tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNeighborly Blackmail Ch. 01

Neighborly Blackmail Ch. 01


John couldn't believe what he was seeing. He knew his neighbor, Bev, was hot. He had lusted after her for quite some time. She was a tall blond who spent a great amount of time in the gym. Her ass and legs were to die for. After three kids (who were all grown and at college), Bev had devoted herself to getting back to her before-kids body. The only thing not natural on her was her boobs. She'd had a lift and augment that left her with a high and proud DD rack. Dave had joined her in the gym and his physical condition had benefited as well. Several of the neighborhood wives had commented on his trim waist, broad shoulders and muscular upper body. They apparently liked seeing him in his swim trunks as much as the men liked seeing Bev almost spilling out of hers.

Bev and her husband, Dave, had been neighbors with John and his wife, Janet, for several years. They were friends like most neighbors were friends; they saw each other at neighborhood events, their kids went to the same schools and they'd been to backyard parties at each other's houses in the summer and fall months. What John couldn't believe was that he saw a guy going into the backdoor of his neighbor's house. He knew Dave was at work. John would normally have been at work as well but he'd had to stay home for an electrician to come by and do some work. Janet was on travel for her job that week and John found himself frequently looking out the windows looking for Bev. When he saw the guy going into her backyard his first thought was that it was a burglar. But when he saw Bev open the kitchen door for him, smiling and dressed in a sheer white baby-doll outfit, he knew something else was going on. It took about a half a second for John to realize: Bev was having an affair. Part of him was shocked. Part of him was jealous. If Bev had ever given him any sign of interest, he'd have been all over her and his marital vows be damned.

Without even thinking much about what he was about to do, John went through his house and out the front door. Bev had met the man at her back door... the kitchen door... so he wanted to approach their house from the front. In the back of his mind he was hoping none of the other neighbors would see him, but the thought of being caught didn't slow him down. He knew the layout of Bev and Dave's house which was all one level. The shades on all the front windows were closed but as he went around the side he saw that most of the blinds were open and he was pleasantly surprised to find that he could see into their guestroom. He was even more pleasantly surprised to see Bev and her playmate in the middle of the guest bed.

John had seen Bev in some pretty skimpy bikinis at summer pool parties and he'd always fantasized about seeing her naked and here she was in all her glory. Even better she was on her hands and knees with her ass up in the air, and what a glorious looking ass it was. Her breasts were hanging down as she bent over her playmate and though he couldn't see her face, John realized she was blowing her playmate. He could clearly see the playmate's face and he looked nothing like Dave. Where Dave was a bigger guy with brush cut blond hair, Bev's playmate had dark curly hair and a short beard. John didn't get caught up looking at the guy too much though because Bev's ass was up and moving as she bobbed on her lover's cock.

In the moment John had an even more devious thought. He knew he shouldn't but he also knew he was going to. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out his cell phone and opened the camera. Switching it over from photos to video he lined it up at the lower edge of the window and made sure he could clearly see Bev and her lover through the camera... and then he hit record. He watched through the camera's screen as Bev moved from sucking her lover to mounting him and the video clearly showed Bev spreading her pussy lips on her lover's length... sliding it back and forth, up and down... leaving a smear of her juices ... and then raising up above him to line his cockhead with her opening and settling down onto him. John watched as the man's entire length sank into Bev's wetness and she ground down onto him. The video ran as Bev rolled her hips around for a few moments on the man and then began to ride up and down his length in full strokes. When John saw that he had a couple minutes of video, he hit the stop button and realized he'd better get away before he was caught.

Back in his house, John went straight to his bedroom, stripped down and started stroking himself. He was fully hard and watched the video several times until he reached his orgasm, spraying his load all over his stomach and chest, slowing his stroking until his climax had passed. As his breathing returned to normal he kept watching the video and came up with his most devious idea yet.

- - -

It was the following week before John had the opportunity to put his plan into action. He had taken another day off work, telling his wife he didn't feel good and waiting until she had checked on him after she'd gotten to her office. He'd also double-checked that Dave's car was gone and he'd seen Bev take the trash out to the curb. Everything seemed to be in place. He showered and shaved and made sure he was fresh. He dressed casually and grabbed his phone and headed next door.

