Ned McGee


"No I may have exaggerated somewhat. What I'm intending to say Ned is hit on her if she appeals."

"Yeah Ned, go for it," Sam leered.

Ned didn't know what to say and then thought he heard an approaching vehicle.

"I think I hear a car coming."

"Car it will be a Ford F150," Sam said, straining to hear.

"I can't hear anything," Beryl complained.

"Oh yeah, it's definitely a vehicle," Sam said. "You have good ears son."

"Younger ears, that's all."

They all laughed.

"Go and welcome her Ned," Beryl said almost affectionately.

But he thought that was not the best approach. "Um I would prefer to be introduced first."

"Right I'm off," Beryl said, moving to the door faster than Ned had seen her move since he'd been at the ranch.

Like her sister, Jess was a tall brunette and very warm with a great smile. Unlike her sister she had small boobs but her dancing hazel eyes captivated Ned.

"Mom had given me such a build-up but there's no disappointment, you appear all that she said," Jess told him candidly.

"You look swell," Ned managed and she smiled and said she really thought Ned wasn't that shy and she kissed him. He full lips were warm and soft and the smell of her make Ned think of spring flowers growing through a bed of blue velvet. There was no accounting for some thoughts but he knew he was enchanted.

"Come through to me bedroom while I change into ranch clothes and tell me about yourself, I mean to fill in some of what Kate and mom left out during phone conversations.

Ned looked at Beryl and she said, "Go on but I'm serving dinner right now Jess."

"Understood mom."

In the bedroom Jess chattered with Ned, first removing her top and then began unzipping her skirt.

"I better go," he croaked.

"Stay and don't be a prude. You've probably seen more women's bodies than I have because exposed flesh in theater is kept to a minimum. Anyway my bra and panties are not being removed. Doesn't Kate have great breasts?"

"Um yes."

"Good boy. I wouldn't like you to lie to me."

Jess bent over to pull out baggy jeans from a bottom drawer and Ned almost gasped aloud. He was looking between her legs at the outline of a plump pussy.

"My nipples are as large of Kate's. I'm telling you that Ned in case you were wondering."

"Y-es. I had wondered."

"Good boy. You must show my your erection at some suitable time. According to Kate it rates triple A."

"I-I guess so."

"Good I'll grab this top and we can go to the table before mom is induced to having a coronary. She stresses when she can't serve when she's timed dinner to be ready to serve."

"Good girl."

Jess slapped him on the ass and giggled.

Ned followed her to the table like a puppy.

Beryl looked at them approaching and said, "I've told Ned we don't mind if you decide to sleep with him."

"Thank you mother but I have no wish to embarrass your houseguest."

Beryl's mouth hung open. For once she was lost for words.

Dinner was a great success and they chatted so much it was after 10:30 when they left the table, the two older folk going off to bed, leaving the young two to clear away. Ned had grinned, watching Beryl almost pushing Stan out of the room.

"Dad really likes you."

"Oh what about you mom?"

"Well dad told me so but she must too. Did you see her almost pushing dad off to bed?"

"She probably has something in mind for herself."

"You fool, she was wanting dad out of the way for me to have a shot at you."

Ned said then to go ahead but Jess said no, he seemed not ready to fire.

"Well you ought to be capable of changing that."

She laughed and said he would keep. "The old jeep needs a bit of a run. Do you want to take me to Tombstone in the morning?"

"What's there?"

"It's a site of national importance where the fight at the OK Coral took place in 1881. I thought you would have known that and that we are in Conchise County?

"But the gunfight at OK coral is just Hollywood bullshit. I saw the movie of it..."

"That gunfight took place less than half an hour from here. You have my word on that. And when we arrive in town you'll 'feel' it. The old atmosphere has been preserved and well over 400,000 tourists a year visit the town."

"Jesus what time can we leave in the morning?"

Jess laughed and said at least he was excited about something. "Let's leave at 10:00 and we'll lunch there. Oh mom and dad might want to accompany us."

"That's fine. Your dad can teach me western etiquette in an authentic western saloon."

"Oh that's easy. You only ask for beer or whisky. If someone spits on your boot you don't fight him unless you are sure you will win. And if a saloon girl takes a fancy to you don't try to get it off with her until she gets you upstairs."

"You're kidding me."

"Am I?"

They kissed passively when saying good night.

