something blonde stood stiff. Her suite pulled taunt across her chest, on the edge of ripping open. Her blonde hair lay lightly on her shoulder, her green eyes wide along with her sweet small mouth agape at sight of his tented pants. She gasped a little as McGee covered it up the best he could.

"I'm sorry sir, I was just going to ask how your flight was going, but I can obviously see you and your wife are doing okay...Oh man that big....Oh my, I'm sorry I didn't mean to say that out loud." Her hands shot up to cover her mouth.

The sweet sound of her southern accent excited him a little. She stood there in shock, not moving an inch her eyes locked on the hard to hide tent he had. She bit her lip as she slowly began to step closer to him. Her hand extended and grasped onto his hard knob. He groaned as she began to begin to jerk him off. Her face inches from his she began to dip into kiss when Ziva coughed.

"Excuse me ma'am if you can take your grimy hands off my husbands' junk, I won't slit your throat," said Ziva cracking her knuckles.

The blonde released his cock and walked away giving Ziva a scared look. McGee's gaze drifted over to Ziva as the flight attendant left the cabin. As she walked over, her outfit was quite alluring; she now wore pair of tight khaki short shorts, tennis shoes and red tank top. She stopped in front of him and stared at him.

Her gaze drifted down to his hard cock and her hand reached out. Unzipping his pants, she reached through the maze and her cold wet hands came in touch with his cock. She gave a shocked look as she continued where the flight attendant had left off. His cock pulsed in her grip. Ziva continued to jerk him off and amazed at the length of his cock. She smiled at the expressions on his face. His cock was fully up and ached to explode.

Her slick movements increased as the friction between their skins created more arousal. McGee began to groan some more as his orgasm rose. Dropping to her knees, she grasped his cock in both hands and worked her magic on it. She knew they couldn't leave a mess so she held her mouth down by his tip whispering to him.

"Come on Tim, give me your seed. I'm dying to taste what you got," that last bit did in for him.

He cringed as her last few jerks caused him to erupt and spew deep down in her mouth. She continued to pump milking his cum out of his cock. Her mouth began to over flow quite a bit with his cum. His orgasm subsided and he fell back as he stared at Ziva. She whipped some drips that had spewed out of her filled mouth and replenished them back into her already filled mouth.

"Now that was quite tasty," said Ziva after she swallowed his cum. "You should change into more comfortable clothes; I hear it's about ninety in L.A." McGee stared at her, his deflated cock withdrawing into his pant.

Getting up, he walked into the bathroom, locking the door behind him. Ziva walked over to the door that led to the hallway and opened it. The blonde jumped back as she saw Ziva staring at her. She curled her finger at the girl, who slowly approached her. Grasping the girl, Ziva locked in a kiss and the two moaned as they shared the last bit of McGee's cum.

Breaking the kiss, Ziva smiled once again at the shocked flight attendant that was wiping some cum that had smeared on her face and closed the door. Walking back over to the chair, Ziva sat down as McGee reappeared with a short sleeve shirt and pants.

"See, now you seem more comfortable. By the way I gave your friend a taste....I think she'll be shocked for a bit."

McGee looked at her confusingly and sat down in his chair. Before they knew it, they were landing in L.A. International. As the plane docked up, McGee and Ziva began their fight with the rest of the passengers to get off the plane. he blonde flight attendant face blush a bright red when they passed her. Ziva smirked at the reaction and continue on through the tunnel to the terminal.

Heading over to the lobby, they exited out to the load off. Outside were Sam and Callen were waiting. McGee noticed them and walked over to them.

"Hello, welcome back to L.A," said Callen as he extended his hand.

"Glad to be back," said McGee shaking Callens hand.

"So you're back because a case led you here?" They entered the Dodge Charger.

"Yeah, we spotted the daughter of the victims in Vegas, fooled us with a disguise. Took a plane here and now we need to find her."

"Where's your other partner at?"

"Oh Tony, well he's currently tied up in the investigation. We're just trying to clear his name." Callen nodded as they pulled up to NCIS L.A. Building. Walking into the building they were greeted by Hetty.

"Hello Mr. McGee and Ms. David, welcome back," she extender her hand.

"Glad to be back," McGee and Ziva shook her hand.

"If you please follow me, we have the com room set up and linked up with your lab," they followed Hetty up the set of stair cases and into com room where Kensi, Deeks, Nell and Eric awaited them.

