tagIncest/TabooNeed Is the Mother of Invention

Need Is the Mother of Invention


All characters are at least 18 years of age.


Everyone called her "Mrs. B", because her last name was Polish, and hard to pronounce. She wasn't married – her husband had died a few years back, leaving her set for life. She had no particular job. Dating was an option, but Mrs. B. was in her 40s, and she looked it. Still, she had a very curvy body. A little heavy, but there was a silver lining – luscious breasts, like pillows. She didn't play this up though. She was modest. She felt that dating again would be emotionally difficult for her son, at this critical stage in high school.

Her son, Charlie, was small for a senior. Innocent. Unsurprisingly, he got picked on at school. Three guys, specifically – Buck and his two buddies.

When he came home bruised, he begged his mom not to interfere. These guys were fucked up, he said. Though he didn't use that language. But he made it clear that Buck and his friends were the Columbine-kind of fucked-up. And they knew where he lived. So she agreed to a hands-off approach, after much reluctance.

The second time it happened, she didn't even argue. She went straight to the school's principal.

There, Buck and his crew were called in from class, and she revealed the systematic abuse which her son was suffering at their hands. She had pictures. The works. The boys, Buck especially, leered at her, blatantly checking out her breasts. No decision was made on that occasion, but as the boys were dismissed, Buck whispered in Mrs. B's ear: "you're going to regret this, bitch."

The boys were expelled. Not one day had passed after their expulsion, when they showed up at Mrs. B's house. When she opened the door, they burst in, grabbing her. Charlie, hearing the commotion ran downstairs, only to have an arm encircle his neck from behind. They had knives. Charlie and his mom were quickly gagged.

"Mrs. B... actually, I'm going to call you 'Mrs. Bags' because of your tits," Buck said. The boys chuckled. Mrs. B's eyes where wild with fear. And Charlie, he didn't even know his mom had gone to the principle. But the boys explained it to him then in there what his mom did. They stated, in no uncertain terms, that Mrs. B and her son were going to pay.

"We're going to play a little game." With that, the boys tore through Charlie's clothes until he was naked. Mrs. B struggled – useless. And Charlie couldn't do much to resist, with a knife at his throat. He was forced to sit on a chair, leaning off the edge. There, one of the boys moved the knife from Charlie's neck, to under his balls. Charlie made a strange whining sound.

"Shut up, you aint a girl yet", Buck said. "Here are the rules, Mrs. Bags. You have ten minutes – ten, to make Charlie cum. But you can't touch him. Only he can touch himself. If you fail, my buddy here will cut off Charlie's balls, and you'll have a lovely daughter instead of a son. He ain't much of a man anyway. Same goes if you try to attack any of us or try to leave or call for help. He turned to Charlie "And same goes for you. You try to get, try to leave, try anything other than playing with that baby dick of yours, and 'snip!'".

Buck motioned one of the boys, who proceeded to set up a tripod and video camera.

"For memories." Buck removed her gag. "So get to it, Mrs. Bags."

She stood there, aghast.

Buck looked at his watch. "You have nine minutes and fifty-five seconds until we put Charlie's severed balls in the sink garbage disposal." Buck made an illustrative grinding sound.

Mrs. B had no choice. She had to help her son cum. But Charlie didn't see how doing so was possible. He and his mother were being held hostage. He had a knife against his balls. He was being threatened with castration. This wasn't exactly conducive to masturbation. Fear was all he felt. And shame.

He watched as his mother rose, looking uncertain. She opened and closed her mouth a few times, then finally blurted out:

"Uh, Charlie, do you want to see my... see my tits?"

Charlie was in disbelief, amidst the snickers. He his mom just said that? She started unbuttoning her blouse, pulling the top half apart and tucked the open flaps under her breasts.

Charlie had only fleeting glimpses of his mother's breasts over the years. Now he was staring straight into her cleavage. He could see the dark outline of her nipples against the plain white bra. But he could also feel the knife against his balls. He wasn't remotely hard.

Mrs. B. noticed this too. "I've seen you take a sneak peak down my blouse before, Charlie. I know my... um, titties turn you on." She held up her bra-ensconced breasts. "Have you ever gone into my things to find out what bra-size I wear? I know you have. They're 38 double-F." She ripped open the rest of her blouse, and threw it aside. Her breasts, even encased in her bra, were enormous. Her gut protruded a little bit, but that was to be expected. She reached behind herself to unclasp her bra, but halted, deciding against it.

Charlie was still soft. He had seen his mother in a two-piece before – the really wasn't any different. Except that he was scared as hell.

