Neglected Black Housewife Ch. 02


"You two have fun and I'll call you tomorrow." Cyn says, wrapping her arms around me and kissing me softly on the lips. "Take good care of Shelly for me, okay?" She whispers.

"I'll try." I say, fervently returning her kiss.

"Let's go!" Shelly says, grabbing my arm. "I rode with Barbara, so you can just drop me off at home afterwards." She says, dragging me out the door.

"Ohhh, Mike." Shelly says, caressing my thigh as I drive to the hotel. "We're going to have us a fine time tonight!" She says, running her fingernails across my crotch. "I'm so fucking wet, already." She says, sliding her other hand up under her skirt. I'm struggling to focus on my driving with Shelly's hand on my crotch and her smooth black thighs exposed.

"See what I mean!" She says, holding her hand under my nose, giving me a whiff of her wet fingers. "God, I'm so slutty!" She whispers, as she pushes her fingers into my mouth. Fuck! Her aroma was one thing, but the taste of her pussy juice has my cock jutting straight up, trying to bust out of my pants!

"Mmmmm." Shelly sighs, squeezing my hard cock through my pants. "I guess Mikey likes it." She laughs, pulling her fingers from my mouth and kissing my cheek as she shoves her hand back under her skirt. "There's plenty more where that came from." She says playfully, scooping more pussy juice from between her legs and bringing her fingers back to my mouth. She has a very strong, arousing taste that is so intoxicating that I almost forget where we're going.

"You need to turn here, lover." She says, as I hungrily suck on her pussy-flavored fingers.

"Help yourself." Shelly says, pulling her fingers from my mouth, leaning back and spreading her legs. Steering with my left hand, I slip my right hand under her skirt. I feel the heat, just before I touch moist flesh. No panties! Her pussy is soaking wet!

"God!" Shelly moans. "I feel like such a slut." She smiles, as I spread her soggy lips and slide two fingers inside her. "I took my panties off just before we left Cyn's house." She says, as she pushes against my fingers, sucking them deeper into her steamy hole.

"Oh my God!" Shelly cries, grabbing my arm with both hands and humping her pussy against my fingers. Clenching and unclenching her pussy muscles around my fingers, she releases a fresh flood of juices onto my hand.

"We're here." She says, pointing to the hotel ahead on the left. "And not a moment too soon!" She laughs, pulling my fingers from her pussy and sucking them into her mouth, one at a time.

"Good thing we already have the room key." Shelly says, reaching over and squeezing my rock solid cock, as she licks her juices from my fingers. "We won't have to waste time at the front desk." She says, as I park near the side entrance. Fuck! At first I was disappointed that I wasn't going to fuck Barbara, but Shelly is so fucking hot that I'm almost ready to cream in my pants.

As soon as we get in the elevator, Shelly unzips my pants and slips her hand into the opening, caressing my cock through my jockey shorts. I'm too horny to worry about whether someone will see us.

"You're the perfect size, Mike." She says, before pushing her tongue into my mouth. Our tongues dance around each other as she fondles my cock. When the elevator chimes and the door opens, Shelly pulls her hand from my pants, but leaves my zipper down.

"You know what being the perfect size means?" She asks, as we walk down the hall searching for the room number. "It means you'll fit everywhere." She says, pulling me against her in front of our room. "In my mouth." She says, kissing my lips and grinding her pussy against the bulge in my pants. "In my pussy." She says, looking lustfully into my eyes. "And in my ass." She announces turning around and wiggling her ass against my crotch as she inserts the magnetic card into the lock.

Goddamn! I've only seen ass fucking in videos. I've never actually done it. I squeeze Shelly's ass cheeks as she opens the door.

We're barely inside and Shelly is unbuckling my belt. Before I can turn the deadbolt and hook the chain, she has my pants and underwear around my ankles, springing my hard cock free from its confines.

"Oh fuck!" I moan, as she sucks my cockhead into her warm mouth, while scraping her fingernails under my scrotum. With my pants around my ankles, I brace myself against the door to keep from falling over, as Shelly slides her lips down to the base of my cock. While she slowly slides her lips back along the length of my hard shaft, flicking her tongue against the sensitive underside, I feel my climax start to build.

"Not yet." She whispers, releasing my cock and motioning me to lift my leg so she can remove my shoes and socks. After disentangling my pants from my ankles, Shelly stands up and unbuttons my shirt. I shrug it off my shoulders, letting it fall on the floor behind me. Standing naked under her gaze, my stiff cock sticks straight out towards her.