Ringing the doorbell he was nervous as he waited for Bev to answer the door. When she did, he saw she was still wearing the same thing he'd seen her in when she'd taken the trash out: it looked like a light set of beige pajamas under a long sweater type robe. She looked surprised to see him but not unpleasantly so. "Hey, John. What's up?"

"Can I come in, Bev?" he asked with a serious tone in his voice. "I've got something I need your help with if you can."

"Sure," she said, stepping back to open the door farther for him. "What do you need?"

John stepped in with his phone in hand. He didn't exactly know how to breach the topic but he had every intention of letting her know that he knew, and could prove, she was having an affair. "This is kind of complicated..." he started.

"Let's go in the kitchen and get some coffee," Bev said, sensing his discomfort. "We can talk in there." She didn't wait for a response but turned and headed into the kitchen. John didn't reply but happily followed along, watching her sexy ass as she walked, remembering how it had looked naked and riding up and down on her playmate's cock the week before.

In the kitchen Bev gestured toward the coffee table. "Have a seat and I'll get the coffee," she said. "Cream and sugar?" she asked.

"That'd be good," said John as he sat down. "Thanks." She was being so welcoming and nice that he almost felt bad about what he had planned, but not bad enough to change his mind.

After putting down his coffee cup and taking her own seat, her cup of coffee at hand, Bev looked over at him with an open and concerned look on her face. "So... what's on your mind?"

"I don't know exactly how to approach this," John said, pausing for a sip of his coffee.

"Just spit it out," said Bev before taking a sip of her own. "Whatever it is can't be that bad and I'm sure we can figure out how to solve whatever problem has you stressed like this."

"I'm sure we can," replied John, not letting the smile he was feeling show. Finally he took a deep breath, screwed up his courage and pulled up the video on his phone. "Here's my problem," he said, and then showed the phone to Bev. He pushed play and waited to see her reaction as she watched herself suck and ride her playmate.

Bev took a minute to register what she was watching. When the video ended she looked up at John with an angry look in her eyes. "This?" she said. "This is your problem? You fucking peeping tom! You recorded me and Dave and come over here to show me this video?" She sounded quite angry and indignant, but John knew some of it was an act. He didn't doubt that she was really angry. Her indignation was entirely fake though, and he knew that.

"We both know that's not Dave," he replied. "And yeah, I may be a peeping tom but I'm not the one having an affair." He paused and let that sink in; let Bev understand what he'd said. After a moment he went on. "The question I'm struggling with is whether or not I should tell Dave. We've been friends and neighbors a long time."

"Why are you telling me this?" asked Bev. "Showing me this? Are you asking me what I think you should do?"

"Actually," replied John, finally finding his courage, which was building out of his desire for this woman, "what I'm really asking is what you're willing to do to keep me from showing this to John?"

"What!?" Bev's indignation wasn't false in any way now and John knew it. She seemed at a loss for words beyond that, at least for a few moments. "What am I willing to do? What are you..." Her voice trailed off as realization dawned in her eyes. Her anger sparked again and John found himself scared... but only for a moment. Her voice raised Bev said, "You bastard! You came over here to blackmail me? You brought this video, that you snuck around to get, and you're using it now to get... what? Sex from me?" She paused for a second. "That's fucking low, John. You said Dave is your friend and here you are with this."

"Don't get so uppity on me, Bev," John replied. Their coffee was all but forgotten. "I'm not the one having an affair. I'm not the one cheating on my spouse."

"But if I give you what you want then you will be," Bev retorted.

"Then I guess we'd be in this as equals," John replied. "You're already cheating on your husband. You can't judge me for doing the same on my wife."

Bev was quiet for a moment, staring at John and he wondered what was going through his mind. As uncomfortable as the situation was, and there was always the small chance it would backfire on him he thought, his cock was rock hard and he was aching to bury it in this sexy woman. Finally Bev spoke again. "So, what... am I just supposed to bend over the kitchen table? Get on my knees and blow you? You think I'm just going to perform for you as payment to keep you from telling John about my affair?"

