tagIncest/TabooNeighbor Lady Seduces Me

Neighbor Lady Seduces Me


My father was going on a ten-day fishing trip with his buddies. I was now going to spend ten days alone with my mom. At forty-eight years of age, she's added a few pounds but her legs and little feet are still sexy. I've had a curiosity with the female foot, especially hers since my eighteenth birthday a few years back. I look forward to checking out her toes after each trip to the spa for a pedicure. I also try to make a point about complimenting her on her pretty toes after her spa visits.

My curiosity of the female foot intensified a month ago after the divorced neighbor next door seduced me one afternoon. I was working in the backyard when Mary called me over to help her with a clogged pool filter. I've helped her out many times before, so I went on over.

Mary is in her fifties but still looks pretty nice. I hadn't really looked at her sexually until that day. She was wearing a one-piece swimsuit that was cut low in the front exposing her ample cleavage. While we worked on the filter together, she kept bending over exposing her breasts to me. My brain told me not to look, but my eyes wouldn't listen. I soon started to harden and in order to stop; I stared down at the ground. I believe Mary noticed my predicament, so she moved closer to me, almost touching. I continued working with the filter while Mary started to work the vacuum hose. I was safe now as she faced away from me putting the unit in the pool.

I watched as Mary moved several steps away and started working the hose in the pool. My attention was soon diverted as I watched her right foot start brushing against her left leg. The movement was slow, almost seductive. As I watched with intent, I thought I saw her take a quick glance towards me. I wanted a better view of her little foot since I could only see her heel moving up and down. I decided to move my position and this time Mary definitely glanced back at me. She sensed my intentions and helped me out by moving closer. Mary was now standing next to me and to my benefit; she couldn't see me unless she twisted her head around. She started to make small talk as she worked.

A moment later she took her left foot and started gently rubbing it against her right leg. I now had a front row view of her little foot as it traveled up and down. Her foot looked to be in perfect shape. There were no dry patches or callous marks. I finished with the filter but I didn't tell her so. Her foot was so pretty, almost as nice looking as my mom's. I have never been this close to my mom's feet and I wondered what she would do if I leaned over and kissed her traveling foot.

I was getting hard again and my curiosity was growing. I inched a little closer not knowing that Mary could now sense me behind her. As she continued to talk, she bent her leg lifting her foot right next to my face. I stared as she continued the tease by wiggling her toes inches from my wanting lips. The red polish made them look like delicious lollipops. The silver toe ring on her second toe looked extra sexy. I had dreamt of licking my mom's toes and now my neighbor's sexy feet were inches away from my face. Mary pulled it back and started running them again up and down her legs. I was completely hard now and I knew there was no hiding it.

Another minute of teasing passed before Mary posed a question. "Since you're done with the filter, would you do me one last favor before you go?"

"Sure, I've got time," I answered back.

Mary turned around, looked me in the eyes and asked, "My feet are really sore. Would you be a sweetheart and give them a massage while I lay out in the sun?

I tried not to be too excited as I responded, "O.K."

As she walked ahead of me, I adjusted myself making my hard-on not so obvious. Mary placed her chaise lounge in the grass and glanced my way before lying down on her stomach. I sat on down in the grass next to her dangling feet. I took one foot in my hand and stared at its beauty. I then started to massage her foot and was amazed at how soft and supple her skin was.

As I worked, Mary immediately started moaning her pleasure, "mmmmmm....that feels soo nice."

I went as slow as I could so my brain would record this moment for future use. For the next several minutes all Mary did was quietly moan which was turning me on beyond belief. Mary stopped the moaning to compliment me.

"Your hands are very skillful. I think I may have to have you over once a week to check on my pool filter."

I stupidly didn't take the bait as I was in a trance massaging her feet. I snapped out of my trance as Mary stopped me so that she could reposition herself. She slid further down on the chaise lounge and instructed me to kneel in the grass.

"If you kneel honey, you have better access to massage my whole foot."

I did as told and now her bent leg was open for me to massage. I continued the massage and I noticed that her other foot was now resting against my leg. A minute passed before she started gently moving her toes against my leg. I somewhat froze, wondering what she might want to do with her foot. I soon realized what she was going to do. Mary moved her foot up one inch and then down. The next time she went a little further. Each time she moved it up she moaned, "mmmmmmm"

In no time her foot found the bottom of my shorts. The feel of her soft foot moving slowly up and down my leg was driving me nuts. The next trip up she slipped it just under and wiggled her toes. Mary lowered her foot on more time. I tensed, as the next trip would surely have contact. I watched as her foot once again made its way up my leg. I licked my lips as her foot inched beneath my shorts. Mary stopped her foot just beneath my cock. She held it there almost waiting for me to make the next move. I took the chance and moved, brushing my head on her toes.

Mary took the next step and spoke while she rubbed her foot against my hard-on. "mmmmmmm.....my little foot has found a friend to play with. A rather hard one at that."

She gently brushed my cock as she spoke, "Pull your shorts down honey, I need to pay you back for the wonderful foot massage."

I did as told, not knowing what was in store for me. Mary was still lying on her stomach and she didn't roll over. I was kneeling there with my shorts at my knees when a thought came into my mind. Could someone see me here naked in my neighbor's backyard? I knew my mom was home next door.

Mary stopped my thoughts as her feet found my cock. "Oh honey, you are sooo hard. I'm so happy that my little feet have found a new friend to play with."

I watched in wonder as her toes traveled up and down my cock. I light reflection then caught my eye. I moved my eyes toward the second story of my house. There was someone watching me......my mother! I flushed with embarrassment but there was nothing for me to do now. Mary then took her feet and placed my cock between her arches.

"Cum for me honey. Spill that delicious seed all over my feet," Mary said seductively.

With that encouragement, I shot my load in the air. Stream after stream landed on her feet and legs. As I finished, Mary flipped over and brought a cum covered foot to her mouth.

"No sense letting this tasty fun go to waste."

I watched in wonder as she licked her foot clean. "mmmm...you taste so sweet", she purred.

She took her time eating my cum. She played with it over and over without swallowing. When she had a mouthful she got off the lounger and crawled to me. Mary motioned me to the ground. I sat and then she pushed me so that I was lying on my back. Mary then layed down and took my semi-hard cock into her mouth. Her tongue as well as my cum covered my growing cock. In a minute I was completely hard again.

Mary's moans were now constant as she blew me, "mmmmm.....mmmm...mmmmm"

As she worked her talented tongue, I glanced over to the house and I still could see the figure watching me from the window. I couldn't help but think was she turned on? My mind quickly went back to the talented mouth working on me as I began to boil over.

"Oh Mary, you're soo good, so good", I replied as I shot my load into her mouth.

Mary swallowed my load as she looked into my eyes with an insatiable lust. As she finished licking me clean, she said, " You have one tasty cock. You'll have to come over sometime soon and watch a movie with me."

I replied, "No problem there, my nights are free."

Mary then said, "You better get back home before your mom comes looking for you."

With that said, she got up and made her way into her house. I looked over to see that my on looker was gone. Would mom say anything?

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