tagLoving WivesNeighborhood Scandal

Neighborhood Scandal


James and I finally got settled into our new, comfortable home. We started meeting our new neighbors right away. There was a nice couple next door who was married students. Across the street lived a couple who was engaged David and Bayley. She was a long time resident of our small town.

They had met in England where Bayley was on vacation. David had a vending company and he was servicing one of his machines in the hotel where she stayed. They talked, went out for a few dates, and fell in love. He decided it was time for him to open a new branch in the US and they came back together.

Bayley talked a lot to James about her fiancée. She told him that they got along fabulously and he made her feel very special. She told James that David wanted her to have other lovers and she was so unsure of it. She asked him to please talk with David and tell him how unnatural that was.

James agreed to talk with David but asked me to talk to Bayley and tell her how wonderful our life is. I agreed and she and I went to lunch one afternoon. She introduced me to this charming little antique shop that had a luncheonette in the back where we ate delicious soup in a bread bowl.

We talked I told her, " You know, Bayley, I love James very much but he cannot satisfy my sexual urges."

She looked at me strangely and asked, "What do you mean?"

I said, "Well, orally, James is very good. He knows all the secret places of a woman desires to be touched and he finds them and delights them better than any man I have ever known. However, when it comes to, and excuse my words if they offend, but when he fucks me he is very lacking."

Bayley looked shocked but smiled.

Then she confided, "David has a very small dick and oftentimes I cannot tell if he is in me or not. But I do love him and don't want him to know that he can't please me."

"You don't have to tell him he can't please you; that's what I'm trying to tell you. David already knows he can't please you; that's why he suggests that you take on other lovers." I tried to help her understand.

"Oh, that can't be right!" she protested. "If I take on other lovers, he will want other women and I can't share the man I love!"

"Believe me when I tell you he does not want other women!" I tried to convince her.

"How can you know this?" she asked with worry on her face.

"I know, because James cannot please me. You will see many men coming and going from our home once I have met some men here and you will always see James loving me and providing for me," I explained.

She sat there with shock and disbelief on her face. "I see nothing but love in James eyes for you!" she stated.

"Yes, and you will receive that kind of love from David," I assured her. "Especially if you find other lovers or allow him to find them for you."

Bayley sat there silently for awhile. She seemed to be mulling the idea around in her mind. Then a smile crossed her face.

"What do I have to do?" she asked sincerely.

"You have to cheat on him, let him know that you want to be fucked by the best cocks in town and that he had better make it happen," I explained. "Then he will do all he can to make sure you are well satisfied sexually and emotionally.

"I would like to have that with David. Does he know what to do and how to do it?" she asked.

"Maybe, James is right now finding that out for us. If not, he will learn from James," I assured her.

"I feel so relieved. I'm glad you two moved into the neighborhood!" she said.

"So am I," I assured her.

That evening Bayley and David had dinner with us. James made a wonderful pork loin and glazed carrots and baked potatoes. The dessert was frozen yogurt with fresh strawberries and a maple sauce that he had just whipped up.

The conversation was light at first. Chit chat about the neighborhood and our move. Then James brought up the subject at hand -- David's desire for exposure of his lifestyle.

"David and I talked a long time this afternoon as you Ladies did. I know Bayley that you are concerned about David wanting you to have men who can and will please you sexually. But understand if you can it is important to David that you are sexually fulfilled. He knows that he can never please you as a real man with a large dick can do." James tried to explain.

"Yes, Baby," David continued, "I need you to know that I love you enough to want you to have the sexual gratification you deserve."

"But you do please me sexually," Bayley argued. "Orally I have more pleasure than I ever have!"

"Yes, but that is not enough to keep you satisfied. We both know you beg me to fuck you and it is something I cannot do. You would be so disappointed! And I don't think I could even stay in you, I am so small!" David argued.

"I just don't want people to talk about me like I'm a slut or a bad person!" Bayley rebutted.

"I'm a slut, and proud of it," I explained. "I have James to take care of me emotionally and men with big cocks to care for my sexual needs. I couldn't ask for much more than that. When we moved up here, James had three virile men to tend to me. I was completely pleased as was he."

Bayley shook her head in disbelief. "How can you do that when you care about someone?" she asked.