Over breakfast Sam said, "Luis told me yesterday there's a stray bull with the herd in the Rocky Well pasture. Why don't use take a rifle Ned and let Jess drive. It's time you should learn she is more that just a pretty face."


"Yeah okay Sam. I once was driven by a woman who was okay behind the wheel."

Sam and Ned grinned as they saw the dark looks from the women.

They reached the 7000-acre pasture that was rather arid and stony.

"It's amazing the stock do well on this pasture but they do," Jess said. They forage under the bushes. If we are lucky we'll find them still in the vicinity of the two water ponds and will be in an out early and can still get to Tombstone for lunch."

"You're the boss," Ned said, getting out and climbing on to the cargo tray with the rifle.

They soon saw cows but no bulls but twenty minutes later spotted two Hereford and a crossbred bull together.

Jess called, "I'll go in quietly and when they make a run for it I'll attempt to cut out the outlaw and you can kill it without harming our bulls."

The bulls began trotting off. Jess accelerated the Scrambler and after some hair-raising manoeuvres around rocks, Ned holding on to the mounts of the two rooftop spotlights grimly, the crossbred lumbering bull that looked quite old peeled off to the right and crashed through scrub, Jess keeping right on its tail, only about 50 yards behind.

Ned thought a shot up its butt would bring it down but he preferred going for a clean kill. The bull burst out of the bushes and Jess braked heavily, slamming Ned into the cab.

"What the hell?" he yelled in frustration as Jess left the cab.

"Come with me," she smiled.

They walked a few yards forward and though the edge of the tangled thicket of shoulder-high vegetation to see a 10-foot wide rocky edge and then a 30-foot deep ravine.

"Just as well I remembered this place otherwise we'd be down there as well," Jess grinned and watched as Ned put a bullet through the head of the fatally injured bull.

"This is how bulls come on to our ranch; they come up or down the water courses and climb up when they see a negotiable pathway. Of course some fall to their deaths as you can see by those bones over there."

"Thank you for saving our lives," Ned said, hugging her.

"Well don't waste your time with just a hug," she said.

They kissed long and softly until she broke away and said with feeling, "You'll do."

Ned thought he knew what that meant.

* * *

They went with Jess's parents to Tombstone and looking beyond the commercialism Ned thought the historic area looked good enough to more or less signal its authenticity in its place in history. They drank beer in a really old saloon and had a really memorable lunch in the Crystal Palace saloon.

They went home half-drunk, happy and feeling like family.

Next morning Jess went with her parents to church while Ned went out on the Scrambler otherwise known as a CJ-8 (civilian jeep). It was a pickup truck version of the CJ-7, introduced in 1981, and the CJ jeep later became the Jeep Wrangler.

He headed south-east and an hour later spotted two halfbred bulls. He stopped and went on foot, knowing they knew he was there. One charged him, tail up high and Ned waited until the scope showed a clear target just above the eyes before he pulled the trigger and the beast tumbled head over heels several times and the carcass lay in a rising cloud of dust.

He spun around worried about where the other one was. It had run a half-circle around him. He walked towards it carefully and the bull snorted and pawed dust but neither moved forward nor retreated. He shot it dead.

It then took him almost two hours to drag them both to a sink hole. He drove to the far side and then connected the chain found the first bull and then walked the chairn around the perimeter of the sink hole and connected to the tow bar and pulled the beast in. He then had to climb down and unhook the chaim and then climb out and repeat the process.

Wearily Ned drove homewards alongside a ravine towards the homestead when he looked ahead when the ravine turned west and saw two halfbred bulls and a native bull fighting on the rocky bed of the ravine. He skirted the spot wide and went in by foot and calmly shot two fatally and then brought down the wild bull with another shot and finished it off.

Ned went home feeling like a hero. The others were home from church and Sam congratulated him after learning of the tally and they then sat outside under shade watching the two women grill chicken and sliced vegetables on a cookout. Ned was pleased it wasn't beef because he'd that morning he'd slaughtered about two liveweight tons of beef bulls.

After lunch Ned went off with Jess to watch her pack but that didn't take long. They didn't touch and she didn't show any flesh. When she was ready to go she gave him a phone number and told him to come to Phoenix on Wednesday as she'd be working shorter hours by then. Call me where to find you."

"And then what?"

