NCIS Ch. 03


"George is her partner. Are you saying he too did the murder?"

"Possibly, I would have called, but I needed to play it safe just in case. What stage are they on?"

"They're on stage forty-four."

"Hey G, have you and McGee cover the back. Kensi and I are going to try to obtain them now, so get into place."

He nodded at her as she lightly patted him on the neck as he walked past her and out the room. He was met by Kensi, who at first seemed to be slightly distracted by a smell, but followed him down the hallway. Exiting out of the doors at the end of the hallway, they began passing by several large airport like hangers. Counting each, they finally came to stage forty-four. From inside, they could hear loud moans and skin slapping together.

Slipping through the doors, they flashed their badges at some security guards and stepped aside. As they approached the set, violet was bent over a table and being hammered by George. Tapping the director on the shoulder, they singled him to cut.

"Cut!" yelled the director.

"What the fuck? We're in the middle of having sex," exclaimed Violet.

"Well murder doesn't have time to wait," said Sam stepping onto stage.

"Violet Jefferson, you're under arrest for the murder of Staff Sergeant Tyler Jefferson and Vivian Jefferson," said Kensi as she grabbed Violets scattered clothes and handed them to her.

"Excuse me, Miss. Don't you touch Violet," came the deep voice of George.

"George, please calm down because you too are under arrest for the Murder of Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson," said Sam unhinging his hand cuffs.

"Excuse me! I don't think so," George swung at Sam, but he ducked and grabbed Georges extended arm and brought him to the ground.

Placing a knee against his neck, Sam locked the cuffs on his wrist and pulled him to his feet. Callen had come strolling in with McGee and saw the suspects apprehended. Violet looked over and noticed McGee and showed fear.

"Shit it's that guy from the hotel," said Violet.

Callen and McGee took George and Violet off Sam and Kensis hands. Everyone had exited the set except for Sam and Kensi. They had taken a seat on the couch while taking out their ear wigs and placing them on the coffee table. They seemed to exhale simultaneously.

"I take it your glad we didn't do it?" said Sam Breaking the long silence.

"At first I was afraid to do it, but I knew if the job called for it, I'd have to anyway," said Kensi looking over at Sam. "So you really were an amateur porn star?"

"Well, ninety-seven to ninety-nine; I was an amateur, but for a little bit in two-thousand I was a legit professional porn star, but that was for only five months until I joined the Navy at 21."

"That's quite amazing, if I must say so myself. So were you pretty good as a professional?"

"Of course I was and am still," Kensi's eyes flickered down to his crotch. Once she felt a presence in air that was causing her senses to become excited."Seems our camera man forgot to shut down his equipment," he nodded towards the camera which its red light blinked.

"I guess we're going to have to confiscate it for evidence and such." She playfully rubbed his arms.

"Indeed we will and of course the laptop that is being used to store the data from the video," He watched as her hand drifted from his arm to his thigh.

"So tell me, would you've gone on and fucked me?" The question caught Sam of guard and he looked at her. His eyes glare seem to captivate her as unannounced to him, Sarah slapped a pheromone patch on his neck.

"If it was for a deep cover yeah I would, but only if you wanted me to," Her massaging hand had widened it's massage closer to his growing member.

" I definitely felt a little unease about it, but I sort of warmed up to the idea."

"Ah that's cool," Sam nodded his head and twitched as her hand felt the head of his cock. She seemed to feel the shock of the contact from the feeling of his cock and glared at the Camera. Her mind took in the thought of the fact a camera was not only pointed at them, but recording their every movement. She eased her head towards Sam.

"Sam, how would you of fucked me?" He was startled by the question, afraid as to where this was going.

"Well...In the scene we were going to depict, I'd bend you over a mover's box and just have at it." He felt confident for his answer.

Kensis body was prickling all over as she stared at him. Her breathing became shallow as the strain of her breast against her shirt caused a slight excitement from her rubbing nipples. Their heads came closer as if attracting like opposites and with a slight tilt from Kensi their lips became locked.

As they held onto their kiss, both seem to become over whelmed. They slowly began to kiss more, increasing the intensity. Kensi adjusted herself and straddled Sam while their tongue battled one another. Sam's hands roamed down her back and grasped firmly onto her ass. She moaned a little as he began to kiss her neck. Careful not to leave any marks, he dragged his tongue back up her neck and kissed her some more.

