tagCelebrities & Fan FictionNCIS: The Inside Story Ch. 03

NCIS: The Inside Story Ch. 03


When the team returned to NCIS, Special Agent Gibbs went straight to the Director's office. Harold, the Director's personal assistant, as usual, refused to allow Gibbs entry, also as usual, Gibbs had to rely on subterfuge.

"Harold," said Gibbs, his eyes fixed on the far side of the small office, "what's that on the wall?"

As soon as the tall man's eyes glanced where Gibbs was pointing, Gibbs rushed past him and barged into the Director's office.

Gibbs smiled; it was the fourth time that trick had worked in less than a month. Jenny's assistants may be pretty, he thought, but they're also pretty dumb.

"Director, why the hell was my team sent to Georgetown this morning?" Gibbs raised his voice as soon as he was inside the office.

"Hello to you too, Jethro," she said with a crooked smile playing across her pretty face.

Just the sight of Jenny was enough to drain the fight from him.

Damn, he thought, she gets more beautiful every time I see her. I love those beautiful eyes; the dimple in her cheek when she smiles; her soft red hair.

Christ, her breasts look great today, he thought, proudly jutting outward, high and firm, taunting and teasing him to fondle them.

Jethro felt his prick grow semi-hard and tried his best to shut out his feelings of desire for her.

I had my chance, he admitted to himself. She wanted a commitment, but I couldn't do it.

His mind flashed back to London, the last time they were naked together. He had her bend over a coffee table, her hands on the sofa holding her steady. He had given her a good pounding that day.

Every thrust of his long cock inside her brought high-pitched squeals of delight. He vividly remembered the way she squeezed herself; the walls of her cunt gripping and milking his cock like a velvet glove.

Her flesh was so white---so soft and tender. He loved holding her hips, pulling her backward onto his rampaging prick then pushing her forward until only the tip was nestled between her warm and wet pussy-lips.

He'd wait until she begged for more---until she cried out in wanton desire for his cock---then he'd ram his steel-hard pole to the hilt inside her wet pussy. Over-and-over-and-over...

Of all the women he'd been with, Jenny was the only one who could match his need for sex. She simply loved to suck and fuck.

"How did you get in here so easily? Harold has strict orders not to let anyone in without my approval," she asked Gibbs.

"Harold isn't too bright," he replied, "...you may want to replace him with someone a little smarter."

"Maybe I didn't hire him for his brains, Jethro," she said with a smirk on her face.

A sudden image flashed thru Gibbs head: Jenny stretched over her desk, her skirt pulled above her waist, her panties on the floor with Harold frantically fucking her from behind.

He cleared his mind and said, "I repeat---why were we sent to Georgetown this morning? It's hardly something NCIS should be involved with."

"The information is on a need to know basis, Jethro, and you don't need to know."

"If you expect me to perform my job, I need to know everything! Listen here, Jen---"

"It's 'Director' Shepard, Jethro...whether you like it or not I am your superior, and I demand you respect my position!"

If she climbs on top of me and rides my cock---then I'll respect her position, he thought.

"Yes, 'Di—rec---tor'," Gibbs said.

Jenny looked at her subordinate, her former partner, and felt a surge of heat warm her loins. She'd never acted forceful with Gibbs in the past, he always had the upper hand, now, the power she had over him excited her.

Then she noticed something else as well, she wasn't sure, she couldn't be bold enough to stare directly at it, but she was damn sure Gibbs was getting an erection right in front of her.

The very thought of his wonderful cock moistened her pussy. For many months, his cock had been the center of her universe. She couldn't get enough of it in her mouth and cunt.

There was something about his hard prick that caused her to become hopelessly obsessed with it. The tremendous heat it gave off? The tingling, almost vibrating sensations she felt when it was inside her?

She wasn't sure what it was; all she knew was she missed his cock; her sex life was not the same without his magic cock.

"You may leave now, Jethro," she said forcefully. "If I decide you should know something, I will share it with you."

His blue eyes flashed with anger; he was about to speak then thought better of it. He turned and left the room without saying a word.

Jenny watched him the whole way.

Oh my God---he did have a hard-on! He still gets excited when he's near me!

Her mind became lost in a heated fog of lust; her nipples hardened inside the lacy confines of her bra. She walked to her desk, leaned over and pressed the intercom.

"Harold---get in here---NOW!!"

The red-haired beauty reached beneath her skirt and quickly pushed her panties to the floor. She pulled the skirt above her waist and stretched across the desktop with her legs open wide. The juices from her wet pussy began to trickle down her soft inner thighs.

