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Need To Be Bad 03


My adventures in being bad began slow with my sharing some of the exciting things that a past boyfriend made me do. After that relationship ended I was left with a hunger for being bad.

My adventures resumed at Literotica with my taking the risk of posting a thread entitled "A Strange Request" in April 2004 in the Literotica Personals, sharing my desire to have people tell me how to be bad.. From there my adventures continued when I began to accept challenges and dares from people and also continued to write about past experiences. I have developed a special obsession at having myself challenged to be bad in outrageous and imaginative ways and then report back to my challenger and have them expose what I had done to others, A number of people have encouraged me to submit the accounts of my adventures here, so that more people could enjoy what I've been up to.

This is the challenge that I accepted from swordfish353.

"This assignment will be completed in two parts. First, I want you to go to the supermarket. Of course, you should be dressed in something very skimpy and sexy. Go to the vegetable section and look at the cucumbers. You are going to buy one just one cucumber. Of course, I'm sure right now you can imagine what the ultimate purpose of this cucumber is going to be.... and NO, you will NOT be making a salad! I want you to take your time and select this special cucumber very carefully. The lucky cucumber should be just a little bigger than you think your hot little pussy can handle. Take your time, touch them, feel them, look for one that is firm and smooth, perhaps with a few of those funny little bumps on it. When you find the lucky winner, I want you to bring him to the checkout counter without a bag. YOU ARE TO BUY ONLY THE ONE CUCUMBER AND NOTHING ELSE!

Now this is IMPORTANT: You must wash your new cucumber very thoroughly. We wouldn't want that hot, sexy cunt of yours getting infected. Perhaps you can wash your new friend right before you begin part two of your assignment:

I want you to take your new green friend to a movie. Maybe you can wash him right in the ladies room before you enter the theater. Pick a movie and a time that will not be overly crowded, but one that will still have some other people attending. Don't worry about what movie it is... you aren't going to be paying much attention to it anyway. Of course, you should be wearing a skirt that will give you easy access to your sweet little cunt. Pick a seat that will give you a little privacy, perhaps all the way in the back and to the side, or perhaps toward the front.

When the lights are dimmed, start playing with your pussy. Just use your fingers for now, you are going to have to get yourself VERY wet for your new green friend. Take off your panties and keep fingering that sweet pussy. Rub the cucumber over the outside of your lips. And when you are ready, fuck yourself with it. Think about all your horny friends at the "strange request" thread and get yourself off right there in the movie theater!

When you are finished, I want you to leave your panties and the lucky cucumber in the theater for someone to find! And then, write back to me with all the hot, juicy details!?

This is the report of what I did that I sent him and he posted.

Dear swordfish353,

I received your challenging assignment. I got off work early this afternoon so I decided to work on my assignment right away. I find that if I act on impulse, my inhibitions don't get built up and I can act much wilder than if I think about something for very long. So, I drove to a nearby town and entered a fairly large supermarket as per your instructions. I wore a blue tank top without a bra and a pretty short white skirt with black lace panties. I began wandering around the store slowly, kind of window shopping. I was just letting the excitement build up before I approached the vegetable section. I walked up and down the isles. As, I went through the frozen food section, I smiled as I felt my nipples get hard from the cool air. A pretty cute guy walked by me and smiled back. I felt really hot and sexy and incredibly bad as I approached the vegetable section.

I began looking over all the different cucumbers, feeling and touching them and imagining what they would feel like inside of me. It's funny I've used a vibrator before but I'd never ever used a vegetable to play with myself. Honestly, the size of some of the cucumbers scared me. So, I chose one that was a bit wider than what I was use to having inside me because I wasn't sure I could take a long one. It gave me a really funny feeling when I handed it to the clerk, knowing what you wanted me to do with it.

I went over to the mall to a theater and got a ticket for Kill Bill Vol. 2, I know you told me the movie didn't matter but I thought it might be hot to watch Uma Thurman. I had my vegetable treat in my purse. I also put on a nice soft blue sweater because of the air conditioning. I did what you told me and washed the cucumber in the ladies room.

Since it was a matinee, there were not a lot of people in the theater. Just a group college guys sitting up close and several couples scattered throughout the seats. I walked up to the back of the theater like you suggested. I could feel myself already getting wet, just from anticipation. I was nervous and scared about doing this. But, I was also so excited that I could hardly wait. Luckily, in just a short time the lights dimmed. I wasted not time and let my fingertips trace up my legs and under my skirt and rubbed myself lightly through my lace panties. Then, I didn't even wait for the movie to start and pulled the fabric aside and let my fingers stroke my bare cunt while the previews were still on. I was already soaking wet and my fingers slipped inside of me easily. I couldn't believe it but I was ready to take my vegetable friend into me. I looked around the theater and everyone was paying attention to the screen. So, I lifted my ass off the seat and slid my panties off and placed them on the seat next to me. I reached down into my purse and pulled out the cucumber. I know you told me to rub the cucumber over the outside of my lips. But, I'm sorry I disobeyed. I couldn't help myself I pushed it right up inside my cunt. I was feeling the intense sensation of being filled up when I noticed that a man and a woman who had come in late were coming down the aisle toward me. I discreetly pulled down my skirt which had been bunched up at my waist. I watched them come and sit just two rows in front of me.

So, there I sat with my cunt full of cucumber, wanting so badly to continue fucking myself with it. Yet, I was really scared that these people were too close to me. I also had a crazy desire to be seen by them. The hot, sexy feelings between my legs began to build and I started squeezing the cucumber with my inner muscles. It was incredible to actually feel the cucumber moving back and forth inside of me. My breathing started getting heavier. I could feel my passion building stronger and stronger. Once again I felt myself building to a very powerful orgasm because the more I tried to hold back making noise the more I felt the pressure to let go. It was such as strange a feeling to get myself off just by squeezing my cunt around this cucumber. I almost felt like I was going to loose control and begin panting like a dog in heat. I gripped the armrests tightly. And then I don't know. My climax came big and strong. The next thing I knew I was opening my eyes and felt very disoriented. I guess I must have passed out. I'd heard of people fainting from intense orgasm. But, it had never happened to me before. It was a very vulnerable feeling to realize that I had been setting there in public, for God knows how, long bare ass with a cucumber up my cunt.

Well, there wasn't much of the movie left, so I sat dreamy eyed, lightly brushing my nipples through the fabric of my tank top till the lights came on. I waited until everyone had left the theater and then reached beneath my skirt and slowly pulled the cucumber out. I glanced at the black lace panties on the seat next to me. They were my favorite pair, so I had second thoughts about leaving them. But, orders are orders. Before, I laid down the slippery cucumber next to them, on an impulse I took a bite off the end of it relishing in the taste of my own juices.

What more can I say? Thank you for suggesting such a hot afternoon's delight.

Erotic smiles,


* * * * *

I hope you find some of the pleasure that I have in fulfilling my need to be bad. If this turns you on, please check out the thread in the Literotica Personals - A Strange Request, (you may need to search through the pages because it moves) and read what is currently happening or participate by offering a challenge.

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