Need a Ride


Several months ago I went to a party to celebrate my friend Jessica starting a new job at the company of her dreams, Creative Agency. I have had a crush on Jess since we first shared an Econ class at UMass. The sexual tension has always surrounded us like a thick fog. And after the party I found myself alone with her as we discussed our dreams and fantasies.

Towards the end of the night, I had to get up early the following day for an important meeting with a client, Jess confessed to me that she had a fantasy about being taken forcefully. It caught me off guard. Jess was the strongest female I knew in both terms of independence and not taking shit from anyone. That she wanted to experience being completely vulnerable was incredibly arousing.

After a moment she said, "That's pretty fucked up right?"

I wasn't sure how to respond. This was a woman I respected, and had a crush on. And while we had always flirted we had never taken anything further. I wasn't sure she wanted that. I wasn't sure if it was that I was rock hard or because of the smirk on her face as she watched me consider my response.

"Actually, that sounds pretty sexy."


"Yeah. I think I have a new fantasy," I said and laughed. "I just have to find someone willing to play."

"Well," she said and now it was her turn to pause to consider her words. "Let's make it happen." She bit her lip. "Just don't tell me before."

By the time we finally said our goodbyes we had discussed most of the rough details. She had a safe word and was on birth control, so she wanted me to plan the details. The less she knew the better it would be she thought.

So when I saw a few days ago she would be going to be out on the West Coast for a few days I recruited my friend Luke and we planned it for the day she returned.

It was a bright Friday, and we found her sitting outside the airport with her suitcase. She kept looking up and down the street as if she expected her ride ay any moment. She looked too delicious just to leave waiting. So we made our move.

"You need a ride," I asked leaning out of the window.

She looked up and smiled when she saw us. She wore a smile that could light the night. Her dress was appropriate for the hot summer we were having and moved as if it hovered just above her skin. There were red and blonde streaks in her brown hair and it was pulled back in a ponytail.

"That would be wonderful," she said as she got up and approached the car. "My Lyft should have already been here."

I stepped out and open the back door for her and as soon as she was in closed it. I slipped back in and nodded to Luke who was behind the wheel.

I can't remember much of the conversation. We asked her where she was going although we really didn't care. And she told us how she came to be sitting there waiting. All of it floated away on the summer breeze.

The streets were busy and our trek was slow. Good weather always brought the people out. In the back seat she was working on her phone. Canceling her ride I guessed.

As we turned off the major street it didn't take her long to catch on, and start asking about where we were going.

"Oh, sorry. We just need to run by and grab something from my house since it is in-between where you are going and here. Just a quick detour. We won't be long."

I looked over at Luke and saw the corner of his mouth twist up.

"Ok. I'm just grateful for the lift," she said.

Luke pulled into driveway and as soon as we are in the garage I click the button to lower the door. Overhead the door creaks and moans as it moved down.

I turned to watch it descend. Our rider glanced back and then turned back to me as the the dim yellow bulb above us replaced the sunlight.

I saw the realization dawn in her eyes.

"I think I will wait outside if that is ok?" Her tone was conversational but I could hear the hint of fear lurking beneath her words.

She tried to open the door but the child locks were engaged. She slid over to try the other but Luke is already waiting. She stopped in the middle her head moving to me and then back to Luke sizing us up.

I opened the door and reach in. She kicked at me and I clamped a hand around her ankle and yank her across the seat to me. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her out.

"No," she said. Her words echo in the closed garage. "Let me go."

"I don't think so. You have something we want."

She struggled as I moved into the house. Her hand grasped at the grip on her hair and her legs were kicking in an effort of to break free, but I was too strong for her. She wasn't going anywhere.

Inside I tossed her to the floor. Her dress caught the air and pulled up to her waist showing off her black panties. She moved quickly to cover herself and then darted up.

Luke grabbed her around the waist and lifted her off her feet.

"Come with me," Luke said and started to the back of the house.

She caught her leg on the door jam. "Stop. No. Don't do this. I'll do anything." She used the leverage to stop Luke's progress.

Luke backed up and twisted her to break the hold and they slipped into the bedroom.

I stepped in behind them and Luke threw her on to the bare mattress. She scrambled to get off and I grabbed her.

"Where do you think you are going? Get back here."

Her arms and legs flailed out at me as I pulled her back and pinned her to the bed with my body muting her movement. Luke pulled his belt from his pants.

"Bind her," I said looking up at him.

He grabbed her wrists and pulled them above her head. He wrapped his belt around them and then tied her to the bed frame.

She fought against her bindings. Then her eyes focused on me and I saw the realization of what was about to happen push the fight from them. Calm slid over her.

I got up and took her in bound to the mattress. Her dress had hiked up just enough to see the edge of her panties, her legs tight together. I could feel my erection trying to find a way out.

Her eyes moved to Luke and then dropped to what he was massaging with his hand. I saw her eyes widen a bit. His erection looked like a thick cord under his jeans.

She turned back to me.

"You don't have to do this. Just let me go. I won't tell anyone."

