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NCIS - Kate Exposed!


NCIS - Kate Exposed!

I, Leroy Gibbs, was running with Kate Todd after a suspect. She ran faster than I could and when she ran round a corner she was grabbed by the farmer who held her close and pointed his shotgun at me.

"Stand back or I'll shoot," he cried, and then he walked backwards until he reached his truck. He quickly loosely tied Kate's hands to the rear bumper of his pick up truck, then got in it and started off. As he went along the bumpy farm track Kate twisted and turned behind him. Her slacks and white panties were torn off and left in the dust.

I came up panting and immediately pulled out my 9mm Glock and fired off multiple shots until the farmer stopped.He got out with his hands up.

"OK I give up, don't shot any more"

DiNozzo and McGee came up behind me and rushed to handcuff the man and read him his rights, but first they gawped at the naked white ass of Kate.

I cut the rope holding her with my boot knife and helped her up. I could not help staring at her neatly trimmed pubic bush and then as she turned round I saw her poor bum scratched and bleeding.

"Oh you poor girl, that looks really sore and hurting"

She replied quickly, "Get me my slacks, I'm exposed to the world" and she covered her fanny with her hands.

I ran back and picked up her trousers and panties and gave them to her. Kate put them on quickly and when she pulled them up over her ass she gave a cry of pain, "Ouch! That really hurts"

"I must get the dirt out of cuts, come with me to the farmhouse."

The door was open and we went into the living room.

"Stay here and I will go and get a bowl of water to wash your cuts of dirt"

I went to the kitchen and soon came back with a bowl of warm water and a cloth. Kate in the meantime had taken off her panties and slacks and had bent herself over the side of a big sofa. I smiled when I saw her lovely white ass in full view. I deliberately refrained from saying anything that would alert Kate to my excitement. I knelt down behind her, and carefully washed her cheeks and cleaned the scratches.

Her legs were apart and I could see her neat slit between her thighs - a perfect camel toe. My prick started to grow all by itself - totally unheeded and unwanted! I looked closer at her wonderful rosebud of an asshole. There were some bits of dirt or shirt clinging to the sides. I went to wash them off but instead I pushed my head forward and licked them off - I couldn't resist it.

"Is there dirt in there as well?"

"Just a little bit", I lied. " I'll go and see if I can find some antiseptic ointment to put on your scratches."

I took the bowl away and returned with a tube, which I found in the medicine chest. I stood behind her and carefully, lovingly, rubbed cream onto her ass cheeks. I rubbed some down her ass crack and on her ass hole. On doing this, I heard a small murmur of pleasure from Kate.

I could not resist her any longer, I opened my flies and pulled out my stiff prick and in one movement pushed it into her cunt. Kate gasped with surprise but did not object, I think she welcomed it. I carried on fucking her with vigour.

Then Kate turned her head round and said "Pull out before you cum, I'm not on the pill!"

I carried on for two more strokes then pulled my cock out and I held it in my hand and pointed it at her wrinkled asshole. I gently pushed and it slid in on her cunt juices. It went in at least three inches then I pulled back and again thrust forward. I felt my spunk coming but the tightness of her sphincter stopped it from spouting, so I pulled out and it gave a big kick up like a revolver's recoil. My spunk sprayed over her ass and back.

"Wow", said Kate "That was a surprise, I never expected you to fuck me and no one has done it there before!"

"I'm sorry Kate but I could not resist the temptation. You are so beautiful, I have always suppressed my desires before and now I could not stop myself taking advantage of the situation."

Kate stood up and put her arms around me and kissed me on my lips.

"I have always thought you to be a sexy man and wanted to do it with you. I wanted you to force me to do it and you did. Thank you for saving me from DiNozzo's attentions. I could never have stood the teasing and humiliation. He is such a chauvinistic pig"

I bent down then and picked up her white panties and used them to wipe my spunk off her ass and back and then off the end of my tool.

"Can I keep these as a souvenir please?

"Yes, I think you deserve them."

I put them in my pocket and Kate pulled on her smart black pants. I drove her back with her siting on my coat as a cushion for her behind.

When DiNozzo asked what had happened, I told him we had searched the house for clues. I took the panties home and after masturbating into them once or twice, I put them in a glass case and when I launched my boat, had them displayed on the wall.

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