tagMatureNeighborhood Mom at July 4th Party Ch. 01

Neighborhood Mom at July 4th Party Ch. 01


Every year my sister and brother-in-law have a 4th of July party at their house in Raleigh, NC. It is typically an all day affair with tons of drinking, eating, and swimming in their backyard pool. This year was no exception and I had no other plans so I joined them.

I arrived around 10am and threw the baseball with my nephews in the front yard as neighborhood guests started trickling in. Their next door neighbors are a middle aged couple with one teenaged son. The mother, Dianne, is an extremely well built woman who likes to show it off. She is also really loud and is always throwing out comments full of sexual innuendo. Her husband puts up with it but clearly gets a little embarrassed and her son stays as far away as possible.

Being 24 years old, fairly good looking and in good shape, Dianne never wasted a moment to tease me about my girlfriends and generally try to embarrass me with a steady stream of comments. When I had been around her before I took the ribbing and sometimes after a few beers would playfully return a few jabs.

On this day the beer drinking started around noon and by 2pm I was floating in the pool with another beer feeling pretty good about all the good looking moms running around. Some of them were sporting bikinis and giving me a very enjoyable view. Dianne wore a yellow bikini herself but covered the bottom with a short swim skirt. Her boobs stood out a little too perfectly and were a little too large to be real and she was obviously very proud of them. Dianne was tall, at least 5 feet 9 inches, and while she was not over weight at all she was a strong woman weighing in around 150 lbs.

Her husband and son left to play in a golf tournament in Goldsboro and would not be back until late that evening. Their departure seemed to free Dianne to start the smack talk and I was her first target.

"How bout another beer Bobby or have you reached the limit for your age?" She teasingly yelled across the pool to me.

"If it comes with a hot older woman in a yellow bikini I think I will take one." I fired back with a grin.

"Paddle on over or I will throw it at your head." She responded with a laugh.

When I floated over to the side she walked over with my beer and squatted down to hand it to me. Before she gave it to me she knocked back a swig claiming that I might get too drunk if I had a full twelve ounces. Her crotch was only a couple of feet from my face and her squatting position gave me a great view of her bikini bulge. Her strong legs had obviously done a great deal of time in the gym. She was well toned and had great skin accentuated by a nice tan.

"Thanks hon," I said nonchalantly, "I will let you know when I need another."

Dianne stood up and kicked water on me as she walked away grinning.

I noticed that Dianne was pounding beers which was not unusual. She liked to keep them flowing and with each beer she became more and more bold with her comments. She got in the pool to bring me my next beer. I was on the raft which was more of a floating lounge chair and was talking to my sister who was standing beside me in the pool. We were in about four feet of water when Dianne came over and handed me a cold one.

"Better not drink too much." She said as she handed it to me.

"Why not?" I replied. "I can get as drunk as I want and sleep on my sister's couch if I need to."

"I just wouldn't want you to lose those abs." Dianne responded with a sly grin.

"You like them do you?" I said teasingly.

"I have not been this close to a set like that since the bachelorette party I went to a couple of months ago." She replied coyly.

"I hope you were on your best behavior." I responded.

"He kept his shorts on. It was terribly disappointing." She said with a fake sigh.

Dianne then ran her hand over my abs from my chest to the top of my shorts and commented that abs like mine come from some hard work in the gym.

"Enjoy it Bobby because when you get to my age it takes a whole lot of hard work in the gym just to keep the flab monster away." Dianne remarked.

"You do pretty well I must say." I responded with a tip of my beer. We toasted each others bodies and kept on drinking.

The three of us chatted and I eventually offered to get us all more beers. When I returned I offered the float to either of them. My sister declined but Dianne said she would take it. She handed me her beer and tried to jump up on the float. It did not do well as she kept sliding back off.

"Here, let me help." I said as I handed our beers to my sister.

"Don't put your hands anywhere you shouldn't while your sister is watching." Dianne said playfully.

I reached both arms behind her and lifted her up and onto the float. She positioned herself and our conversation continued. I was leaning against the side of the float and took every opportunity to get a good look at all of Dianne. Her nipples were rock hard and I could tell that her pussy was not clean shaven. When water sloshed over her bikini bottoms I could see the darkness of her bush show through the thin material. I was aroused in a voyeuristic way. I thought the best I could hope for on this day was a good view and perhaps a cheap feel or two. I was wrong.