"Any of that works," said John, now letting his smile show. "You're awesomely hot and you know half the men in the neighborhood lust after you. I don't really care how I get to enjoy you, but if you want me to keep my mouth shut about this to Dave, you'll make sure you convince me not to."

Bev seemed to think about that for a few moments, twirling one finger slowly in her coffee which had all but gone cold. The anger still showed on her face, but it seemed to soften somewhat as John waited to see what her response would be. "Okay," she said finally, "but I'm not going to blow you here in the kitchen or let you fuck me uncomfortably over the table. If we're going to do this, we're going to take our time about it, be comfortable and both enjoy it as much as we can under the circumstances." She paused and looked him in the eye. "Agreed?"

"Absolutely," John replied eagerly. Now that he'd gotten her reluctant consent his cock was throbbing and he was anxious to enjoy this hot woman in every way she'd allow.

"Alright then," she said. "Give me five minutes... enjoy your coffee. Meet me in the guest room. I just need to go get myself and the bed ready, okay?"

"Perfect," said John, picking up his coffee. It was nearly cold but if Bev wanted five minutes, he'd happily give it to her in light of what would follow. She got up and put her coffee cup in the sink before leaving the kitchen. John sat quietly, glancing at the stove clock and willing the time to pass faster. Finally it ticked off the five minutes and he got up to go join her in the guest room. He'd been in their house on plenty of previous occasions for various social events and knew right where it was. He wasn't prepared for what he found when he got there.

Coming through the doorway from the hallway, the guest bed was to the left in the room. It was a queen size bed with a plethora of pillows and Bev was naked, propped up against them, her legs spread wide and a vibrator buzzing as she slid it up and down the slit of her pussy, the lips glistening with wetness. Her chest was as high and proud as he remembered it looking in her bikini tops and her nipples were standing erect. He stood for a moment just enjoying the view, his cock leaking precum into his shorts. Bev was looking right at him as she ran the toy up and down the length of her cleft. "You seem to be a bit overdressed," she said with a smirk.

John didn't hesitate as he stripped down, leaving his clothes in a pile right beside the door. When he dropped his pants, Bev's eyes were locked on his cock and he was pleased to see a smile on her face at the sight of him. "Well, at least this won't be torturously unnoticeable," she said. John stepped over to the bed, climbing on his hands and knees, leaning in to kiss her. Her hand on his chest stopped him. "No," she said firmly. "No kissing. We're not friends and this isn't anything but the suck and fuck you're demanding as payment for your silence. Understand?" He nodded, backing off. "And it's a onetime deal as well, right? When we're done you're going to show me as you delete that video." He nodded again. "Very good," she said firmly. "Then lay down on the bed."

John did as he was told, laying down on the bed beside Bev, his cock standing tall. She stopped what she was doing and moved over to make more room. Setting aside her vibrator, she leaned over John and didn't slow down as she dipped her head, opened her mouth wide and sucked as much of his length in as she could. A deep moan escaped John's core as Bev began bobbing her head up and down his hardness, her tongue trailing along as her mouth traveled. He could feel her hand cupping and massaging his balls as her other caressed back and forth over his reasonably flat abs. "Damn you've got a talented mouth," he said.

Bev popped off his cock, looked at him and said, "Shut up." He nodded. She went back to sucking his cock. As his shaft got slick with her spit the hand that had been massaging his balls began moving with her mouth, stroking his length as it entered and emerged from the heat therein. After several minutes more of this delight, Bev moved to straddle his face, spreading her thighs wide and lowering her shaven pussy down onto his mouth.

John did as he assumed was expected and began to lick and suck all over her delicious sex, plunging his tongue into her when he could and sucking on her clit when she positioned it properly. After a few minutes he realized that he wasn't eating her as much as she was riding his mouth, using his tongue and lips for her pleasure while she sucked his cock. He also realized she'd been sucking less and stroking more, maybe in an attempt to prolong his climax. She seemed intent on using him for her pleasure even though she was supposed to be buying his silence by providing him pleasure.

Bev was really enjoying using John though, and when she felt her orgasm begin to build she positioned her pussy over his mouth so he could suck and lick on her clit. He performed his duties as expected and soon she was humping his face as her climax pulsed through her and she felt the need growing in her pussy; the need to be stretched wide and deep by a hard cock. The one in her mouth would do, she thought.