She said, "Well we could lookd at having sex, then go out to dinner, have some more sex and you you might get lucky again before I go off to work. That's what you'd like isn't it?"

Ned swallowed. "Hell yes."

Jess was fit, strong and lively. She told him was wasn't a great fan of fellatio but loved having her pussy licked and so he delivered her preference. She squirted over his nose and lips and that appeared to energize her. She grunted and said she was not used to taking such a large dick but after that it was full on and she was bouncing around like a kid on a pogo stick. Jess was still pretending she was willing to keep on going when Ned felt absolutely bushed. He could see her fatigue in the corner of her eyes, her eyes looked glazed and her breathing was ragged but she teased and said, "Ready to go again."

Initially Ned thought he'd had too much to drink or was a little off color but next day she was at him again like a dog with a bone. Holy shit, she was almost too much for him. He was tremendously impressed and was prepared to tell her she was the best fuck he'd ever had but delayed telling her that, thinking she wouldn't believe him. He told her when he was leaving to return to the ranch.

"Thank god you told me that," she beamed. "I almost killed myself keeping up to try to impress you because Kate said you often fucked her legless and she took a couple of days to feel chirpy again."

"The things we do in the name of ego," Ned grinned, waving and heading off, abolutely thrilled by Jess being so honest with him. And so good in bed and, yes, very good out of bed and not being so high-browed as her sister. In short she was his kind of girl.


His kind of girl.


Eighteen months after returning to Australia from America Ned continued to group email Beryl and her two daughters. He also posted to Jess a copy of an article from a newspaper that some rural parts of Australia had a shortage of experienced hospital nurses. He'd taken over his father's cattle station (cattle ranch) out of Longreach on the Tropic of Capricorn and about 700 km inland from Queensland's east coast. He mentioned their local hospital, roughly an hour's drive from where they lived, was short of nurses but when Jess replied to his next group email she made no mention of receiving his letter.

Ned was out west six hours' drive away in the 220-acre corner paddock drenching yearling heifers with his father Rolf and two jackaroos (farm hands) when the HF radio on the channel they were switched to went and his mom said, "Calling Ned McGee."

Ned ran over to the vehicle and picked up the microphone. "Shoot mom."

Ned there's a beautiful young woman here who knows you. She wants to come out to you but I said it's more than a day's drive. I told her our station's bull paddock is almost as big as her parent's ranch in Arizona."

"Jesus mom. Is it Jess Hayes?"

"Yes son, that's a name she gave me. I think she's American."

"She was born in Arizona and works in Arizona and so she'd likely to be American mom."

"Now come on, don't show your old mom up. Here she is to say a few words. We must not hog the airwaves."

"Hi darling, it's your New Australian. I've completed my nursing refresher course and have been posted, at my request, to Longreach Hospital."

"But why out here in the Never Never?"

"To be by you darling. For some great sex."

There was silence.

"Ned, can you hear me?"

"Yes Jess. Other people will be listening on this public channel. You have told dozens perhaps hundreds of people that you and I have sex or at least have had sex."

"Well that's okay isn't it? Most of them will have sex. It's not a new invention Ned."

"Right we'll finish up here tonight and will be in tomorrow early after."

"After what?"

"Afternoon. Oh sorry, you're American. Bye sexy. Some of you listening in say hi to our new hospital nurse Jess Hayes. She's a little ripper. Over."

"Hi Jess. Morgan Banks speaking. Welcome to the Never Never. You sound lovely. Over."

"Hi Jess, I am pregnant and will fly to your hospital next Tuesday for blood tests. Hope to meet you. I'm Nancy Slyfied. Out."

"Gran Jones speaking Jess. Ned is a fine boy. Just limit the sex as he has a cattle station to run. Visit me dear. I always have scones ready. I'm Ned's grandmother. Over."

Another ten people called a quick greeting, making Jess feel like a minor celebrity in that remote outback locality.

She ended that communication after what appeared the last call saying, "Thanks you lovely people. I feel welcomed into your community. Please say hi when you have me identified. Gran I'll get over with Ned to sample a scone. Nancy I will be at the hospital on Tuesday. Please make sure we talk. Over and out."

Rolf looked at his son intently.

"She sounds friendly and with a pioneering spirit."

"Yes and is used to living remotely as she was brought up in Arizona, down near the Mexico border."

"Near Tombstone you said."