A tray of Jell-O shots was passed around the pool and both Dianne and I had a few. The party was in full swing with my brother-in-law on the grill and the music pumping from the outdoor stereo. The comments kept flowing and I kept getting an eyeful of her voluptuous body. My sister offered to get the next round of beers and while she was away our conversation got even more suggestive.

Dianne opened with a startling and embarrassing comment. "Your sunglasses don't hide where you are looking Bobby."

I was a little flustered but managed to spit out, "Well I will try to control myself but you are nice to look at."

"No worries." She said with a teasing tone. "I am flattered that a man of your age would pay me so much attention."

"So you don't mind if I continue?" I said boldly.

"Not at all but you might want to be less obvious when your sister is around." She said as she winked at me over her shades. "And now I am going to excuse myself and visit the powder room." As she exited the pool I could tell that the beer and shots were really affecting her. She was not stumbling but she had the loose, swaying walk of someone who is drunk.

When she returned from the restroom she visited with my brother-in-law by the grill and did her best to ignore me. I saw her do a couple of more Jell-O shots and she continued to swill her beer. Eventually she got back in the pool and came back to hang with me and my sister. My sister declined getting on the float on the float and Dianne again volunteered to get on.

"I will need help from Prince Charming here." She said to my sister. "I am approaching a level of inebriation where climbing on a float will be less than lady-like."

Again I reached behind her but this time made no attempt to keep my hands off her ass. She did not fight it and I got the feeling that she was too drunk to either notice or care. I lifted her on to the float and once again enjoyed the view. I was careful not to let me sister see when I was looking at Dianne but I was drunk enough not to really care.

My sister informed us that many of the neighborhood families would be leaving shortly to go to a baseball skills competition run by the local league. Basically everyone who had boys would be off to watch a homerun derby, base running and throwing competition. She told us and others to stay until they returned.

Within the hour most of the party had left leaving only a few younger couples who did not have kids. I did not know any of them and neither did Dianne. This and the free flowing alcohol freed up the conversation quite a bit.

"I think you are having trouble handling your liquor." I said.

"I could drink you under the table any day." She boasted.

This was quite a statement from a woman who was 4 inches shorter and 50 lbs lighter than me but I was enjoying our playful banter.

"I am not sure your husband would approve of you tying on a big one with some young stud half your age." I replied knowing I was taking a risk.

"Then perhaps he should be here to supervise me." Dianne responded with a wink.

I went to fetch us two more beers and when I got back to the float Dianne had four Jell-O shots waiting for us. We knocked them back and as we talked, two couples at the other end of the pool began chicken fighting.

"Come on." Dianne said. "Let's get in on this."

We shot down to that end of the pool and within seconds Dianne was perched on my shoulders as we fought the other two couples. I loved the feeling of her thighs wrapped around my neck. We won after a couple of minutes of grappling and I sunk under the water to let her off my shoulders. As I pushed her over my head I made no attempt to keep my hands off of her ass.

I moved her over to the side of the pool to get our beers and she was clearly very drunk. She was still laughing about the chicken fight when I said, "I bet it has been a few years since you did that. I was a little worried someone's top was going to get ripped off."

"I bet you were hoping for that." She responded with a laugh.

"I can't say it would have bothered me." I said as I raised my beer bottle to toast our chicken fight victory.

"That young lady does have nice boobs." Dianne said in a clear attempt to coax a compliment from me.

"If I may be so bold to say that they are not as good as yours." I responded and again lifted my beer for a toast.

Dianne slammed her beer and said, "I will drink to that."

I thought it would be a good idea for us to get something to eat and she agreed saying that she had only had fruit for breakfast. As we got out of the pool and toweled off I was surprised at how drunk she was. She was stumbling as she dried herself and her words were very slurred. I sat her down and told her I would bring her a burger.

When I returned a few minutes later with two plates Dianne was just about passed out. The alcohol had clearly hit her hard and she did not need to hang around any longer at this party. She was giggling and mumbling about wanting to get back in the pool. I put the plates down and helped her on to her feet

"I think it is time you went home for a little rest." I said as I helped her up.

"No I want to stay here." She slurred back.

"You can come back a little later." I said as I firmly moved her toward the house. "The party will be going on all day and night so there will be plenty of time to walk back over."

She seemed alright with that explanation and I led her through the house and out the side door. I helped her over to her garage the best that I could. We almost fell a couple of times as I was now supporting her fully and I was fairly drunk myself. Even in my state I was enjoying feeling her tits as I had both of my arms around her. Dianne could barely string a sentence together but she still was able to continue the banter that had gone on all day.

"Don't expect a goodnight kiss." She said and broke into a giggle.