Kensi pushed her body harder against Sam and broke their kiss. Undoing the buttons to her plaid shirt, she tossed it along with her tank top and bra. He just stared at her magnificent breasts and admired their fullness. Pulling her body closer, he latched onto her breast causing her to moan.

Nibbling on her nipple he played with her other breast mimicking his mouth with his fingers. Kensi let out a loud moan causing her insides to flare up. She jerked forward and smashed her breast into his hungry mouth. His teeth poking into her breast caused her to jerk back and out of his grasp. The warm sensation to the area of his teething warmed her a bit. Sliding a bit back on his lap, she reached down and worked on loosening his belt and pants.

" Tell me Sam, do you want to fuck me?" Kensi reached into his pants and pulled out his hard cock and was awed at its tremendous size. He nodded his head as she worked her hands around his cock. Her hands barely wrapped around its girth and she slowly worked her hands up and down his shaft. He licked his lips as her soft hands brought more pleasure to his cock.

"Do you want to..." she leaned down and took his cock into her mouth, deep throating him for a few seconds before popping off it for air and with saliva and pre-cum trailing from his cock. "...feel my tight wet pussy?" once again he nodded.

She resumed her sucking and was going crazy over his cock. Her head bobbed up and down his cock in swift movements along with her hand. His cock surging in her mouth and he let out a low groan as suction from her mouth was incredible. Coming up once again she stared at Sam a flare in her eyes.

"So how do you want to fuck me?" She stood up and glared at Sam with pure lust.

Sam stood up and locked in a kiss with her once again. Both moaned with the contact from one another. He guided her around the couch and broke their kiss. Reaching down he began to undo her jeans and then stopped and looked at her.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Sam I've sucked your cock already, of course I want to do this," nodded Kensi as Sam undid her jeans.

Spinning her towards the camera, he hooked his fingers under the waistband of her jeans and panties. Giving a quick yank her jeans and panties were at mid thigh and Sam bent her over. Kneeling, he began to use his tongue to eat her. Kensi moaned as his tongue ran along her lips. Liking the sweetness she was producing, he buried his tongue into her and Kensi arched her back. He rolled his tongue around inside of her, be sure to lubricate her thoroughly.

Her body shivered quite frantically as he hit her g-spot. Her toes dug hard into her shoes as he attacked it vigorously. She was lost in ecstasy as her orgasm built up. She gasped as he inserted a few fingers into her replacing his tongue. Still he resumed his assault on her g-spot. He quickly worked his finger back and forth over her g-spot causing her to lose control. Her grip tightened on the couch as she was brought to an earth shaking orgasm.

"Ffffuckk! Oh my god Sam!" Kensi body rocked as her orgasm took over.

Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as he resumed eating her out, taking in her sweet nectar. Slightly collapsing after her body breaking orgasm, she looked over her shoulder as Sam stood up. Her eyes flickered over his hard cock as he readied himself.

She bit her lip as fear of his massive sized cock was about to rip her in half. Without hesitation, he slowly began to insert his cock into her fragile pussy. Her face shot forward as pain began to spread from her pussy. His head was soon buried in and her pussy was stretched wide. Pleasure was slowly over powering the pain as he worked his cock back and forth, going deeper ever so slightly. Feeling she had enough time to adjust, Sam drew back till his head was in only and slammed forward.

A big oomph came from Kensi as she felt his entire member that barely fit in her. He drew back once again and slammed back into her, getting the same result as the first time. Sam's pace began to quicken and Kensis oomph's became moans of pleasure. Her eyes locked onto the camera not believing what she was doing.

All thoughts of her and Deeks were out of her mind. Her thoughts clouded with desire to feel Sam's cock were being emphasized more and more with each thrust into her. Sam drew a hand back and gave her ass a big slap causing her to moan. He was going to town on her. Their bodies were infused with sweat. Kensis breast were all over the place as power from Sam's fucking gave them no time to lay still.

"Come on big boy, fuck my pussy. Oh, yes baby, fuck me harder," Sam encourage by her words fucked her as hard as he could.