"Yeah will lets cut out this mob before dark and get them loose."

Rolf said, "Let's pull out of here as soon as we've had tucker and drive through the night. I'll share the driving. The boys can head home in my ute in the morning."

"Good one dad. I can't wait to see her."

"Me too."

Just before 3:30 frenzied dog barking at the kennels awoke Jess.

The light went on and Tahlia came in grinning, pulling on a robe.

"Get your butt out of bed baby and make sure you look pretty. Those dogs are telling use those mad bastards have driven most of the night over reasonably rough terrain. They're coming in."


"My son and probably his father. Only Rolf would think of something crazy like that."

"Oh god, I'd wanted to be all made up including my hair piled high to greet Ned."

"Take my advice. Dress in something sexy. He won't notice anything else."

"But what about Mr McGee?



He won't notice anything else either."\

Coming into the house paddock almost a mile away Ned yelled to his father to wake up and said all the lights were on.

Rolf yawned and grumped, "The dogs would have heard us coming in and barked their greeting."

"I wanted to shower and dry and comb my hair before Jess saw me."

"Too late for that now. Just hold out your dick and she won't notice anything else?"

They roared in laughter.

"There she is dad," Ned said proudly.

"Who's that with your mother?"


"Ah yes, tall with a boyish figure and looks pretty even from this distance. She'll be good for five grandkids methinks."


Rolf said, "Christ boy stop your moaning. Get those lips puckered up and a big smile on your face."

The two women were shielding their eyes against the glare of the three spotlights mounted on the roo bars. Ned flicked off those lights and dipped the driving lights. He stopped the vehicle, jumped out and ran to Jess.



"Hi, I'm your mother," Tahlia teased.

"Hi mom."

Jess said, "Don't you wish to kiss me?"

"I stink of sweat and cattle."

"Ignore that. Kiss and hug me."

"Oooh, that's my girl," Tahlia said, a puckered her lips for her husband and they both stood with an arm round each other and looked at the youngsters engaged in a rib-creaking hug and a long, long kiss.

Rolf said impatiently, "I'm the father."

Jess pushed away from Ned and wiping her lips said, "Oh hi Mr McGee."

"Call me Rolf, it's shorter."

She giggled and that really made Rolf grin.

They went inside and the men went off to shower while the women prepared coffee and late supper, very late supper.

"Have you put Jess into my bed?" Ned inquired as he entered the kitchen, wearing a charity fund-raising T-shirt carrying the words "Mt Isa Pussy is Scarce' and shorts and his wet hair was combed.

His mother said yes, she'd thought he'd complain if he were not given the green light to sleep with Jess.

"Don't grump at your mother," Jess smiled. "She went to the airport to fetch me and has made me feel very welcome and she asked me did I wish to share your bed."

"Oh yeah, thanks mum. It won't be the first time Jess and I have slept together."

"Yes Jess mentioned rollicking adventures in bed with you," his mom said, winking at Jess. Not catching the wink Ned colored and his father said, "Oh what's this you have not shared with me Ned?"

"Look everyone calm down and just take this quietly. Jess is bound to report back the reception she received on arrival and the behavior of you two since then."

Ned's parents looked at Jess nervously and Tahlia said, "Oh Jess I'm sorry if..."

"Think nothing of it Tahlia. You guys are all big teases but Ned really caught you out just then."

"God you are such a big kid." Tahlia said, cuffing his ear.

In the bedroom half an hour later Jess pulled off her dress, the only garment she had been wearing.

"If you're too tired I don't mind waiting till late morning."

Ned looked at the sweet little breasts with erect big nipples and at her completely bald pussy.

"Stop your teasing baby. Come over here and slap your hand around this," he said, dropping his pants and leering at her. Thanks for coming to Australia to marry me."

"Well we talked about it often enough and I finally made the decision and found I could gain entry under special immigration provisions because nurses are in short supply in rural areas. The health authority in this region was happy to sponsor me and I've agreed to work at Longreach Hospital for a minimum of two years," said Jess, squatting and taking the penis in her fingers and steering it towards her groin.

"Hmmmm," Ned sighed, lifting her up and placing a hand under each cheek for support that allowed her to straighten her aim and groan as his shaft sank into her soft center. "There's not a great deal to do around here but to work and do this."

"Oooh, is that why you guys call Australia the lucky country."


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