tagLoving WivesNeighborhood Wives: Maddie

Neighborhood Wives: Maddie


This is the story of Jay and Maddie; the first in a series of intertwined stories about the sexual trials and tribulations of several couples living in a typical American neighborhood. The story is told through Jay's eyes and is based on equal parts fact and fiction.

A little about Jay and Maddie as seen through the eyes of a good friend and neighbor:

Jay's an average guy living the American dream; a pretty wife, a house in the 'burbs, 2 young kids, and a small business that pays the bills and allows them to live comfortably. He's decent looking, no movie star, but not too hard on the eyes. Average build, average height etc. He's the neighbor you call when your lawnmower won't start or the guy you call when you need a fourth to round out your 11:30 tee time. His friends (and there are many) would say he's conservative, something of a smart-ass, but dependable and friendly.

You already know Jay's wife Maddie. She's the mom at Cub Scouts/soccer practice/after-school activities that all the dads flirt with, the woman dancing with her friends at the club that catches your eye for some reason. She's sexy - even in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and there's something about her you just can't help but like. She's got long wavy hair, long lean legs, gorgeous breasts with nipples that poke through all but the heaviest of sweaters, a killer smile, and eyes that sparkle and seem to suggest that anything is possible. She's quick-witted, sassy, and spontaneous; a combination that stole Jay's heart. She's the woman at work talking football with the guys; at least until she leaves when they whisper amongst themselves about what they'd like to do to her if they ever got her alone. She's the mom you take a second look at when you're shopping and think she's probably incredible in bed – and you'd be right. She dresses conservatively, but sexily, and accidentally catching a flash of tiny black panties or a glimpse down her top at a pierced nipple isn't all that rare. She's the girl-next-door all grown up and filled out in all the right places.

She's 100% percent faithful, or she was anyways.

Maybe she still is.

And that's where Jay's story begins.

***** Jay's Story *****

Like any couple that has been successfully married for awhile (10 years for us), my wife and I have figured out what turns each other on and have worked hard to keep sex fun and spontaneous. The bottom drawer of the dresser in the back closet is filled with toys; a selection of vibrators and dildos for Maddie when I'm traveling, blindfolds, cuffs, and miscellaneous outfits for when we're home together. Maddie loves sex. I guess that comes from being "orgasm prone" as she laughingly calls it. She can cum from having her nipples licked, she absolutely adores oral sex (giving and receiving) and isn't opposed to taking it in the ass on occasion – although she'll never ask for it directly, simply hinting with body language and coy looks as to what she wants. She admitted once that she likes to watch herself masturbate using a large mirror hanging on a wall near the closet; saying that she likes to watch herself cum.

I told her jokingly after one particularly hot sex session that she should give up her amateur status and turn pro. She laughed and asked me why. I explained that she could make any man feel like a stud with all her moaning and panting, and the way she thrashes through multiple orgasms when she gets it hard and fast. She just laughed and told me she had no interest in other men, but that she was going to start charging me for sex. She almost made it out of bed before I caught her, and she screamed and kicked as I tickled her mercilessly. Watching her body squirm as my tickling fingers found her vulnerable spots soon had my cock hard again and with a little sneaky maneuvering I was able to line up and bury my length in her sweet pussy in one quick thrust. The response was immediate. The legs came up and wrapped around my back (my favorite), the head was thrown back, and the fucking began anew. This was not the sweet-love-making type of sex, but rather the hard and raw version. As I stroked my cock into her I began to tease her.

"I bet you'd like some strange guy to fuck you wouldn't you?"

"No", she moaned.

"I bet you'd like a really big cock to play with some night, right?"

"No, I like yours."

I continued. "What about two guys?"


We were nearing the finish and still I pressed.

"Another woman?"


This time a little more annoyed as she was getting closer. I picked up the pace and asked her

"Well? What do you want?"

The response was quick and to the point.

"I want you to shut up, bury your cock in me, and fill me with your hot cum."

I obliged and we came together, her nails raking my back, my cock deep within her convulsing pussy.

