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Neighbor Meeting


About six months ago we had new neighbors move in next door to us. They are a black couple in their early thirties. They names are Shanay and Ty. We became friends and get together about once a week for drinks. I have been bi-sexual since my teen years and would often sneak a peak at his bulge and fantasize about sucking his big black cock. Last weekend I got my wish.

My wife had gone out of town for the weekend and with my free time I went to the Adult Book Store about 30 minutes from where I live. It has always been safe and I've never run into anybody from town. I stop in and suck two or three loads from anonymous cocks and then leave. On Saturday I was there sucking my first cock of the day when I noticed somebody watching me. I didn't think much about until after I swallowed my first load and looked up and saw Ty standing there. I stumbled for something to say and Ty just laughed and said don't worry I won't tell anyone as long as you swallow my load too. I just nodded my head and reached up and starting stroking his cock thru his shorts.

Even thru his shorts I could tell he had a magnificent cock. I can't tell you how many times I dreamed of being on my knees in front him with his black dick just waiting for me to suck it. As I stroked his swollen shaft thru his shorts he asked me if my wife knew that I sucked cock. I told him that I only did it when she would be gone. Ty then asked me if she was gone for the whole weekend. I said that she was and he told me that I should get busy because I was going to be his cock whore for the rest of the weekend.

I unzipped his shorts to let his cock out and was pleasantly surprised to find a nine inch long black dick staring me in the face. I wish I could say I took my time but I had been dreaming of sucking his cock for so long that I slid as much as I could into my mouth. Not only is his cock long but thick also and with seven inches in I started gagging. Ty started laughing and said come on fag you can do better than that. I tried some more but just couldn't fit it all in. Then Ty grabbed the back of my head and said here let me help you.

Ty held my head and forced all nine inches down my throat gagging me some more. Then he would pull out to let me breathe and then ram it back in. That's when I realized that we had an audience. There were at least three men standing in the hallway watching Ty rape my mouth and throat. That really got Ty going and he was putting on a great show of violating my mouth and I loved every minute of it.

Soon he was face fucking me and I knew I was going to be swallowing a huge load of cum. He buried his cock in the back of my throat and exploded. He shot so hard I didn't have to swallow as it shot straight down my throat. I could feel his balls resting against my chin and he emptied himself in my mouth. When he finished he pulled out and made me look at him as he told me "It's nice to know that I have such a good cock sucking slut next door. I'll be using that sweet little mouth of yours a lot.

That's when he looked down and saw that I had cum in my shorts while he had been forcing that huge black dick of his down my throat. He told me to stay on my knees as he brought one of the guys who had been watching us into the booth. He was a white guy with a 7 inch dick. After seeing Ty's it looked tiny. Ty told me to suck on the man's balls while he jacked off on my face. I took his balls into my mouth and started sucking them and then licking them. He was pumping his cock furiously and soon was ready to cum. Ty grabbed my head and forced it back as the guy started shooting onto my face. I was surprised how much cum he had in his balls. It was covering my eyes, nose and forehead.

Ty then made me get up and walk out of the store with the man's cum dripping down my face and my own cum staining my shorts. It was both humiliating and exciting knowing I was showing everybody what a cum slut I am.

If your in the Pittsburgh area and would like to use my mouth let me know. Feed back is appreciated.

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