As they entered the room, a familiar face was on the screen. Her face lit up as she saw McGee and Ziva come into view.

"Ziva and McGee, I've missed you so much," shrieked Abby while waving at them.

"Hey Abby, did you get the stuff from Catherine?" asked McGee.

"Yes I did. I took the swabs from under Mrs. Jefferson's finger nails and compared that to the rice paper. It was a chemical match, so obviously done by the same person.

"What about DNA?"

"Another thing I checked, there was no match in the database, but I was able to determine the source of the rice paper. Since its pheromone paper I was able to narrow it down to the L.A. area. At first I thought maybe trying to track down the source of the compound would prove useless, but I did a little research, apparently typical producers of pheromone on rice paper use a strength of 3 on a scale of 1 to 10, but this paper itself on the scale would be a seven. So I dug deeper and found only one particular place sells this type," Abby fiddled on her computer and what she typed popped up next to her video feed.

"So it was produced by a porn company?" said McGee studying the image.

" Yes, the company is B.B.C.P, Big Black Cock Production," everyone was sort of caught off guard.

"Thanks Abby, we'll see when we get back," said McGee nodding.

"Okay, love you McGee, bye," the video cut out and everyone stared at McGee.

"What, she was just saying good bye. Could you look to see where Violet Jefferson works?"

"Yeah give me one second," Eric brought up a search engine and typed in Violets name.

The screen popped up with a file on Violet and also a video that began to play. Every watched as Violets body moved rapidly up and down. Moaning was emitting from the speakers and Eric quickly stopped the video.

"It appears our Violet is a porn star. We can't approach her as agents though," noted McGee.

"Why can't we?" asked Callen, concerned.

"Well, Catherine and I had met her at her mother's hotel room, but thought she was the maid. Later on, a tech showed us footage of her getting on an elevator and dressing down to her street clothes. Hence, we're here and need to take this extra precaution."

"By the looks of it, she's one of the performers for BBCP," said Eric pulling up Violets profile.

"So we're going to need to send someone inside in order to find her," said Sam.

"Yeah and no offense Sam, but you're the only black guy here who has a chance," said Callen.

"Well I figure that one out G., but I'm going to need a partner if I'm going to go in."

"How about Kensi go in with you, seeing as she's the most likely candidate with her large breast and full ass," said Hetty, who got an odd eyeball from everyone. "What? Can't I be observant? I mean it's not like we can send Nell in because then we won't have someone to keep an eye on Eric."

"I'll just not respond to the first bit, but the second bit I'll agree," said Nell in return causing Eric's disappointed face.

"Well then I guess McGee and I can hold up outside along with Callen," said Ziva.

"What about me?" asked Deeks.

"Deeks, I think being involved in this investigation, specifically this uncover operation would be too much for you," said Kensi.

"I don't see what the problem is going to be if I join in on the stakeout," said Deeks walking out of the room and Kensi followed.

"Deeks wait a minute," he stopped as she caught up with him. "Listen if you notice Sam and I are going undercover as porn stars and most likely we're going to be required to do some things beyond the call of duty." Deeks was about to speak, but Kensi put a finger to his lip. "Listen, just do this for me please, I understand you and I have a little thing going on and I'm too stuck up to admit in front of everyone. So please just stay back here, I don't want what I'm about to do hurt what is going for us," Kensi kissed him lightly on the lips and he just stood there a minute before he nodded in approval.

"Alright Sam and Kensi, you're first going to need to get wired. So take these ear pieces so you can hear us and we'll just use our van to do our communicating. Alright let's get a move on," said Hetty handing them the ear pieces.

Those that were going filed out of the room. Kensi and Sam hopped into the Dodge Charger and began cruising towards central L.A. Both hadn't exchanged a word on what they were in for and most likely what they were about to do. They came to a stop light when Kensi broke the silence.

"I hope you realize what's going to take place once we walk into the studio."

" Yeah I know. It's understandable that this is one of those cases that requires us not to bust in with guns a blazing to get what we need and that we sometimes have to take the unwanted events the quiet way," said Sam.

"Well, in this case it's not necessary going to be quiet," both laughed at Kensis remark and Sam resumed driving once the light turned green. "I'm more afraid of what's going to happen between Deeks and me. With what this uncover mission requires us to do, it will be hard to get over with."

