Need to Cum


My chin rests on my palm, the fingers of that hand drumming along my cheek - pointer finger, middle finger, ring finger, pinky.... pointer, middle, ring, pinky... My lips are pouted out, my eyes looking lazy lidded as I stare intently across the table at Stephen. 'I want to cum tonight.' That thought whispering at the forefront of my mind as I take in his features- my eyes devour his dirty blonde hair with it's simple style, his sharp cheek bones and jaw line, those blue beautiful eyes as they wrinkle at the edges while he looks back at me, his lips curled up in that lazy Kentucky smile of his – lips so like my own with their cupid bow and thick, pouted bottom lip. I sighed heavily, looking for all the world as though I had some great weight on my mind. 'I want to cum tonight.' - The whisper doing laps from the back of my mind to the forefront then back and forth over and over again. My eyes rake a little less intently over the soft fuzz that graces his cheeks, chin and jaw, eating their way down the column of his throat to the little tuft of black curls that peek out at the top of his t-shirt. Finally a pleased smile curls my humorless lips as a new thought enters my mind 'He did that for me.' All it took was a cute little pout, and some playfully joking around about how much more I like a hairy rugged man, chest hair I can nuzzle my face to, facial hair I can pet my fingers over- shame on me for mentioning that my ex was fantastically hairy, as the cherry on top. 'I want to cum.'I let out a resolute sigh, as I answer my own insistence, 'Well, that settles it. I'm taking control tonight.'

We shuffle into my little dorm room, I'm already stripping my coat off, peeling it off my shoulders as my expression turns a bit more serious and dangerous- looking at me it would be hard to tell if I was pissed or sultry in a malicious sort of way. As he lopes around with those long thin legs, oblivious and so 'pure', I toss my coat to the nearby chair and pause in the doorway for a long, long moment.

With an alien sort of authority and stern quality to my voice, I call out to his broad shouldered back, even as it stands several inches higher than my own shoulders, "Lay on your back on the floor." My hand casually moving to flip the light switch he had just turned on as we walked through the door.

He complies easily, not a word, still smiling with his pearly white teeth and beautiful lips – eyes still crinkling at the corner. 'How did I ever think I could be happy this way. I'm going to ruin you.' Taking deep breaths that fill my lungs then force from my nostrils in a predatory sort of way, a humor-filled smile finally paints my lips, but more of a sardonic.. ironic sort of smirk at my own thoughts. 'You liar. You don't know it.' I console to my inner voice as though he and I were really having this conversation, 'But you lie to me every day. Every time you pull me to you. Every time you kiss me so passionately. Every time you wrap your arm around my shoulder and lead the way while softly pulling me along. Every time you make plans and exude an assertive, confident aura.'

I relax. The tension in my shoulders releasing as I stand a little straighter, showing one comforting dazzling smile before I start to stalk towards him and all that shyness and insecurity drains from me, I stop between his lithe legs. Standing there I tower over him looking down with my face still forward, not turning it to him as look over him with that same foreign stern quality.

"Take off your pants."

Again no questions, no playful teasing, just the easy movement of his hands to unfasten his tight jeans. His thumbs hook into the waist band as he drags the jeans down his hips and thighs, revealing more bare skin to me as he does. 'Well. I want to cum.' Like a mantra I remind myself, as I dominate the situation in a way I hadn't had to since I broke up with my ex.

I start to strip my shirt off, pulling from my waist, sliding over the smooth skin of my stomach, revealing the contours of my ribs and hips as I do. Finally, I shake my wildly wavey-curly hair free of the shirt tossing it to the side as I stand over him in tight jeans and I black lace bra, my breasts bulge over the cups of the bra as it is just a size or two too small to contain them.

"Now the boxers."

His thumbs hook into the waist band of his batman boxer briefs as he slides them down as well, to reveal boney hips and flat abs, he paused to take off his socks which gave me a moment to roll my eyes away and take a steadying breath. I turned back to him laying complacently and almost merrily on the floor, still smiling softly up at me. I unfasten my own jeans, having to rock my round hips out of the hugging material, the movement turning into a roll from one side to the other as I inch the jeans down one tug at a time. Finally letting them fall to my feet I kick free of them as I step out of my heels.

I stand over him now in black stockings that paint my legs midnight as they hide my calves, knees, and the lower half of my thighs before stopping in a lacey pattern. Lacey boy shorts curl between my thighs and over my hips, wedging the slightly abrasive lace into the crack of my ample ass. My pale white skin and the soft pink and faded scars littering my body make a strange contrast to all that black and lace I wear.

He's already hard. I lift my right foot, pressing the stocking material into his cock where it lays patiently against his pelvis and lower abdomen. I rock my foot, that isn't quite as long as his dick, from the pads of the toes and front to the heel, back and forth on his thick cock. 'He really does have a beautiful cock.'

I move to stand with one foot on either side of his body, kicking his legs together moments before I drop down to straddle him now, my knees pressed to the ground, my lace-entrapped pussy sitting snuggly and pressed to his thighs. I lean across his body once I'm settled, the long line of my torso no comparison to his as I reach up sliding hands along his arms from bicep to wrist forcing his arms and hands up above his head, having to lean forward on my knees, the pose forcing my breasts to hover over his serene face, just out of reach of his mouth or touch.