"Mmmm." She sighs, nibbling on my nipples until they pop out from my chest. My throbbing cock brushes against her skirt, as she guides me into the room, backing me towards the bed. Sitting me down on the edge of the bed, she takes a step back and pulls her blouse over her head. More blood surges into my already swollen cock, as I stare at her huge dark tits straining against the nearly transparent cups of her lacy bra.

Running her hands over her flat, black stomach, Shelly smiles at me as she lifts her heavy tits, cupping them and squeezing them together. Watching my cock with lustful eyes, she reaches behind her back and unfastens her bra. The black straps fall from her shoulders, as her hands hold her bra in place, teasingly covering her nipples. With deliberate slowness, she gradually lowers her bra revealing more of her luscious black breasts to my penetrating gaze.

Finally, pulling her hands away and dropping her bra on the floor, I am presented with the largest, most natural looking breasts I have ever seen. Hanging elegantly from her chest, her huge tits have a consistently smooth black sheen from the outer curves to the slim crevice between them. Her wide areolas, only slightly darker than the rest of her tits, encircle coal black nipples that jut out temptingly towards me.

"Huh uh." She shakes her head teasingly, as she steps back. "Not yet." She smiles, when I reach my hands towards her gorgeous tits. I feel my cock pulsating, as she reaches for the zipper on her skirt. Using the same slow tease, she unhurriedly lowers her skirt, revealing first her navel and then the top of her thick, spongy bush. Her velvet black triangle points downward to her thick, protruding pussy lips which are glistening with moisture. As Shelly drops her skirt to the floor and spreads her legs, I surmise that if her lips weren't so aroused, they would probably disappear within the tangle of thick black hair surrounding them.

"I'm your slut, Mike." Shelly says, dipping her fingers into her juicy pussy. "Your little black whore." She says, pushing her pussy soaked fingers into my mouth as she kneels on the floor.

"Do I taste good?" She asks, flicking her tongue against my aching cockhead.

"Mmmmm." I moan, while sucking the exquisite flavor off of her fingers.

"I want to taste you, too." She whispers, as she caresses my balls with her hand. "I want to suck the cum right out of your cock." She says, slowly running her tongue up the underside of my rigid pole. "I want to swallow your thick cum and feel it ooze down my throat." She sighs, wrapping her hand around the base of my cock and feeding the head into her warm, wet mouth.

"Oh God!" I cry, as I feel my orgasm rapidly building. All the teasing she's been doing since we left Cyn's house is taking its toll. Shelly slides her lips about halfway down my cock before pumping it vigorously in and out of her mouth. I can't hold back! As she pulls her fingers from my mouth and gently squeezes my balls, I explode into her, jerking convulsively against her face. She sucks and swallows several thick loads of cum, before I fall back onto the bed, completely drained.

"Mmmmm." She says, licking her lips as she lies down beside me.

"God damn, Shelly!" I breathe, wrapping my arm around her shoulder, while my chest heaves up and down.

"Probably." She says. "But not today." She smiles. "As soon as you've caught your breath, I need the talented tongue, Cyn told us about." She says. "I really need it, Mike." She says, wrapping her leg over mine and pressing her hot, damp pussy against my thigh.

"While I catch my breath I want to feast on your beautiful tits." I tell her, rolling her onto her back and lying on my side next to her. Fuck! I've never seen anything like them, even in magazines! Her tits are like large black balloons, with four inch wide areolas and taut nipples that are as thick as my pinky. I squeeze the closest one with my hand, as I suck her firm nipple into my mouth. Damn! Her fucking nipple is almost an inch long!

"That's nice." She sighs, as I massage her soft, pliable tit, while sucking and nibbling on her rigid nipple. She's squirming around on the bed, opening and closing her legs, as I lean across to suckle her other nipple.

"Have you caught your breath yet, Mike?" Shelly asks, obviously anxious for me to move down her body.

"Feeling neglected down here?" I ask, as I rake my fingers through her thick pubic hair.

"Very neglected." She smiles. I kiss her briefly on the lips before positioning myself between her legs. She spreads them wide for me and I suck in my breath, as I get my first good view of her pussy. She is a lot hairier than Cyn, with thicker pussy lips. Her tightly coiled hairs, which give her bush a cushy texture, are longer than they appear. As I comb my fingers through, I stretch several hairs away from her mound that are two or three inches long.

"Waiting for an invitation?" Shelly asks, pulling her knees up and spreading her legs farther apart. I use my fingers to open her wet pussy lips, revealing the moist pink center and the largest clit I've ever seen. Its pink tip is peeking out of its black hood, glistening with pussy juice and begging to be sucked.

