Negotiating My Prenuptial Agreement


"Do you think this looks alright?" Chelsea purred.

Mr. Harrison just went silent and nodded.

"Do you mind looking at my whole costume? You'd be doing me a huge favor," she asked.

As he simply nodded again, Chelsea began undoing the buttons which went the full length of the right side of her skirt. Mr. Harrison might as well have been hypnotized. As the last button unhooked, Chelsea let the black skirt fall to the floor, revealing a much shorter red one. She was now standing before the guy in a complete Supergirl costume, and her red boots now popped with the costume. This was Mr. Harrison's ultimate fantasy, and she was standing right in front of him.

"Do you still think it's alright? I really don't want people to make fun of it at the party." Chelsea was fishing for compliments, trying to get him talking again; she needed his attention for a few more minutes, even though she was fairly certain that he had no thoughts regarding the time or even the meeting across the hall right now.

Part 3

I was still sitting next to James, gently stroking his thigh while Samantha had moved to his other side and began to finally discuss the actual agreement.

"Dr. Shepherd," she began. He interrupted and asked to be called James.

"James," she continued, "These things tend to be very boring, essentially boiled down to the numbers of what everything is worth in your marriage. Some things though are very hard to assign a specific dollar amount to. Do you understand?"

James replied that he did.

Samantha's soothing, rhythmatic voice continued as she leaned over to get some papers. James was so entranced that he didn't notice that I had slowed my stroking of his leg and even stopped; I had quietly stood up while he was looking to his right at Samantha, her papers, her boobs, and her lips. She had a way of flicking her tongue while talking that would distract any man. She explained that Mr. Harrison was a great lawyer who had prepared an excellent defensive prenuptial agreement, this was a great starting point, but she would like to make some suggestions that would help him make sure that I was protected. She needed to know if James was okay just hearing some ideas right now.

James readily agreed to hear the suggestions.

I quietly slipped out of my suit while Samantha held James' gaze and told him that she thought it would be a good idea if she reminded him of some of the unquantifiable items that he would be getting in the marriage. Some of those things that we had previously discussed as "hard to put a specific dollar value to." As James agreed, I reached down and gently turned his head toward me.

As his eyes absorbed my flowing blonde hair, black corset and garter belt and stockings, I was afraid that he might cum on the spot. Luckily, he didn't.

"You'll be enjoying her for the rest of your life James," Samantha had now leaned in and was whispering in his ear.

I sat down beside him and began gently nibbling on his neck.

Samantha continued her whisper, "James, at this point, I should confess that I've been a bad girl. I prepared another agreement, and I forgot to fax it to you and Mr. Harrison before today like I should have. It has all of my ideas in it; can I get it and show it to you, James?" She continued, "Or, we could just stop the meeting, and reschedule after everyone has read it; if you're comfortable, though, I'm sure I can explain it to you easily."

"I just need to know if you want this meeting to keep going or do you want to stop and break for a while. Your choices are that Brittany can put her dress back on, and we can wait for your lawyer to return, or you can keep enjoying the view, and we can continue."

Not surprisingly, James mumbled that he was okay continuing the meeting.

Samantha stood up and gathered up all of Mr. Harrison's agreements, even the copy in Mr. Harrison's folder which he had left on the table. She then lightly dropped them into the basket labeled, "Shred" as she crossed the room. She picked up a new set of agreements that she had previously placed in the corner. She then left the room, crossed the hall and slid one copy under the door to the lounge. She returned to the conference room, quietly entered and shut the door behind her.

James and I were still facing the wall opposite the door, and I was fondling his dick and telling him that I couldn't wait to get this meeting over with; he hadn't noticed that Samantha had left, returned, closed the door or anything. I told James that I was really sorry about the other night's argument and that I felt like I was kind of being a prude about the bachelor party, but I just didn't like the thought of some of the women in those trashy clubs rubbing on him. (I really didn't care; he had brought up the bachelor party, not me, but I use what tools I'm given.)