Her young and tall, well-built assistant entered the room. Upon seeing his boss naked and vulnerable from the waist down, he quickly removed his rapidly engorging cock and stood close behind her.

"I need your cock, Jethro, err, Harold," she mumbled into her hands. "Give it to me hard today!"

"Yes, Director," he said, and dutifully obeyed his superior.

The team members were at their desks, watching the porn videos they'd confiscated from the Georgetown townhouse.

Gibbs had gone to meet with the Director, and the three of them desperately wanted to find something useful to the investigation by the time he returned.

"I, for one, find these movies disgusting!" announced Ziva to her co-workers. "I mean really---why do people watch these things when it's so easy to have sex for real?"

Tim whipped his head around and made eye contact with Tony. They both raised their eyebrows and slowly shook their heads.

"It's not as simple as you make it sound, Ziva," said McGee.

"Yes, it is, McGee---you need to get out more often...libraries, lecture halls, bars, restaurants, grocery stores, the zoo---potential sex partners can be found anywhere!" she said.

Tony's eyes bugged open: "You've picked up guys at all those places? Who are you really—the Happy Hooker?"

Gibbs suddenly appeared out of nowhere and said, "The Happy Hooker probably had over a thousand men, DiNozzo, I doubt if Ziva's number is that high."

"Thank you, Gibbs," replied Ziva. Then she wondered, huh? What does he mean by that?

"What did the Director say, Boss?" asked McGee. "Why were we sent there?"

"She's stonewalling us, McGee...she didn't say anything. We're on our own on this case...anyone found anything that will help?"

"McGee's finally getting that sex education class he's sorely needed, Boss," quipped Tony.

McGee took offense and said, "I'll have you know, Tony, that I---"

"KIDS---ENOUGH! Get back to work," scolded Gibbs.

For an hour the team poured over steamy, raunchy sex videos searching for the slightest clues.

Maybe the clue could be found in the background scenery, or the sounds coming from beyond the bedrooms where they were mostly filmed. Maybe the participants themselves would provide a clue.

The sound of Tony's phone ringing broke the intense silence.

"Why hello---yes, thank you for returning my call...uh-huh, okay...five minutes? I'll meet you there---bye-bye...Boss, I need to take a break, payroll screwed-up my last check."

"Go, DiNozzo..."

As Tony passed by Ziva's desk he stopped for one second, looked her in the eyes and asked, "Really---the zoo?" He then left without waiting for her reply.

Gibbs had difficulty focusing on the videos. His mind kept returning to images of Jenny. He thought of her new-found dominance, her forcefulness. His prick became stiff and unruly once again.

He couldn't help himself. He lowered a hand and furtively squeezed and stroked his throbbing erection thru the thin fabric of his slacks. God, it felt good!

"You men are such pigs!" exclaimed Ziva.

OH-NO---BUSTED! She knows what I'm doing! How do I get out of this one? Gibbs wondered.

"Why do men have to shoot their spunk all over women's faces and breasts? That is so degrading!" she said out loud. She was watching a video.

Whew! A close one, thought Gibbs.

"Boss, I think I found something!" announced McGee.

"Put it on the big screen, McGee."

"Uh, Boss---it's kind of sensitive stuff, all these people walking by us could be offended."


Gibbs knew McGee was right, but he couldn't risk standing and walking to his desk, exposing the bulge in his pants to his agents.

Suddenly, a close-up shot of the deceased Petty Officer Pettibone was on the big screen. His face twisted in bliss. The camera retreated and graphically showed Pettibone thrusting his big cock in-and-out of a woman who was bent over a desk. The woman's supple breasts swayed and shook as Pettibone vigorously fucked her from behind.

"Boss, look at the wall above the woman's head," instructed McGee.

A large insignia of the US Navy was on the wall.

"I see it, McGee...can you get a closer shot of the woman's face?"

"I don't think so, Boss---it looks like she doesn't want her face to be seen."

The woman turned her head to the side and McGee paused the video.

"Boss, I'm going to run this angle of her thru the facial recognition software."

"You don't have to, McGee..."

"I don't---why not?"

"Because that's Admiral Ballsey...I met her last year at Director Shepard's swearing-in."

McGee shut down the big screen then joined Ziva next to Gibb's desk.

"I would say the Admiral has some explaining to do, Gibbs," said Ziva.

"To say the least, Ziva...from the Navy insignia on the wall, and the big oak desk she was sprawled over, I'd say that video was made right in her office," said Gibbs. "You and McGee go to Norfolk and question her---gently! She is an Admiral, after all."