"To show him that I do care. To share with him how wonderful I feel when a real man pleases me." I told her. "James is often times by my side to see the pleasure that I have with my Bulls. You should see the happiness that my cheating brings him," I explained.

"I don't understand!" Bayley shook her head.

I looked at James, "Show her!" I commanded.

He stood up and dropped his jeans.

His cocklett lay there limp less than two inches long.

Bayley's hand went to her mouth and she turned red from embarrassment.

Then I turned to David, "Drop 'em," I again commanded.

He did and his cock, even though a little larger than James' was also insignificant. This again embarrassed Bayley.

"I don't see anything wrong with the size of their cocks," Bayley was finally able to speak.

"Have you ever been with a man that small before meeting David?" I asked her?
"No, but David makes me feel so much more loved than did the other men I was with!" she protested.

"Yes, I know," I replied.

"Tell you what," James chided in, "why don't we give a party? A combination house warming and coming out party so that David has his wish of having people know that he is a cuck for all the world to know."

"I don't want my family and friends to know that David wants me to have sex with other men! They will think I'm strange!" Bayley protested.

"You don't have to invite your family and friends. We'll give the party and you can come as guests. I don't know your family or friends so they won't be offended if I don't invite them," I suggested. "I want to meet our new neighbors anyway."

"I have some friends that are in the lifestyle and my Lady has already met and enjoyed one of them," James added.

"I have a list of people I want to know about me that we can invite!" David chided in.

Bayley felt overwhelmed and out numbered. "Okay, we'll do it; but if I'm uncomfortable, I'm going home!" she laid down the rules.

"Agreed!" David said.

"Maybe it would be a good idea to let Bayley meet someone like Johnny before the party?" I suggested to James and David.

Bayley looked cautious and asked, "Who is Johnny?"

"He's a friend of mine who took care of my Lady when we were here last," James explained.

"I'll be there with you Baby," David promised.

"Okay, I'll try it but I'm not agreeing to anything until I feel comfortable!" Bayley relented.

David was so excited that he jumped up from the table and hugged and kissed Bayley.

James gave me a list of his friends in and out of the lifestyle he wished to invite. David did the same. Bayley gave me a list of liberal minded neighbors and we started planning the party.

I drove her to a little porn shop I had found. I thought we might find some interesting things to use for decorations and party ideas. They had some pencil ends that looked like breasts and penises. I found a wonderful blow up doll that had three orifices. I figured afterwards, James would have a playmate.

Bayley found some not too naughty invitations and she seemed to be getting into the spirit of the party. I found some risqué bras and some edible panties in strawberry and grape rapture. I thought those would be wonderful party gifts.

We took our time addressing the invitations and the more Bayley got into it the more excited she became. It was almost as if she had forgotten it was a coming out party for David.

A week later, James and I gave a small dinner party that included Bayley and David along with Johnny and another friend of his, Graylin. I wore a sleek red dress that was split from the hip down, stilettos, and not much more. Bayley actually had on a tight black strapless dress with stylish heels and red lipstick that made her look hot.

Around the table, James had place cards that separated David and Bayley and him and my self by the two visitors that were there to pleasure us. We decided to have Bayley with Johnny because we knew that he would be gentle with her for her first time.

Benjamin would sit next to me. I had not yet met him but when he entered the door my pussy started to drip with my juices. He was tall with a body like an hourglass. His chest was wide and once you made it to his tiny waist you found a tight ass that your hands just wanted to squeeze. His arms were like limbs of a tree heavy at the base full of muscles and tapered to his hands. Hands that held long slender fingers that one just knew could reach places that wanted attention.

I couldn't see his legs but imagined them to be muscular and tight. I knew that his prick was significant because I could see it bulging against his jeans. His face was adorned by a bright smile and his voice was soft and gentle. One would never see him as a cop but he could do a cavity search of me anytime he wanted.

Bayley smiled when she met Johnny. His body solid and strong was like an oak. He smiled at her and kissed her hand. He talked to her softly and she seemed calm and relaxed. His height thrilled her and the broadness of his chest made her catch her breath. She could not take her eyes off of he bulge that his tight pants could not hide. I could tell by the way she moved that her pussy was excited.

