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Neighborhood Watch


It was too hot too move and lucky me, I had the day off from work. At least there I would have been in air conditioning. It broke 90 degrees that day. We didn't get many days that broke 90 around here. Sadly my home was not air conditioned in fact; it was almost 100 degrees inside my home.

I changed into my bikini so that I'd be wearing as little clothes as possible. Standing in front of my full-length mirror I gazed at the reflection of my pale body. I needed to get some sun. It wasn't exactly the perfect day for that but I had nothing else to do. So I decided to lie out. I slathered my body in tanning lotion, grabbed my lounge chair, a book and a bucket of ice with bottled waters. Then I retired to my back yard.

There was at least a nice breeze but it wasn't long before I was a sweaty mess lying out there in that hot sun. I reached for my water to find that the bucket of ice was nearly all melted. I went into the house, took a quick cold shower and refilled my bucket of ice before returning to my chair in the sun.

I finished the chapter in my book and set it down. Perhaps tanning had not a wise idea. I was already overcome with the heat again. I looked over to my bottled water and I got an idea. Reaching into the bucket I removed a piece of ice. I placed it on my chest before running it up my neck, shoulders and face. It was so refreshing I closed my eyes in enjoyment. Naughty ideas were coming to mind.

I opened my eyes and looked around. The design of my house blocked view of my tanning spot from any neighbors to the right of me. My neighbor on the left was away out of town and her shed blocked any view of my spot from the house behind her. There was only the house behind me to be concerned with. "What are chances," I thought as I reached around to my back and untied my bikini top. But just then I saw a man pass by the window of that house facing my yard and I quickly laid back down.

My top was half untied but still covering my breasts when suddenly I realized I didn't care if the man saw me topless. In fact, I kind of hoped that he did. Reaching behind my neck I untied the top strings and pulled the bikini top from my body.

I lay back down and closed my eyes but only for a minute. I was becoming incredibly aroused and I wondered if I had been caught. I opened my eyes and looked to the man's window to see if he was there. He was not. I was a little disappointed.

I lay for a little while longer before it inevitably felt like it was time for another cold shower. Half forgetting that I was topless I sat up and reached for my water bottle. Out of the corner of my eye I could see him. That man in the house behind me had indeed caught me sunbathing topless and he stood to the side of his window watching.

He didn't flinch when I saw him so I assumed that he did not catch me catching him watch. I smiled a little devilish smile to myself as my excitement grew. I reached my hand into the bucket lifting out some of that cold water which I dribbled across my chest. I checked from the corner of my eye; still there.

Lying back in my chair I reached my hand back into the bucket, this time grabbing a piece of ice. I again set the ice on my chest but this time, rather than running it up my neck I ran it down and around my breasts in a figure-8 fashion. I checked; still there.

The ice was meting fast on my hot body, leaving trails of glistening water. I grabbed a second piece of ice and curiously ran it over and around my left nipple. Expressing some rather exaggerated enjoyment I tipped my head back with a great smile and closed my eyes. When I opened them I checked; still there. And although I couldn't really see anything exactly with him standing half out of view, the undeniable jerking motion of his arm told me that he had begun pleasuring himself while watching my show.

I had become incredibly aroused. I finished up that piece of ice on my right nipple, being sure not leave that one neglected. Then I reached for yet another piece of ice, my own body growing hotter with the anticipation of my intentions.

I placed that piece of ice on my stomach. Then, covering it with my hand I slid it down under my bikini bottoms and in between my legs. The ice felt amazing on my hot and already wet pussy. I was so excited that I disregard being discreet about checking and I looked directly at the man's window. I was staring at him, my hand in my bottoms, rubbing my pussy with the ice. Realizing that I was not only OK with his watching but enjoying it myself, he moved into full view of the window. I was a decent distance away but there was no mistaking that in his hand he held a huge, thick cock.

He started stroking for me. It was crazy! My ice was gone. Before grabbing another piece I untied the side strings to my bikini bottoms. I didn't take them off, just created more easy access. I reached into the bucket and grabbed another piece of ice. Thrusting my hands between my legs my bottoms were barely in place. The towel beneath me was soaked! I was incredibly wet with both melted ice and my own cum. I pushed the ice inside my pussy, sliding a finger in to push it farther. I checked; still there and still stroking.

The whole scene was so incredibly hot that I lost all sensibilities. I pulled the bikini bottoms from my body and threw them aside. I grabbed another piece of ice, the largest one left. Spreading my legs wide for him I teased my own clit with the ice while staring at him wantonly; grinning playfully. He jerked forward abruptly and I saw something hit his screen. I giggled. He disappeared from the window. Lying back in my chair I casually finished myself off. And then I laid there a little longer, just enjoying the feel of that cool breeze blowing across my entirely exposed and refreshingly relaxed body.

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