His massive member was becoming overwhelmed and Kensi's body was feeding onto her second orgasm. Both hearts were racing and their breathing uncontrollable. Kensi was panting, on the break of her orgasm. Their fuck was indeed quite powerful. The sound of wet flesh slapping against one another echoed through the set. Sam grabbed harder onto her hips and with a few short long bursts he disengaged his cock from her.

Kensi was hunched over the couch trying to catch her breath as she could hear the sound of his hand jerking his cock. She looked over she shoulder and look of her face shown concern of the sudden disengage.

"Why did you take it out? I was on the urge of cumming again," he had ceased jerking off and was choking the end of shaft.

"Kensi, Mr. Amateur '98 was given to me for fucking a girl longer than that" He stepped back and sat down on a kitchen chair.

Kensi took one last deep breath and stood up. Her gleaming body of goddess entertained Sam some more. Pushing some the wet strands of hair out of her face, she closed the gap between them and stood over his lap.

Placing her hands on his shoulders she lowered her self onto his cock and gasped. With his cock just barely fitting in her, she began to gyrate her hips up and down. She peered over her shoulder with her mouth agape as his as her ass shimmed up and down.

"That's right girl, ride that disco stick," Kensi smiled as she began to bounce up and down on his cock harder.

His body felt on fire with his cock in her. She worked on his cock like a jackhammer showing signs of pleasure. Her hair was flying ever where as well as her breasts. Sam pulled her closer to him and sucked on her nipples enraging her pleasure more.

"Oooo, thats it suck my tits....OH god!" moaned a Kensi as he nibbled on her nipples a bit.

His hands grasped her hips and forced her harder down on his cock. Her eyes shot open as forced his entire length into her with each thrust down. Hooking a hand behind his head, she gazed at him as she rode him like a rodeo, bucking all over the place on his cock.

Sam bit his lip as her pussy worked his cock like a joystick. He couldn't believe how much of sex demon she was. Deeks was sure in for a ride once he got passed her hard shell exterior. Grasping her by her ass, he stood up holding her on him.

Spinning around he placed her down on the table and climbed up on to it, while keeping his cock in her. Getting in a comfortable position, he began to drive his cock in and out of her. She arched her back as he pounded away at her. Her mind had been completely blown by this experience.

She gritted her teeth as he increased his power strokes into her. She playfully massaged her tits to keep them from smacking her in the face. Pulling her nipples out, she moaned some more as her body was riddled with pleasure. Her breathing at a pant as each thrust from Sam forced what ever air she had, out of her.

In the mix of his fucking, he leaded down and locked into a kiss with her. She felt unease kissing him, but her sex side took it in act of passion. The table rocked back and forth as their fucking made it unstable.

Rolling them over, Sam returned Kensi to the top and instead of allowing her to regain her conscious to ride him, he began to pump his pelvis up and down. She hunched over as his jackhammer moves pushed her closer to an orgasm. His swift moves feed her more pleasure then she had in a long time. With each breath that she took in, her body excitement was turned up. Her mind was completely mush from this fucking. Finally able to get her self adjusted, she began to meet his upward thrusts adding more impact to his fucking.

Her hand clawed at his chest as the new intensity was quite unbearable, but Sam sensed her oncoming orgasm.

He did one incredible thrust and forced her to fly off his cock and land next to him. Her eyes showed shock at the force he just expressed. Getting off the table he chocked his cock some more and stared at her.

"How would you feel about me fucking that tight ass of yours?" Her eyes widen more at that suggestion and no response was needed as she climbed off the table and looked around for a place to do it.

Sam pointed at the couch and she walked over to a little uneasy as her legs felt like jello. Getting on the couch, she stood on her hands and knees dragged a hand under her and stuck it into her pussy. Coating her finger in her sweet juice, she rubbed along the rim of her ass and felt Sam's peering eyes on her.

He walked up to behind the couch leaned down and kissed her softly on her lips. Reaching down, he took hold of her hips and swung her rear towards him and propped her knees up on the back of the couch. Forcing her legs to fold, he knelled down and spread her ass checks apart. Placing his tongue against ass, he flicked it around the perimeter of her hole and forced his tongue in a little.

Kensi moaned as his tongue and finger worked her rear. She'd done anal once in training with a superior officer, but he was white and didn't match up with Sam's size. Sam reached over to side table and grabbed a lubrication bottle and aimed it at her ass. Smearing it all over and in her ass he took hold of his cock and aimed for ass.