And here is where the mystery began for me; for all her flirting and outright teasing, for all her moaning and groaning, for all her thrashing and panting, Maddie was incredibly elusive when it came to talking about her fantasies. She'd have no problem telling you after a few drinks, if you asked, that she loves to swallow; it wouldn't even faze her a bit. She'd probably even enjoy watching you squirm in your seat with the revelation. She'd show you her breasts at the Mardi Gras party or a flash of her tiny panties hidden beneath her short skirt if you flashed a few beads her way. But try and get her to tell you her hidden desires, her dark fantasies? Forget it – because I've asked her – and not just once. She'd change the subject or say that she really didn't have any.

I'd even tried asking her right at the peak of her orgasm, my tongue lazily circling her clit and doing just enough to keep her on the edge without letting her cum. But she still didn't divulge any of her secrets, cleverly deflecting the answer, and instead bore down, pushing herself over the edge and coating my face with her sweet nectar despite my best efforts to keep her from getting there. I'd tried bribing her cousin on one of their girls-night-out get-togethers to find out for me, but to no avail.

You may ask yourself why I was so obsessed with figuring out her hidden fantasies; after all they are supposed to be her secret right? The reason was two-fold; one I was simply curious as to what she was hiding and two, I was secretly hoping that it was something that I could give to her. Some experience that I could provide for her; my way of thanking her for being such an incredible wife and mom. There are very few things that I could deny my wife if she asked for them openly and honestly. I had almost given up hope when things slowly began to change in my favor. Looking back now, I can pinpoint where and when it started.

I was on my way back from a late summer jog when I noticed the moving van pulled into the driveway up the street. I slowed as I went by and noticed a couple around our age unloading boxes in the late afternoon heat of an early summer scorcher. They looked beat. I walked up the driveway, introduced myself, and asked if I could help. They introduced themselves as Dan and Jacqui and told me that they didn't want to impose. When I explained I was already sweaty from running, and that I had no immediate plans, they relented and thanked me – but got me to promise that dinner was on them. Dan is probably 6'-2" or 6'-3"; tall and lanky with close-cut blonde hair, blue eyes and a friendly smile. Oh, he's also a sarcastic son-of-a-bitch and I could tell from the very beginning that we were going to be good friends. Jacqui was his polar opposite. Short, with dark kinky hair, gleaming green eyes, and a mischievous smile. She looked like the kind of girl your mom was always worried that you'd bring home. Of course it didn't hurt her image that she was wearing a sweaty white t-shirt that showed off what looked like an incredible pair of tits and a pair of tight cut-offs. I tried to avert my eyes from her chest before she caught me looking, but failed; much to her amusement.

I saw Maddie drive past a few minutes later, on her way home from shopping, and managed to flag her down. Introductions were made and she promised to return in a few minutes to help. I watched her climb back in the car, her long legs showing sexily from beneath her short dress. I noticed that I wasn't the only one watching her. She returned a half-hour later carrying a small cooler of cold beer and bottled water. The next few hours were spent carrying boxes from the truck with Dan; Jacqui calling out directions from her perch on a barstool in the kitchen next to Maddie. Over pizza and cold beer later that night we exchanged life stories and discovered we had a lot in common.

Over the next few months we became great friends, but with a little bit of friction between Jacqui and I. She thought I was a bit conservative and controlling. I thought she was a bit wild and irresponsible. I liked her, liked her a lot even, but I just didn't trust her. She was also a tease; flashing me a quick look down her shirt, or up her skirt, when nobody else was looking, then laughing at my discomfort. One night we were sitting in their hot tub after a long day landscaping when she took it a step further. Maddie had gone to the bathroom, and Dan was in getting us another round of drinks, when Jacqui stood up across from me, smiled, and then deliberately pulled her bikini bottoms to the side. She gave me a nice long look at her completely shaven pussy before she quickly sat back down as Maddie reappeared from the house. The look of shock/awe on my face delighted her and she couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Later that night as we were getting ready to leave, Jacqui pulled me aside and whispered in my ear that I shouldn't be so naïve and that earlier she had seen Maddie and Dan with busy hands beneath the surface of the water.