"Sorry." I tell her, lowering my face towards her wet lips. "You're only the second black woman I've been with and I'm still in awe." Before she can answer, I flatten her pussy lips with my tongue and lick from the bottom to the top of her moist slit, lightly flicking the tip of her clit.

"Oh yeah!" She cries, grabbing her thighs with her hands to hold them open for me. She doesn't need any teasing; she's already dripping wet. Slipping my tongue inside her steamy hole, I rapidly tongue fuck her delicious pussy

"Ohhh!" She moans, as my tongue pistons in and out. Pushing my tongue to the top of her slit, I slip two fingers into her opening, twisting them around for maximum contact.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuck!" Shelly cries, as my lips close around her engorged clit and I gently suck it into my mouth. The velocity of my finger fucking is offset by the gentleness of my clit sucking, and Shelly grabs a handful of my hair, as she bucks wildly against my mouth. With her clit completely inside my mouth, I barely flick my tongue across the tip of it, while continuing the rapid finger pumping.

"Oh Mike!" Shelly yells, holding my head tightly against her pussy. "Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!" She moans. "Just like that! Oh Mike! Oh fuck!" She moans, as I keep up my vigorous assault on her pussy. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming already!" She cries, bucking furiously against my mouth and my fingers while she thrashes around on the bed, swinging her head from side to side. Her hand that isn't pulling my hair is pinching her nipples, stretching them out even farther from her huge tits.

"Oh Mike!" She breathes, clenching her pussy muscles around my fingers, while pushing my face away from her sensitive clit. Her body trembles, as her creamy juices flood my hand, and I lower my face to lap up the mouthwatering treat. Her pussy juice is thick and creamy and the aroma is arousing. My cock is fully recovered by the time her body stops shaking.

Kissing and licking my way up her body, I can't help stopping at her marvelous tits to suck and nibble a little more on her thick, black nipples. Positioning my body over hers, we lock eyes, as I glide my fully recovered cock into her slippery, wet hole. She feels so fucking good! Her steamy pussy walls close in around my hard cock, cocooning me in a velvety, blanket of hot, pulsating flesh.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh!" She moans, pushing her ass off the bed and spreading her thighs to welcome me more deeply into her torrid opening. Her urgency cries out for a fast rhythm, but I deliberately control the pace by looping my arms behind her knees and pulling her legs up against her massive tits.

"Ohh! Ohhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhhh!" Her moans increase in volume, as I pound her pussy with my hard cock. Moving my hands to the back of her calves, I push her legs down nearly to her shoulders and jackhammer my cock into her fiery hole.

"Oh yeah, Mike." She whimpers. "Fuck me hard, baby!" She yells. "Ohhh! So good! So good! So good!" She cries on each downward thrust of my cock. My balls are slapping against her ass and I can feel my own release building quickly.

"Oh fuck! I'm cumming again! Fuck me harder, Mike! Fuck me so haaaaaaarrrrrd!" She screams as her orgasm rips through her and she clamps her pussy muscles around my cock. This triggers my eruption and I spew my load deep inside her quivering cunt. She's shaking, as I lower her legs onto the bed and drop my body down onto her cushy tits. Pushing my tongue into her mouth, we ride out the after quakes of her orgasm with our chests heaving against each other and my spent cock nestled inside her vibrating pussy.

"Whew!" She breaks the kiss and we both suck in more air. "I haven't cum back-to-back like that in a long time." She says, squeezing her pussy muscles around my flaccid cock, as her hands stroke my back. "Cyn was right about you." She says, her hands moving down to squeeze my ass cheeks as she gently rocks her hips.

"You are amazing!" I say, enraptured by the rising and falling of her huge tits against my chest. I can feel the hardness of her nipples pushing against my skin.

"What time is it?" Shelly asks, after we've recovered a bit.

"Nine-fifteen." I tell her, looking at the clock on the nightstand and hoping the evening isn't over yet.

"Good. We've got some time." She says. "You've cum in my mouth and my pussy." Shelly says teasingly, brushing her lips against mine. "Now your little slut wants your cock inside her tight black ass." Fuck! I can't believe this woman; she's insatiable! My incredulousness must show.

"You've never done that, have you?" She asks and I just shake my head, as my cock stirs within her warm pussy. "Mmmmm. You seem to like the idea." She smiles, squeezing her vaginal muscles around my cock.

"You are in for a treat, Mike." She smiles, rolling me off of her.