Placing it at the entrance he shoved his cock as far as possible into her. Her eyes and mouth shot open as his cock stretched her ass. Her hands clutched the couch cushioning and she stood up in a ready stance for a push up. Drawing back, he thrust forward once again with her gasping.

He slowly began to fuck her ass and her gasps morphed into moans of pleasure. Sam bit his lip hard as her ass muscles gripped his cock harder. At first it felt like her ass wouldn't adjust to his size, but once he had his rhythm in going her ass's death grip loosened up. Her face was buried in the cushioning of the couch as he continued his onslaught on her ass.

Despite her ass loosening up a bit, the grip was still working his cock good. His balls were aching to release a two year hold up. His enlarged balls smacked roughly against her pussy and she winced with each smack. Her arm was tucked beneath her body as her hand worked her pussy.

Their bodies were drenched in sweat from this escapade. Both felt the urge to cum. The intensity increased as he began to slam harder into her ass. She began shaking her ass up and down his shaft adding more to the situation. Sam knew he was close to cumming.

Pulling out of her ass with a pop, he went around the couch and met Kensi who was on the floor mouth open and fingering her pussy. Sam forced his cock into her mouthy and fucked her fact till he erupted down her throat.

Both moaned as they let loose. Their orgasms causing both to become weak, Kensi had slipped back off his cock causing a few strands of cum to splatter across her face. Both gasping for what air they could get, they seem to rest a bit until the sound of footsteps caused them to shoot up.

Quickly, Kensi raced around the set, grabbing her tops and pulling up her bottoms. Sam straightened himself up and with quick thought scrambled to the table. He pretended he was reaching beneath the couch and Calvin walked in.

"Hey what were you guys doing for the past 15 minutes?"

"Sorry G, we had accidentally taken our ear wigs out and couldn't find them...oh wait here they are, Kensi." Kensi came walking out from behind the set.

"My god, if we lost those, I think Heidi would of tore us a new hole," Callen looked at her oddly as she looked in distress as well Sam. "Come on, you know how she is on the equipment we use, we break it or lose it and we pay for it," Callen sort of chuckled and they dispersed. Sam made sure to grab the laptop on their way out.

Meanwhile back at, NCIS headquarters, Eric and Nell both stood motionless at what they just heard. There was a slight arousal from the two of them. They exchanged looks tension slightly increasing as they eyed up one another.

"So, that was quite intriguing," said Eric, breaking the silence.

"Yeah, never thought sex would be so arousing," said Nell doing a slanted smile.

Eric looked at her shocked at her statement. His other head was slowly guiding him to his next action. He pondered a bit and took a breath.

"Well, if you want, we could you know?" He gestured towards her to finish the sentence.

"Eric do you really think I'd attempt such an act with Heidi just down stairs?" Nell began to walk out of the room, with Eric hypnotized by the sway of her hips.

"That's not a no for another place and time right?" Nell sort of stop halfway through the door and smiled a seductive smile at his comment.

At the hangout Violet and George were in separate interrogation rooms. Sam, Callen, McGee, Kensi and Ziva were in the observation room monitoring the two. Kensi and Sam were carefully avoiding one another stares. Callen was suspicious and turned towards Sam.

"So, Sam the Amateur, right?" asked Callen.

"Yes, it was a gig I had back in late nineties and early two-thousands."

"Well, when were you planning on informing us on your little career?"

"It wasn't a career. It was merely a job to get me through college."

"Ah, but didn't you use the Navy to pay for your college?"

"Yes G., but I need extra dough for some of my extra stuff, which wasn't in the Navies plan."

"Interesting, do you miss it?"

"G. Drop it; let's get on with the interrogation."

"Alright, McGee and Ziva do you want to take point on the two suspects?"

"Sure, I'll take George and McGee can take Violet," said Ziva walking towards George's room.

"Are you sure you don't want Sam or I to interview George?" asked Callen.

"Trust me she can handle him," said McGee and Callen just nodded.

Walking into the interrogation room, Ziva casually took a seat in front of George, who looked to be sweating quite a bit. She just stared at him and evidence of strain was visible in his face. She slowly ran her hands up and down her arms, showing sign of pleasure from the rubbing of her skin.

"Kensi could you come in here please?" asked Ziva quite seductively.

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