She turned it up a notch. "Baby, I'm a woman, and have sexual needs too. I know you do. Why can't we satisfy those needs together?" she said, as she caressed her breasts. "I've always wanted you, Charlie. That's the truth. Ever since your dad passed on, I've been masturbating to the image of you replacing him in my bed." She seemed sincere. But this couldn't be real. Either way, he was still soft. He should have been hard, but the stress of knowing how important it was to get an erection, kept him from accomplishing that end.

"You hear that Charlie?" one of the guys said. "Your mommy wants you to fuck her!"

Buck slapped the guy behind the head. "Don't fucking help her out turning him on."

"What would you like, Charlie? Do you want my body? I'll let you nibble on my nipples, and chew on my tits..." she was getting more comfortable with the language "...and you can shove your... cock... into my hairy... you know, my hairy cunt." The guys cheered. She unbuttoned her jeans, pushed them to her ankles, and stepped out of them. She had hefty thighs. Then she locked her thumbs around the band of her plain white panties, and slowly pulled them down, revealing more and more bush.

"My cunny needs a nice fat cock, Charlie. I can see you have that. And there's no one I'd rather to have inside me than my own son." With that, she removed her panties. Bush abounded.

Charlie's penis, originally at an oddly bent shape, began to unfold, slightly. Seeing his reaction, Mrs. B. was encouraged.

"Or how about I get on my hands and knees by the door every afternoon... when you come home, I can greet you with a blowjob. You like to have your... you know, your cock... sucked, right Charlie? Would you let mommy suck your cock? Wouldn't you like to have my lips wrapped around your rod?" She stuck two fingers in her mouth and pumped them. "I'm a swallower, Charlie. I like the taste of cum. And I'd love to taste my son's cum. Would you like that?"

The guys reacted with jeers and hollers. Ignoring them, she continued. Charlie cock's, though straightened out, was still soft. Mrs. B.'s eyes showed desperation, as Buck announced the time remaining.

She decided to include more specific in the imagery she was evoking. "I could be your sex-slave, Charlie. Would you like that? Your own personal... fuck-meat? Think about it. You don't have to masturbate any more. Imagine you're doing your homework, and you feel restless... you want to get off. Usually, you'd masturbate, right? You'd use the Internet. But now you just have to find me."

"Suppose I'm washing the dishes. You can come behind mine, and pull of my pants, pull my panties to the side, bend me over the sink, and fuck the... fuck the shit out of me!"

His cock twitched. See this, she found hope, and went further.

"Yea Charlie, you can rip open my blouse and bra, push mommy over the edge of the sink, until my tits dip into the soapy water. And when you fuck my wet cunt, my tits will slap the water." The vivid picture was having an effect on Charlie. "You can pull my hair up, until my back is arched, and fuck me while you grope at my soapy tits."

"Or, if you like, whenever you're horny, you can just call out to me. I'd come to your room, to satisfy you. Like a bimbo. No more need for tissues, Charlie. You can use my mouth instead. Your own personal mommy cum bucket." She tweaked her nipples, making them harder.

Charlie felt like he was in some sort of alternate reality.

"And not just at home, but in public too. We can go to a restaurant, you know, the Mexican one, and I'll jack you off under the table. With your cum in my hand, I'll use it as a dipping sauce for the chips I like."

The boys cracked up. "Your momma got her a nasty mind, Charlie!" said Buck. Her talk was having an effect. Charlie's cock was hard, but hadn't lifted off his balls yet. Mrs. B. went further.

"How about I go down on you in Church, Charlie? We can pick an empty pew, and I'll bend over. We can commit incest in Church. We can do that every Sunday. Isn't that a good motivation to go to Church? A blowjob from your mom?"

Not much of an affect. She swayed her hips from side to side and brushed her hand through her hair seductively while she groped for ideas.

In one motion she unsnapped her bra – her tits bounced out. Her nipples were dark brown. She hefted her breasts, each one in a hand. "Do you like my titties, Charlie? My udders? My cow tits? Melons? Fun Bags? Do you want to suckle on my nipples, Charlie? It's perfectly natural." She brought one her breasts to her mouth, and licked her own nipple.

Charlie's cock was about an inch off his balls. "Three minutes left, Mrs. Bags!" She decided on a hail-Mary pass.

"Maybe your mom is too flabby and old for you. Maybe you'd prefer someone younger. Closer to your age. Have you ever..." she hesitated, and then burst out "have you ever fantasized about raping someone?"

The boys reacted. "Daaaaamn, Mrs. Bags!"