I reached into my pocket and pulled out my pocketknife. With my thumb I flicked open the blade.

"Relax," I said keeping my words low. I lifted her skirt and slipped the blade between her thigh and her panties. The fabric yielded easily to the sharp steel. I yanked the material free of her body.

She kept her ankles pressed against each other.

I stood and pulled down the top of her dress and bra revealing a harden nipple. I lowered my mouth to it and pulled it into my mouth. I gave it a suck and then circled it with my tongue.

She yelped as I ripped her dress down the front and pulled it away from her body. Her body called to me.

"No. This can't be happening. Oh God please don't."

I looked over at Luke. "Put your cock in her mouth and shut her up."

He unzipped his pants and pulled his erection free. She turned to stare at it. It was big. I wasn't even sure it would fit in her mouth, but Luke proved me wrong.

He grabbed a fist full of hair and tilted her head so that he could get a better view. She tried to turn away but he held her tight. Again she stopped fighting and her lips parted slightly. It was enough and Luke pushed his cock into her mouth. She gagged as he pushed the whole thing in and then pulled out. With a tight hold on her head he moved his cock in and out. She tried to say something but the words came out as mumbles.

"Spread you legs," I said. She tried to keep them tight but as I slipped my hands between them and pushed them open the relented. I could feel the heat that radiated from between her legs. I smelled her arousal. For as much as she protested her body wanted it and that fueled my own want.

I lowered my head and licked along the outside of her pussy. She shuttered at the sensation and there were more mumbles. Then I ran my tongue over the top and she parted easily for me. My tongue slid inside. She was smooth and tasted sweet. When her scent lingered on my lips I lifted my head.

Luke's cock was dripping from her desire and she looked up at him as I stood unzipping my own pants and taking hold of my hard on. I gave it a stroke as I moved to take Luke's place.

"Wait," she said as Luke eased down between her legs. "Don't. I'm not on birth control."

I grabbed her hair and lowered to her ear. "That won't stop us from destroying your pussy." I licked her. My tongue slowly slid up her neck and cheek. She tasted good.

She bucked as the head of Luke's erection pressed against her. His hands clenched her hips.

"No. Oh god please no. I don't want this."

She tensed as Luke's cock stretched her open filling her. "Fuck she is tight," he said. His words were tight with strain.

"Oh god," she said.

I moved my cock to the side of her face, twisted her head, and pushed it between her lips. My cock slid along her tongue into the warmth of her mouth. I watched it slide in and out as I pulled her head to me then pushed it away.

Luke held her legs tight as he slammed into her. Her breasts bounced with each thrust. Her moans reverberated against my cock but I couldn't hear them over the skin slapping against skin. Between them Luke's cock slid out shimmering with her wetness and then disappeared inside again.

Luke sucked in a breath. "I'm gonna cum."

She jerked her head away from me and looked up at him. "Cum on my stomach. Don't cum in me please."

Luke's body tensed and he stopped. Then his body jerked as he screamed out, "Fuck!" There was another jerk and he reached between them and took hold of his cock. He pulled it out and shot the rest of his load on her stomach.

He smiled as he slowly stood. "Fuck she is good," he said looking at me. I let him take my place. "Clean off my cock," he told her and took hold of her head.

His cum dripped from her pussy as I moved between her legs and pushed her thighs up to her stomach. I ran my cock through her slit wetting it and then pushed it into her slick warmth.

I slid in deep and when I pulled out my cock was streaked with cum and her arousal. I slammed deep into her and she moaned.

Satisfied Luke pulled his cock free and then lowered to clamp his mouth on her breast. His hand reached down and teased her clit as my cock slid in and out. Her flesh felt food under my grip as I pulled her body to me and then pushed it away.

His fingers circled her slit and she groaned as we worked to raise her orgasm from the depths were it lived. I felt her cunt tighten around my cock and then her orgasm erupted causing her to spasm and cry out in pleasure.

As her pussy clenched around my cock I felt my own fuse ignite. My legs shuttered as the sensation traveled up to the base of my cock. I slowed as I try to hold the off the release. Then I exploded inside her. "Fuck yeah," I cried out. Warmth surrounded my cock as I filled her. I pulled out to cover her pussy with one last shot.

"You were right. Such a good fuck."

"We should keep her," Luke said.

I see her eyes flick from me to her. She pulls against her bindings.

"Yeah. I like that. Hey are you hungry?"

"You read my mind," Luke said.

The second time we didn't need the bindings and by the time we were all throughly exhausted. We ordered some pizza and enjoyed sharing our favorite parts over some wine. After we all cleaned up Jess told us Lyft was on the way to get her.

When her ride arrived I walked her to the door.

"Thanks," she said standing on the front porch.

"How about we do a real date," I asked. "Maybe tomorrow night? I know a great sushi place.

She considered me, and then smiled. "I thought this was an excellent first date. So, let's consider it a second date."

I couldn't help but chuckle. "Ok."

I watched her slip into the car and ride off always wishing it was tomorrow night.

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