"Norfolk, Boss? That's a three-hour trip, one-way!" McGee said.

"Yes it is, McGee---you better get going!"

"Boss, she's an Admiral, shouldn't you be the one asking her questions?"

"I have faith in you to say the right things, Tim."

"What will you be doing, Boss?" asked McGee.

"I'm going to check with Abby and see if she found anything in the evidence the crime scene technicians brought in."

Ziva and McGee hesitated.


"Y-Yes, Boss!"

As soon as they were out of his sight he stood and walked to the elevator. His hard-on hadn't fully subsided, and his balls were heavy, and in need of quick relief.

Instead of taking the elevator down to the lab, he went up to the fifth floor where the accounting offices were located.

DiNozzo quickly walked down the familiar hallway. He stopped by the door marked "Janitorial Supplies -- Harley M Sorenson, Proprietor." He heard voices down the hallway and suddenly turned and went to the drinking fountain across from the door. He pretended to drink from the fountain until the voices disappeared into an office.

He looked both ways then moved to the door, opened it, and went inside to find Midge waiting for him in near darkness. A small nightlight on a work counter provided the only illumination.

They embraced, clung to each other really, and kissed passionately. Midge's hand wasted no time and began stroking the front of Tony's slacks. He became erect almost immediately. She loved feeling the heat on her hand emanating from his hot and pulsating cock.

Tony found the bodice of her dress already open, her soft globes exposed. He kneaded her flesh with urgency. He lowered his head and sucked a nipple into his mouth; licking it, teasing it; gently biting down until he heard her moan. He moved to her other nipple and caressed it with his tongue and lips.

Her hands tore at his pants. She skillfully unfastened the belt and the sound of his zipper in the quiet room enflamed her passion all the more. She dropped to her knees and wrestled Tony's pants and boxers down his hips until his turgid cock was inches from her face.

She slid her lips over the fat knob of his cock and lathered his hot flesh with her tongue. Tony groaned. She felt his cock begin to expand in her mouth.

So soon? she wondered.

Her hand found his balls; they were already contracting upwards in his sac. She gently eased them down causing Tony to groan in frustration. She wasn't ready for him to climax just yet; she had another idea in mind.

She abruptly abandoned his cock, stood, and guided Tony backwards until his legs found the only chair in the room. She had him sit down.

Her nimble fingers reached under her dress and quickly peeled the panties down her hips and legs. She spread her legs wide on either side of him until her cunt was above his hard cock. She straddled him, one hand on his shoulder for support, the other down below. Her slender fingers opened her moist lips and she eased herself downward until she was fully impaled on his hot and throbbing manhood. The tight walls of her pussy nipped at Tony's flesh.

"Ohhh, Midge," he groaned.

"Ohhh, Harley," she responded.

Tony chuckled in her ear.

Suddenly he felt the soft, sheer material of her panties pressed against his nose. Her intoxicating aroma sent his mind reeling.

Midge slowly began rising and falling on Tony's hard, throbbing erection.

Gibbs took the elevator to the fifth floor, turned left and walked down the long hallway. About mid-way, he stopped in front of the janitor's closet. Seeing no one in the hallway, he moved close to the door and listened. He smiled when he heard gasping and soft groans of pleasure.

You're a lucky man, DiNozzo, thought Gibbs.

Memories of Midge Watkins' tightly clinging pussy flooded his mind. It wasn't all that long ago when it was he in that room guiding her hips up-and-down his cock. Midge absolutely loved giving men pleasure, but she also knew how to take her own, as well.

The thought briefly occurred to Gibbs maybe he should have her seduce McGee. His erections were getting downright embarrassing for everyone. He always vehemently denied he was a virgin, but Gibbs wasn't so sure. Midge would make an excellent teacher for him.

Good, he thought to himself. Tony was now busy, and Ziva and McGee were out of the building. He smiled to himself as he rode the elevator down one floor to the delicatessen.

Gibbs found a 64-ounce drink cup and filled it with CAF-POW, Abby's favorite energy drink.

The girl at the checkout stand smiled as Gibbs paid for the drink.

"Abby is so lucky to have a boss like you, Agent Gibbs," she said.

Gibbs smiled his sheepish grin and said nothing. He returned to the elevator and rode down to the basement floor. His cock became hard again thinking of what was about to take place.

"HI GIBBS," Abby called out when she saw him enter her lab. "I haven't found anything yet, just a lot of yucky, dried stains that are probably---well, you know, dried man-stuff."