As one may expect, while James was having his dick massaged by his fiancee while she's dressed in lingerie, he stated that he didn't care about the party.

I insisted, though, I told him that I knew that I would pleasure him any way he wanted for many years, but that I wanted him to have his bachelor party, that way he could get the viewing and thinking about other girls out of his system. Additionally, there would be no risk of his resenting me for not allowing him to have one.

I did, however, want to make sure that there were no skanks, "Would that be okay?" I asked.

He agreed, and I gave him the first wet, full kiss that he had received in about a week.

When the kiss broke, Samantha was back, but without her dress, which she had slipped out of while James was kissing me. As James looked at her he was seeing soft brunette hair flowing down to a white merry widow and of course, her white garters and stockings. Samantha's dark hair and white lingerie was the perfect complement to my blonde hair and black outfit.

"James," I purred in his ear, "This is my first surprise for you, baby. Samantha is not just my lawyer; she's my roomie from college; she was a stripper back then, putting herself through school, and, as you can see, she's certainly no skank. Since you agreed that you should have a bachelor party and that I could make sure there were no skanks, she and I will handle your bachelor party, right now, as soon as we're done with this agreement, okay, baby?"

I thought something was wrong as he didn't respond, but I did notice that his eyes were following Samantha; he was nearing pure ecstasy. James sat there stoically trying to remain calm as I was nuzzled up on his left and Samantha on his right. My right hand was stroking his left thigh and Samantha's left hand his right thigh.

"Before we can get officially started," Samantha told him, "I just need your signature on one short form. It just states that you, James, on your own, have decided to continue this briefing without Mr. Harrison being here."

Samantha ran through this as though it was a formality, seemingly paying more attention to a loose strap from her garter belt that was not quite attached to her stockings. Legally though, we could go no further if he didn't sign that simple form.

James appeared to be following her fingers and the stockings much more than he was following her words. Then he glanced my way. I rolled my eyes as if to say, "Can you believe all this?"

I leaned over, started lightly brushing my fingers through his hair, and quietly breathed into his ear while whispering, "We don't have to this the boring way with Mr. Harrison, do we? I'd rather do it in a fun way with me and Samantha in lingerie for you? I feel I owe it to you, baby, after not making it home last night. You can handle us, I mean this, on your own, can't you, baby?"

With that phrasing, James leaned up and signed the form. As soon as he finished I pulled his head gently to me and kissed him for a good twenty seconds.

Samantha had now placed the new prenuptial agreement on the table in front of him. She whispered to him that she would explain the clauses, one by one, and that, only if each specific one was agreeable, should he initial that clause. I was feeling confident in our plan that he was now likely to be extremely agreeable at this point, but it had to play out. Legally I had to initial them also, but I would do so after the meeting, following Mr. Harrison and James' departure. I currently needed to be 100% focused on James, not pausing every few seconds to initial or sign something.

Samantha started with the easy clauses, that James couldn't possibly have a problem with.

"Now, James, of course your home is your home already; Brittany makes no claim towards any part of that; that's what you want, right?"

James nodded and replied, actually defending his very reasonable position, "I'm not asking for that out of spite or anything," he said, "It's just been in my family for years."

"Shhhh, baby," I whispered as I kept nuzzling his ear and neck.

Samantha added, "That's okay James; this isn't adversarial or anything. Brittany's right; You don't need to speak at all unless you have a problem with something that you see or hear in the clause. You just relax and initial here, and that clause stays in effect."

We wanted James relaxed and initialing, not feeling that he should actually discuss each point.

James lifted his arm and initialed. As soon as he did, I gently turned his head to me and gave him another kiss.

"Your medical practice is 100% yours, too, right? I mean, the name of the practice, the building, all that. Everything that your practice is right now. This clause even seems kind of silly, It's not like Brittany can start practicing medicine and take over your practice. You've built it and you'll always have it." Samantha giggled at James; he immediately initialed and received another deep kiss from me.