After Bayley had become comfortable with Johnny's soft talk, she allowed him to rub her back. He kissed the back of her neck without her becoming too embarrassed in front of David or James. During dinner I notice his hand drop beneath the table and every time it did Bayley smiled.

When we finished eating, James cleared the table. He and David went into the bedrooms while Johnny and Benjamin entertained Bayley and myself.

Soon James arrived and invited us to follow him. He led Bayley and Johnny into the guest bedroom where David awaited anxiously. He had nothing on except a pair of boxers. Bayley was so taken with Johnny that she barely noticed.

We waited a few minutes at the doorway. David held Bayley's hand and helped her take off her dress. Then he helped her onto the bed. He kissed her and ran his hand between her legs. Inserting a finger he made sure she was wet and ready. He took his fingers into his mouth and smiled.

"Mmmmm, you taste good. But tonight, Johnny will make you taste better!" he promised her.

She looked a little nervous but she let him prepare her for Johnny and didn't seem too scared. When David took Johnny's cock into his mouth to prepare him for his Lady, she smiled.

"Oh, I want some of that!" she whispered.

David took it out of his mouth and helped her place her lips on Josh's prick.

"Mmmmmm," I heard her sigh.

Josh rammed his cock into her mouth a few times then pulled her off of him. Bayley tried to hold on but he told her "No! Tonight is for your pleasure. I want you to melt under my cock!"

David helped her lay back and kissed her breast to relax her. He then guided Johnny's cock into Bayley's wet pussy. When the tip of his head touched her, she jumped a little.

David sucked her nipples as Johnny forced his prick into Bayley's waiting pussy.

"Ohhhhh," she cried as his thick tool entered her snatch.

Johnny was very gentle and slow at first. He methodically fucked her as he would his wife with patience.

Bayley cried out, "I want you to FUCK me good!"

Everyone watching was shocked. But Johnny obliged and rammed his ten-inch cock deep into Bayley's pussy and she held onto his arms with all of her energies as his body collided with hers.

Her breasts shook as he slammed into her body. Her nails dug deep into his skin and her legs flew up into the air to hold onto his torso. She was enjoying the ride.

David's face was like a beacon. A glow came from his smile as I had never seen. He wet a finger then reached his hand down and stroked her clit as Johnny pulled out and then shoved his manhood back into Bayley's hungry cunt.

"Oh YES!" she cried as Johnny plummeted her. David's little dick had gotten hard and was standing at attention. He kissed Bayley repeatedly. He kept wetting his finger and massaging her clit.

My wetness started running down my legs watching them. I took Benjamin by the hand and pulled him into the bedroom James had prepared for us. James followed his dicklett waving as he walked.

James undressed me and laid me on the bed. Benjamin unzipped his tight jeans and a beautiful nine-inch cock unfurled towards me. I licked my lips.

""Mmmm, I want that in my mouth!" I whispered.

Benjamin smiled. He ran a few fingers into my dripping pussy.

"I want that in there!" he announced.

"Let me taste that precum first!" I begged.

He took his cock into his hand and placed it at my lips. I opened my mouth and he touched his head to my tongue.

I sucked him into my mouth and a moan escaped. I pressed my face towards his body and swallowed what I could not hold in my mouth.

Benjamin pulled back with his hands on both sides of my head.

"That's nice baby, but I want to fuck that pretty pussy of yours," he said as he pulled out of my mouth.

James spread my legs and Benjamin slipped between them on his knees. He grabbed my knees and pulled my hips up to him. Then he held his cock and guided it into my wet cunt. As his prick slipped smoothly into me he moaned.

"Ohhhhh nice! You are so hot! I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked!" he cried.

James snuck in and his tongue found my clit. On each upstroke, he took a lick of my clit. On the down storks he squeezed my nipples.

The more I cried out the faster Benjamin fucked me. His strong arms pumped faster and his chest came closer to my face as he came down on me.

James crawled under him and on the down stroke he would lick Benjamin's balls and the up stroke he licked his shaft and my wet cunt. The electricity was flowing.

My nipples were hard and demanding attention. I reached up and squeezed them tightly between my fingers. Shots of excitement ran through my body and my clit jumped joy.

