Near Miss

byLia Monde©

Jesse's college ran summer programs at several locations around the country. One was in a large city on the coast where his Aunt Christiana lived. Both Jesse's home and his college were in small towns in the middle of the country. During spring break, he was spending a week at her place to see whether he wanted to live an entire summer in a large metropolis.

Christiana's roomy condo was in a bustling quarter of the city populated by young professionals where there was always plenty to do. Eleven years younger than Jesse's mother, she was single, vivacious and had always been his favorite relative. Her job as a buyer for a gallery involved a constant air of cutting edge excitement. It also paid her well and allowed her to have trendy furnishings and a closet full of stylish clothes.

With the week almost over, the visit was going well. On his first weekend in town, they'd toured some sights, enjoyed ethnic restaurants and stopped in a number of galleries. Christiana seemed to know everyone and her passion for art was contagious. While Jesse understood little about art, he was enthralled by her cosmopolitan swirl of a lifestyle. It was quite different from his sheltered, middle class suburban upbringing. He was already convinced that he wanted to sign up for his college's summer program as soon as he returned to campus.

For her part, Christiana was genuinely thrilled by the chance to spend time with her nephew. She was actually closer in age to Jesse than to his mother. It explained why she enjoyed the role of a worldly and helpful older friend to Jesse, rather than stuffy and responsible adult. This was the first time they'd spent an extended time together in a couple of years.

She was surprised that, although he was still slight of build, he'd gotten quite tall. He also radiated youthful wholesomeness. Recognizing that Jesse was somewhat shy, she was nonetheless impressed by how sophisticated and perceptive he'd become. Once he got into conversation, he was engaging and funny. Christiana had worried a little when she brought him along to a friend's party. However, he'd handled himself well and on the walk home had been bubbling about how interesting he'd found her eclectic set of friends.

On Friday, while his Aunt worked, Jesse slept in and then walked some of the neighborhoods. Returning home in the late afternoon, there was a message from Christiana on the phone machine. "Jesse, I have to meet some clients for dinner. Fix yourself something from the fridge and we'll connect later for dessert. See you when I get home."

After kicking off his sandals and stripping to his shorts, he assembled a sandwich, chips and a Pepsi. Eating on the balcony with his feet up on the railing, he enjoyed the warmth as the sun angled toward the horizon. He lingered there until he felt a chill, then moved inside, cleaned up and flicked on the television. Nothing caught his attention, so he turned it off. Thumbing through the large selection of CDs, he picked several and turned on the music. Then, he wandered through the condo looking for something to do.

When he reached the door to Christiana's bedroom, his eyes took in the feminine décor. The subtle pink wallpaper and delicate furnishings struck an unexpected chord. He felt an adrenaline rush and tightening in his chest. Not having any sisters, the intimate side of girl's lives, possessions and rooms always seemed mysterious.

Jesse was torn. The room seemed both alluring and forbidden. While he didn't want to invade his Aunt's privacy, he felt an irresistible urge to explore the secrets within. When he became aware of the enticing scent of perfume coming from the room, it was the tipping point. His curiosity got the best of him and he decided to have a quick look around. Glancing guiltily down the hall toward the living room and front door, he stepped across the threshold.

Just entering this domain seemed to be a thrilling and almost sexual act. Unexpectedly, it reminded Jesse of the occasional fantasies he had concerning women's clothing. Typically, they started as normal sexual daydreams, but then veered involuntarily down a path that wound up with him fully clothed and made up as a young woman. Despite being powerfully stimulating, Jesse found these interludes disturbing. Not knowing what, if anything, they meant, he suppressed these thoughts to the fullest extent possible and had never overtly acted on them. But as he walked gingerly around Christiana's feminine sanctuary, these thoughts came rushing back to him. The emotions made his heart pump and his face redden.

The furnishings were modern, but warm and inviting. The full size platform bed was made of rich, dark wood and had a cushioned, leather-covered headboard. It was neatly made with sheets and pillowcases of a red orchid design against a white background. A fanciful, quilted floral pattern decorated the ivory coverlet and matching sham. The rest of the room was equally pretty: pale lavender, pleated curtains with crocheted trim; a stylish throw rug complementing the wall-to-wall; unique mirrors; a brass hat stand with several kicky chapeaus; impressionistic prints; and a rocking chair covered with a throw and holding a couple of cherished, stuffed animals. In total, it created a cozy and comforting ambience. Almost nurturing.