This pattern had actually been Chelsea's idea. Samantha would present the clauses, in the order of the least objectionable to the most objectionable. Ideally James would be so excited and distracted that he would fall into a routine of turning to Samantha to watch this beautiful woman in lingerie present a clause, usually through a seductive whisper or while smoothing her stockings or corset, all the while teasing him, her lips inches from his lips or against his ear or neck. Samantha had also directly taken James' right hand and had placed it on her thigh, slowly guiding it up and down her silk stockings. When she finished speaking regarding each clause, she would guide his hand to the spot where he should initial. James had quickly, maybe even subconsciously, learned that, as soon as he initialed, his hand was guided back to Samantha's warm, soft thigh and that I would come around from his left side as he turned that way with a passionate, wet kiss.

The truth is that I was planning on marrying James, even if I had to sign Mr. Harrison's agreement. We assumed that, even if we got him this far, that at some point we would get to a clause that James objected to. The plan was that when that happened, Samantha would just stop, wrap it up, and we'd have our agreement. There is only one chance though to sign a prenup, so if I had to do it, why not go all out and see what all I could get.

We went through a few more easy ones. James initialed one clause that stated that Mr. Harrison was his lawyer and that Samantha was mine. He initialed another that said that he was satisfied with his legal counsel. Another clause simply verified his name, address, birthdate, and social security number. There was a clause that he was initialing these clauses of his own free will without being forced. We followed our set routine each time perfectly. James was breathing steadily, simply turning to his right to watch and listen to Samantha each time, then allowing her to guide his hand from her thighs to the agreement and back again as she smiled at him and stroked his arm. By now, I believe all comprehension was gone; although he was intently listening to Samantha's voice, her actual words were completely irrelevant to him.

Next came the tough ones; let's see how far we could get. "Although we have agreed that you get your home, James, if something happens, Brittany will need a place to live, right?" James nodded, eager to please. "Well, it looks like Mr. Harrison forgot that, oops!" As Samantha said "oops," she managed to have her nipple pop out of the top of her bustier. I'm sure that she had practiced that move. This wonderful sight rendered James' short-term memory useless.

She slowly corrected her corset while soothingly continuing, "I've added a clause that states that you'll provide her a home worth just half of the appraisal of yours. That's fair for everyone right?"

James' home was appraised at about $700,000 but he wasn't thinking that at this time. He leaned back and allowed his hand to be carried to the agreement; he initialed instantly. As he did, I leaned around and gave another kiss with more passion than he had ever felt.

Samantha continued, "James, all of your bank accounts are yours, of course, but Brittany needs something too."

James looked at her, not quite understanding.

"James," I said, "I'd really like my own account, that way I can pay for surprises for you and things. I'd like to be able to buy lingerie, and plan trips for us, stuff like that." "You can do that for me, can't you baby?" Samantha and I were now practically in his lap.

"I probably shouldn't tell you this in front of anyone," I continued whispering, "But I saved those Playboys that you thought you through out." "With an allowance of only about $2500 per month, I'm planning on looking through those Playboys, letting you show me your favorite pictures, and purchasing the items that I need to become each of those fantasy girls. Would you like that James?"

To nobody's surprise James agreed that he could, in fact that he should provide that allowance. He initialed the line and received his kiss from me as Samantha, in a little girl voice, told him what a good boy he was and what a great husband he would be. He was so turned on that he even agreed to the next clause, that the same amount should be given to me each month if we divorced. This was something that most of the more secure husbands, the ones who really wanted love, wanted in the agreement, she explained. By having this spelled out in the agreement he'd know that I wasn't just staying with him for the money.

"If Brittany can leave anytime and have the same amount in alimony that you're giving her in a contracted allowance, you'll know that every day she wakes up with you, she wants to be there; won't that feel good, James?" Samantha made the offer sound wonderful, even though it obviously only benefitted me.