I slide halfway back to my former position; stopping to press kisses and licks to his neck, chin, jaw, collar bone, shoulders. My trailing kisses paint their way down and across his chest, down his stomach, finally stopping to pay close attention to his defined hip bones. I lick and dig my tongue into the giving skin that stretches across that hip bone, nibbling and running my teeth along the bone and skin. I pause only long enough to switch sides, he squirms and makes little whimpering noises as I do, his hips bucking up in tiny pulses every so often. His hands straying down once in awhile to grab for my hair or touch at his stomach, causing me to stop my work to force his hands up above his head, each time they go back without resistance and lay there obediently.

My soft lips and busy tongue finally move, pathing kisses down his upper thighs, and daringly close to his rock hard cock but never quite giving it the attention it twitches and begs for. 'Naughty cock.' My lips moving to their new destination as I spend ample time licking and nibbling at his inner thighs, the light dusting of hairs and the rougher texture of his skin stands out in my mind as I work. He squirms, he whimpers, his hips twitching just as much as his wanting cock, pausing again and again to force those unruly hands back into compliance, only to start again at his thighs. By now I sit between his spread thighs, my hands moving to force his legs up into the air, his knees bent and thighs spread, as his feet rest comfortably on the ground. I use the new position to kiss, lick and nibble at the back of his knees, listening triumphantly for the chorus of surprised whimpers and moans coming from above me.

I crawl up his body now, dragging my lacey breasts along his balls, then rigid length, pelvis, abdomen, stomach, chest, and then finally letting the globes brush on either of his cheeks. I continue to crawl up his body, stopping once my plush ass rests on his chest, my legs hooked underneath his shoulders and arms. I sit purposefully so that my calves and thighs choke his arms in their hold. I rock up enough to present my lacey pussy to him. Looking down at him like a bird considering a bug it might just devour, my head canted to the side. I hook a finger to my panties, pulling them aside to present him with my wet, pink, swollen lips. I rock myself up again to hook the hood of my pussy on to the tip of his nose, grinding my clit into it as I cover his mouth with a press of my labia, like some perverted CPR. I slide down enough to let him breath after a pause, the tip of his nose shiny which makes me laugh to myself, the smirk gently curving my lips the only clue to my amusement.


His tongue gets to work, sloppy work. He digs it around and pokes and prods, trying earnestly to remember what I showed him about my hood and clit, but inevitably failing and licking over the top of the hood and every so often slithering that inexperienced tongue into my opening. I lean up enough to free his crushed arms, a quick expel of relieved breath from him tickles over my wet pussy. Oh! But there's work to be done. I grab one freed arm, maneuvering it so that it curls awkwardly up by his face, the hand laying over his face with fingertips facing up before I sit back again trapping the other arm. I start to grind myself on to his already separated finger tips, intent on the two I want. Like a good boy he presses them into me with just the tiniest bit of catching around their thickness as they get well coated and lubricated with the first pass. He rubs at my g-spot, stroking it like I taught him. I rock around and buck trying to get his fingers to the right spot and control their wayward attempts. It degenerates into him pushing at the top of my inner walls over and over again, making me think of a hole-puncher for some reason. Alright.

I disentangle myself from his face and hand, his nose a little red from where my weight pressed the back of his hand on to it. I crawl back down his body, in a slow un-insistent, unhurried sort of relaxed way. My face a mask, so unlike its usual vibrant, expressive self.

"Close your eyes."

I turn to face his feet now, sitting on his abdomen as I busy myself with arranging my long legs comfortably. I glance over my shoulder to see him peeking. 'Bad boy.' I give a sharp tap of my middle finger to one of his balls, watching as they reflexively tense up against him but otherwise he doesn't cry out in pain or lose any rigidity in his cock, just a hiss of air as he sucks in a sudden breath. I stand up long enough to pull my panties off without my artifice. I lower myself back on to his body, then twist my torso to face him. I take the held panties and hook them over the top of his head, having to work at arranging them so that the wet spot lies across his lips and nose, but the lace still covers his eyes making an effective veil-like blindfold.

Turning back to my work I sway myself onto his rigid length, my hands moving to press the head into my slick opening, really making an effort to work him in - His size an obstacle even when I control the penetration, but finally my sigh sounds through the eerily silent air as my wet pussy lips meet his pelvis and the base of his cock. Ahhh.

I start to methodically go about a loop of rocking myself onto and off of his cock, bucking my hips back and forth while he is fully buried inside of me, rolling my hips in smooth circles, with that thick cock buried inside of me, and then finally bouncing my cushy ass on his pelvis as I pound myself up and down on his length, the head just barely staying inside as I come up – cycling through the simple routine over and over again. I'm so wet, the light of the laptop causes my juices to glisten as they coat his thighs and balls, my neck curved to look down at the sight. Looking over my shoulder every so often to see his obedient hands remaining up above his head, his back and neck arched, his lower lip bitten but his eyes dutifully closed even with my lacey panties as a blindfold.

I turn back as an orgasm starts to build. Finally. My movements become a bit frantic as I work myself more furiously and with purpose on to his cock, my toy, my tool, to get off at this point. I close my eyes and tip my head back, my lips parting to present open mouth to the ceiling. 'Yes finally. Yes yes yes, so close.' My euphoria invaded sharply as hands grab my hips in a panic and lift me from my toy, giving me a slight push so that my hands have to fly out to catch myself on the floor, kneeling and bent over for a moment as I process what happened - I turn with wide frantic and angry eyes, just in time to see white strings of cum pulsing out of his cock on to his stomach and chest. 'Well fuck.'

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