"Listen Kensi, you and Deeks have the relationship that can handle that rockiness, granted this act may seem quite demoralizing, it's truly going to be the test of whether he can handle you doing extraordinary things. Trust me, I know you and Deeks will pull through this," Kensi smiled at Sam.

"Thanks Sam, you really know how to get morale up. By the way, just curious what am I going to be dealing with; big, large or huge?"

"Let's say you're in for a surprise," Sam smiled at her and the excitement in Kensi was rising as well as Sam's since Kensis body is quite appealing in a sexual way.

Pulling up front of the studio both took a breather and got out of the car. With a quick nod in the direction of the surveillance van they climbed the stairs leading up to the studio. Entering the lobby, the receptionist face lit up with surprise.

"Well, look who it is; if isn't Amateur Sam," said the red head.

"Thank you for the ovation...Mary," said Sam smiling and Kensi as well as the others listened on confused.

"Did you know Sam was an Amateur?" asked McGee.

"Nope, this is news to me," said Callen.

"So Sam, what can I do for you today?" asked Mary.

"Just for old time's sake, I wanted to do a scene."

"Well, I think we can arrange that for Mr. Amateur '98," she reached under her desk and pulled out a three inch binder which caused a loud thump when dropped on her desk. "Take a look and see what you would like to do it with," Sam flipped open the binder and began to scan through it.

Knowing what he was looking for was at the back of the book, he had to convince her he was looking. He noticed a few of the girls he knew back in early two-thousands when he left and their track records in the business were indeed quite stacked with experience.

Feeling his searching so far was convincing enough, he licked his finger and flipped to the back where he landed on Violets profile. He began to read up on her bio; five foot six, dirty blonde hair, 36 C cups, thirty scenes of experience and into all types of sex.

"What about her, Violet, is she available?" asked Sam pointing at her profile.

"Unfortunately no, she's actually a little busy at the moment, maybe I can get you with Madeline," said Mary flipping back a several pages.

"It's alright, I was hoping for Violet, since I've seen some of her work, so I'll just have a scene with my partner here," said Sam ushering her closer to the receptionist.

"Ah, she has a nice proportioned body. Her breasts are quite perfect and her ass juicy in entirety. So you know the deal, scenes are up on the dray erase board," Mary pointed to the board to her left. Walking over to the board Sam examined it for a minute and scanning the board, he tapped on one of scenes.

"This improv scene on a girl moving in to house."

"Alright then, if you follow me to the dressing room, we'll get things squared away," Mary guided them down a hallway.

Sam and Kensi scanned the rooms they passed by, being sure to keep an eye out for Violet. As they rounded a corner Violet passed by them. Mary stopped and called after her.

"Where you headed Violet?" asked Mary.

"George and I have a scene; he needed me to mark the scene we're doing,"

Mary nodded and continue leading Sam and Kensi. "Alright, Sam you're in here and she's in here. Have fun and someone will be here to get you," said Mary pointing at two doors across from one another.

The two went into their separate rooms and closed their doors behind them. Sam walked over to the make-up mirror and sat in the chair. Making sure no one else was in the room, he began to speak.

"Okay, Violet is here, apparently she's doing a scene," said Sam.

"That's good to hear, do you know where at in the building the scenes being done at?" asked Callen.

"No, but once we get a chance, we'll slip away and look for her," a knock caused Sam to cut the conversation short. "Come in," In stepped a woman with a box in her hand.

"Hello Sam. I'm surprised you came back for that one scene I promised," said the woman stepping towards him.

"Yeah Sarah, but I'm going to do it because I'm here for another cause," Sam turns to face Sarah in his chair.

"Oh really dear and what's the cause that has you here then," Sarah placed her hands on her hips.

"Violet Jefferson's the cause."

"What about her? I know you she's doing a scene with one of our guys, did you want to fuck her?"

"No, do you wonder what happened to me in early two thousand? Why I left?"

"Well, yes it did seem odd."

"I joined the Navy. I went on to become a seal and now I'm an agent for NCIS. I'm here because Violet is involved in a murder."

"Really and how exactly did you link her in this murder?"

"BBCP pheromone was found on the victims in the murder."

"Well we sell that on our online store, so I don't really see why you are targeting her."

"The strength was stronger than typical online product which in that case, it's the stuff your guys use. So who's her usual male partner?"

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