During that last sentence, my hand finally slipped inside his pants and onto his dick. When James heard, "Won't that feel good?" He couldn't possibly have been thinking about the agreement. He turned to me and mumbled, "What do you think?" Moving my mouth to his ear I replied, "I'm fine with it honey, anything to make you feel more secure."

Without further comment, he allowed his hand to go back to the paper, and he initialed again.

The guy actually seemed to think that I was conceding something by agreeing to this since Samantha had explained that the purpose was to reassure him; oh well, let him think that. To be the perfect fiancee I'll agree to let him add a clause that he'll continue my allowance as alimony for life. Anything to reassure him. More kisses for him.

"We're almost done James," Samantha said softly, as I began to untie and remove his tie.

"Just a few more clauses. The first simply says that Brittany gets to keep all money that she earns in her career. I know; it's silly. We all know you're not after her money."

He was back in his groove; without comment, he allowed Sam to guide his hand to the paper; he initialed and watched his hand go back to her thigh. Sam was now bringing his hand, not back to the stockings but to the exposed skin between the top of her stockings and her panties. My kisses after each initial were also getting longer, and my tongue was getting more active. This time I traced his lips all the way around with my tongue as the kiss began.

She kept her hand on his thigh but backed up slightly, adding, "It really isn't fair to tell her that she should use some of her money to care for your home, though, and like you said, it is yours since it has been in your family a while, right?" Samantha showed a mock pout with her full lips as she said this one.

James appeared to shake his head, "No," he mumbled his agreement, "that didn't sound fair at all."

Samantha now swiveled James' chair so that it was facing her directly. She moved closer to his face and began, "Well, this clause gives you two options, either of which will make it fair."

She had traced her boobs through her white satin corset while saying "Two options."

She started stroking her left boob, "The first simply says that you'll provide her an account large enough to handle all household expenses so that the money she earns doesn't have to go to that stuff. I've listed specifically: groceries, utilities, transportation, clothing, home repairs, decorating, and all household bills." The second option, she stated, while now tracing and lightly squeezing her right boob, was that he, on his own, could decide to just add me to his primary checking account so that I could take care of those expenses for him.

"You don't have to pick one now, you can choose either one later," she stood, pushed down her corset, revealing a magnificent set of bare tits and presented them within an inch of James' face as she concluded, "Do you think that you would be happy with either of these two options?"

Clearly, the two options that he was considering weren't the ones listed in the agreement.

The placement of her boobs was such so that if James nodded, even slightly, his mouth would find itself on her nipple. Not surprisingly, James nodded and began to suck tentatively on the nipple. Samantha allowed it to go on for a few seconds, long enough for him to get more excited and for me to reach over and begin to unbutton his shirt.

She then pulled away and playfully scolded him, "James, no, no, not yet, you bad boy. You forgot to initial."

Instantly he grabbed the pen and initialed the clause.

I now had his shirt completely undone, even pushed about a third of the way off, and I was playfully licking his nipples. Samantha had come back beside him and was allowing his hand to graze her lace panties and feel their moistness. I had put his left hand inside my top directly on my one of my boobs as well.

"James," Samantha began as my tongue started moving down his chest and stomach, "The last clause states that Brittany will be your full, equal partner in any equity that your medical practice adds following the marriage."

She encouraged him further. "Can you even imagine how wonderful you'll feel all of the time knowing that Brittany is 100% committed to being your full partner in every way?"

I had now unzipped his pants, pulled his dick out and was giving it light licks and kisses. "This is it big guy," Samantha purred. "You can initial this final line, sign the bottom of the agreement, and we are done and can get on with your personal bachelor party, or we can stop, get dressed, and do it some other time."

As she guided his hand back to the contract, I took his dick in my mouth and slowly slipped all the way down his shaft. This time as she put his hand near the paper, she backed away and completely stopped touching him. I did as well; I pulled my mouth all the way off and sat up straight in my chair next to him. Though we had both had our bodies pressed against him, our legs wrapped around his, and our arms and hands everywhere, we were now both still sitting next to him but not touching him at all.

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