tagSci-Fi & FantasyNecromancer Chronicles Pt. 01

Necromancer Chronicles Pt. 01


Hey guys/gals, been about four months. This story has been beating in my head for a while, so I had to get it started. Please leave me feedback if you're of a mind, or vote so I know if I should keep going on with it. This story will be first person, and will follow two people.

I'm putting this in the scifi/fantasy category as usual. This first part has some M/F, I don't think there will be any F/F or M/F/F in this story at all. As far as categories that could be covered there are a few, so I'll stick to the main plot category, although it could go in novellas, erotic couplings, nonhuman, or romance.

Hope you enjoy it!

Copyright 2015. This is a work of fiction. Names, Characters, Places and incidents are either products of the author's imagination or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales or persons living or dead, is entirely coincidental. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without permission.


Chapter 1 - Vincent

A wave of hot air washed over my body, the crackle of the flames set my blood pounding. I looked up at the frowning face of Miri, the explosion of fire washing through her form as she stared down at me. She was attractive for a woman in her late thirties, the beauty of her youth still very much apparent. That didn't much matter to me though, because she was a ghost, and I was here on a job. A personal job, but a job nonetheless.

"What are you doing hiding down there, I know the fire can't hurt you," her voice was clear in my mind.

"Shit," I muttered as I stamped out the fire on my sleeve, "But I like this shirt!"

The crackle of the fire was getting louder around me as the couch I was hiding behind was doing a fair job of melting, pretty soon I wouldn't have any cover at all. The smell of the burning glue, wood, and leather was getting overwhelming, not to mention the smoke, and I started to cough. Damn it, I really liked this shirt.

I stood and turned, my clothes caught fire, but my skin was merely tickled. I drew my power, over forty ghosts channeling the energy of death, the energy of the afterlife. Although I couldn't see it through the fire and smoke, I knew I was surrounded by a green glow. With a thought I changed to my sight from normal to other. I couldn't see the bastard at all, but his soul was quite clear to me. Some white, a lot of black. I could hear his laughter as his fire engulfed me.

Everyone knows necromancers burn just as much as the next guy, luckily I knew something he didn't. I released my power, it slithered across the room, engulfing the bastard completely. I could not see what was happening, but I saw his soul disconnect from his body, which was most likely rotted, decomposed, and laying on the floor.

"Enjoy hell asshole!" I screamed.

I watched with other sight as an opening to hell appeared; fell creatures poured out and dragged the sorcerer through the gate before it closed. Not something I can take credit for, hell was always eager to collect their own. I shrugged. If anyone deserved it, he certainly did. The asshole was preparing to sacrifice his daughter in a ritual, after murdering his wife when she found out. That's when Miri sought me out for help, and I was glad to help, for a price.

I dashed through the house, Miri floating along behind me. The house was really burning up now. I ran to the bedroom where Miri's daughter waited. There was no time to unlock it or find a key. I kicked it in. The ten year old girl took one look at me and the fire behind me, and screamed. I imagine I was an alarming sight, my clothes all but burned away. I picked her up and ran for the front door, the girl wasn't making it easy, squirming and trying to escape, but it wasn't as if I had the time to explain things.

I was the good guy, well, for her and in this particular case I was anyway.

I channeled some more power, my green aura surrounding the child. This time not to rot, but to preserve, to protect, and to shield. We ran right through the fire, I winced at the piercing scream right in my left ear, that's gratitude for you.

I made it out the front door and ran down to the car. I opened the back door and the girl calmed when she saw her aunt Rita was in the driver's seat. She was the spitting image of Miri, and alive, but I squashed any thoughts of hitting on her, she looked freaked out, and you know, time and a place and all that.

I smiled a little and said, "Could have gone better, but here she is safe and sound. You should go."

She looked at me a little fearfully and said, "Are you sure you don't want anything, I feel like I owe you something."

I shook my head, "No, get going, my price has already been covered."

I turned and looked at Miri as the car drove away. She nodded, ghostly tears on her cheeks as she reached out and touched my amulet. The spell was activated as she was bound to me. A necromancer gets his power through ghosts for the most part. The deal was simple, I save her daughter from her monster of a father, and she serves me for ten years before moving on to the next life.