Jesse ran his hand across the material on the bed and the curtains. In one sense, the fabric was no different than in his room at home, or here. But, it seemed, somehow, very different. Softer. Definitely girlish. Surprisingly stimulating.

He moved to the walk-in closet and his eyes widened. He knew Christiana had a beautiful wardrobe. However, seeing rack after rack and packed shelves of her cute outfits was wondrous. The attractions were endless. There were shapely little black dresses and colorful scarves; short sundresses and luxurious sweaters. As he stepped in, silky blouses caressed his arm and a rainbow array of skirts captured his eyes. There were an impossible number of divine shoes.

Jesse's mind reeled at the thought of facing such an infinite combination of choices every morning. It would be an impossible task. However, a part of his subconscious seemed to register that it would be a delightful pleasure.

Looking around nervously, he reached up and ran his hand across the dresses. The touch of the ravishing material made his heart twitter and his face smile. He didn't want to disrupt the neat display, but he spent several minutes carefully looking at the delicate finery. Moving out of the closet, he felt a sense of euphoria. Jesse had always appreciated the attractive look of feminine clothes, almost as much as the girls themselves. But, this was something more. Maybe it was the setting: his taboo intrusion, the intimate proximity, or just the overwhelming number of gorgeous things. Whatever it was, he liked the feeling.

Stepping to the hat rack, he couldn't help but try on a couple. The pink baseball cap for the local team was straightforward. However, when he donned the straw hat with the wide floppy brim and the deep purple ribbon and bow he had the impression of being subtly transformed. Looking in the mirror, he felt compelled to purse his lips and pose by raising his shoulders and cocking his head as he'd seen girls do at his dorm or while shopping. He wasn't sure where the gesture came from. It just seemed natural and to bubble up from inside. Enjoying the play acting, he even picked up an overstuffed rabbit off the chair and cuddled it to his bare chest while looking at himself in the mirror from under the brim. He made a mental note to think about these strange feelings later on. But for now, he was enjoying the exhilaration too much to try and dissect his emotions. He replaced the hat and proceeded around the room.

Jesse was impressed by how tidy everything was. He was no slob, but everything here was meticulously organized. The jewelry box was open, yet the necklaces, colorful pins and endless earring and rings were all well-ordered. The make-up table was covered with a forest of lotions, powders, perfumes, pencils, cotton balls, lip balms, sprays, nail polishes and an array of tools about which he had no idea of their purpose. Like the jewelry, there was a place for everything, and everything was in its place.

He dawdled over the perfume and brought several to his nose. One was strongly pungent and made his face curl away. As he became more involved in the mesmerizing display, he relaxed and let his inhibitions down. The third perfume he sampled had a stunning, springtime fragrance. Feeling a little self-conscious, he nonetheless mimicked a Christiana move. Jesse sprayed the perfume slightly upward in front of his face, then, stepped forward to allow it to settle across his visage. Inhaling as he did it, Jesse found the smell even more pleasing. He couldn't keep a bliss-tinged grin from his lips. The effect on his spirits was almost magical. He'd never have thought a simple scent could make him feel giddy. Getting into the moment, he dabbed a touch on the inside of his wrist and behind his ear before replacing it on the make-up table.

Moving on to Christiana's four drawer chest, Jesse hesitated. He listened for any sign of activity. The music was still playing from the living room and everything else was quiet. However, as much as he wanted to see what treasures the bureau held, it seemed he'd be breaking another taboo by opening the drawer. So far, everything he'd handled had been in plain sight.

The pause was brief. There was an overwhelming desire to experience more feminine delights. He convinced himself there was no harm in just looking.

The first two drawers were mundane: socks, sweat pants, shorts and a mix of cotton t-shirts. When he opened the third drawer, his eyes widened and his mouth slowly opened in awe. He was presented with a riveting display of neatly aligned lingerie. The large drawer seemed to be overflowing with sexy bras and all manner of panties. While there was a supply of basic white articles, the vast majority were colorful, and to his eyes, blatantly sexual.

