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Neglected No More


I'm a bit nervous as I drive down the interstate. It's finally dawning on me that I'm really going through with this. I left my daughter with my mother and told my husband that I was going to stay with a sick friend in Nashville for a few days. The truth is I'm finally on my way to meet my online lover. The thoughts of what we might do together have me excited as I watch the miles fly by.

God I hope I don't get a speeding ticket. I never drive this fast. I'm wearing a short skirt and tight top during my travels. Every time I stop for gas or at a rest stop I can feel men's eyes on my legs, ass and tits. I giggle, knowing they won't get to do any more than look, but that my lover will soon get to see and taste all of my charms.

I finally get to the hotel and discover you haven't arrived yet. Yet you've reserved a room for us. When the clerk tells me your "husband" called and said he'd be a little late and gives me the keys my knees weaken. The idea of you as my "husband" makes my pussy get instantly wet. For a brief second I think about my real husband and how he's neglected my needs. You know from our chatting how frustrated I am that he and I don't have sex often enough. My face is flush as I take the keys and head to the room.

Once I get to the room I decide to freshen up. I take a quick bath and then start to unpack. I watch myself in the mirror as I start to dress in the outfit you helped me pick out online. Sitting on the edge of the bed I pull on a pair of tan stockings and attach them to a black lace garter belt. Then I pull on a black thong that barely covers my pussy. My breasts sway as I walk to my suitcase and take out a new black lace bra. As I put it on I realize I probably should have ordered it a size larger as it barely contains my breasts. Even though I normally wear a size 36C this time it seems too small. It squeezes my tits together making them look like they are ready to burst out. I finally slip on a short black leather skirt and a black knit top with a low scoop neckline that reveals a lot of cleavage.

I look myself over in the mirror and decide to freshen up my makeup. When my cell phone rings I answer it quickly. You tell me you are on the way over. I'm so excited that I'm finally going to get to meet you. We've chatted online for so long, sharing intimate details of our lives, exploring our fantasies together and providing each other with long distance pleasure. Soon we will finally be face to face.

Although you've seen revealing pictures of me I can't help but wonder if you'll like the real me. You know from our conversations that I'm 30 years old, 5'7", blonde and 36C 25 36. And the pictures I've emailed you have shown you everything. I smile as I remember how you told me you liked my curves, my tits, my pussy, my smile and my face. For a moment I wonder what my husband would think if he knew I had shared with you the intimate photos he had taken of me.

The minutes seem like hours as I wait for you. Then I hear the door start to open and I take a deep breath. You enter the room and we immediately step to each other and embrace tightly. "It feels sooo good to finally be in your arms for real," I whisper. I feel like a little girl. I would do anything to please you and hope you won't be disappointed with me.

I look up at you, staring into your eyes, and then feel your lips descending onto mine. I shutter as our lips meet. I part my lips wanting to finally taste you and you slip your tongue inside. Our tongues battle each other lustfully. I moan softly as your hands encircle me and then slide down and cup my ass. I press harder to you, pushing my tits into your chest, as we continue to kiss deeply.

We pull away slightly and I start to unbutton your shirt. I open your shirt and run my hands all over your chest. Then I unbuckle your belt and open your pants, sliding your zipper down. I reach inside and my hand grasps your cock. My pussy quivers as I feel how big, hard and thick your cock is. I'm sure it will reach deeper and spread me wider than any cock before ever has.

"Oh my gosh that feels good" I whimper softly as your hands slide up over my tits.

"I've wanted to touch, feel and taste them for so long" you tell me. I offer no resistance as you slide my top off over my head. Then I step back and unzip my skirt, letting it fall to the floor where I step out of it. I unclasp my bra and let it fall away while watching your eyes as they focus on my tits. My nipples are already stiff and more pronounced than I ever remember. You lean forward and kiss my breasts then your mouth finds my nipple and starts to suck it.

I groan, "Oh Shawn" as I push my tits into your face.

I feel your hand slide down between my legs and rub my pussy. You quickly slip a finger inside my thong and feel how wet I am. You pull my panties off, seeing my surprise for you...my completely shaved cunt.

"Do you like it?" I whisper.

"Oh yes" you reply as your fingers massage my mound.

You lay me back onto the bed and I watch you undress. I hold my breath as you move between my legs and start to kiss my pussy. "Yes, eat my pussy Shawn. I've dreamed about you doing that." My legs spread wider for you as I lift my ass up to you. My hips start rocking as I feel your wonderful tongue all over my pussy and clit. You tease me and keep bringing me close to the point of climaxing.

You look up at me and our eyes meet. We smile at each other. You slide your body up over mine and kiss me deeply. I can taste my own pussy juices on your lips. I feel the weight of your body as your chest is pressing onto my tits. I can also feel your hard cock rubbing against my body. I spread my legs apart and your cock nestles in against my pussy lips. Rocking my hips I coat your cock with my pussy juices

All along we continue to kiss and caress. I look into your eyes and spread my legs wider for you. You realize that this is my invitation to you to fuck me and you raise up slightly. The tip of your cock is poised at my pussy lips, rubbing there teasingly.

You ask, "Are you sure?"

"Oh yes Shawn, please fuck me...please," I reply.

I moan as you start to ease your hard cock into me. I feel my pussy lips being stretched wider apart than ever before. I can immediately tell that your cock is bigger than my husband's. "Yes, yes" I moan as I lift my hips up to you, wanting more of your cock. "It feels so good Shawn. Fuck me lover!"

