tagRomanceNeed You Now Ch. 03

Need You Now Ch. 03


Tony was absolutely, utterly, fucking miserable.

Christmas Eve was one week away, but he had no Christmas spirit at all. Yeah, he made the rounds at all the parties, but his heart wasn't into it. Besides his season going completely to shit, he had also lost Kristy. Well, technically he didn't "lose" her. She had decided to stay with Jason and try to work on making things better in their marriage. She couldn't be with him again. She had taken a vow and she wanted to be the wife she wasn't being. They had agreed, as adults, it was the right thing for them to do. But he didn't want to do the right thing...he wanted her to love him the way he loved her. He had never felt this way before, and it scared the hell out of him.

Everywhere he went there were reminders of her. He'd see her car a dozen times on the way to work. He'd always look for her "Stewart" sticker on the back window, then be let down when it wasn't her. He'd smell her perfume and his heart would skip a beat. Hell, he could barely listen to the radio anymore.

But seeing her at work was the worst of all. It was only twice a week and it killed him to see her so happy. She'd smile at him, they'd make small talk and then he'd be on his way, like nothing had ever happened with them. He put on a brave face in front of her, because he understood and respected where she was coming from. In reality, he could hardly sleep at night. He would think of her, start to dwell on what couldn't be and get upset. Just when he thought he was getting his shit together, he'd see her and the cycle would start all over again.

Tony looked at his watch, rubbed his eyes and sighed. It was after five. Since he was the last one left at Stewart-Haas for the day, he walked around the shop one last time, making sure everything was locked up. He shut the lights off, and headed back to his office to get his coat. He walked in, immediately seeing a red envelope on his desk that wasn't there before. Curious, he picked it up and opened it. It was a Christmas card from Kristy. He opened it, reading to himself.

"Tony, I have a Christmas gift for you. Meet me at the Charlotte Hilton at 8:00. Room 1367...K"

He closed the card and smiled. He had no idea what she was up to, but was dying to find out. He had just enough time to run home and take a shower. He set the alarm and practically ran to his car. He cranked up some Aerosmith, leaving rubber in his wake.

"You're my angel come and save me tonight.

You're my angel come and make it alright..."

He sang along quietly, hoping against all hope this would be the gift he wanted most of all.

Tony pulled into the hotel's parking lot a few minutes before eight. He sat in his car a minute, trying to ease his jitters. He didn't want to run up there and appear too eager. It had been almost two months since he had really talked to Kristy. Or had been alone with her. He took a deep breath, letting the air out of his lungs slowly.

He went inside, walking briskly to the elevator. He impatiently pressed the button a few times, urging it to come quicker. It finally arrived, whisking him upwards to her floor. He got out, standing there for a second. He could feel his pulse throbbing in his temple. He had never been this nervous about anything in his life. He took another deep breath, composing himself. He headed off in search of her room. He found it at the end of the hallway. There was a little note taped to the door. He unfolded it.

"Door is open. Follow the trail. Each one is for every month I've loved you."

Intrigued, he opened the door. The living room area was lit just enough for him to see the trail of chocolates leading to the bedroom door. He picked one up. It was a Hershey Hug. He bit his bottom lip, smiling. A hug. The one thing that had bonded them from the very beginning. He started counting as he gathered them. One, two, three, four...my God, how long has she had feelings for him? Five, six, seven, eight, nine. Nine months? He did the math in his head. March? She'd been in love with him for almost a year?

He approached the door, knocking quietly. He walked into a room illuminated with candlelight. Kristy was sitting on the bed, her feet folded under her. She was wearing a scoop neck, red velvet dress with white fur trim. Her curls were blown out, softly framing her face. She gave him a shy smile, her dark brown eyes glowing with love. He knew for certain she was blushing.

"Hi." Kristy said softly. "Come sit next to me." She patted the bed. He took his shoes off, curling his feet underneath him as he sat.

"What's going on?" he asked, concerned.

Kristy looked down, her hands folded in her lap. She looked up at him, a wistful smile on her face.

"A lot of things have happened since the last time we were together in October." She said softly, looking down at her lap.

"Talk to me. What's wrong?" he asked.

