I Take Your hand, and lead you to the bed. tell you to lay, face down, in the center of the bed. I bind your wrists to the top corners, and your ankles to the bottom corners. I look into your eyes and kiss you softly. "Do you trust me?" I ask. you nod, but say nothing. I blindfold, and gently caress up and down yourlegs, stopping to give each cheek a firm squeeze. "You look so beautiful spread eagle like that. Just imagine all the things I could do to you right now." you feel just a tinge of fear, but you trust me, and ultimately know I would never harm you.

You feel my hands leave your body, and hear me rummaging through a drawer. you wonder what to expect next, the anticipation raising your adrenaline level. Next you feel soft fabric running down your back. "What is that?" you wonder, but you do not ask. The cloth caresses your skin, down your back, and across your butt.

"Does that feel good to you, kitten?"

"Yes, it does."

I began to swing it harder against your skin, and you come to realize it was a flogger. "Today you will call Me Master. Today, you are My slave."

"Yes, Master," you respond.

I crisscross the tails across your back, each leaving a slight sting on the skin as it licks. you moan in pleasure, trying to anticipate where the next strike will fall. you feel the licks come faster and faster, almost on top of each other, as I spin the flogger and run it up and down the backs of your thighs.

"You do like that, don't you my little slut?"

I run it across your ass cheeks, and up your back.

"Yes Master."

I lean near you and kiss your cheek and say "You're doing fine, my pet."

My gentle words do so much to reassure you, and ease your fears. Making it possible for you to relax and enjoy. Then I gently tap your pussy with the soft suede tails, causing you to quiver. Abruptly, I pull the flogger away.

About a minute passes, in silence and darkness. you strain to hear or feel any clue as to what I might be doing. That minute feels like hours. Then you feel my hot breath against your cheek.

"Whose slut are you?" I ask.

"I am Your slut." you reply.

"Your slut what?"

"Your slut, Master," you correct.

"That's better."

You ccan feel me straddle you. Suddenl, I grab your hips, and in one motion, I lift your ass and bury his cock deep inside your pussy. you moan with pleasure as I ground against you.

"Yes," I say, "My pussy is so wet for her Master isn't it?"

"Yes Master, My pussy is very wet for You."

"Good," I say.

I pull out of you suddenly, causing you to cry out "NO." you feel me untie first one ankle, then the other.

"Get up on your knees, slut, get that ass high in the air."

You quickly comply, although it is difficult with your chest against the bed. I moved behind you again and grab your hips. you feel me run the head of my cock against your pussy lips, the tip grazing your clit. you sway your hips and push back against me, wanting to feel me inside you again. I teas you by putting only the head inside your pussy and holding your hips still, not allowing you to push yourself onto my hard cock. you groan when you realized your efforts are futile, which causes me to chuckle. I love teasing you this way, making you beg me for my cock. "What do you want? Tell me."

"I want You inside of me."

"You want WHAT inside of you?"

You bite your lip then say "I want Your cock inside of me, Master. Please!"

"You want My cock inside your WHAT?"

"Oh god Master, I want Your cock inside my pussy. I want You to fuck me, now, PLEASE."

Hearing your words thrills me and my cock jumps. Without hesitation, slam the full length of my cock into your cunt. The force of it causes you to fall forward on the bed. I grab your hips, pulling you back up and smacked your ass hard.

"Keep your ass in the air slut!"

You croak "Y-y-yes S-sir." as I continue to slam my cock into yourr pussy. I reach down and grab you by the hair, pulling your head up from the bed as my hips slap against your ass. The sounds of our fucking filles the room; your moans, my breathing, the sound of my hand coming down on your ass cheeks.

"You want to cum don't you, my slut."

"Yes Master, please may I cum?" you beg.

"You may cum when I do, and not before," I say.

A few more good thrusts, and then I pull out of you. you feel me spread your ass cheeks and brace yourself for what you knew was coming. I place the head of my cock against the tight, puckered opening. I push forward until the head pops through the ring and let you adjust to my size for a few seconds before I slide the entire length of my hardness into your ass. I hear you gasp in pain, then moan with pleasure. I love the way your ass grips my cock and know it won't be long before I shoot my cum deep inside. I put my hand on the small of your back and push, causing you to arch your back and lift your ass even higher. I pump myself into your tightness faster and faster. I can feel my balls tighten as my orgasm approaches.

You could feel your orgasm building and had to fight not to cum before I give you permission. i am fucking your ass harder and faster and you knew it wouldn't be long. you close your eyes and ride the waves that are building. Suddenly I slam deep into you.

"Cum now, my slut," I scream.

With that, you feel my cum start to fill you. This pushes you over the edge, and you begin to shake as your body is wracked in orgasm. I hold myself inside you for a few moments, allowing you to milk my cock with your muscles. As our orgasms subside, I gently pull out of you and move to lay next to you. After a moment, I released yourr hands from the bed posts and take you into my arms and hold you, kissing the top of your head. you feel such comfort in my arms.

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