Sweat was dripping from Benjamin's brow and splattering on my hot body where it sizzled and dried up. He was breathing hard and I could feel the pressure as his testicles drew into his body and his thick cum began its journey to the promised land.

James crawled up to my side and watched my face. He knew the event he was waiting for was about to happen. He kissed me and wiped the sweat form my brow. He kissed my nipples and licked the sweat off of my breasts.

When Benjamin's cum exploded in my pussy, James slid down and licked my clit one more time. The fire that ran through me was wild and my legs pulled up to hold Benjamin in me as he pumped me full of his semen.

Breathing deeply, he rolled off of me. Cum still flowed from his prick. James quickly crawled down to catch it before it hit the bed. I smiled and watched him take the last of Benjamin's seed.

My hand went between my legs and the hot thick fluids felt like silk between my fingers. I found my clit and when I touched her my legs twitched and fire flowed through my belly. I felt a tongue enter my pussy and reached over to rub James' baldhead.

He kissed my pussy and his tongue snaked deep inside me for the creampie he cherished. His tongue darted in and out of my pussy capturing the thick fluid deposited there by Benjamin.

Benjamin in the mean time had crawled up beside me and was kissing me passionately. His hand had reached down and massaged my clit while his lips burned mine and James' tongue sucked his creampie out of my hot muffin.

James moaned and lifted his head above my pussy so I could see him lick his lips of the last of the tasty substance that Benjamin had given to me.

Then he rolled over and took the thick prick into his mouth and moaned.

Benjamin rammed his tongue deep down my throat and his hand found my clit one more time. Then he turned over and looked at James with his cock in his mouth.

"You like the taste of your lady on another man's cock, sissy?" Benjamin asked.

"Yes, Master Benjamin, you are a deserving man to have my Lady's taste on his cock." James cried without facing him.

"Clean me good little man! It's more than you deserve!" Benjamin chastised him.

Benjamin rolled over after he was cleaned and fell asleep.

I wanted to go see how Bayley and Johnny were doing and see the smile on David's face. So James and I snuck back to the hallway to become voyeurs.

We quietly entered the room, James in only his boxers and me still naked. I sat on a chair next to the bed; James knelt next to me.

David looked up and smile crossed his face.

Bayley was completely unaware we were in the room watching her. She moaned and cried out repeatedly.

"Fuck me Josh! I want that cock deep in my cunt! FUCK ME HARD!" she demanded.

Johnny was sweating and the drops splashed all over the bed and Bayley. The sheets were soaked and Josh was pumping like a pile driver.

David was busy trying to keep her dry and stimulate her clit.

Johnny used David for support when his hands slipped off of Bayley's body.

"Oh I needed this," she cried, "I want to be fucked like this always!"

"You will always have this, my Lady, I promise you that as long as I am by your side you will have big cocks to make your happy!" David vowed.

At that, Johnny screamed "YES!" and slammed his body into Bayley's.

The thick cum spurted out of her pussy then flowed in smoothly. David was covered with the sticky substance on his face and he smiled from ear to ear.

As he pulled out, Johnny patted David on the head and rolled over waiting to be cleaned. The salty cum still overflowing out of Bayley's filled pussy.

David quickly sucked Johnny's prick into his mouth.

"Ahhhh," he moaned, as he tasted her juices on the thick cock.

"Thank you, Master Johnny for fucking my lady so royally! I pay homage to your excellent prick!" he said with his mouth full of Josh's cock.

James was anxious, I could tell. He watched the thick fluid as it pumped from Bayley's convulsing pussy. He licked his lips and wanted desperately to go savor its taste. He looked at David beseechingly. Then he looked at me.

David turned and crawled between Bayley's legs. His tongue licked at the thick cum that was still pumping out of her. Then he dove into her hair-covered muff slurping as he did so. Her hips jutted toward his mouth and I heard him blow bubbles in the gummy liquid.

When David had collected all of the fluid form Bayley's hot pussy, he looked up and smiled. Cum still on his chin.

Bayley rolled over and kissed Johnny on the lips. Her tongue went into his throat and her hand to his cock. When she finally released him she turned to David.

"Okay, so you were right. I do need more than your tongue. But how did you feel about this?" she asked him.

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