As he took in the visual feast, Jesse was embarrassingly aware that he was enormously aroused. His penis was hard and strained at his briefs. Without looking, his arm moved down to lightly stroke it through his shorts.

Beginning to breathe again, Jesse's vision sorted the mass of garments into individual items. The panties came in every possible shape and color. Soft blues, verdant greens, sexy blacks, pale yellows, lavenders, bright reds, and an endless variety of pinks. There were pastel florals, stark stripes and bold prints. The decorative adornments were incalculable: lace, frills, ribbons, bows, flowers, buttons, appliqués, insets and cutouts.

While he was fearful any disturbance of the careful arrangement would be detected, he was powerless to keep from touching the seductive gems. He ran his fingertips lightly across the shiny stacks. The feeling was velvety and voltaic. His entire body was charged by the multi-sensual experience. He could feel his soul being sucked into the tempting trove and had a subliminal realization of his life changing in some obscure, but profound, fashion.

Time passed slowly as Jesse thumbed through the piles. Each movement revealed a new visual and tactile pleasure. After a long, bedazzled time, he shook his head, did his best to smooth the intimates to their original form, and forced himself to close the drawer.

He stood gazing aimlessly while trying to compose himself. Jesse was hard put to remember a time he was so swept away with emotion. When his fervor lowered a little, he opened the final drawer and repeated the experience. This one contained Christiana's stockings, camisoles, slips and night clothes. They were as stylish, variegated and magnetic in their attraction and impact as were the panties. He spent long minutes in an almost trance-like inspection. When Jesse finished and managed to close the drawer, he was literally light-headed from the experience.

Jesse was about to withdraw from Christiana's rapturous fairyland when a clothes hamper in the corner caught his attention. He hadn't noticed the squat, pale blue piece before, but now it drew him like a magnet. He tentatively reached down, and then lifted the cover. As he surmised, it contained his Aunt's used clothing.

On the top of the stack was a breathtaking pair of lace nylon panties in shocking red. With trembling fingers, Jesse lifted the undies from the bin. His entire being was focused on the red treasure. Its' look, touch and smell struck him as divine. Rubbing the material slightly between his fingers was an enormously erotic exercise.

He brought the lingerie to his face and stroked them lightly on his cheek. His body shivered with delight. Inhaling, Jesse was swept with a sensation that seemed to embody all the positive feminine aspects of all women. He was simultaneously blushing in embarrassment and floating with exhilaration.

Swept up in an emotional high, Jesse was consumed with a sudden and strong desire to try on the panties. It came in an unexpected flash, but he found the compulsion irresistible. Without any further thought, he quickly removed his shorts and briefs. Dropping them in a pile by the door, his raging penis stood at attention. Lifting his foot delicately, he inserted it into the opening of the silky underwear with growing anticipation.

Slowly pulling them up, the soft material stimulated the short hairs on his legs. As the panties reached his crotch, the electric feeling caused him to gasp sharply and close his eyes in pleasure. Placing them fully around his waist, Jesse felt transformed. Something resonated deep in his soul. His body and mind felt afire and matched any state of sexual excitement he'd experienced.

Opening his eyes, Jesse stared down at the red nylon encasing his loins. His first conscious reaction was that they looked incredible. The material felt simultaneously soft and sensuously tight. Stepping in front of the mirror, he could see how the panties embraced his engorged member. But, that was secondary. Jesse was more riveted by the dainty details that screamed femininity. The high cut leg openings with the scallop trim. The darling bow at the waistband. The lace inserts on the sides in the flower pattern.

"I look adorable." he whispered aloud. Jesse had no idea what part of his psyche that emerged from, but the sentiment was strong and genuine.

The emotions generated by the visual spectacle were exponentially enhanced by the tactile feel. Every little twist and motion sent a pleasurable message to his brain. As he turned to get a better view of his behind, his palms smoothed the material across his cheeks and he received another jolt of bliss.