"After we got together Halloween night, I felt so guilty afterward. It ate me up inside. I never meant to fall in love with you. It just...happened. I mean, I'm married. I took a vow to be with him and only him. To be with you was so, so wrong...even if it felt right at that moment. That's why I put the brakes on. I couldn't love you and Jason. Something had to give." Kristy still hadn't looked up at him.

"Go on." He said quietly, tentatively laying his hand on hers.

"So November rolls around and he's working all...the...time. Like I never-see-him type working. One morning over breakfast, I told him I wanted to have some fun with him at night. Ya know, change things up a little bit. Do you know what he told me?" she asked.

"No, what?" Tony replied quietly.

"He said paying the bills came first. That sex wasn't a priority at the moment. Do you have any idea how that made me feel?" Tony could see her heart breaking right in front of him.

"That's not right, you need to do both." he said with a trace of anger in his voice.

"Yeah, no shit. So here I am...the one man I want, I can't have. And the one man I can have doesn't want me." she said bitterly.

"Shit, I'm so sorry Kristy. I wish I had known." Tony said sadly, squeezing her hand.

"How could you have known? I said no more phone calls, no more contact. There was no way I could say anything to you at work. I didn't know what to do. I love him, but to be told that?" She looked up at the ceiling, fighting back tears. She looked over at him, continuing.

"Our anniversary was coming up on the twenty-fifth. I knew in my heart this was his final chance to do the right thing." She said, wiping her eyes.

"And?" Tony asked.

"I made dinner reservations at our favorite restaurant. At the last minute he texts me - not even calls me- but texts me that he had to attend an unexpected meeting. I was crushed."

She let the tears flow in earnest now, not even trying to hide her pain from him. He wiped her tears with his thumb and let her finish her story.

"I asked if he could postpone it because it was our anniversary. He said no, he couldn't. I told him we'd talk when he got home." Tony gave her a tissue from the nightstand to blow her nose.

"What happened later?" Tony asked quietly.

She let out a bitter laugh. "Later? He got home at midnight Tony...midnight! Who the fuck goes to meetings until midnight?" she cried. "I didn't even give him a chance to apologize. I was too upset with him, too angry."

"What did you do?" he questioned.

She held up her left hand...with no wedding band on her ring finger.

"I told him to pack his bags and get out. I was tired of being a part time wife. He begged me to reconsider, but I stood strong. I'm done with him Tony. I can't be unhappy anymore." Kristy took a breath and let out a long sigh.

"And that Tony, is what's been going on in my life."

Tony took her hand and kissed her bare left finger. "You did the right thing."

"I know I did. That's why I called you here tonight. I wanted to be sure of how I felt before I told you. Have your feelings for me gone away?" she asked softly.

Tony looked at her, eyes wide.

"Oh my God, No! Never! The longer we were apart, the more I loved you. I know you tease me about not being able to tell you how I feel, but I love you so much. Being away from you was a living hell. Until we broke apart, I had no idea how much I really cared." He said, gently touching her face with his hands. He looked deep into her eyes as he continued.

"But, it's your decision, your choice. What do you want to do now? Where does this go?" he said, his voice hoarse.

Kristy looked down, fiddling with the hem of her dress. She looked up at Tony and smiled.

"Do you honestly think I'd have you meet me here to tell you I don't want to be with you?" She reached over, caressing his cheek with the back of her hand.

"I started falling for you months ago...as you can see by these." She picked up the candies, dropping them one by one on the bed.

"March, huh? When the blushing and stammering started?" Tony said, grinning.

"Yes!" Kristy said laughing. "Exactly. It grew little by little each time I saw you...until it was bigger than me. And we got to this point." She looked down shyly.

"You're blushing again!" he exclaimed, touching her cheek.

"Shut up!" she said, giving him a playful swat on the arm. Then she grew serious.

"Do you really want to be with me Tony? Risk it all? Not care what everyone thinks?" Kristy questioned.

"Absolutely." he said, smiling.

Kristy stood up, reaching her hand out to him.

"Come here." She said, pulling him to his feet. "Take off your clothes."