"The first thing we have to do is get this bad boy ready again." She says, flicking her tongue across my nipples and trailing kisses down my stomach. With her tits rubbing against my thighs, she sucks her juices from my cock and gently caresses my balls with her fingertips. As my cock recovers, she kneads it between her fingers, stroking up and down while licking around the swollen head.

"You are going to love how my ass feels, Mike." She teases, while licking the head of my cock like an ice cream cone. "It'll wrap around you so tightly, you'll think you're popping some white girls cherry." She laughs, squeezing her fingers tightly around my shaft while sucking just the tip of it into her mouth. My cock is rock solid in no time and I'm trying to push more of it into her mouth.

"Since I didn't think to bring any with me, we're going to have to use natural lubricant." She smiles, as she moves from between my legs and crawls up beside me on her hands and knees.

"Now, it's your turn to get me ready." She smiles, brushing her lips across mine. "Just scoop some of that natural lubricant from my front hole and smear it into my back hole." She laughs, as I sit up and look at her firm round ass. Shelly's skin is already dark, but it seems to blacken even more in the crevice between her bubble-like ass cheeks. Slipping two fingers into her soggy pussy, I pull out a gob of creamy goo and smear it around the ridged edges of her puckered asshole.

"Mmmmm. Yeah." Shelly says, pushing back against my fingers, willing them to enter her tight rear tunnel. Scooping out more goo, I insert first one finger, then two into her tight ass, twisting them around to lubricate every surface.

"That feels nice, Mike." Shelly sighs, as I pump my juicy fingers in and out of her tight asshole. "Maybe a little more lubricant." She instructs. I do as she says and get another couple fingers full of juice and push them into her snug little hole.

"Okay, now lubricate your cock." She says, smiling. "Push it into my pussy, work it around and then we're ready to go." Kneeling behind her, I slide my fully erect cock into her dripping cunt. Fuck! It feels so good, as I watch my shaft disappear between her dripping black pussy lips. It almost makes me want to keep fucking her pussy.

"Mmmmmm." Shelly moans, as I grab her hips and start pumping in and out of her slick, steamy pussy. "My ass, Mike." She pleads, as she lowers her head onto the bed, and pushes back against my hard thrusts.

"Okay." I say, slowing my rhythm and then pulling out of her pussy. "Your pussy just felt so fucking good, Shelly!" I tell her as I position my cockhead against its new target.

"It did, Mike." She sighs. "And we'll do that again, another time." She says. "But right now I really want you in my ass." She says, reaching back with her hands to grip her ass cheeks. Placing her fingertips at the crevice between her cheeks, she pulls them apart, stretching her asshole open for me. What a sight! My cock throbs as I stare into the tight, dark tunnel.

"Take it slowly, Mike." She instructs. "Just push the head in and let me get used to that before you push the rest of your cock in, okay?" She asks.

"Okay, here goes." I tell her pushing my hard cock against her stretched out opening. With all the pussy juice on my cock and her hands holding her asshole open, my cockhead pops right in with minimal resistance.

"Mmmmm. Yeah." She says and I feel her muscles relax around my cock. "Okay, now all the way in." Shelly says. I ease forward and my cock glides right in, up to my balls. She releases her ass cheeks and pushes herself up on her hands.

"Now fuck me, Mike." She says. "Fuck your black slut's ass!" She yells, as she squeezes her ass muscles around my cock. With my hands gripping her hips, I start pumping my cock in and out of her snug asshole. What a different feel! She is so fucking tight! It's almost surreal to watch my white cock slide between her dark black ass cheeks. I pick up the pace, as my cock swells within her compact rear hole.

"Harder Mike!" Shelly begs, while thrusting her ass back against my rhythmic strokes. "Fuck my ass harder!" She cries, as she lowers her head back down on the bed and shoves one hand between her legs.

"Oh God! Yes! Fuck my aaaaaaasssssss!" She cries, as I tighten my grip on her ass cheeks, pulling them farther apart so I can slam my cock deeper inside of her. Her ass is so tight that the constant friction is threatening to finish me off too soon, as I pump into her like a wild man.

"I'm getting close!" I tell her. "I'm going to cum any second." I pant, as I continue to hammer my cock into her snug opening.

"Me too, Mike!" She cries. "Cum... in... my... ass!" She pants, as she vigorously attacks her clit and clenches her asshole around my cock. "Cum... in... your... black... slut's... ass!" She cries and I slam my cock home, jerking violently against her fleshy, bubbled ass cheeks. My cock erupts in a shower of cum, deep inside her tight asshole.

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