Abby saw the drink and jumped up-and-down, gleefully squealing, "Oh—gimmee-gimmee-gimmee..."

When she reached for the cup, Gibbs pulled it away from her. The hurt look on her face quickly changed.

"OH...it's the Super-Duper size," she said softly, reverently, her eyes wide as saucers.

Gibbs followed her to the console where she pressed the button that locked the door to the lab. They walked to a corner of the lab that could not be seen on surveillance cameras.

Abby dutifully dropped to her knees before Gibbs and reached for his belt.

"Abs," Gibbs said in a scolding voice, "...have you forgotten Rule 75?"

"Oh-yeah---sorry Gibbs!" she said.

Abby discarded her white lab coat revealing a black sun dress. She undid the buttons and pushed the top of the dress off her white shoulders.

The mounds of her 36C breasts tumbled into Gibb's view. He felt his cock twitch and jump inside his pants. He never tired of watching her creamy white breasts jiggling as she sucked him.

Abby opened his slacks, hooked her fingers in the waistband then yanked downward lowering his slacks and boxers. His majestic, hard penis sprang into her view.

She kissed the tip, and licked at the pre-cum oozing from the slit. She never tired of paying homage to Gibb's magnificent cock.

She cupped his balls in her hand.

"They're awfully heavy today, Gibbs, it's been awhile, huh?"

Gibbs said nothing but she read in his eyes: "Don't talk---suck!."

Her mouth opened wide and she slid her painted-red lips over his purple, plum-sized cockhead. When her tongue came in contact with his flesh, she heard a deep moan come from deep inside his throat.

She found her rhythm and went to work in earnest. In a matter of seconds, her excitement soaked the front of her black panties. She knew she'd be using her vibrator the moment she got home that night.

Gibbs stood and dreamily gazed at her round, perfectly formed breasts. He watched her nipples grow to full length and marveled how long and thick they were. The bobbing of her head filled his peripheral vision.

God, he thought. There is nothing sexier than watching a woman suck your cock. The tightening of her lips around your shaft; the slow, back-and-forth movement of her head; the gurgling noises in her throat; then the urgency of her sucking when she really gets into it and wants to make you cum.

Her talented hands massaged his balls and stroked his shaft in time with the back-and-forth motion of her head.

Gibbs closed his eyes when he felt the churning in his balls. He remembered Ziva's disgust at men who came on women's faces and breasts, and decided, for today anyway, he would just have Abby swallow it.

One floor below the lab, inside the morgue, Ducky and Palmer stood over the autopsy table. Dr. Mallard was methodical, and very meticulous in his work. He also provided Palmer with steady banter, and regaled him with stories of his youth.

"I was quite upset earlier when Jethro interrupted my recollection of Asian Ladyboys...I realize we're here to perform our work, but there was no call for him to be so rude."

"Well, frankly Doctor," said Palmer. "...I didn't think it was an appropriate time or place either."

Ducky's eyes raised and glared at Palmer.

Palmer coughed then quickly added, "What I mean, Doctor is, uh, Agent Gibbs is under a lot of pressure---and honestly, I think sex-talk makes him uncomfortable...you can always tell me the story, Doctor."

"Thank you for your clumsy attempt to placate me, Mr. Palmer...that is one reason why you continue working for me...anyway, one particular Ladyboy comes to mind---the very first one I met while stationed there...what was so unusual at the time was, all of the beads he had pierced thru his tongue...OH---why Jimmy, you rascal!"

Palmer had stealthily reached around Dr. Mallard and one-by-one, opened the buttons on his fly. When Jimmy reached inside the Doctor's tweed slacks, he boldly grasped the Doctor's long and slender erection thru the fabric of his silk boxers.

"Go on, Doctor," said Palmer, as he firmly stroked Dr. Mallard's hard cock.

"Where was I---oh yes...this Ladyboy had the most exquisite mouth...when he ran that beaded-tongue over my cock and balls, I swore I'd died and gone to heaven."

"Maybe I should pierce my tongue with beads, Doctor?"

"Oh, no, my dear boy...I would certainly enjoy it, but I sincerely doubt your fiancé would neither understand nor approve."

"Oh, Lord, Mr. Palmer," groaned Ducky, "...you've gotten me feeling randier than a goat!"

Jimmy suddenly went to his knees and crawled below the autopsy table. He deftly opened the Doctor's slacks and extricated his engorged member. He took it in his mouth and pleasured his mentor like he had hundreds of times in the past.

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