Tony cocked his head at her sudden show of dominance, but did as he was told to, stripping down to his boxer briefs. She looked at him with a wicked grin on her face.

"I've wanted to do this for months." She said, lightly running her fingertips down his bare arms. She left a million goosebumps behind.

She continued the exploration of his body, tracing his jawline with her finger and around his full lips. He kissed it gently as it passed by. His eyes were heavy with lust, but there was no way she was rushing this. She had waited too long for this night to happen.

Kristy ran her hands over his hair, pulling his lips to hers. She kissed him slowly, the tips of their tongues barely touching. After the passion they had shared the first two times, this was sweet, sensuous oh so tortuous.

She ran tiny kisses across his jaw whispering a hushed "I love you." as she grazed his earlobe. Kristy heard him sigh as she left a trail of wet kisses down his neck. She sucked and nibbled his left nipple until it was a hard nub. He let out a low groan, tangling his fingers through her hair, urging her down.

She traced circles on his belly with her tongue as she gently dropped to her knees. She ran her hands up his calves and over his inner thighs, intentionally avoiding his rock hard cock. She caressed his taut ass cheeks firmly, looking up at him as she did.

He roughly ran his hands through her curls, his eyes silently pleading with her to take him. Without taking off his underwear, she palmed his shaft, gently cupping his scrotum as she did.

She saw that Tony was starting to wobble. She stood up, guiding him over to the bed. He sat down on the edge, feet on the floor. She pushed him down onto his back, kissing him hungrily. He broke the kiss, looking her deep in the eyes.

"Please?" he asked, placing her hand on his erection.

"Patience!" she said with a husky laugh, lightly stroking it. "I'm so not through with you babe."

Kristy stood between Tony's legs looking down at the man she loved. She grabbed the waistband of his boxer briefs, pulling them down and off. He laid there, breathing heavy, hands clenched at his side. Kristy knelt down between his legs, plotting her next move.

"Kriiiiisttty." Tony moaned quietly.

"Shhh." she said, grazing his inner thighs with her nails. She saw his cock twitch in response to her touch.

She planted wet kisses in the groove of his thigh, nuzzling him. She inhaled his scent, which turned her on even more. She ran her tongue up the middle of his scrotum to the base of his cock. His back arched at the intense sensation.

"Oh fuck! What are you doing?" Tony loudly groaned.

Kristy just let out a husky giggle, continuing her assault on him. She took one of his balls in her mouth, gently sucking it. Tony just about lost his mind. He thrashed around, begging her to stop.

He sat up abruptly, fire in his eyes. Turning her around, he unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the floor. He pulled her on top of him, unclasping her bra as he did. He flipped her onto her back, pinning her down.

"My turn." he said, eyes gleaming.

He ran his cock between her folds, entering her halfway, then pulling out. She mewled in protest when he did it again.

"To-neee" she moaned through gritted teeth.

"What's the matter?" he purred, running his finger over her pussy, tweaking her swollen clit.

She arched her hips, begging for more. He answered her by plunging his face between her legs without any warning. Kristy screamed, wrapping her legs around his head. She came explosively at his touch, but he never relented. The louder she became, the deeper he burrowed his face.

All lucid thought stopped for Kristy. Her orgasms washed over her like waves, crashing one after another.

Tony broke free, throwing Kristy's legs over his shoulders. He entered her in one hard thrust, claiming her as his.

"Open your eyes Kristy. Look at me." Tony demanded.

She opened her eyes to him staring intently at her. She held his face in her hands as he approached his own orgasm. She felt another building as his pace quickened. She saw his eyes roll back as thrust one last time, coming deep within her. Her's hit a second later, leaving her spent.

He rolled off of her, climbing to the top of the bed. He fell back on to the pillows, breathless. Kristy crawled up, curling up next to him. They laid quietly together, allowing their heartbeats to return to normal.

Kristy propped herself up, resting her chin on his chest. She smiled up at him. He looked down at her, stroking her hair.

"Ten." Tony said quietly.

"Ten?" she asked, head cocked.

"Mmm hmm. No more star." he said hugging her. "We're together."

"Always?" she asked.

"Absolutely." he said smiling down at her.

"I'm never losing you again."

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