It is possible to bind ghosts against their will, but necromancers who do that are at a disadvantage in my opinion. Even after being bound, a spirit can still fight. It's much harder my way, working for it and making deals in the short term, but the advantages are obvious. I don't have to waste effort or magic to control my ghosts, they work for me willingly for the duration after which I release them.

They are also more willing to take an active role in helping and protecting me, even in my sleep. Plus, binding a ghost against their will seems evil, so all around, my way is better. I had over a hundred ghosts now, I usually tried to make a new deal once a month. Even so, I am coming up to my twenty fifth birthday soon, and my first deal was right after my fifteenth. I shook my head to snap out of my wool gathering while staring at a house burn. I could hear the sound of the approaching fire trucks.

I cloaked myself with darkness, not true invisibility, it just makes me hard to notice, even with tattered clothes, I went over to my car and headed home. I needed a shower, and a change of clothes. I was thinking of hitting the bar after, I needed to relax after that. Sometimes humans really freak me out, who sacrifices their own daughter? That was evil beyond my understanding, and that is saying a lot in my case.

I didn't really have much going on at the moment, my day job was related to my skills as well, though in that case I got paid in cash. Humans for the most part were oblivious of the supernatural. They might see a child, when it's really a dwarf walking down the street. Or in the case of a sorcerer going on a tear it's a hurricane, or a gas explosion, or an earthquake.

The thanks for that of course fall on the Fae, they are masters at illusion and deception, their greatest work was to settle a spell over the entire world that blunts the impact of the supernatural on normal humans. Of course this makes my job harder. When I get hired to speak to loved ones that crossed over, ask a question, or find a killer, or any number of things, people are always skeptical, even the ones that proclaim belief.

I do okay though, my investments are fairly impressive. One of the ghosts I helped turned out to be a genius at reading the stock market, which only improved after he became a ghost. I wound up making him a zombie; he runs all my financials and controls my house and budget. Zombies can be brainless weapons, but putting a ghost in the driver's seat really changes things.

I pulled into my drive way and up to the house. It was a two story home with a couple of thousand square feet, four bedrooms, full basement. I walked in and was greeted at the door.

"Hello master," Hardin smiled, "Everything go okay?"

"Yes, although I sacrificed my clothes."

"Awww, poor baby lost his shirt?" a teasing and sexy feminine voice rang out.

"That's right Amy, maybe I should bring you to the next fire?"

She hissed while I laughed and winked her way. I couldn't help but stare at her ass as she stomped off to her room. She was gorgeous, but off limits. I wasn't shy about talking a woman into my bed, especially one as fiery and beautiful as Amy, but she was bound to me. Virtually a slave despite all the freedoms I granted her. It would be nothing but rape to pursue her in that way. As far as her pursuing me, well, Hell hasn't seen that cold day yet.

Amy was the exception to my rule. She is the only forced bond in my house, although in my defense it was either that or kill her. When I was first making a name for myself as a necromancer, one of the older ones bound a vampire and sent her to kill me. Necromancers generally don't like competition, we are rare and jealous of our power. It also isn't a power that should be in the hands of an idiot, controlling a vampire proved I would probably make it to others of my kind.

Necromancers also aren't very welcome in the general supernatural community. We aren't hunted as a rule, but we mostly go our own way.

So I didn't really have a choice in binding her, and although we are like oil and water, the idea of killing her for something she had no control over doesn't sit well with me.

Weakness? Perhaps. But she does guard the house quite zealously, and a vampire is nothing to be trifled with by anyone other than a necromancer. We are their greatest weakness. I could order her to be nice, to do whatever I wanted, but what fun would that be? The bond makes sure she can't harm or betray me, that is enough.

I went upstairs and jumped in the shower, the hot water sluiced the stench of smoke, burned flesh and clothing off my body. I dried off and walked into the bedroom, one of my zombies were laying out some clothes. I had a number of them, all controlled through Hardin. They didn't have a personality though, they were just workers, soulless. Generally they did well with repetitive tasks, but anything complex was just beyond them without a controlling spirit or micromanagement on my part.