"I think in your condition I could have whatever I wanted." I replied jokingly as we moved into her garage.

Her garage door led into her kitchen and I was struck by the cleanliness of the place. I knew the house was big from the outside but Dianne and her husband were obviously very wealthy. The house was beautifully furnished.

"Nice place." I said as I sat her in one of the kitchen chairs and went to get her a drink of water.

Dianne slurred something back about being cold.

I pushed my luck and walked over to her and said, "Yeah, we need to get you out of that wet bikini don't we?"

Dianne was slumped over but nodded her head in agreement. I knew we were alone and had several hours before her husband returned and for the first time I realized that I really could do whatever I wanted to her. I was enjoying the feeling of being alone with a hot and vulnerable woman and I made the decision in my own mind to take advantage of the situation. I was not even sure how far I would go and perhaps it was a little liquid courage but I decided to take a few chances.

I stood her up and asked, "Where is your bedroom?"

She pointed toward a hall that led to the back of the house and I put my arms around her and took her down the hall. My right hand was under her right breast and I brazenly left it there. Dianne did not even notice. I took her into her bedroom which like the rest of the house was immaculate. I grabbed a towel from her master bathroom, spread it on her bed, and laid her down on top of it. Dianne flopped down and again mumbled something about being cold.

"Don't worry." I said. "You will warm up when I get you out of your wet bikini."

She did not respond so I went on. "Is it alright if I take your bikini off and get you warm?"

She nodded her head and mumbled something about her husband and began to laugh.

"I don't think he would like this." I said in a very matter of fact tone.

"He is not here." Dianne slurred and rolled on to her back.

As I reached around her to untie her bikini top I kept talking to her. "You have beautiful tits. He is a lucky man."

I moved my attention down to her bikini skirt and bottom which I quickly found was a single piece. I pulled her skirt up and took a long look at her bikini covered pussy as I rubbed her legs.

"I am not going to get into any trouble if I take off your bikini am I?" I said. For some reason I felt better talking through my actions even though I knew she really had no choice.

"Take them off. I am cold." She mumbled.

Even though I was incredibly aroused by the situation I was sure she was not. She really did want to get warm. I slipped her bikini bottom of her and surveyed the beautiful body in front of me.

"Now I am going to get you warm." I said as I slipped my suit off and climbed on the bed beside her.

I was rock hard against and she was indeed cold. I pulled the comforter over us and pressed myself against her. For the first time since she fell into real drunkenness she sensed where this was going. She was still way too drunk to make much sense but she began to feebly push me away. I moved away slightly and she stopped. I could tell that she relaxed and began to doze off. Again I moved against her and again she pushed me away. This time she was more forceful and was able to tell me that I needed to leave. I backed away again and she began to fall asleep. This time I let her.

I lay beside her for several minutes until I could tell from her breathing that she was out. I pulled the comforter back and she did not move. I carefully pushed her so that she was flat on her back. Still she did not move. I spread her legs.

I moved beside her head and whispered to her. "Is it alright if I fuck you?"

She did not respond. I put my head between her legs and lightly licked at her pussy lips. Dianne moved slightly and tried to pull her legs together but could not because I was between them. She stopped moving and I continued to lick her pussy. Her bush was trimmed on the sides but very full around her lips and on her pubic bone. I made sure that I coated her pussy with saliva so she would be well lubricated.

I knelt between her legs and took in the sight. It was middle of the day and a hot and helpless older woman was lying in front of me. I spat in my hand and rubbed the lubricant on my cock. I briefly contemplated masturbating on her but there was nothing that was going to keep me out of her now. I positioned myself at her opening.

"Do you want me to fuck you Dianne?" I said but got no response. I was nearing orgasm and my contact had not even made contact.

I pushed myself into her and laid my full weight upon her. Within a couple of strokes my full eight inches was buried to the hilt. She reacted as if someone had thrown cold water in her face.

As I hovered over her I could see her confusion as she woke up. I hammered into her and kissed her mouth.

Dianne broke away and desperately said, "Oh no, we can't, we can't."

There was nothing she could do as I gripped her forcefully and spewed my come inside of her. She never physically stopped me as I continued pumping inside of her. She simply lay there.

"That was great." I said as my orgasm subsided.

Dianne rolled from under me and again said that we should not have done that.

"I am not going to tell anyone. And besides it was you who wanted me inside you." I lied.

"I know and I am sorry." She mumbled as she drifted off again.

"OK, I am going to go back to the party. I will come back and check on you in a while." I said even as I began thinking of what I might do next.

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