My eyes flutter as your cock sinks in even deeper. Then my eyes open wide as I feel you going in deeper than I've ever felt before!

"Oh yes, Shawn...oh yes...fuck me!" I scream.

I lift my hips, thrusting back at you, my hips rocking up to you. I feel your cock going in and out, your balls slapping against my ass as we fuck each other wildly. I ponder whether I should tell you that I'm at my most fertile time of the month. Our cyber fantasies often included impregnation, but I wasn't sure whether you really wanted it in real life. However I knew the moment I saw you that I wanted you to father a child by me...preferably a boy that will grow up to be a big handsome man like yourself.

As your cock plunges even deeper into my pussy I keep remembering how we fantasized you would get me pregnant, but that we would let my husband think the baby was his. Surely you had to know that my getting pregnant from our fucking was a possibility, because I had told you that I had been off the pill the last few months. I had even told you that my husband has been wearing condoms while we tried to decide whether we really wanted another child. And I'd sarcastically commented that he fucked me so seldom that he probably didn't even really need to wear condoms.

Your hands reach under me and cup my ass so you can push yourself in even deeper. I feel the tip of your cock pressing against my cervix. It's a new sensation for me.

"Oh my"...I moan..."your cock feels soooo good. You get so deep!"

We are fucking wildly...my legs jerking, then wrapping around yours...your cock plunging into my cunt. I suddenly realize that yes I'm going to cum from being fucked! You know from our chatting that that never happens when my husband fucks me.

I start trembling...."fuck me, yes, oh fuck me...please!" I'm lost in euphoria.

"Shawn...I'm cummmmmingggg." My body starts to jerk and tremble and my cunt squeezes your cock.

You keep fucking me and then you gasp and ram your cock even harder into me. I hear you moan, "Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Brooke, your pussy is so tight. I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum in your pussy." You gasp and start spurting your hot cum into me. You keep jerking and slamming into my cunt as my cunt spasms and milks your cock. Your cock is filling my cunt with cum like never before. We both cling together and tremble through our orgasms. Finally we collapse into each other, both of us breathless.

I start to kiss you softly all over your neck and shoulder, while you kiss my forehead, eyes, nose, lips, etc. We stay in each other's embrace for minutes and then you roll off beside me. I snuggle up to you and we keep exchanging playful kisses. We stare into each others eyes and you see me mouth the words, "I love you".

You kiss me back, pulling me into you again. As my leg slides between yours I caress your side. Then my hand slips down and feels your cock again. My eyes flash with mischief as I start to stroke it and am rewarded with it starting to get hard again. You cup the underside of my tit and start to fondle it as I stroke your cock. Then you push me onto my back and lean over and start nibbling and sucking on my nipple, while your hand slips down and begins to finger my pussy and clit. You feel my body jerk each time your finger teases my clit and before long you have me worked up again.

By now your cock is fully erect. As you start to move over me I put my hand to your chest and stop you, and then push you onto your back. You look a bit confused but I put my finger to your lips and say, "Shhhhh."

I move to the side of the bed and sit there. You watch as I unhook my stockings from the garter belt and then remove the belt itself so that I'm now totally nude. I giggle and crawl back so that I'm straddled over you, facing you on my hands and knees. I put my head down and give you a long lick up your cheek. Then I quickly scamper around so that I'm facing away from you....at the other end of the bed on my hands and knees.

I present myself to you like a bitch in heat. Head down, ass up, pussy dripping. Remembering one of your fetishes I playfully bark, "arf....arf...arf."

You quickly move up behind me and put your arms around my waist. I feel your cock search for my cunt and I spread my legs a bit wider.

I whimper and bark, "woof...woof" as your cock finds my cunt and begins to push in. You push in with one big thrust, ramming your cock even deeper into me than before.

"Oh yes, fuck me Shawn...make me your bitch" I beg you.

You start to pump your cock in and out as you reach around and start to play with my tits.

"Make me your bitch" I yell again.

You rise up and start pumping your cock faster and harder into me.

"Oh yes...oh yes," I murmur.

My tits start swinging and banging as you fuck me. I tilt my head back and my tits jutt out even more as your cock plunges deeper and deeper. Then you reach around and rub your finger over my clit.

"OH Shawn" I shriek.

You feel my cunt instantly start clamping around your cock, as if milking it. This causes you to thrust even harder until I hear you start to grunt. Suddenly you ram your cock deeper into me and groan as you begin to fill me again with your potent cum. My cunt responds as if it has a mind of its own, squeezing, milking your cock.

Exhausted we both fall forward onto the bed, my breasts heaving as I try to catch my breath. You pull me into your arms again and hold me tight. We snuggle and kiss tenderly for quite awhile as we reminisce about our online chats and how real life lived up to our expectations.

It's well into the morning and we've been cuddling, kissing, fondling and talking for hours. You pull me tight to you, kiss me deeply, and feel me shutter.

You ask, "Are you all right?"

"I'm more than all right" I reply as I smile at you.

What neither of us can realize is is that at the exact moment of my shutter your cum has found the prize it was searching for. It has delivered your sperm to my waiting egg. By coincidence, at the instant we kissed your sperm penetrated my egg, breeding me. Your stamp will be on the child that will soon start to develop in me. We snuggle tightly together and drift off to sleep.

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