Jesse felt overwhelmed. He couldn't understand how a little piece of flimsy fabric could cause such a sensual overload. But, he was past worrying about it. He was fully involved in enjoying it and trying to make it last. As his penis throbbed from the mere act of putting on the panties, he knew he'd orgasm with little effort.

Floating in a euphoric fog, he stepped back to the clothes hamper and started pulling through the other discarded items. Unlike with the bureau, he had no fears about being discovered by messing with his Aunt's organization. The disorder of the hamper removed one of the barriers restraining him earlier. It almost seemed like an invitation. In seconds, he found what he was looking for. He removed a matching red bra from the bin. Without hesitation, he put his arms through the straps and closed the front snap. Pulling the bra down over his nipples, Jesse was unconcerned that his chest did little to fill the cups. He was obsessed with the look and feel. Stepping back to the mirror, he straightened the straps and massaged the material on his breasts. His breathing was shallow and quick.

It was amazing to Jesse. The bra and panty set not only had him on the edge of orgasm, but had him thinking and acting like a girl. Without a conscious effort, his movements were decidedly more graceful. As he primped in front of the mirror, he ran his fingers through his longish hair and pulled it behind his ear in an atypical and decidedly unmanly gesture. He brought the inside of his wrist to his face and breathed deeply to enjoy the perfume he'd applied earlier. He preened and gazed and reveled in the emotional and physical swirl for a timeless period.

Jesse knew no one would mistake him for a girl, but he certainly looked girlish. And for some indefinable reason, he liked that idea. It made him feel soft and attractive, playful and tickled pink. Following that flow of emotion, a typically female thought occurred to him that he could look even better with a touch of make-up.

Impulsively, he moved to the make-up table. His fear of putting things out of order momentarily stopped his hand. But, he realized if he was careful and returned things to their correct spot, there was virtually no chance of being caught. Nail polish was his first thought, but he visualized creating a mess and realized it would take too long anyway. He reached for the shining lipstick cylinders. Reading the small print, he selected one called Wild Night. He giggled at the idea that the name was a perfect fit for what he was enjoying.

Removing the lid, he twisted the bottom and watched in fascination as it twirled up from the tube. It was a bright, stoplight red and embodied the essence of feminine sexuality. Jesse didn't have to look any further.

Leaning into the mirror, he pursed his lips and very lightly applied the gloss. His hand trembled with excitement, but he moved deliberately as if he was applying a precious substance. Squeezing his knees together, he squirmed in pleasure on the bench at the sight of how the bright gloss made his lips seem to jump from his face. His squirming rubbed the panty fabric on his skin and reinforced the pleasant sensation coursing through his groin. He was lost in the fabulous sensation and indulged himself with a girlish giggle of delight.

Looking around for a tissue to remove some of the smudges, he...

"We're home."

The shouted greeting from the front door pierced Jesse's chest like a spear. His body swiveled in panic on the bench to face the hall. His eyes went wide with fear and his stomach lurched.

His ears strained to hear. The music suddenly stopped.

"Jesse, are you home?" Christiana called from the living room.

The question caused his mind to register what his body and subconscious had realized from the first shout. His Aunt was home and he was screwed. As if to confirm this, Jesse dropped his eyes to look at his body.

Seeing the red panties and bra, as if with fresh eyes, sent a jolt of terror. He almost burst into uncontrollable tears. His mind was in chaos: alarm, confusion, disbelief and doom.

Expecting him to be home, Christiana was surprised Jesse hadn't responded. She took off her coat and helped her friend Moira hang hers in the front hall closet.

Hearing voices from the living room and the closing of the hall closet door aroused Jesse into hysteria and action. His only thought was of escape to avoid the certainty of discovery. Shaking off the paralysis, he jumped to his feet, dropped the lipstick to the floor and scanned the room. He heard the click of shoes moving across the living room floor toward the bedroom hall.

Jesse dashed forward. On the run, he swept up his shorts and underwear by the door. Skidding around the corner, he sprinted past the bathroom toward his guest bedroom at the end of the hall. The sound of footsteps behind him told him Christiana was almost to the hall where she would see his feminine-clad body and his life would be obliterated.

Approaching the hall, Christiana heard the racing sound of pounding feet. She wrinkled her brow in concern.

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