I considered just staying home, it had been a hell of a night, but I needed to go out. I got ready and drove over to a club close to my neighborhood which was just west of Chicago. Getting in wasn't an issue, I didn't wait in line, I simply walked in. Humans could always sense something about me and mostly stayed out of my way, they couldn't see or believe what I was, but there was a part of them, a small part, that knew. Instinctively they knew not to challenge me.

Either that, or it was my looks.

I opened my senses. Not my necromancer senses, the other part of me, the same part that made me immune to fire. My mind was bombarded with desires. I could not read thoughts, or even emotions, but I had the ability to detect the greater desires of a human in that moment. It really wasn't fair, no strike outs or hit and miss, simple tracking. A hunt of a sort.

There were over a hundred people, surrounding the bars or out on the dance floor. I could smell the sweat, feel the desire for sex, the fear of rejection, it surrounded me. Then I felt her, exactly what I was looking for. I looked across the floor and saw a woman in her early twenties, maybe a year or two younger than I was. Long dark hair, exotic features, tight body. What I felt from her was the desire for a one night stand, that's all I wanted, which was a good thing, it was all I could really have.

I didn't feel guilty about what I read, or what I was. I would be giving her exactly what she wanted too. I smiled faintly as I closed in and moved my arm toward her a little, to get her attention.

"Want to dance?" My question was loaded, my body language and tone of voice clear that I wasn't really asking her to dance.

I saw a hint of nervousness then she smiled and nodded as she checked me out.


Taking her offered hand I replied, "Vince," as I pulled her onto the dance floor. It was a done deal already, but the small things are important, there was no reason to rush. Besides, dancing was great foreplay, and she could move her body very well.

After a couple of dances of rubbing, bumping and caressing I took her hand and held eye contact while motioning to the door. She smiled shyly and nodded while squeezing my hand, it was such a drastic counterpoint to the bold way she danced but just as much a turn on.

Clubs are way too loud to really talk to a person. So far, outside of our names, all the talking had been body language and dance. So I knew as soon as I got her in the car the awkward moment would come unless I did something to break the ice. When we got to the car I pulled her against me and looked down into her eyes for a moment, then lowered my head slowly, giving her time to back out. Not because she would do so, but so that she felt in control.

There was an undeniable attraction between us. Some would argue I lacked morality searching out a woman wanting no strings attached sex. The truth is it makes me very moral. I could have attracted almost any woman in there due to what I am, but the ones not looking for a onetime thing would just get hurt. This was safer, and better.

Even for me, a first kiss is a powerful thing. Her full lips were slightly parted, soft and silky against mine. My heart was racing as this sexy woman opened herself to me, allowed herself to become vulnerable. She moved in closer, rubbing her body against mine as I deepened the kiss, my tongue seeking entry between her lips which opened with a light gasp. I felt her body melt against me so I slowly backed off and ended the kiss, helping her into the car before closing the door.

When I got in I asked, "Your place or mine?"

Of course, I had zombies and a vampire at home, and I didn't want to take her there. Sure, I could send them to the furnished basement, but it made me feel guilty when I did that to Amy and Hardin. It wouldn't be a problem though, I already knew the answer, I knew it as soon as I felt her desire when I walked in the club. Some woman that do one night stands like to go to the guys place, where they can leave when they are done, some feel more in control on their own turf. April was the latter.

She licked her lips and said in a sultry tone, "Mine, I'll give you directions."

She leaned into me and I put my arm around her as I drove. Her scent was natural, and the feel of her warm, tight, and supple body against mine was driving me crazy. She kept caressing my leg and inner thigh, I had to make an effort to concentrate on the drive. Ten minutes later she brought me into her home. It was an apartment in a pretty nice area, we barely made it through the door before she was aggressively kissing me.

My heart was pounding, my manhood waking as I smelled the first hints of her arousal. I caressed the back of her neck, ran my other hand down her back, and squeezed her tight rounded ass. She gasped into my mouth and broke the kiss. The look of lust on her beautiful face as she bit her lip and pulled me down the hall to her bedroom had me mesmerized, I couldn't look away.