The thought of Maddie stroking another man's cock while I was sitting unaware next to her, and the thought of Dan with his fingers in my wife's pussy, made me somewhat angry, but strangely aroused. We didn't talk much on the short walk home. Within a minute of getting inside the door, Maddie had her bikini top off, my shorts down, and was rapidly stroking my cock. I came quickly all over her beautiful tits; my cum running down her neck and chest until she scooped it up with her fingers and licked them clean. When I asked what had brought that on she just smiled and told me that she liked how a hard cock felt in her hand. Alarm bells were going off in my head but I managed to keep my mouth shut.

Later that week the girls were out shopping so Dan and I hit the golf course. 18 holes and $50 in lost bets later (damn that guy can hit a golf ball) we were back in the clubhouse having a drink. The idle conversation eventually turned to sex and Dan and I swapped stories for a few minutes before he smiled at me and said "I saw Jacqui flash you her pussy the other night."

I didn't say anything at first, just meeting his gaze. "First, I guess I should have told you. Second, I did nothing to provoke her into showing me, and third, it's not like you're Mr. Innocent either."

He laughed and told me to relax and that he wasn't mad at all, far from it even. "But what's this about me not being innocent?"

I took a sip of my beer and told him. "Jacqui told me you and Maddie were getting to know each other in the hot tub the other night."

He almost spit his beer as he laughed loudly. "Damn, she's really turning up the heat on you! Jay, listen. I like you. We're friends and I would never do ANYTHING to jeopardize that. I never touched your wife – not that I wouldn't if you didn't mind." With this he laughed and continued. "Jacqui told me the other night that she really likes you and enjoys making you squirm, and that she was going to go out of her way to get inside your head. It looks like she's already started."

I frowned and asked him why. He went on to explain that Jacqui was a bit "uninhibited" and that she thrived on exposing the inhibitions of others – especially those of her male friends. He said he thought it was some sort of power trip for her; her trying to turn the tables on a male-dominated society. We sat there for a few minutes in silence before he continued.

"I understand your confusion, hell it took me 4 years of being married to her before I finally understood it myself. If you really want to fight back just ignore her, or don't let her know you're uncomfortable. She'll probably up the ante for awhile but then eventually she'll just give up and accept you for who you are."

I nodded and asked how long he thought it would take. His answer left me laughing. "Hmmm, well it's been four years for me so far with no end in sight…."

The next several months saw the four of us spending more and more time together; long boat rides on the local lakes, dinner and a movie most Saturday nights, with lots of shopping for the girls and golf for the guys. Like Dan had warned, Jacqui kept trying to get inside my comfort zone wherever possible; "accidentally" losing her top when we were boating up the river with people all around us and then yanking off Maddie's bikini when we were alongside a boat of college kids.

She also "mistakenly" loaned me a tape of herself masturbating with a long black dildo; the shiny surface coated in cream as she plunged it repeatedly into her wet pussy, all the while staring straight at the camera and licking her lips. I jacked off twice that night, replaying the scene where she pulled the dildo from her sodden pussy and licked it clean with her tongue; moaning about how good her pussy tasted and how much she liked black cock. She even tried to pull my penis out under the table at the restaurant and in a dark movie theatre; both times thwarted at the last minute by me moving her hand away. I kept Dan in the loop and Maddie just thought it was hilarious; apparently Jacqui had confided in her at some point.

Eventually Jacqui got tired of the game, or so I thought at the time. Her frequent attempts at making me uncomfortable hadn't worked for the most part and I felt like I was starting to win this little game.

I was wrong.

Thursday nights had turned into girls-night-out, with Maddie, Jacqui and a few friends hitting the downtown clubs on a regular basis. This wasn't a jeans and a t-shirt get-together, but rather a weekly parade of new sexy skirts, heels, and tops. All that summer shopping had paid off in a new and sexy wardrobe for Maddie and I often found myself proud of how good she looked; but wondering if I needed a second job. The girls would take turns being the designated driver and I trusted Maddie completely when she was out; I knew she would never do anything to hurt our marriage. Besides, the sex was fantastic when she got home.