When her climaxed had passed, she moved away from his mouth, walking on her knees down his body to straddle his throbbing, hard and slick-with-spit cock. She pushed it against her pussy, splitting her lips as she rubbed up and down the back of his shaft, smearing more slickness on it and teasing him in the process. She felt his hands on her ass and thought about telling him no on that as well... but decided she liked how they felt and she loved how he spread her cheeks, opening her ass and pussy to his view. He had come over desperate enough to blackmail her for it and, if she was honest with herself, she was enjoying the power she had over him even though he thought it was the other way around.

Still facing his feet, she moved just a bit farther down, held his cock up and slowly slid her pussy down onto it. John tried to thrust his hips up to get more penetration, but Bev was in control and lifted even more than he thrust, dropping his cock out of her pussy. "Ah, ah, ah," she said with a wicked grin that he couldn't see. "You demanded the payment of sex. I'm paying, but that means you get paid as I see fit." John understood and lay still, reveling in the pleasure as she lowered herself back down onto him again.

Bev took his cock fully into her, achieving complete penetration and then grinding down and around on him, stirring his hardness around inside her hot wetness, rubbing her clit against his pubis in the process. John's moans were a loud and clear expression of the pleasure he was enjoying. Glancing back over her shoulder at him she began to ride up and down John's shaft and asked, "Is that the payment you wanted?"

"Yes," he moaned out.

"This is what you came over to blackmail me for?" she asked.

"Yes," he moaned out again.

"You're a fucking prick," she said as she kept riding him. "Only an asshole would blackmail his friend's wife to get some pussy." John didn't have a response but he groaned in pleasure as her sex squeezed his cock, stroking up and down his length. "Collect your payment in full," she demanded, sounding almost angry. "Cum in my pussy." She kept rocking on his cock, her ass giving him a show as her pussy caressed and milked his length.

John could feel his orgasm building and realized that he hadn't fucked her at all. She had fucked him. There was a distinct difference. He had gotten what he wanted, that was for sure, but he had envisioned it happening differently. He had thought he'd be in charge; in control. Instead, he found himself at her mercy, doing as he was told, but certainly being pleasured. He didn't think he could complain. Either way, his blackmail plan was paying off.

"Cum in me," Bev said as she kept riding him. "Fill my pussy. Collect your payment!" She knew he was getting close. She could feel his cock swell just that little bit more like so many did right before they burst forth their hot sticky cream. John's hips began to jerk just slightly with every downward ride of her sex, and she could feel his cockhead stretching her pussy walls on every thrust. She was determined to make him cum and knew he'd consider her blackmail debt paid in full.

What came out of John's throat was unintelligible as his orgasm set in. He felt his balls tighten and the blissful spasms of pleasure as his cum flowed in thick robes, spraying the inside of Bev's pussy as she kept rocking through his climax. She never slowed down and pretty soon his cock was wilting inside her saturated sex, his cum flowing out, down and all over his balls. When his climax was well past, Bev got up off him, his flaccid manhood dropping down to smack his smeary sac and more of his cum dropping out of her slightly gaped pussy in globs that stuck to his skin.

Bev moved off the bed, leaving John laying there on his back, his soft cock glistening with a mix of their juices, but mostly covered in his own cum. Looking down at him she asked, "Happy now?" He nodded. "Oh, no," she said in an aggravated tone. "Tell me. Tell me you got what you wanted and then show me when you delete that fucking video."

John sat up and reached for his phone. "Yes, I'm happy now," he said. "That was exactly what I wanted and you can consider your secret safe with me." As he said the last part he pulled up the video on his phone and turned it partially toward Bev. She came around the side of the bed and watched as he pushed the delete button. He started to put the phone down but Bev stopped him.

"Uh, uh," she said, pulling his hand, still holding his phone, back up. "Now go to your recently deleted folder and fully delete it." John hadn't even thought about the fact that the video wouldn't have been fully deleted for a month and found himself disappointed that Bev had. Still, he'd used the video to blackmail her,and had gotten what he wanted. He did as she said, went to the proper folder and permanently deleted the video.

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