She was sexy, beautiful, and compelling... and she was mine, at least, for tonight she was.

We slowly stripped each other between kisses, glancing at each other's bodies in lust as we bared and explored our flesh. Her breasts were perfect, about a C cup, her nipples hard on her flawless silky smooth skin. I brushed them with my thumbs before pulling her against my body for another kiss. I smiled slightly as she touched my manhood and gasped in both lust and surprise.

I don't want to brag about my size, let's just say it is another part of what I am and leave it at that.

It was my turn to gasp as she stroked me teasingly with her silken fingers before softly squeezing my shaft. I picked her up by her ass as we kissed. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled our bodies tighter together and ground against my manhood with her slick passage as I walked slowly toward the bed.

She pulled me down on top of her and whispered, "Take me now." Her eyes were glazed with lust, her breathing already fast. Normally I would start with more foreplay, but apparently the dancing and playing on the way to her home had been enough, more than enough for her. I placed my tip against her moist center, her heat felt good against me and I slowly slid into her tight but welcoming sheath.

Her eyes widened and she gasped as I slowly filled her in one slow but unyielding stroke. I froze for a minute, kissing her neck and down to her breasts. I bit her nipples lightly before circling them with my tongue. Her center was undulating on my member as she got used to me, it felt so good I had to force myself not to move. I waited until she was ready and started to stroke in and out of her liquid heat.

The feel of her around me almost made me lose control of myself, I wanted to pound into her sweet flesh until I reached climax but restrained myself. I worked her body slowly, got to know it. Getting her to turn into a pile of orgasmic goo would make it so much better for me, not only because I enjoyed giving pleasure either.

April begged breathlessly, "Faster, harder."

I sped up, increasing our pleasure and her body joined mine in a rhythm as old as time. She cried out as I felt her molten core tighten and erupt, her sweet juice bathing my length as she milked me. I held on, driving into her even faster. I could feel it now, her energy, her life, her soul as it started to fill me. The feeling is indescribable. It is life, it is everything I need or want. It is a curse.

I was swept up in it and started pounding harder, I could hear her screams of pleasure as she rolled into a second very intense orgasm, and that's when I lost it. I felt my legs go numb and stopped fighting it, instead giving into it and pounding in harder and faster. My manhood expanded within her tightening channel as I started to fill her with my batter.

Her body locked up, frozen in ecstasy as she launched into a third very violent orgasm, I felt the life, the energy rush into me now as her supple body practically vibrated beneath me. When I came down from my height, full of energy, full of life, I looked down and kissed her gently on the lips. I held a faint regret in my heart as I studied this beautiful amazingly sexy woman that had become my victim, of sorts, for the night. She was out like a light, completely exhausted.

I felt the temptation to taker her again, wake her with power and share pleasure until she had been drained utterly. Mine completely, for now, and forever. I also felt the disgust at the idea, the human soul in my crying out against a crime so terrible.

As usual, my human half won.

I touched her with my necromantic power. Necromancy is often compared to death, but really, necromancy is life. I could give it, and I could take it. I could call forth rot and decomposition, or I could stay its hand. My other side fed from her life, from her soul, but my necromancy could help, even extend her life despite my actions tonight. My power would dissipate over time, but she would age much slower for about five years, extending her life and her beauty for that time. Nothing that would stand out to her fellow humans, they would just believe she had aged gracefully. But doing this for her was enough that it assuaged my regret, my guilt.

I like one night stands, I like my life the way it is, but sometimes, I wish it wasn't a necessity. I could never sleep with April again no matter how much I might want to. She would recover from one, maybe two times, but sleeping with her again would be dangerous, it would endanger not only her life, but her soul, no matter how long I waited between feedings.

I got dressed, kissed her sleeping lips, and made my way out the door. People would fear me if they knew I was part necromancer, maybe even try to kill me. But my other half that takes sustenance from mortal souls? The half of me that is immune to fire and able to read people's desire to better know how to corrupt them? The half able to detect lies, and hide what powers I do have?

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