She ignored them. "I could find a nice girl for you... someone fit and trim and hot... a blonde. Would you like a young, hot, trim blonde to fuck, Charlie? Like one of those joggers you always check out. We can sit on the porch one day, and watch them jog by. And you can rate them. 'This one has a nice ass, but her titties are kinda small,' that sort of thing. Then you pick out your favorite, like a flavor of ice-cream. Then mommy will do the rest. See, women never suspect other women. All I have to do is approach her when she's alone, with some excuse. Then a rag and chloroform will do the rest. I can tie her up, and bring her here."

Charlie was in shock, but he was also getting hot.

"A few tabs of Vicadin, or some other drugs will keep her subdued. I'll tie a red ribbon around her – just like I do for Christmas – and give her to you, to my boy, as a present, the best present ever! You can get a pair of scissors and unwrap your present, by cutting off her tight shorts and sports bra. I'll tie her feet to the radiator, and pin her arms to the ground myself, while your grope the bitch. She deserves it, Charlie! For being so hot. I certainly wouldn't mind bringing her down a few notches, you know, these blonde bitches. You can feel her up, discover every crevice in her tight body. How would you like to slap her face with your hard dick? Drag your pre-cum along her lips?"

She paused, realizing that she made a mistake by drawing his attention to his dick. She quickly continued.

"You can then stick a couple finger in her cunt, and see what's up there. I'll be a source of encouragement. I want my boy to like his present. See how the drugged bitch reacts to that. Finally, you can fuck her. Fuck the living shit out of her. I'll hold her down, while you push your cock inside that bitch's hole. Would you like that Charlie?"

She now had her legs spread, slight, and was playing with her pussy. Whether she was actually aroused, or whether it was just for show, Charlie couldn't tell. But Charlie was finally hard, more or less. Buck said, "You're doing a good job, Mrs. Bags. You are a whore."

"He's right." She said, looking into Charlie's eyes. Up until now, she couldn't meet his stare. "I am a whore. And when this is all over, you can finally treat me the way I really am. How would you like to pimp me out, Charlie? To your friends. You can invite them over, and start by selling a glimpse at my tits. I bet your friends think I'm a total MILF, right? I'll flash them for five bucks. You can sell my mouth or my asshole or my cunny for fifty bucks. I'd do it, Charlie. Your friends could line up, and fuck me one by one. And you could collect the money. Everyone would be happy. You get cash, your friends get MILF pussy, and I'd get cock."

"Two minutes left, Mrs. B, and after that, Charlie here becomes Charlene." The boys laughed at his inane joke.

Charlie's penis was rigid. It was working. Mrs. B realized that what turned on Charlie the most was the image of other guys fucking her. She knew what to do. She took one step towards Buck, and then knelt in front of him. "You don't mind, do you Buck?"

She unsnapped Buck's jeans, pulled them to his ankles then pulled off his boxers. His rock-hard cock sprung free. Without hesitation, she engulfed the cock in her mouth, as far as she could. She had, down her throat, the cock of the bully who had beat up her son.

She slurped as noisy and messy as she could muster, feeling Charlie's eyes on her.

The boys cheered. Buck was ecstatic. "Yea, you fucking bitch! Suck my dick! That's where you belong, bitch! You should have never crossed me! Now I have your fat ass here sucking my dick like ten dollar ho!" She continued, unabated. She pulled her mouth off his cock, and proceeded to lick his shaft, stopping at the tip where she sucked the mushroom head vigorously. He was about to come.

She pulled the cock out of her mouth and yelled, "Cum on my face baby!" and he did. The first spur covered her eyebrow and one of her eyes. The subsequent ones left her nose and lips with gobs of the bully's semen. Strands hung from her face precariously.

Mrs. B. turned to her son. Just one meter away, she sat down in front of Charlie, and proceeded to wipe the cum off her face with her middle finger, and suck it clean. She acted like it was chocolate syrup.

It send Charlie over the edge. Hands pumping, he shot his load.

Everyone else, include his mom, cheered.

"Good job, Mrs. Bags!" Buck had the knife removed from under Charlie's balls. "Now you give each of my boys here a blow job, and we'll leave you and your son." At this point, the task seemed like nothing at all. She sucked off the other two boys, while Buck held Charlie hostage.

Afterwards, they packed up their camera, and began to clear out. "Thanks for the show, Mrs. Bags! I don't think any of us will forget today. Oh, and in case you go to the police, I'll make sure that everyone sees the tape."

Once they were gone, Mrs. B and Charlie found themselves sitting, each naked, on the living room floor. They looked at each other, stunned at how much their lives had changed in 10 minutes. "Come here, baby," she said.

"Mom... was any of what you said true?"



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