It was usually well after midnight when she returned, half-drunk and always horny. I would lie in bed with her and she would tell me all about her night; the people she danced with and the crazy things that Jacqui had done in her past. All the while she would be sucking and licking my cock; nibbling on the underside and driving me crazy with lust. When she felt I was about to cum she'd back off and start again. Eventually she'd climb onto the bed, not bothering to take off her shoes or her clothes, lift her skirt up, pull her tiny little panties to the side, kneel over my cock and impale herself in one quick motion. Within a few strokes her top would be off or open and she'd be pinching and twisting her nipples, grinding herself to the first of her orgasms. I'd lie there and let her control the action, her gorgeous tits bouncing in rhythm as she worked herself up and down my stiff prick. When she was ready for her final big orgasm of the night, she'd pick up speed then impale herself deeply on my cock and grind her pussy down onto me, causing me to shoot a load of cum deep within her and sending her over the edge. Some nights she would face away from me, her feet underneath her so she could squat over the top of me as she rode. This provided me with an incredible view of her stretched wet pussy and tight pink little asshole and she knew it. Without fail, each time she would reach behind herself and rub her little rosebud with a slick middle finger, circling the entrance but never slipping a finger inside. It wouldn't take long after that before I was filling her again.

After a few weeks, each time we made love after her night out would bring a new trick. One night it was a finger in my ass as she rode my cock, one night the digital camera just happened to be under the bed and she had me take pictures of her licking and riding my cock. Another night she had me tied and blindfolded when I awoke and she masturbated while lying next to me. All I could do was listen to her squeals and moans, the soft wet sounds of her pussy getting filled, and the changing pitch of her vibrator at she worked it into and out of her pussy. When she finished, she left me tied and blindfolded and jacked me off with a pair of silk gloves, never saying a word as my cock unloaded long streams of white cum all over her gloves.

I quickly figured out that she was getting all her new ideas from Jacqui, but had no intention of putting a stop to it. I was enjoying the new direction our sex life was taking and Maddie was slowly beginning to open up her private fantasies to me. Over the course of several Thursdays I learned that she liked to have sex outside and that sex on a train would be "hot". I sensed, or rather hoped, that her deeper fantasies might actually come to the surface sometime soon.

This time I was right.

I can remember sleepily looking at the clock when the phone rang late one Thursday night; 12:23 a.m. It was Dan.

"Jay I need some help. Jacqui just called and they're too drunk to drive home. Cindy is with them too but there's only three. I just got back from poker and there's no way I can drive down and get them. I could lose my job if I'm caught drinking and driving. Can you go? I told them 2:00 a.m. outside of Johnny D's."

I mumbled something about him owing me big-time and had him come up the street to watch the kids while I went down to get them. Johnny D's is a wild dance club downtown near the freeway; filled with people of all ages and lifestyles each night of the week. The rumor has always been that if you need something that Johnny's is one-stop shopping.

I was surprised that Cindy was with them. She's pretty, but quiet and a little shy. She's a kindergarten teacher at one of the schools in town and was conservative to the point of making me look wild. I had known her for quite some time and we often had them over to the house. Their kids are similar in ages to our kids and they often played together in the neighborhood park. Her husband Mike often complained that she never let herself go and had fun. Privately he admitted to me a few years ago that she was a lights-out, under-the-covers sex, kind of girl. She was shorter than Maddie and I could only guess at her body; loose clothes had always hidden her small frame.

I made better time than I thought and ended up outside of Johnny's about 30 minutes early. I decided to park in the lot and go in as there is nowhere to park on the street. When I walked in I was assaulted by the music, the flashing lights and swirling fog, and the unmistakable scent of marijuana. It took me longer than I thought to find the first of the trio. I spotted Cindy dancing off to one side, her arms wrapped tightly around her partner, bumping and grinding to the funky beat through the fog. When they spun around and the fog cleared I was surprised to see her plant a hot wet kiss on her dance partner, even more so when I realized that her dance partner was another woman.

I smirked and thought "Wait until I tell Mike that his wife is into women"; knowing full well that I would never have the heart to tell him.

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